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April 29, 2010


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Fan Video of the Eve

Adam Lambert… I love you any way you choose to present yourself… Seriously need some exposed flesh  soon though… Thanks so much!


Adam and the Band Arrive in Berlin





Adam looks amazing as usual.  Love the expression when he’s pushing his luggage. Too cute 









Pictures via with thanks to @infl001

Adam is gorgeous above and look at these…. OMG! from the Beautiful People Shoot



Adam Lambert performs For Your Entertainment on Studio FIve. Aired 29th April 2010








A message from @IllyriaGlambert… she was the winner of the contest last week for the signed album insert!!

If you did not read her inspirational story last week, I’ve included it at the bottom of this post today!


Updated Schedule:



 ( in the US… hey, double platinum in Canada! )

Adam Lambert‘s debut album may not be Certified Platinum just yet in the United States, but the “American Idol” runner-up can celebrate the fact that one of his singles has sold over a million copies. According to the newest numbers courtesy of USA Today, “Whataya Want From Me” sold 86,000 digital copies in the past week — putting it a grand total of 1,051,000.”


German Breakfast TV April 29/10

Introduction Part 1

It helps if you understand German but you can hear Adam under the translator 

Part 2

Performance of Acoustic WWFM

OMG… the closeups!!

Like this one thanks to @ItsJoooory

Download of performance thanks to @mmyy9


Another Adorable Adam Interview ( no surprise!) from the Netherlands

Thanks to @_daphne for providing this one… She may translate parts to be added here later! Like what was the question when Adam answered that it was a spiritual and sexual experience (Burning Man?)


New Picture of the Band thanks to @jadeoptimist



Really quick mention of Adam in Most Beautiful People on ET


Article from Teentoday introducing Adam Lambert

“Adam is no one trick pony – aside from his pretty awesome vocal talent, he can also write songs too, co-writing six* of the tracks on the album, which is not to be sniffed at. The album itself is very poppy, and is kind of the older brother to Britney Spears’ Blackout. Which, as everyone knows, is Britney’s best moment. Standout tracks to listen to, if you’ve not got much time: Fever (the Lady GaGa song), Soaked (the Matt Bellamy song) and If I Had You (Max Martin, Shellback, Savan Kotecha). There is also the aforementioned song For Your Entertainment – which is out now. It is the same one that got half of middle America baying for his blood, for anyone taking notes. The fact it’s a good song seems to have skipped their consciousness entirely.”



greg_wells  Thanks for the nice words re: “Can’t Let You Go”. Adam was literally on his knees singing this vocal in the studio, killing it as usual.

Can’t Let You Go… By the Incredibly Gifted Platinum Recording Artist 

Mr.Adam Lambert


Cologne… thanks to @UhHuhHerMusic!  Thanks Cam!



Here’s a link to the bio I did for him and he promotes!!!


Miss Mix… Swedish Magazine Interview Translation (thanks to @Lambertlights)

May 2010
Miss Mix

Miss Mix met Adam Lambert, 29, in Stockholm and lead him to ultimate questions. Mellow singer is waiting to get visit in Finland.

About the career:

What is the most personal song on your album?
– Broken Open. It’s about intimacy, that moment when someone is ready to release the wall around them and show himself to other, show good and bad side of him. The other says it’s okay, I accept you just the way you are.

Did you find writing process of the song hard for you?
– No, it felt good. It was like therapy.

There’s a song called Voodoo on the new version of your album. Who would you like to make a voodoo doll and why?
– Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel! He’s so cute, so beautiful.

Wait, are you jealous of him, why are you thinking of making a doll?
– No, the opposite. He attracts me, he’s so appealing. I would like to meet him. I would like to go shopping with him!

You just came here from Germany. Why didn’t your meeting take place then?
– He’s busy. And straight. That’s why the doll, hehe!

Has anyone of your friends started to act differently after you became famous?
– A few of my friends were scared I would draw myself away from them. I had to convince them that wouldn’t happen and I still love them even though I am busy. Some of buddies – not my friends – wanted suddenly be so close with me. Didn’t work out!

About love:

Who was your first love?
– My ex boyfriend, we started dating when I was 25 years old. It was awesome and beautiful. We were together for two years.

Why did you break up?
– I guess we just grew apart. In the end we wanted different things. I learnt and grew up so much during our relationship. We’re still friends and I think that’s great.

How did you manage to accept your sexuality when you were young?
– It was hard during my teen years. I had no one to look up to. I didn’t know anyone else that was gay, not a single one person. Internet did exist but there was no Facebook or MySpace yet. There were some chats but I was afraid of them like pestilence, I was afraid of losing my anonymity and someone would find out. I felt myself like an alien, totally different from the others. I knew that things will work out when it’s time but at school I couldn’t talk about it to anyone.

When and how did you tell your parents?
– My mom dragged me out of closet! She asked me once if I had a girlfriend. I said no. “Would you like to get one?” “No.” “Well do you have a boyfriend?” “No.” “Would you like to have?” “Yeah!”

Well that was easy.
– While discussing about it my mom told me she always had known I was gay. I wondered why didn’t she tell me sooner. She had talked about it with some people and they had convinced her she shouldn’t push me. They said I would tell her when I was ready. I said her you should have pushed!

What kind of advice would you give to our readers that are wondering their sexual orientation?
– It’s hard to be different. If you feel like lonely believe there are a lot of people like you in the world. Some day you will get to know them and you will accepted. Try to think positive. If people think of you negative don’t care about them. Their opinion doesn’t matter.

What kind of person are you in your relationships?
– I am independent. I’ve always succeeded on my own. Sort of, that was the reason I was lonely for a long time. If I’m not interested in someone I become very unaffiliated. It’s been scary to notice how quick I might become codependent of my boyfriend. I have to work on finding balance between my traits.

Are you jealous?
– I always thought I wouldn’t. I am quite realistic and good to discuss about every subject but in the end… yeah, I’m damn jealous. Possessive and jealous.

How do you act when you go to jealous mode?
– I try to get out of it. Discussing about it with the other person usually helps. I’ve learnt a lot of myself and understood I am intensively passionate personality. Apparently there’s too much to handle sometimes but that’s who I am. And some people like intensive!

Are you seeing someone right now?
– No. I’m single.

Do you believe in love at first sight?
– I believe in strong mutual attraction and intuition at first sight, and one might foresee someone being special. For falling in love I however have to get to know with the person better.

About me:

Describe yourself with three words.
– Intensive. Friendly. Talkative.

Which word would your friends add to that?
– A bit of crazy. (laughs)

Which appearance related things were you insecure while being a teen?
– Where should I start from? I worried about my weight, body, skin – that is a problem still – and my masculinity. It’s needed differently in America than in Europe. I love European culture with masculine sense of beauty are different. Over here masculine beauty and cuteness is appreciated.

How did you get away from your insecurity?
– One by one I understood they don’t matter. I started to notice good characters about myself and love myself from inside. I believe when someone is on first-name basis with themselves they look attractive in eyes of the others. Not everyone can look like a model. The most important is accepting yourself and understand there are more important things in the world than what do you look like. It’s useless try to be perfect because no one is.

When and why did you cry the last time?
I regress to a baby while watching the movies and tv series. When I watched the 4th season “Skins” a while ago I started to bawl whena girl couple Naomi and Emily had an intimate moment. Actors in Skins are so great!

About people:

Which nicknames do your close ones call you?
– Family and friends don’t nickname me but my fans call me Glambert. I think that fits to me!

Who is the most important person in your life?
– (thinking) Probably my parents. My family… my mom.

When do you come to meet your fans in Finland? You’re way more popular in here than in Sweden!
– That’s what I heard! You’ve got good taste. Hopefully I can visit soon!

After the interview it’s been confirmed Adam performs in X Factor Finland on 2nd May.

Adam in short analysis

We gave a word, Adam replied the first word bumped to his mind.

Scary – Sadness
Joy – Singing
Envy – Luck
Inspiration – Glitter
Nature – Green
Happiness – Satisfaction
Beauty – Confidence


Adommy Lovers with thanks to Glambug72!

mizlexi Adommy hug. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 Make me most happy. Dudes you should’ve saw the way Tommy’s eyes lit up when he talked about Adam. So presh!


Adorable Adam Bliss Interview From Yesterday

“When met up with Adam Lambert we already had a bit of a crush but left being totally in love. Why? Something to do with him being funny, gorge and totally up for making fart noises. Don’t believe us? Check out our interview with him below and prepare to fall in love with The Glambert…”

“I don’t claim to be good at very many things, but kissing, I am good at that!” -Adam Lambert


(Scene from Wicked)


Heaven Complete Fabulous Video Set from Ki55andtell

For Your Entertainment

Music Again


Whatya Want From Me





@IllyriaGlambert’s Story… send her some love!

“Adam Lambert saved my life. Literally. It’s difficult to explain, because unless you’ve been there yourself, you can never understand the darkness that he’s awakened me from. It’s not something I’m particularly proud to admit but I have suffered from serious depression ever since my teens. I self harm to get through my toughest times and live surrounded in shame and regret.

Countless times I’ve had a blade against my skin, ready to ease the pain away with blood and adrenaline and Adam has stopped me. Of course never in person, but with his words, his beauty and that voice from heaven. The words of his songs touch me in a way I never thought was possible any more. I tried to explain it in a tweet earlier today, where I liked much of my life to living in complete darkness. Sure I have some flickers of hope and light, but it’s the equivalent of holding a tiny tea light in pitch black and watching as it flutters about hopelessly trying to combat the blackness. But when I finally opened my heart to Adam, he filled my life with so much love, sparkle and light that I have been awakened! It’s almost like finding God for the first time and being reborn!

When I first became aware of Adam Lambert, it was through a friend who was hopelessly obsessed with him. She talked about him a lot and posted photos etc. online but having found out he was on American Idol, I judged him and closed myself off to him. Naturally I was attracted to his intense beauty and oozing sexuality but I’m not your typical Idol girl. My music tastes run more to the extreme goth/emo side of the spectrum. So I discounted him and continued on with my life. But my friend couldn’t stop talking about him! Her passion was so severe that I started to get curious, I began asking questions and looking around a little to see what all the fuss was about. Eventually I came across the infamous AMA video. Whoowhee! I was immediately hooked! I’ll admit Adam’s vocal performance wasn’t at its strongest, but the dance routine was fantastic!  And I was impressed with the way he covered up his trip on the stairs, always the mark of a true professional.  And then there was “The Kiss”. Sorry haters, but that was hot hot hot! I deeply respect Adam for having the courage to get up there and do what he did, whether spontaneous or not. He brought to light an issue that shouldn’t even need discussing. And I won’t go into it here, but I will say that if a female or straight male had done that performance, no one would have batted an eyelid. After watching the performance I began

 falling hard and fast for this man. I got his album and was pleasantly surprised at how different his music was compared to what I had assumed. And the more I listened the more it touched me in the deepest ways.

I love all of Adam’s songs for many different reasons, but one song in particular has the lyrics that hold a lot of weight for me. Soaked. It holds so much for me that I hope to get my favorite lyric tattooed along my arm, the site of most of my self-harm.

“Your soul will be okay”

Could there ever be a prettier line sung by this angel? To me it speaks volumes and reminds me that no matter what I do to myself, no matter how much I have to go through in life, good or bad, that my soul will be okay, it will remain intact and I can give it to Adam and allow him to take me soaring ever higher.

More recently I opened myself again to listen to Adam’s idol tracks, something I had been putting off again because of my normal musical tastes. Of course I was floored and had to chastise myself for ever holding off on this. And once more I found another track that would hold my heart, so much so that I can’t listen to it without crying my eyes out. No Boundaries. I’ve given up a lot of my dreams to be where I am today, a lot of them I regret but won’t get into here. But the song reminds me and gives me hope that there’s someone ready to save me no matter how close to the edge I get. For me that savior is Adam Lambert. When I’m down and out and ready to call it quits, I can blast his music and rock out, dance around or just sing my heart out until the tears are rolling down my cheeks and know that it will all be okay.

Through Adam’s magic I’ve also become friends with some of the most amazing supportive people ever The Glamily is a powerful thing and I’m proud to say I’m part of it, forever a member of the Glam Nation. I can’t wait until the day I get to meet some of you on tour this summer! It’s so amazing that he has been embraced worldwide, and I know that on the days when it’s just too much for me, I can always find a member of the Glamily who is willing to talk it out with me, or just find someone to have a giggle with.

So that’s my story. It’s probably not very well written or planned out, I pretty much just typed as it came to mind and I know I will have missed a number of reasons why Adam Lambert is so special and inspirational to me. I imagine it’s not even that moving from the other side of the monitor but the simple fact is, Adam Lambert has changed my life, he’s moved me to feel things in my heart, soul and body I never thought would ever be awake again.

 Adam Lambert has saved my life countless times over and even if I meet him, he’ll never know how much he means to me. Thank you Adam Lambert. Never stop being you.”





Twitter followers:    437,200 (+1200) 

Adam Official members:    63,640 (+ 680) Is this really happening?  Usually its +100!!

Adam Official website:    

If you are not already a member, please join this site.  It’s important for Adam’s success to have a growing, vibrant official fan site.  There is a great deal of good information there including messages from Adam. If you have had a problem joining or getting a password, send an email to and ask them to look into it or let me know if you still have any trouble. Please email your username to or DM @adamquotedaily (update:  Im in Adamofficial camp… blocked my account so please try to email the mod yourself..hopefully, one of these days I’ll be back on the site… can’t even get the numbers of fans anymore!)

If you have any questions about Adam or are looking for any videos, interviews, etc  feel free to ask me at @adamquotedaily.  I can’t promise answers but I’m willing to try. 

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  1. I just heard Adam sing FYE on that morning show in Germany, and God give me strength, those close – ups of Adam are simply too beautiful to describe!! – those eyes of his are so absolutely undescribably gorgeous – they seem to penetrate through everything and anybody he looks at – it’s as if he can see right through to your soul! And that Bliss interview is to die for – listening to him, watching those adorable facial expressions and just the way he speaks – again, I fell in love with Adam all over again for the millionth time; essentially there is not one thing not to fall completely in love with – he is one mesmerizing, complete, total package rolled up in to one amazing and captivating, incredibly sexy and charismatic man – he is truly special beyond words. One facial expression cracked me up (they all really did!) – the one where the interviewer said you just got nominated for 10 Grammys; I think he should remember his expression there – he might just be making it at the end of the year when he really does receive them!, and it ould not happen to someone more hard – working, dedicated, and enormously talented than Adam!! We are all so lucky to have him in our lives, as he has bought so much joy to everyone!!

    Comment by DeeDee Glambert — April 29, 2010 @ 4:22 pm

  2. Thanks DeeDee… I was thinking that Adam has made me smile more than anyone else in my life… and I do smile a lot! Haven’t stopped since I first set my eyes on him more than a year ago. All the joy and love and none of the negatives! Perfect! I know you will understand this!

    Comment by adamquotedaily — April 29, 2010 @ 4:41 pm

  3. Adam looks great in the People photos. Glammed up, he is gorgeous: THE most beautiful person, in my mind. But I really, really love the photos of him arriving in Berlin. His natural beauty just melts my heart.

    Comment by Cate — April 29, 2010 @ 6:49 pm

  4. WOW What a great day’s worth of pix, vids, music, everything……..
    just cannot thank you enough…..
    just cannot get enough of our beautiful boy…….

    Comment by suebella — April 29, 2010 @ 7:43 pm

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