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All of Adam’s Pre-Idol Music #2

This is the second half of this post.  I broke it up to make it easier to load.


High School

MCHS Airbands 2000 – Raid (Watch for Adam at 1:50 for short solo)

Adam Lambert at Mt Carmel graduation 2000 It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday.


Adam Sings in Hebrew

Adam Lambert & Illysia Pierce – “The Prayer”

Adam Lambert, Maya Haddi, Noa Dori sing SHIR LASHALOM (Song for Peace) Arranged by Sharon Farber

Adam Lambert, Noa Dori & Maya Haddi As You Walk With Me (Im Yirtze Hashem). Music by Sharon Farber

Adam Lambert & Noa Dori singing ‘The Prayer’

Performances of the National Anthem

Adam Lambert sings Star Spangled Banner at ADL Event 12/9/09 (This is after Idol but Just beautiful! 0

Adam Lambert sings National Anthem (While on Idol, homecoming.)

Burning Man


Other performances/Songs on video

I Just Love You

”Adam Lambert performed Carole King’s “You’ve Got a Friend” in a duet with Eden Espinosa (the evil green witch Elphaba in Wicked) at the One Night Only Cabaret at the Marines Memorial Theater in San Francisco on 1-8-05. This fundraiser event was for the Richmond/Ermet AIDS Foundation”Francisco on 1-8-05. This fundraiser event was for the Richmond/Ermet AIDS Foundation”





The many Versions of Crazy

Adam Lambert performs at Art 4 Life Benefit 2008.

Adam Lambert singing “Crazy” at The Avalon (choreographed by Brooke Wendel.)

Adam Lambert – Crazy – Upright Cabaret

9/27/08 -Upright Cabaret Birthday Bash, Mark’s Restaurant, West Hollywood, CA

Crazy @ Marks Restaurant West Hollywood (Best Audio)

Adam Lambert – Crazy (Upright Cabaret live at the Viceroy Feb.22/08)

Adam Lambert at Upright Cabaret’s New Year’s Eve celebration: Crazy

Studio Version

Kris Allen & Adam Lambert performing Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy” – Live in DETROIT!!

Adam Lambert, Kris Allen, Allison Iraheta – Crazy – Feb 12


Adam Lambert’s Idol Audition – Rock With You and Bohemian Rhapsody



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