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Here is a link to the first volume of Diamonds of the Rock G-d… It has beem  formatted and bound into a book which has been sent to Leila.

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I’ll probably not love my wedding photo as much as this.

I’ve concluded that the human brain cannot process Adam Lambert; we can only take him in little bits at a time.

“Are you having fun? Oh there’s a cape! Was it cold outside? Are you warm now? Are you hot? Do You like my lipstick? Its not lipstick. Its cold here in New York.”

“I got a little carried away… I tend to do that… and my ears came off… and that’s how I hear.. So I start talking… which is always my default. Ew he’s in my ass… he doesn’t go that way… just when he’s doing his audio.. that’s it. He doesn’t want to stick them too far in… I’ll do that part. Ah he’s a good sport.. give him a hand!
If I offended anybody….tough s***! Long live rock n roll!”

“ Givin you something to PASS OUT about” (Changed the words in Sure Fire Winners and pointed to where the lady had passed out) :43

(And right at the end of his set) “Thanks for playing along!” 5:23

“My dreidel spins the other way.” (The View)

Q Do you really think of yourself as a freak
Adam: In the fondest way possible, yeah. (Interview with Jian Giameshi)

“Hi Adam! Happy Birthday!
(Isabel sings Happy Birthday to Adam)

My name is Isabel P, I live in M Wisconsin. I’m going to be 90 years old in October so I think I’m your oldest fan.

My daughter, the first time she heard you on American Idol, the first song, she called you Adamazing!

You’re a household name in the family… just like you are one of the family. We all love you.

..when you come on everything is still, quiet, we all listen to you.

I have your album now and I play that just about every day and it gives me gumption to go out in the kitchen and do my work.

My favorite song is Pick U up … and my daughter’s favorite song is Fever, but I love ‘em all!

I love your voice, your singing voice is just beautiful and your charisma, it’s something.

Every time I see you on TV, I am so happy and I get tears in my eyes and I say “That’s my boy” and my daughter laughs when she hears that.

I talk about you everyday where I live. I live in an apartment building for older people..

So, you’re on my mind all the time..

When you were on that AMA….. I listened to the whole program and I didn’t see anything wrong in what you did… I says, I see a lot worse things on TV than that so I thought it was terrible that people made so much of it.

I think you’re a great guy, you’ve got a beautiful face, your good looking on the outside and you’re beautiful on the inside..

And I wish you all the best in life..

I hope someday I get to meet you before my time comes ‘cause I love to see you.

I watch your programs every time I get a chance and when I go to my daughter’s, I don’t have a computer, so she sits me down by the computer and I can sit for hours watching you and I don’t get bored..

And I have a friend, her name is Eleanor and every time you’re gonna come on TV, I get on the phone and I call her and we both listen to you and see you.

You‘re one of the greatest voices I ever heard and I’m going to be 90.

So be humble, be true to yourself…

My whole family all wish you a very, very Happy Birthday. God bless you dear!

Here’s all your pictures, I’ve got here… I have them all around the house and I have one in my purse too, in my handbag when I go out..
So you’re on my mind and in my heart all the time.

I love you very much.

Good luck….Always,


(I may have missed some stuff but I)

Goodbye now… I love you Adam!”

“Another one bites the glitz..” Adamizing.eyes

“I eat and I shop.”

“My purpose is to entertain you, not to raise your children. It’s not to babysit or to guide you in your life, it’s to entertain you.” The Heat interview (entire article)

“It blows me away how candid Adam was in this Fuse interview, especially about his relationships. He lays it all out there. Very few people could or would express their personal needs, vulnerabilities and insecurities as freely and honestly and as well as Adam does. For most of us it would take Dr. Phil to bring our innermost self to the surface but Adam seems to always be in touch with his inner self and always willing to examine, explore and articulate that part of himself. He is a truly unique individual who is giving us the privilege of witnessing his personal evolution as well as his career/musical evolution. No wonder we are all so invested in his success and so fiercely protective of him. He is endlessly fascinating.” ALfan

“Singing while aroused is the equivalent of operating heavy machinery while medicated: It’s a risk, and someone might die, but at least the job’s getting done.” Michelle Collins

In US Today, ” the American Idol vet was thinking about on stage during his controversial AMA performance. “Well in that moment, it was so impromptu, kinda off-the-cuff that I wasn’t thinking about Bowie while I was up there,” he explains. “I was thinking about sex.”


I’d love to be able to let my children watch the 7 p.m. Family Hour shows without my parental-guidance editing and/or explaining everything they watch. But don’t come down on Lambert for his creative (and very explicit) dancing just before the graphic 10 p.m. local news when I have to explain to my kids why the marijuana cookies on Big Bang Theory are comedy. Stephanie Mueller

(What if there was no more music?)” I’d be living under a rock somewhere. I’d be miserable. Music is therapy, music is medicine.”

“They’re amazing. So passionate. So enthusiastic…. I love it…. they get me and there are a lot of people out there who do but then fans like that really make me feel safe.. that I can keep expressing myself.”
(JoJo interview)

“Sometimes you just want to go out and hang out with friends and not be a tourist attraction….take a picture with everybody and their mother.”
(What’s the downside of fame?)

” Kris won because he is a great artist and I am happy to be runner up to that.”

Thanks to beshakinski:
Transcript to Adams Reaction to Details Mag Photos from Access Hollywood,

The Cover:
Oooooooooooh… I haven’t seen it yet, ooh THAT worked out, all right!.yah… They gave me stubbles, Well they like made it stand out. I had it, but they kinda like brought it out (airbrushing) nice, cool.
I feel confident and that’s hard to say sometimes.

The James Dean:
Ooooh, oh my. Alright…yah… very 50s yah, I feel it… yah that’s cool

The Tongues:
She had nice boobs, yah she was really sweet, well we just.. you know…I mean why not? why not?… why not? Women are beautiful! Why not make some ART? I do like kissing women. I do, I do

But really…really what I think this is about… it’s about photography, this is great art! The photographer was fantastic, we did some great imagery that was inspiring us and we just wanted to go with it and illustrate sensuality!

About the nail polish: Adam says: On the boob, the boob grab!

The Getting Down Centrefold:
Oh s***!!! Well there you go. Yah, they were like GET DOWN, and so I said all right!!
She’s got clothing on? Where? (Chuckles) I AM HER BRA! She looks beautiful doesn’t she?

The Mouth to Boob:
Oh God! Is this the good one? Oh SHIiiiT !! Yah, yah, that’s the shot. We just decided that, that’s what we wanted to do. It was very organic, the photographer is like GRAB HER! I said ok. We had some sexy music playing… I think I had a little champagne, you know… and we just had a good time with it.

Response to Questions:
Q: It’s a little shocking:
Adam: that’s the point… Dah!

Q: Who idea was it?
Adam: Details magazine came in with the concept and I was LIKE cool LET’S DO IT!
Yah It sounded different and fun and something I hadn’t done.

Q: There might be some people who are a little conservative who might be upset about it?
Adam: Good! I like to shake things up a bit. Yah

Q: Now the women throw bras at you on stage, you realize you’re just putting fuel on that fire?
Adam: Huhu,(sounding like Elvis). Yah I’m more than ok with that. It’s all entertainment right? There you go!

Q:People see that might dis you?
Adam: Because of picture alright~

Q: Your’re a trouble maker
I Know! But It’s not a big deal, they are hot pictures. We just took some cool pictures.

Q: Its not a big deal to you but some people might…YOU ARE DIRTY!
Adam: Why not? Like I said before, I don’t do things to play it safe…so why stop?

Q: She was Hot
Adam: She was really hot, she was gorgeous.

Q: Were there uncomfortable moments?
Adam: It was funny because when we first STARTED posing for the pictures, the photographer was telling her he wanted her to be nude and she said…ooooooK. I looked at her… I was like… well aren’t you glad you are doing this with a gay guy?

Q: Did you get any pleasure out of it?
Adam: Giggles… It was fun yah!! I had a good time.
Note: (Adam has a mischievous big smile on his face when he said that)

ABOUT ADAM GEMS_______________________________________________

“After previewing the track, it’s safe to say the end of the world never sounded so uplifting, as Lambert’s vocals soar over a bed of strings and arena-rock guitars. “We wanted to match how epic the film is,” Lambert said in a behind-the-scenes video at AOL Moviefone. “We wanted to reach out and grab people by the heart” Rolling Stone, Oct /09

C’mon, how bad can certain death be when accompanied by the soaringly sexy falsetto of Glambert?…

“…Even if there are a dozen people performing during the 2009 AMA’s, it’s an easy bet to say that Adam Lambert could be one of the most popular artists appearing on the show.”

“… It’s one of those things that is going to benefit both the performer and the network, as millions of Adam Lambert fans will be tuning in to see him for the first time since he left the American Idol stage. It will be interesting to see if other artists suddenly decide that they want to perform at the 2009 AMA’s as well, knowing that the audience share is about to increase with this latest announcement. It’s going to be a big Adam Lambert party on November 22nd, and the audience gets a free front row seat.”
“… That still won’t keep people from tuning in though, because the best part about seeing Adam Lambert perform is the on-stage show that is sure to happen. Now we just have to wait for Sunday, November 22nd to roll around so that we can see what he has planned for ABC that night.”

“It’s like some mad scientist went around collecting musical DNA to mix in his lab and used Freddie Mercury, Robert Plant, Madonna, Steven Tyler, Ronnie James Dio, and a little Tina Turner, a dash of Bowie, a pinch of Cher, and for looks, a LOT of Elvis, mixed it all up and BAM! Adam Mitchel Lambert! Yowza! SIZZLE! Iconic. I never thought in a million years that I would be quoting Paula Abdul, but there we have it, “ICONIC”. Nuff said. XD” queenrosered

I’m in the middle of a record now with a Rob Cavallo, who is like the god of producers at the moment. He’s doing an Adam Lambert track, and I’m going over to meet Adam. Adam Lambert [of “American Idol” fame] is the only singer that I’ve ever thought was amazing. I think there have been great singers, you know, Freddie Mercury, Steven Tyler, you know, a lot of great rock singers. Michael Jackson was one, but Adam Lambert is one I haven’t been awestruck with since [Janis] Joplin in the ’60s. I don’t think anybody actually comprehends how good this guy is. I mean, I downloaded everything he did for “American Idol.” I’m like this Adam Lambert groupie.” Meatloaf”

Lambert’s song has almost become more anticipated than the film itself. Many people have been waiting to see what Lambert will do next, and how he has transformed himself after his appearance on American Idol. The song is said to be so great, we here at the Entertainer believe it will launch him into iconic status and will jump start his career into a whole other realm.” regarding song for 2012 San Diego Entertainer magazine

“I have to say I was completely blown away … it’s truly sensational. In fact it’s so obviously a number one smash, any bookie would be mad to take bets on it. I am not kidding. I’m not easily moved to jelly by male vocalists … but Adam’s voice reaches out with sensitivity, depth, maturity, and awesome range and power which will make jaws drop all around the world. Its an awesome performance. No doubt about it. The world of Rock has a bright new star.” Brian May, Queen

“Let’s be clear, though. There may have been 10 Idols, but there was one star: Runner-up Adam Lambert got a rock star-worthy entrance that allowed the Adamania brewing all night to fully take hold.” Lauren Carter, The Edge

“Lambert effortlessly oozed sex appeal, swagger and rock star quality, and gleefully smashed the boundaries of what is expected from contestants on the teeny bopper show. It will be interesting to see what effect, if any, his run on “Idol” does for future seasons of the show, but don’t be surprised if the answer is none. An Adam Lambert only comes around once every so often, and it will be thrilling to see what he does from this point.” Adam Graham / Detroit News Pop Music Writer

“If Gokey had given the concert the atmosphere of a religious revival, then it most definitely sounded like the Second Coming of Jesus during Lambert’s 15 minutes. His fierce voice and his honed ability to connect with the crowd justified all the hype.” Alicia Kim, The Dartmouth Staff

” I can literally picture Adam walking off stage and passing out onto the ground because it feels like he puts every ounce of his heart and soul into his performances. He gives everything he can give and holds nothing back. He completely opens himself up and pours out all he can for the audience” AI Now Admin Herb Longs

“At this point, Adam Lambert is pretty much like Oprah, in terms of his all-encompassing influence over his devoted fanbase. Just like any Oprah Book Club selection is certain to become a New York Times best-seller, in the pop music world there is perhaps no more ringing endorsement these days than a black-fingernailed thumbs up from the tastemaking Glamerican Idol.” Re: Cassidy’s album promotion by AL

” There may have been 10 Idols, but there was one star: Runner-up Adam Lambert got a rock star-worthy entrance that allowed the Adamania brewing all night to fully take hold.”
Lauren Carter

“He has a stage prescence in real life…You feel cool next to him… You felt like he was going to be someone big.” Mario Lopez, TV Producer

“That kid is so good…that Adam kid. I’m kinda rivetted like everyone is.” David Foster

“Adam’s got skills that are taught more to girls: emotional connection, the people-pleasing smile, the sweetness and an unyielding supportiveness, even with competitors. One American Idol vocal coach admonished him to stop giving his competitors such good advice. But he’s also got the skills taught more to guys: he’s utterly strategic, articulate and focused. He’s got the confidence to play with the big kids”…

ADAM’S GEMS_______________________________________________________

“I don’t see how all of this is different than – let’s take a modern sex-symbol like Brad Pitt. How many of the women who fantasize about him actually sleep with him?” he asks.
“It’s all fantasy – that’s what entertainment is. I’m here to entertain you, and if my sexuality is apparent and you respond to it, and you’re attracted to it, then great, I’m doing my job.
It ain’t happening anyway!”
Details magazine interview

“I’m wearing the underwear you cave me on the blue carpet… (is that all you are wearing?).. leave it up to your imagination.” Call with Ellen Degeneres

“I feel it was a major accomplishment to get to the end of the competition no matter what the outcome was.”

“It’s a really cool opportunity to get a rise out of people.”

“I want to create visual art”

“I’m a musician right here in my throat” (asked if he played any instruments)

Thank you all for the support. Love overcomes hate. Love has no color. Love has no orientation. All is love.

“If you have a dream you gotta go get it. Take risks. Take chances. Persisitence is key, you know what I mean? So please, if you have something in your heart that you want to achieve, you gotta go for it… for me”

“And I have fun doing “Fame” during the Bowie medley. It’s very — there’s costume alteration, and I do a little dancing, and it gets quite a reaction from the crowd. So I like that. ” (and the reply to this one from a fan)

Oh, BB, quite an understatement!!!
If I may interpret: “I strip off my fabulous jacket and the audience collectively have an Adamgasm. I become a human slinky & grind my hips and watch everyone lose their mind”
(Fan response to gem above)

Well, it runs the gamut from being overwhelming to being complete and 100 percent beautifully satisfying, to being a little stressful and nerve-wracking. I kind of bounce back and forth between all those emotions. Regarding the tour

“Fun is a subjective word.”

“..the pitfalls and paradoxes of fame…its a very interesting book. ” re: Robbie Williams book

“I wanted more opportunities and I wanted exposure and I got both of those things..”

“It’s a surprise” re: song for 2012

“I get a lot of bras decorated very creatively. I do believe that there was a jock strap thrown the other day. You know, its an equal opportunity underwear throwing thing.”

“I’m physically tired but emotionally and spiritually I feel ALIVE!!!”

“The amount of bra and panty selection that comes up on stage, I could open a Victoria”s Secret.”

“I love it when older women come up to me and say ‘you make me feel young again’ because it shows how powerful music is.”

“has elements of rock, of course, but it has a lot of pop sensibilities to it. It’s really current, really fresh and yet still melodically and vocally it’s nodding to the ’70s and ’80s classics. I know I got most of my credibility on ‘Idol’ doing those songs from those eras, and it wouldn’t make sense for me to do an album that runs away from it.”

“Sometimes nothing at all but most of the time briefs”

“No.. I freaked out…like my jaw hit the floor as soon as she turned around..” regarding Katy Perry’s cape with his name embroidered on it

“If you dont like something, just move on. I think its funny when somebody puts so much energy into hating….”

“I dont really have a type. I like people who are confident, talent, creativity, open mindedness…” what is his type of man?

“I’ve met a lot of people that I look up to, artists that I respect. That’s been crazy. Just last night I met Usher, Enrique Iglesias and My Chemical Romance at the studio. I’ve just been meeting these artists and they know who I am now because of the show and Rolling Stone and all that, so it’s weird that they’re like ‘Hey, Adam!’ and I’m like ‘What?!’ It’s just weird to be on the same page as them, so to speak.”…


“Something that Adam said – living life to the fullest extent possible in spite of obstacles rings so true since she died. All I can say is this – whether a person is straight, gay, bi, black or white, everyone should be treated with the same respect;live your life as if today is the last day of your life;pursue all your dreams and endeavors and make all your wishes come true, if that is possible. Humanity is not about gender preference or the color of your skin – it is about the inner substance that comes from within that makes us who and what we are; and since Adam has come into our lives, I now feel that this is more true than ever before. There is not one thing that I don’t love about Adam Lambert; but I think what I love most about this man is that he has made me (and probably most of you as well) view people in a different light and made me more loving and accepting of people than I was before – for this Adam has my undying gratitude, respect and love. If I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – Adam Lambert is the personification of what a “real man ” should be like -perhaps other “manly men” should take notes, as Adam has all the qualities and values that I would want in a man at this time. He is essentially the “New Man for the 21st Century”; a definite improvement over what we have had in the past. Thank you Adam for openiing up my eyes and helping me to review my values and improve myself as a human being. He is not only a wonderful role model for younger people; I think people my age could take a definite example from this amazing and wonderful human being.” DG wowOwow

“…a three generation simultaneous Adamgasm – first in the history of the world. The annals of sexual experience will have to be re-written.” re: Cleo, Cleo II and Grandma meeting Adam in Cleveland

I said, “Adam we love you…” He looked me right in the eyes and then he flashed his killer smile and said, “thank you” (I died a little right there).” Cleo

“When he stood in front of me, time stood still. I had so much to say, yet I didn’t want to speak and break the spell. He is mesmerizing. His eyes are unbelievable. His lips are so perfect…. kissable and he is so soft spoken and so gracious and so kind, a very gentle soul. In person he is the polar opposite of his stage persona. My Mom kept saying he was so sweet and so calm…he had a calming effect on everyone around us. It was whisper quiet when he was reading the poster….like a dream….a hush fell on us, like he had put a spell on us. Everyone was just watching him taking it all in.: Cleo

“Drop dead gorgeous is a f-ing understatement of the century!!! ” Cleo

“Standing before him, I could feel him….his aura shines brightly, his prescence was all consuming. I’m not sure if I’ll ever recover.” Cleo at the M&G Cleveland

“For the rest of my life, I will never forget a bar of the intro to Whole Lotta Love. It will be with me, even if I get dementia and can’t remember the names of my own children.” IR”Adam is my Moldavite. He is a gem that fell to Earth. One of the rarest minerals on Earth. He is a beautiful gem and will be prized for years. Has the power to quicken ones’ spiritual evolution. Serves the inhabitants here on Earth. Facilitates interdimensional connection and rising our vibration for ascension and illuminations. Even those who are not sensitive to energetic vibrations can often feel the sensations given off by him .Can activate lucid dream states. Can manifest positive life changes.” AEOH

“The discussion is so gracious and elegant – our collective words have become a work of art, to commemorate this time when we have come together in spirit to explore a mutual conundrum – “what is it about Adam Lambert?” More like a pleasure cruise than a dangerous expedition – we keep coming back to the buffet for more and more Adam and more of each other, with chocolate sauce, whipped cream and a cherry on top – oh, and champagne. With beautiful scenery all the way.” XWP

FAN GEMS______________________________________________________________

“Words cannot express how amazing his performances were on that stage. Imagine the sun colliding with an enormous disco ball comet and the burning glittery fragments flying straight into your mind, heart, and soul.” Glamm

” He is so addicting, and there is always something new, to his performances. I’m hooked on Adam, and his fierce bravery! ”

“Emo or Elvis, woman or baby,  backdoor man or no backdoor man……I don’t care. Breathing Adam’s air and watching (in a trance) the sexiest person on the planet…OMG!!! “129aquarius

…I thought I was going to start crying but I didn’t cry. Instead, I let out this loud shrieking explosive scream that I guess had been building up inside of me. I never even knew I could do that! This scream continued throughout Adam’s set. I’m not sure how I looked to others and for the first time in my life, I didn’t care. I just let this “possession” take control of me – I really had no choice! CougsAdamFan

AURA READING__________________________________________________________

“Maybe you approve of my sexuality, maybe you don’t. Maybe you need to judge me. I no longer need to judge myself. The way I am is something I accept now. I can give love, and value the love that I give. I can receive love, because I now feel that I am worthy. And don’t even think about taking away my power, due to your judgments, because I claim my personal power. Nobody is going to take it away. If you try, I’ll fight you, and I’ll win.” Message from throat chakra of Adam Lambert from aura reading

When he sings, a huge blast of sexual energy pours through him, and Adam has learned to be pretty comfortable with letting this happen. It’s a wake-up call to be more alive, not only about sex at all…Because of Adam’s fearlessness, this earth-based energy moves through him during a song, energy ample as an ocean wave, energy swelling to fill the auditorium, energy overflowing into the people watching at home through their screens…if you think you enjoy Adam’s performance at a distance, I hope you get to attend a live performance. The oomph will just soak you then. Message from belly chakra

Adam Lambert performs on American Idol S9. It proves quite popular with the online media:
One of Adam’s quotes tonight which I loved last night was, give us something to look at, listen to and feel — I think that’s the best advice that any mentor could ever give a singer, especially the ones on “American Idol.” Look, we’re not all Adam Lambert. Let’s face it, he is a showman to the Nth degree, he has an amazing voice and he knows how to work a stage and give you a show.
On a night when “American Idol” played tribute to Elvis, Adam Lambert proved to be King of the mentors. … But Adam did something many of the old-pro mentors fail to do: Provide honest — and valid — criticism. … Of course, charisma and personality is something Lambert never lacked during his electric “Idol” run last season.
Hope the contestants are paying attention to this. Siobhan, in particular, should listen and learn how to sing high and still retain some sense of the song. All of them could use his sense of staging. Maybe a few of them will get some ideas about things to ask for with their lighting.
Whataya think — best performance of the season, performance or results night?
Well, anyway, speaking of popular male contestants, at least there was one truly exciting performance this evening: Midshow, this week’s mentor and Season 8’s runner-up, Adam Lambert, was thrillingly beamed down onto the stage, standing atop a grid of “TRON”-style lasers and shrouded in the fog of an overactive dry-ice machine, looking like a finalist from “Mars Idol” in his silver spacesuit. And after Sir Glambert belted out “Whataya Want From Me” near a cappella, in near darkness, Ryan raved, “Now that’s a performance!”–in what seemed to be a very thinly veiled dig at the top nine who have failed to measure up to last season’s overall awesomeness.
There is a vortex opening up over Adam Lambert’s head. He’s singing “What Do You Want From Me?” and my current answer is “less smoke, more exciting lasers.” It’s an an admirably wail-y performance and an entertaining performance. He’s ludicrously better than anybody on the show this season. Oh well.
Adam Lambert got to sing his latest hit and, it’s pretty apparent, he should have won last year’s competition
Wait – Adam Lambert is here, performing a chugging version of Whataya Want From Me. OK, I care about this. Pay attention, contestants, because you’re nowhere near this.
Lasers and glitter and eyeliner and great vocals. Love him or not, the Glambert knows how to entertain.
…But not before Adam Lambert got a chance to shatter glass. Stew on that, Tim, Katie and Big Mike. As for Adam, it was no American Music Awards. But good grief, that range. I’d pay to hear him cover Sebastian Bach’s “I Remember You.”
While maybe it would behoove these contestants to just call it a draw at this point after watching Lambert, oozing charisma as always, perform, they’re gonna keep going. Well, seven of them are…
Adam Lambert, this week’s mentor, hogged the spotlight as he performed tonight. Last year’s runner up blew the crowd away when he performed after the first elimination
You can love Adam or hate him (I fall in the former camp), but he sure knows how to put on a show. I wasn’t crazy about the super-slow tempo of the first part of the song, but the lasers and the dramatic green cloud of light that enveloped Adam were cool; the silver suit was swank and we got to experience his full vocal range. No lip-synching or runaway Auto-tuning required.
…and a ferocious rendition of “Whataya Want From Me,” by this week’s insightful
guest mentor Adam Lambert (which took place inside a laser-filled tornado).
…Adam Lambert gave a showy performance of his hit single, What Do You Want from Me. The song was complete with both smoke and lasers, featuring Lambert’s distinctive style. He sounded great as always, hitting some fantastic notes and playing to the audience. The great part about Lambert is that he always seems to be having fun when he’s onstage and the audience responds to it. It was nice to see Lambert back on “Idol” and he definitely gave the performance his all.
Despite finishing second, he is clearly a rare Idol success story. He used the show as a rocket to fame, as Simon once described the show’s potential, and has largely transcended it by remaining true to himself and his talent. When Matt Giraud or Scott MacIntyre or Ruben Studdard come back to perform, they’re there to hold onto the piece of the fame that Idol gave them. Watching Adam, however, he reminded me of an outcast kid who attained stardom and then comes back to his high school for a celebratory assembly. The teachers are all still there, the auditorium is the same, and he knows that he has moved beyond all that.
Lambert time. I think he had the most amazing televised lighting effect I’ve ever seen. He was caught in a stormy cyclone in the middle of the Idol stage. It was pretty much badass, and none of this season’s Idols would ever have the ingenuity to match it.

There’s an old saying that you can’t go home again. On Wednesday night (April 14), however, Adam Lambert did exactly that — and left a worldwide audience welcoming him back with open arms.
… the unique and talented Adam Lambert who sang his single, “Whataya Want From Me” which was incredible! Not to mention, the best mentor I have seen yet!
Kudos to Adam for being the best mentor this season.

From a Christian blog:
This is one the few performances of guests this season that I’m half way enjoying. Nothing raunchy, he’s actually singing a song. If he was hoping to redeem himself with the mainstream fans who kept him in the Idol competition but were turned off after that AMA nightmare, he may have done it.
His performance just underscores what we’re missing this season.
However, it was last year’s season’s runner up, Adam Lambert who stole the spotlight, in my opinion. Glambert came out with his laser lights and his sleek but sexy look and belted his new single, “Whataya Want From Me”. Let me tell you, I was quite impressed. Adam was this week’s mentor for the contestants, and if I may add, the best, honest, mentor I have seen to date! Well done!
Gosh I miss Lambert. He is awesome, laser light show and all.
He is such a star. A born performer with a great voice. He’s one of the reasons why this season ha been such an utter disappointment. There is not a single Adam Lambert in the bunch. No one, but no one, works the “Idol” stage like Lambert.
Humble and incredibly talented? That’s the Adam Lambert we know and love…

True to Lambert form, he proceeded to give the Idol audience a micro-burst of vocal intensity, then salted it with a visual display of interstellar eye candy.
…Smoke and mirrors aside, Lambert proved once again that originality is what separates the men from the boys, however pretty they may be. His deliberate attention to both voice and visual grandeur continue to invoke an emotional response in one form or another. Like him or not, his dedication and commitment to the art of performing cannot be denied.
The amount that he’s matured as a singer and performer just in the year since he was on ‘Idol’ is really impressive. He was always good, but he rarely had it completely together. This performance, however, made him seem as though he’s been on the scene for years.
Then Adam Lambert appeared in shaft of mist and laser light to sing “What Do You Want From Me.” It was classic Adam, vocally flawless and meaninglessly histrionic. –
Adam Lambert was the epitome of awesome. And that is how it’s done, Idols. Take note.
Adam Lambert once again stole the show. Is anybody surprised?
Taking notes? He rearranged his own song for this performance (originality… check.). Adam begins “Whataya Want From Me” dramatically and quietly in the dark. A vortex of glowing swirling fog surrounds him and ascends into a laser pinpoint above him as if he is about to lift off into space. Then the song builds (Beginning, middle, end… See Casey? Dynamics!). And of course, the signature screams (Listening Siobhan?). Even my DVR seems to be getting into it with lights blinking along to the music (or was I just sitting on the remote control?). Shiny suit. Bedazzled ear monitors. Oh, how I miss Season 8!
Or just let Adam Lambert perform a second song. This week’s mentor did an extended version of “Whataya Want from Me” — complete with lasers — and reminded us all that while the remaining “Idol” finalists are capable singers, none brings the showmanship that he rode to a second-place finish a year ago.
Then, Adam Lambert finally returned to wow Idol fans like the good ‘ol days. Hello, lasers! A talent like Adam doesn’t need all that extra glitz, but knowing the type of performer he is and what he’s aiming for, it doesn’t surprise me one bit.
The show opened with Adam inside a giant cone-shaped screensaver/lavalamp/nightly newscast tornado graphic. He sang with lots of feeling before emerging from the Emerald Tempest into a laser light spectacular unlike anything I’ve seen since the last time they offered that shit as a school photo background. Do schools still do school photos these days? Or is it like all the kids are computers or something. Anyhow, see for yourself, AWESOME:
After the performance the Los Angeles Times asked the kiddos for their favorite Adam Lambert moment. Obviously you know mine – when Adam stuck that guy’s head in his crotch. Second best: Tonsil Hockey with Tommy. Third Best: Mad World.
He’s in the dark, stuck in some kind of low pressure weather pattern with a lot of swirling clouds, like a Weather Channel music video. Lambert breaks out in to a laser light show. He’s dressed in a silver lame, pearl-studded jacket, with lots of eyeliner and mascara and his black hair in a pompadour do — kind of like if David Bowie had gone through an Elvis phase. Lambert shows the kids how to sell a song, that’s for sure. Kids, take notes. Oh, never mind — why bother.,,20312226_20361140_2,00.html
We interrupt this TV recap with a weather warning. A tornado watch is in effect for the American Idol stage. From out of this tornado will emerge ADAM LAMBERT, clad in a silver paint-splashed jacket with metallic studs and bedazzled ear monitors, surprising us with a slowed-down intro to ”Whataya Want From Me.” After that, Adam will proceed to rip into the vocals with such beast-like commitment that, if you were able to catch your breath and think about it, might have you feeling sorry for Katie, Tim Urban, and Michael Lynche, the only three contestants who had to ponder giving an exit performance in Adam’s wake of thick fog, massive glory notes, and a web of green lasers that made the stage look like a high-budget Benny Ninja challenge on America’s Next Top Model. Do not be alarmed if one or more camera-people gets so excited about experiencing ”WWFM” at such close range that they momentarily lose control of their equipment and make Adam briefly drop off your screen. That’s just the kind of shenanigans you come to expect when you’re visiting the Glambert Galaxy.
Lambert belted “Whatya Want From Me” from his debut For Your Entertainment silhouetted against green swirls of light. Though the production featured lasers (”I wanted to do something a little different”), Lambert strove to keep the focus on his vocals, stretching the song’s intro elaborately and concluding on one of his signature pitch-shifting screams. (The AMAs, this was not.
Adam Lambert returned to give us yet another spellbinding performance on the Idol stage and I hope we see his record sales take off because he is a legitimate talent and this show would love to hold him up as a success story.

…If Adam Lambert was a jewel thief, he’d immediately be arrested because, like, everyone single one of those security lasers is hitting him. I’m just saying… he’ll never be one of Ocean’s 13.
Plus side of using Adam Lambert as a guest: best mentor of the season so far.
Minus: having him perform on the show just a painful reminder of season 9’s lack of showmanship
Glambert appeared just in time to wake me up with his performance of “Whataya Want from Me.” It began with some sort of smoky tropical storm comprised of drama — Adam in the eye, natch — and evolved into the most theatrical game of laser tag ever. I was pleasantly surprised by his humility and assertion that he “owes this show everything.” Glambert is growing on me. (Don’t tell Kris Allen.)
Adam Lambert gave a ridiculously over-the-top performance of “Whataya Want From Me” and pulled it off – which is really, really impressive considering he brought his own lasers. There are very few performers who wouldn’t have been dwarfed by the light show that Adam found himself in the center of, but somehow he managed.
Covered in fog and laser beams, Lambert let out his signature wail on “Whataya Want from Me” with brazen authority and technical perfection. He was simply awesome. He has lost none of his magic or flair for the dramatic that made him a star on this very stage last season. I only wish the lighting had been better as it was a little hard to see him at times. Regardless, you can’t miss his fantastic voice and presence. I hope the current contenders were taking notes.
Despite Lambert’s best efforts at boosting the energy on the “Idol” stage tonight — and darned if he didn’t give it his all with a high-octane, laser-enhanced version of his hit “Whataya Want From Me,” prompting Ryan Seacrest to remark afterward, “Now that’s a performance. Wow!” — all that last season’s “Idol” glam king could accomplish here was to showcase how sleepy things were looking with this year’s contestants tonight.
The other performance came from Adam Lambert, last year’s runner up, and that guy has some serious pipes. I’d never heard him perform before, having never watched the show before this season, but his was the first guest performance of the season that showed legitimate power. It’s easy to see why he’s got a career.
Speaking of people who are actually talented, Adam Lambert returned after his mentoring stint to perform his single “Whataya Want From Me,” the Pink-penned tune from his debut album and his first Billboard Top Twenty hit. Lambert’s performance (watch it below) started with a slow vocal build up, eerie lasers and green fog circling him like a funnel up to the heavens. The whole thing was campy, melodramatic, and sounded like it was the theme song to a forgotten eighties action-adventure flick, but it works because Lambert truly knows how to inhabit a performance. His glittery suit and absurd pompadour looked exactly like Vegas-era Elvis, which makes one think that Adam Lambert isn’t so much Gay Elvis as Elvis Presley was Gay Elvis all along.

But then Adam Lambert took to the stage, delivering by miles the best live guest performance I’ve seen on an Idol results show ever in the history of awesome.
…Suffice it to say, Glambert completely blew my everloving mind last night, and judging from the deafening roars from the live audience before, during, and after his performance of “Whataya Want from Me,” I’d say I was far from alone. … Glambert constructed his number as much (if not more) for those of us inside Idoldome as those of you watching from home. For one thing, as cool as those lasers looked on TV, they had true dimension and shape in person (in other words, they were in 3D!). For another, the music simply sounded big and gorgeous live, a perfect sonic match for the visual spectacle.
…The audience was so keyed up for their promised dose of Glambert that some began wildly cheering when one of his band mates stepped onto the stage. When the real Glambert finally appeared with about 15 seconds to go before air, the place became unmoored, and I’ll be darned if Glambert didn’t look totally humbled by the sheer tonnage of adulation.
After mentoring the contestants Tuesday night, he returned for a volcanic rendition of “Whataya Want From Me,” a dazzling metallic explosion that put this year’s “Idol” wannabes to shame. Following his performance, Lambert repeated a gracious statement he made earlier this week, “I owe this show everything.”
What’s changed about Adam Lambert since his “Idol” days? Well, he’s gotten a haircut — probably several, really. His vocals seem to have matured to an even grander scale of amazing. Oh, and he now travels in a smoky, luminescent pyramid. It’s what all the kids in L.A. would be doing if they could finally stop waiting tables and get their big break.

The beginning of his performance of “Whataya Want From Me” is riveting television — it’s like a live music video, with effects that occasionally overpower even the state-of-the-art HD cameras in the “Idol” studios.

When Adam finally emerges, he’s wearing a jacket from the Liberace collection (even his noise-canceling earpieces are bedazzled!), but singing a song that’s a modern blend of ’80s bombast and ’00s spacey dance beats.

No doubt about it, Adam is the full package. A tremendous singer. An impeccable showman. And when in shadow, his new pompadour even recalls the very 2010 “I’m with Coco” logo. He’s got everything!

He made his own “Idol” mold, then broke it. His appearance this week has likely only strengthened criticism that the show ain’t what it used to be. One thing’s for sure — none of this year’s contestants have yet shown the kind of onstage power that he can unleash. I think we’ll be hearing about him for quite some time.
And, naturally if Adam Lambert shows up as the mentor you can rest assured he is going to give the performance of a lifetime. In reality, Lambert simply doesn’t disappoint.
Adam Lambert took all the advice he gave the contestants last night and applied it to himself. He performed a slower tempo version of “Whataya Want from Me?” before getting into it full-swing with the band. It was great seeing him back on the Idol stage. Lambert came into the competition last year a fully formed artist. When Simon Cowell tells this new batch to figure out who they are, that’s exactly what he means.
Idol alum Adam Lambert, who played mentor for this week, performed “Whataya Want From Me” which was ah-mazing. How is it that he did not win last season?
Offering up the usual amount of high drama, Lambert performed “What Do You Want From Me.” The number was weird, well-sung and eerily theatrical – classic Adam Lambert
Adam Lambert. Lasers. That same song. But cool.
Given the nature of pop music publicity, “Whataya Want From Me” is semi-officially the Song Adam Sings on Television for the last four or five months. But given the nature of Adam Lambert, he mixed it up and made it original.
Adam Lambert was a great “American Idol” this week, but he was an even better performer. The glam-pop singer took a cue from arena Brit-rockers Muse for his big return to “Idol” Wednesday night, putting on a laser-soaked performance of his current single, “Whataya Want from Me.”

Through a haze of green smoke and lights, Lambert brought the drama like none of this season’s “Idol” contestants — and probably none before him — could. He prowled around the Kodak Theatre stage and belted out his glory notes, eliciting giddy screams from the crowd and no doubt people watching from home. Even if Lambert wasn’t your favorite “Idol” contestant last year, his performance couldn’t help but trigger memories the good old days of season 8 — and make it pretty clear why this year’s batch of contestants pales in comparison.
Adam Lambert made his triumphant return to the American Idol stage last night …

Perfectly quiffed, dressed in a shiny suit, Adam fitted right in on Elvis week and pulled out all the stops on his stage performance. For those who missed last year’s Idol season, Adam didn’t actually win , but has had more people talking about him than whoever the hell did. It was an electrifying performance of a song which was originally a Pink cast-off track, but got dusted off and reworked by Glambert and his team.
In any case, even if Adam isn’t Elvis, he is Adam, and that (since he asked) is what we want from him. … But most importantly, Adam brought the glitter back, twinkling from Crystal’s spangled guitar and even his own sparkly ear protectors. On Wednesday he also brought lasers, his retooled “Whataya Want From Me?” sounding in silhouette from the eye of a Wicked green cyclone, or possibly the heart of the Matrix. He was so obscured by effects for the first half of the song that if he’d kissed his keyboard player, we’d never have known. I’m going to imagine he did. Overall, he reminded us that Idol needs that flash sometimes, the love of performance that used to define its singers and which even our most consistent contestants are not always delivering in this singer-songwriter-focused season.
Good to see that Adam Lambert can still make time in his busy schedule to school the kids on how it’s done. Lambert—who placed second place in last season’s American Idol but won first place in America’s hearts—returned to the show this week to mentor this season’s contestants. And last night gave a hands-on lesson in the art of crowd-pleasing with a wicked-dramatic rendition of his smash-hit “Whataya Want From Me.”

His hair slicked back in a pompadour and sporting a shiny blazer in honor of this week’s Elvis theme, Lambo put on a clinic not just for the aspiring Idols, but for us all.

Adam love from all the S9 contestants:
Michael Lynch: “My favorite Adam Lambert moment is hearing about his reputation from the crew and from our handlers. He was always prepared, a super good kid; he’s just one of the people they talk the highest about. To me, that’s something that’s important. I always want my reputation with the people I work with to be good, and to see that about him, that he’s one of the people they talk about out of all the seasons, that’s my favorite thing about him.”

Compiling this shows my enthusiasm. Not craziness. Honest.



  1. Adam, you have such a beautiful voice, and we all love to hear you sing, but it’s what we get from YOU personally that grabs us in the heart and won’t let go! Your charisma, beauty, honesty, charity and friendly personality are the real hook, though!

    Comment by Scootersmom — March 15, 2011 @ 6:07 pm

  2. Adam, you inspire me to do my best in everything i do thank you so much for sharing your talent with the world. I love you! ❤

    Comment by lexi marie glambert — April 2, 2013 @ 11:29 am

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