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INFO!!!! Tix for @AdamLambert & @QueenWillRock Moscow Show are in on-line sale!
(site Olympic Arena)



Worth watching the video chat for Adam and all the fan responses!
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Check out the snapshot I just took of @adamlambert with @tinychat


Gorgeous Version of BTIKM without a Mike!


On the slim chance that anyone has a second meet and greet ticket and no one special to take along for Portland Oregon on March 25 at 95.5…. I have a friend who is ill and would be ecstatic to meet Adam… DM me if it’s a possibility!

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“American Idol’’ runner-up Adam Lambert was at the W Hotel Wednesday to help the folks at Kiss 108 announce the 14 acts who will be performing at this year’s Kiss Concert. Lambert performed “Better Than I Know Myself’’ and “Trespassing,’’ which he co-wrote with Pharrell Williams, for a rapt audience of 50 contest winners (most of whom looked to be thrilled suburban moms) and then posed for photos. Foxborough’s own JoJo (clad in a Celtics shirt) also performed. Lambert was nice enough to stick around for her performance, quietly standing in the back of the room, tapping his foot and bobbing his head. Lambert told us he had no power in his hotel room because of the blackout Tuesday, but was able to make do thanks to candlelight and a charged laptop

Tickets to See Adam at Kiss108 Concert here:


E: So who are you listening to now?
ADAM LAMBERT: Have you heard the new Ting Tings album? ?

ME: Not yet.
AL: It’s really great. 

ME: Have you heard the new Macy Gray album of covers [“Covered”]?
AL: No, how is it? 

ME: It’s – definitely unusual. 
AL: In a good way?

ME: It’s pretty surprising. She does [The Yeah Yeah Yeahs’] “Maps” and [Radiohead’s] “Creep.” 
AL: I like her other albums, and she seems really nice in person. So you think the new one is worth listening to?

ME: My guess is you’d probably find it either intriguing – or hilarious. 

Adam Lambert speaks out on gay acceptance in the US

Adam Lambert has opened up on gay acceptance in the US, saying that he doesn’t feel America would be ready yet for a gay love interest in a music video.
The singer was asked at a special fan get-together in Boston, MA whether he thought the US would be ready for a music video with a gay love interest.


Adam Events start again Monday!
(maybe I’ll have time to put together my Hartford recap…waiting for Pictures ladies!)

March 19: Radio, US. 105.9 KissFM Lawrence, KS [More Info]
March 19: Radio, US. Mix 93.3 Kansas City, MO. [Source]
March 19: Radio, US. 99.7 The Point Kansas City, MO. Performance and Meet&Greet. [Source & contest info]


If you are feeling confused (like I am) and like you might have missed a bunch of performances of this radio promo tour and more, look here:


Sauli’s Blog


Lambert also revealed the details behind the use of a pomegranate in the music video for “Better Than I Know Myself.”
“One of the things we cut out was . . . I was eating popcorn which was not my idea. We ended up cutting [it] out because it looked kind of silly,” he said. “We wanted to have some sort of food on the other side. I was like, ‘Give me a pomegranate.’ It was totally random. Then it looked cool when I crushed it, so we kept it. Who doesn’t have a pomegranate lying around?”


Adam Talks about Queen



Fault Magazine

More Places to Win Meet and Greet Tickets!




Video credit: iDejANCE



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Letters to Adam

Dear Adam,
Here is a loyal Glambert writing this letter. My name is Ramona and I just want to thank you for being who you are, for inspiring me and making Awesome music. I am still fighting to have more confidence in myself and you’re helping me so much. 
One thing  I love at you it’s that you always sing live and I appreciate this so much. I absolutely adore your voice, almost every time I have goosebumps and I really can’t wait for Trespassing.  You are always honest with everything not like others and you always say what’s in your mind.
I still remember the first time when I heard Whataya Want From Me. That was the first time when I heard something about you. I was so amazed and I thought the video is precious. I loved the video (and I still love it) and I was watching and listening it everyday. But then, one day, Time For Miracles came on my TV and I was thinking “OMG that’s the guy who sings WWFM?! 😮 He has such a beautiful voice!!”. 
When the video ended I made a research and from that moment I am a Glambert, a very proud one – 2010’s summer. You see, I don’t know you because of American Idol, I didn’t even heard about that show but now I know every performance of yours there.
My biggest wish will come true, I believe in it, and it is to meet you one day and hug you. My other wish it’s to see you in concert, hope it happens with Trespassing tour, I want so baaad!
I am waiting for you to come to my coutry, Romania. Ever heard about Dracula? Hehe then come here now to know more and visit.

Namaste Adam !

My name is Alex and I’m a 13
year old girl from India.Yeah, an Indian Glambert ♥

Firstly I would like to mention this that its kind of hard for me to write a letter to you cause its my first time plus I dont really know how to write what all I feel about you ,you’re just everything to me !

I can never consider you just like a singer cause you have changed my life in every aspect and I’m so glad to have discovered about you cause if I didnt so I dont know where I would’ve been now. You make me feel better with each passing day ,you make me think good about myself and you made me learn that I should accept myself no matter what. 

I had been depressed for months due to family problems and low-self esteem. I used to cut my hand and I was very critical about myself but thanks to you and your music ,I feel a lot better and now I am what I should’ve been ,a happy person :”D

Words arent enough to explain my love for you ,you’re passion for what you love and your beautiful voice is very inspiring and stunning ♥
You’re truly a beautiful soul and thank you for being born in this mad world ,we can never have someone like you .
I absolutely have no shame with your race,religion ,orientation – I just love you the way you are and I respect you for that ♥

I remember listening to your songs in late 2011, thats when I came to know about you. I was amazed by your talent ,it was captivating and enthralling .I was like “this man is so talented ,I HAVE TO KNOW MORE ABOUT HIM !” and from there I started researching about you and discovered many things about you .

But yet that didnt stopped me from loving you 🙂 Instead I just kept falling in love with each passing day of my life :”)
The day I received FYE through online shopping was amazing ! Jan 24 😀 I cant stop loving that album and I listen to it every single day. Also including Better Than I Know Myself !
Its truly one hell of an awesome song ! The first time I heard the audio I was like “Wow~~” and I even cried with happiness and posted it everywhere xD And believe me ,I loved it so much that I remember that since I heard it that is from 9pm ,it was on repeat till 8am next morning .No kidding. I was on VEVO the whole night =D
And it was even more crazy when us Glamberts had decided to make the video reach 1 million views =D I had sat on VEVO for 15 HOURS XD When I told this to my friends they were like ,”You’re just soo obsessed with Lambert” xD I took it as a compliment though 😉
Ughh.. The crazy things I have done for you 😀 Unforgettable memories indeed !

But after that .. I have been berting ever since ! 😀 I had been bullied too but you made me a strong person ,it means so much to me ! You’re my biggest inspiration and my role-model #NoShame about it 😀 I am totally proud of it ♥
I love all of your songs ,but my all-time favourites are For Your Entertainment and Whataya Want From Me (which I call my special song x)
Thank you for sharing your gift of music with all of us ♥ Its the most beautiful gift ever ♥
I love writing songs and heres a snippet of something that I wrote for you =D
” I look back at my life and I found it in ruins,but the way it looks now is a lot better
It might be your light and your love …you’re the one who made me rejoice life’s mulit-colours

  You’re everything to me,you’re the only one for me
  And I’m happy to have known you…

  Cause without you I could’ve not  enjoyed  this rollercoaster ,that is this life ..
 Cause without you I was lost ,deep somewhere and a little alone
You have gave me a reason to live ,you have made me feel worthy for myself

   And I cant tell you how many thank-you’s it would take me to  pay the price…

  For giving me this wonderful life”
 That’s for now ! 😀

  Hope that you’ll read it ! and yes Adam ,you’re a beautiful soul ,dont let anyone make you feel down cause remember ….. we love you ♥
  We’re always there for you buddy ♥
Good luck with the album ! We know that its gonna be massive and I’m sure that I’m gonna love it 😀
  Thank you for everything ♥
Will love you forever and forever

Alex @Entertainer_98







Dear would take a thousand pages to tell you all you mean to me, your effect on 21st century culture and your example to humanity...suffice to say I am a 69 year old retired teacher of special needs kids who "did not know how" to have any of my are the son/grandson I have ached are the role model all kids could/should aspire to are the supremely talented voice that shall/will conquer the entertainment know yourself and thus inspire the gay kids and enlighten the are my comfort and my refuge in my health problems...and my JOY when I hear you sing......may you live the happiness you deserve with Sauli, your family and friends...for you my dear Adam are a good man who lives your philosophy of Light and Love...a truly special human being for whom we thank the Universe.








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