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August 3, 2010

Adam Lambert & Monte Love!

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Special thanks to @adamswench for the fabulous pictures of Adam Lambert in today’s blog from San Diego!  


Adam Tonight

Thanks to @voodoo_glambert!


Was Adam Lambert snubbed by the MTV Video Music Award nominations?

The nominees for this year’s MTV Video Music Awards were announced earlier today and featured a record-setting number of nominations for Lady Gaga (13), as well as nods for Eminem (eight), Florence + The Machine (five) and Justin Bieber (one … wait, one? That kid’s getting his own 3D biopic and he gets just one measly nomination?).

Here’s who didn’t get nominated: Adam Lambert. Members of the former “American Idol” contender’s Glam Nation are ticked off that he didn’t get recognized in at least one category for videos like “If I Had You,” in which he sports a mullet ponytail while rocking out on what appears to be the set for the “Twilight” movies, accompanied by cast members from “Moulin Rouge” and “Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome.” (I mean that as a compliment, by the way):

Of course, Lambert fans aren’t the only ones irked by the VMA nominations. Lovers of Rihanna (who received just one nomination), the Black Eyed Peas and Britney Spears are all voicing their objections in blog comments and on Twitter, where the hash tag #MTVFAIL is becoming more popular by the second.

My opinion is that the nominators at MTV are deaf and blind… end of story!


Tommy In San Francisco!  (via @itsjoooory}


Monte Kisses Adam (on the head) after Aftermath at 4:00-  Fan experience of Tempe Arizone…Well done! 



Thanks to @finewinebaby

Nina Interviews Adam in Arizona Movin 97.5 


“You’re so dreamy!”  “Stop it!” 


Adam’s New Twitter Picture by @santabillie  …. Great job girl! 




 Adam Lambert brings the glamour to Tempe 

As undeniable as Adam Lambert’s sense of showmanship was by the time he descended a pink-lit staircase singing “Feeling Good” in his star-making run on “American Idol,” the singer’s command of the stage has only gotten that much more impressive since his first post-“Idol” album, aptly titled “For Your Entertainment,” arrived in late November. 

slideshow Adam Lambert at the Marquee Theatre 

He set the tone for a sold-out performance Sunday, Aug. 1, at Tempe’s Marquee Theatre with a piped-in techno remix of the title track while building anticipation with a glamour shot of Lambert in a feather boa looking very Bowie-esqu

And that just made his entrance all the more dramatic when he did appear – at the top of a staircase in long purple tails with furry epaulets and fringes and a feathered top hat with a scarlet A emblazoned on the front, interacting with his dancers to the brooding synth-pop of “Voodoo.” 

The band took the energy level up a notch with the pulsating funk-rock groove of “Down the Rabbit Hole.” The first of several songs to boast a laser light show, it ended with Lambert dropping to his knees at the top of the staircase as the music segued into the eerie psychedelic treatment of Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire” that he did on “Idol,” his hip gyrations channeling another old Sun Records legend, Elvis Presley. By the time he lost the hat for “Fever,” revealing a big enough pompadour to cover an entire rockabilly trio, it was hard to tell where Elvis Presley ended and Ann-Margaret began in the heavily made-up singer’s stage moves – which, of course, has been part of his charm from the very beginning. 

He brought the mood down for the melancholy drama of “Sleepwalker,” and kept it there for an unplugged and seated performance of his Top 10 breakthrough, “Whataya Want From Me” – a bold move for a guy with only one hit, but if anything, it sounded better that way (or at least more heartfelt). An unplugged, piano-fueled “Soaked” showed off the more operatic side of Lambert’s vocal range (again recalling Elvis) and led to yet another ballad, the inspirational “Aftermath,” which boasted stunning high notes, loads of heart and possibly the pinkest lasers ever. 

While his band mates settled into an extended instrumental jam, the singer slipped out for a costume change, returning in a vest with lapels and no shirt underneath to wail the high notes of the Def Leppard-esque “Sure Fire Winners,” his pompadour as majestic as ever. After all those slow songs in a row, he wisely followed “Sure Fire Winners” with another upbeat dance track, “Strut,” backed by dancers in Day of the Dead masks while he worked a cane into his stage moves. Once again, the high notes were phenomenal, and Lambert kept things moving with a song that may have been the highlight of the set, a spirited “Music Again” that made the most of the singer’s upper register and featured some of the concert’s most endearingly flamboyant dance moves. His latest single, “If I Had You,” brought the proper set to a triumphant finish, with the audience belting out the chorus and the lasers going wild 

Read more: 





Monte in the Crowd




Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner 


Tempe love! 





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kms15423: Seacrest’s AT40 request form IIHY made the Top 40 this week  

Elle_Higgins Adam Lambert’s If I Had You was #40 on the sirius weekend countdown  


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Side View of IIHY from Las Vegas… close up! Thanks to @lnf001 for sending it! 


Fever on Glee! 



New T-Shirt 



The Good News 

Examiner: ‘American Idol’: Adam Lambert moves up two places on show airplay chart. 

ItsJoooory USA Today: Monday morsels. 2 2 Adam Lambert, WWFM (5748) (#8 AC, #9 Hot AC), 8 10 IIHY (2418) (#28 Top 40) 

IIHY up to #33 on iTunes US Overall (new peak) iTunes link: via @hooplamagnet 

idolsnow: ADAM LAMBERT’s “Whataya Want From Me” still in the top 10 on Adult Top 40 tally, down 9-10 this week 

hot100au: Adam Lambert: ‘If I Had You’ is currently No. 8 on iTunes. See real-time chart updates at 

LambritsUK: WWFM at #5 on iTunes Portugal 

GlambertLyrics I have excitingg news! The guy filming adam’s e!true hollywood story emailed my mom and said its probs premiering nov. 18 


Allison Iraheta Gets ‘Brotherly’ Advice From Adam Lambert 

Iraheta has grown close to all of the players in the Glam Nation Tour, from her own bandmates to co-opener Orianthi (who appears on Allison’s latest single, “Don’t Waste the Pretty”) to Adam’s bassist (and occasional onstage makeout buddy) Tommy Joe Ratliff, whom she’s gearing up to prank. “I think I’m just gonna steal Tommy’s glitter. Or lip gloss. What is he gonna do without that?” she joked. 

But the 18-year-old promises she’s not being corrupted by the rock and roll on-the-road lifestyle. (Don’t worry, Mama Iraheta!) “[Adam’s] always giving me the advice, the brotherly advice,” she said. If anything, being surrounded by such seasoned professionals has helped Allison come into her own as a performer. 

“Let me just say that on the ‘Idol’ tour, I was all over the place … which is why I lost my voice every other night. But now I guess you learn,” Allison said. “I feel so much more comfortable onstage.” 


Longineu’s Message?! 

He drew this on the back of @adamswench 



Thanks to @adamswench! 


I love this one!  Thanks to @lamberlust!


Glam Nation Tour Scrapbook ( save to your favorites)                     

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  1. I can’t get MO’ SATISFACTION. I just got back from a 4 Glamnation extravaganza. My husband and I had the best vacation of our lives. San Francisco was intimate and extraordinary. Glam friends came up from Mexico and spent a couple of perfect days with us before the concert. We stayed at the Nikko Hotel just 2 blocks from the Warfield, overlooking the buses and long line for GA. The pre-party was fantastic. Eric passed out about 1500 blue glowsticks and we lit up Adams face when we brought them out during WWFM.

    Next it was on to both nights at Costa Mesa. I was curious to see how different the intimate indoor setting would be compared to the outdoor arena. The show played just as well in both venues. As the mom of a theatre kid I was able to notice the small obstacles that live can performances can throw at you. Adam is so incredibly professional. His control over us was just amazing.

    We had planned on the three concerts and had a great time. Then it was a 10 hour drive back home on a beautiful California day. I still had a few days left on my vacation and figured we would just spend it reminiscing on our deck with some wonderful Sonoma wine and cheese.

    Late that night my husband says. Pack your bag baby were going to VEGAS. OMG. We got a beautiful room at The Hotel at Mandalay Bay and got in about 2 hours before the concert started. This was the top of the best of the greatest vacation EVER. THANK YOU ADAM.

    Comment by Random Medley — August 3, 2010 @ 10:51 am

  2. If I understand correctly, that new, gorgeous Adam Tshirt is from Hot Topic? I’m going to descend on my local mall tomorrow and demand it! It is so beautiful. Why couldn’t they have made that one for the merch booth on the tour?

    Comment by IsabelR — August 3, 2010 @ 11:16 am

  3. Random Medley,

    That sounds like the best time EVER! And what a great husband you have!
    Seriously, Adam is lucky to have fans like you.Like us. Not that we can help ourselves. Not around him.

    Comment by IsabelR — August 3, 2010 @ 11:21 am

  4. WOW – that slowed-down version of IIHY is a masterpiece! It enables us to watch ALL of Adam’s fascinating capabilities and lets our brains process the amazing vision before us. On top of that, we get to hear the crystal clear clarity of that stunning voice. I think that I can save a lot of money on a water heater by watching this daily – who’s going to notice the water temperature after gazing at Adam? NOONE!

    Thank you SO much for bringing my Adam fix – can’t survive without it!

    Comment by wyldfyreangel — August 3, 2010 @ 7:46 pm

  5. Its amazing isnt it. Be sure to download it cause it may be taken down again soon!

    Comment by adamquotedaily — August 3, 2010 @ 8:51 pm

  6. ADAM is amazing again at Temple AZ, the passion from the audiences are incredible.

    Btw, MTV does not know how to do business. Me, my friends and my family are not going to watch MTV.

    Comment by libraglamb — August 3, 2010 @ 10:59 pm

  7. Thank you for making hump day so much better! Adam some how makes my life better, looking at him all ways makes me smile I’m 100% in in love with that man!6 more weeks Glam Nation for me..

    Comment by Renee Smeltzer — August 4, 2010 @ 10:36 pm

  8. A Big Hello, Hug, and Kiss to the Glamily!

    Thanks for sending this Information, the Pictures, and the Videos!

    I’m doing the Voting and I even got to Vote at Ryan Seacrest’s Website today! Thank you for the opportunity!

    I decided to do some Voting at the MTV Website earlier today and realized that Sir Adam Lambert was no where to be found! I cannot understand this, but we don’t need to get upset . . . we just get even! With enough Votes, he just might go back up to #1, again, and again, and again! Well . . . you get the picture! Timing is everything and there will be other times in the future!

    I started August very humble with some Donations at the DonorsChoose Website and did so in Sir Adam Lambert’s Honour! Today, I got to buy the Make Up Mirror, the Disco Ball Key Chain, and my favourite . . . the Dog Tag Choker! I can’t wait to get the Choker! It’s very chic and I will wear it with Pride and Honour! In September, I will buy some more T-Shirts! The Space T-Shirts are beautiful! Sure wish I could make the Concerts, but things are a little slow for me here! I’m suppose to be getting the HUD-1 from the Listing Agent on Ana’s New Escrow we are in the process of opening up (45 to 60 Days to close!) and Rita’s New Development Escrow will close in another 30 Days! Hope to make more Donations and buy more stuff then!

    Thanks for sending me the Password to your Hawaii Concert! I would love to go see Hawaii, but I don’t think these Escrows will close in time to do so!

    I’m suppose to be studying for my CA Life/Health/Ethic Insurance Exam and I’m wanting to be at these Concerts instead!

    Well, it is time to call it a day and tomorrow is a new one! Sweet “Successful” Dreams Everyone! Hugs and Kisses! Glamily Newbie!

    Comment by Cheryl Lee House aka "Haus" — August 4, 2010 @ 11:51 pm

  9. Thank you for the advice – I would have been kicking myself for months if I’d lost it!

    Comment by wyldfyreangel — August 5, 2010 @ 8:07 pm

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