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July 6, 2010

Infinity…. forever!

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Adam Tweeted today:
Two amazing days off in Atlanta!! I had so much fun! Haven’t felt this “normal” in a long time. about 13 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone
and this is his new tattoo…. Infinity!

Infinity! Very appropriate Adam... we love you forever!



Adam with store manager of 13 Roses where he got the tattoo 

Knoxville Tonight!  Check back tonight for updates on the concert!  


Great Interview with Adam with Mix 97.7  


Adam Lambert Pays Tribute to His Inspirations on the IIHY Video Shoot



Via  Adam wrote this on his Myspace page.  

The “If I Had You” video shoot was something I had anticipated for some time. In addition to the fantastic beat and melody, the song’s lyrics are what really stand out to me about this uplifting jam. It explores all the glitz of life in celebrity culture but reveals how it can all be a facade without true connectivity to others. The message is one of Love. Over the past year, in addition to my unbelievable opportunities, I have also been faced with the unique challenge of staying positive in light of some critics and closed mindedness. My friends, family, and my devoted fans have been a key force in keeping me grounded. I wanted to make a video that paid tribute to the wonderful people who’ve inspired me to become the artist and spirit I am today.  

Director Bryan Barber’s video treatment fit so perfectly with my intention! His vision was so clear! I was a big fan of his previous work and he was so easy to collaborate with. The type of gathering he wanted to re-create was one similar to the Burning Man Festival I have often cited as a major artistic turning point in my life. The impact of this experience has mostly to do with the eclectic community that it draws. About 5 years ago, after growing bored and unsatisfied with the cliché Hollywood “scene” I discovered this fascinating counter-culture of underground designers, performance artists and various bohemians. So we agreed to invite my real-life friends to be a part of the video!  

To ensure an authentic representation of unique individuals, instead of using one stylist, everyone was asked to dress themselves however they desired. All we told them was: “Psychedelic tribal party in the forest!” One of the main themes I wanted to get across is that no matter your race, sexuality, age, or religion, we can all come together in the spirit of peace and love and have fun!  

We shot overnight near LA’s Griffith Park and had a blast. I had way too much fun in my trailer getting styled. I was dressed in Galliano, The Blondes, and Skingraft. We fused high Glam rock with a boho-tribal-world traveler vibe. I’m lucky to work with such a creative glam team! I was also thrilled to feature my band, dancers and a special guest all of whom will be appearing on my upcoming Glam Nation Tour.  

I believe that this video is the perfect follow up to the angst of Whataya Want From Me. If that song begged to ask the questions, this one joyfully gives the answers. Enjoy!  




OK! Magazine  


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner 


Thanks to @Clear_Liqueur 

More later….promise! 


 Couple of Articles from the Toronto Star   

Brian Burke marches with Pride for son   

Published On Sun Jul 4 2010   

The Toronto Star   

Leafs general manager Brian Burke and his wife Jennifer walk the Pride parade in downtown Toronto Sunday in memory of his son Brendan, who came out three years ago and was killed in a car accident in February. Last year, father and son were in Toronto to watch the parade together. Leafs general manager Brian Burke and his wife Jennifer walk the Pride parade in downtown Toronto Sunday in memory of his son Brendan, who came out three years ago and was killed in a car accident in February. Last year, father and son were in Toronto to watch the parade together.

Neon and spandex, glitter and sequins, miscellaneous naked body parts and the deafening roar of a ready-and-waiting Pride crowd fill the air.    

In the middle of it all stands a grey-haired man in a polo shirt and running shoes, thick hands folded across his broad chest, piercing brown eyes hidden behind dark sunglasses.    

He turns his head, looks around, shifts from left to right.    

As cheers and whistles signal the parade is about to begin, the man pulls off his blue polo shirt and slides a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey over his head. The number 88 is emblazoned on the back. The name above it: Brendan.    

The jersey is noticed. A buzz zips through the crowd.    

“Is that Brian?”    

“Yup, that’s him.”    

Last year Brian Burke watched the Pride parade with his son Brendan. This year he’s marching for him.    

“I promised my son I’d march with him, and he’s not here,” Burke says. “He would have wanted us to do this.”    

Brendan Burke died in a winter storm car crash in February. He was 21.    

Three years ago, Brendan told his family he was gay. His father, Leafs general manager and longtime NHL tough guy, accepted his son’s sexuality immediately and unconditionally.    

When news that Brendan was gay hit the media last November, the Burke family became pioneers for acceptance in a sport that has never had an openly gay athlete.    

And on Sunday Burke took the ultimate step — marching with parents and friends of other gays and lesbians past more than a million cheering onlookers at Toronto’s annual Pride parade.    

Before the march, Burke anticipated the event would be “personal and difficult despite its public nature.”    

During the march, the usually bombastic Burke stumbled when he tried to explain what being there was like for him.    

“It’s a sad day,” he said. “It’s great to see the typical city of Toronto response,” he added, referring to excited chaos and atmosphere of acceptance all around him. “But, uh, sad day.”    

Burke marched with PFLAG Toronto, a support group for the families and friends of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered youth. His wife, sister and brother-in-law were by his side.    

Irene Miller, president of PFLAG Toronto, said Burke’s presence will have an impact on the young people who attend the parade.    

“[He’s] someone in the sports world, someone who is perceived as a macho dad,” she says. “That is going to break down barriers, that’s going to open the door for kids all across North America to sit down and say to their dads, ‘Dad I’m gay or lesbian or bi or trans.’”    

As the parade moved forward Burke walked slowly and kept close to his family. He waved to the crowd with one hand and placed his other hand on the small of his wife’s back, reaching out for her shoulder when they wandered more than a few steps apart.    

A cop perched on a bicycle, rainbow flag tucked into his helmet, pointed Burke out to another officer. They waved and Burke returned the greeting.    

“It’s got his son’s name on the back,” the second cop said as Burke marched on.    

The parade turned a corner and Burke spotted a woman with her hair tucked into a Leafs hat. He pointed at the hat, smiled and waved to her. The woman grinned.    

“You are a hero!” one young man in a bright yellow shirt declared, leaning across the crowd barrier and pointing at Burke. “You are a hero!”    

Burke accepted the comment with a smile, but said later he doesn’t see it that way. For him, Brendan is the hero.    

“To come out in a world dominated by macho guys, a lot of homophobia. What he did took tremendous courage,” Burke says. “There’s nothing heroic about loving your child . . . whatever path they take in life.”    

“I didn’t do anything that a parent who loved their child wouldn’t do.”  


Invite Adam Lambert and Problem Solved!  

Cougars wanted  

Cougars aren’t desperate, they’re overwhelmed by choice  

Published On Tue Jul 6 2010    

Image Ashton Kutcher, left, and Demi Moore arrive on the red carpet for the screening of The Joneses at TIFF, Sept. 13, 2009. 

Dating older women has become so popular it has created a shortage, according to the organizer of the first Cougar Convention in Toronto this Friday.   

Rich Gosse, who bills himself as America’s foremost authority on finding a romantic partner, claims Demi Moore and Madonna have made dating older women so socially acceptable that men who were once afraid to be caught dead with older woman are now flocking to them.   

“There’s not enough cougars to go around,” says Gosse, who has held cougar events across North American and Australia. The most recent one in Chicago drew 400 men and women.   

“In the olden days when we would do these cougar parties, we always got too many women, we couldn’t find any guys who were willing to come and date older women,” says Gosse. “They were too embarrassed to admit they were dating a woman as old as their mothers. That all changed. Now, there’s actually a greater demand among the cubs for the cougars.”   

Actors Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore got the ball rolling with their May-December relationship, but Gosse believes it was baseball superstar Alex Rodriguez who made it even more socially acceptable, when it was reported in 2008 that he was in a relationship with Madonna that ended both their marriages. There is a 17-year age difference between them.   

“If Alex Rodriguez, the $250 million-dollar man who can have any woman in the world he wants is dating a 50- year old woman, Madonna, there’s gotta be something to these cougars. He’s the one who made it socially acceptable to date an older woman and even brag to your buddies about it,” says Gosse.   

Despite heroic attempts to normalize the term, including a poorly received television series starring Courtney Cox, the word still seems to invite ridicule. A recent Air New Zealand spoof of cougars depicted them as voracious, orange-faced desperados, lunging at young men.   

In fact, older women say the opposite is true. Younger men pursue older women.   

“Not that I’m looking for a relationship, but if I were, I would pick an older, more established man, the tall, silver-hair look. But the younger guys seem to be attracted to me for some reason and they seem to find me,” says Mary Taylor, a single network marketing professional and the author of Bedroom Games.   

She plans to attend Friday’s event at Sixty-9 Bathurst Nightclub. The only rule for women is they must be over 35 and legally single. The “cubs” are expected to vote on the woman they want to be crowned Miss Cougar Canada.   

“It’s the first one I’ve ever gone to. I don’t really know what to expect. I’m just looking forward to having a really fun night.”   

Married and divorced twice, Taylor has had two relationships with younger men, which have ended by mutual agreement. Although they were fun, eventually the age difference did have an impact.   

“A lot of them are not as secure financially, so they can’t really do as much as I like to do, travel and take the time off. I’m self-employed, I’m used to doing things I like to do when I want to do them. A lot of younger guys are tied to jobs.”   

Gosse says while some of the cubs are looking for relationships, others aren’t, and the first question an older woman should ask is whether a younger man is interested in settling down and having kids. If the woman is too old or has already done that, she has to be prepared when the younger man decides he wants a family.   

“You have to protect yourself from getting your heart broken. Otherwise you have to be aware that he is going to leave you and marry someone else and have babies.”–cougars-wanted   

(lots of comments on this article!)  



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  1. That interview from Mix 97.7 was amazing to listen to; does Adam ever lose his cool or have a mean bone in that sensational body of his. I have never heard a more gracious, honest and down-to-earth man than Adam; he exemplifies what a loving, warm & caring entertainer and man should be like. If only the rest of humanity could take a few valuable lessons out of Adam’s book, what a wonderful world we wouldall live in! And what a heartwarming story about Brian Burke & his son – more parents should take notes from this man, as well as Adam’s parents on how to love your child unconditionally with no strings attached. These were so uplifting, as well as reading what Adam wrote regarding IIHY.There is not a day that passes where Adam doesn’t cease to amaze me; he is both joy & love personified, and I have more respect for this man as time passes by. Gloria, thanks for not only showing us why kind of person Adam is, but for reinforcing what we already knew!!

    Comment by DeeDeeGlambert — July 6, 2010 @ 4:01 pm

  2. Hi Gloria, read this everyday! But no one has updated his schedule for Glam Nation Tour. Trying to find when he will be in Thackersville, OK.

    He will be in Oklahoma City, OK on 6 August 2010 at the Coca Cola Bricktown Events Center. Just an FYI. Tickets are on sale still as far as I know.



    Comment by LuvAdam476 — July 6, 2010 @ 9:59 pm

  3. Hey Gloria.

    check this link

    Thackerville looks like its September 10th.

    Comment by adamquotedaily — July 6, 2010 @ 11:23 pm

  4. This is such a great site, adamquotedaily! I look forward to the creative blast every day.

    What a difference it makes when a parent accepts and encourages the child to be true to him/herself as Adam and Brendan’s parents did! That unconditional love gives them the keys to open up great possibilities in their lives.

    My own potential started strong, but my life’s nearly all played out now, and I have never quite been able to engage it. I know first-hand how it affects an entire lifetime when a parent’s idea of love is in limiting the child to stagnation for the parents’ own peace of mind, and seeing that child not as a beautiful new individual full of its own possibilities, but as an appendage of, and surrogate for their own lives, imposing their own narrow vision and judgment upon the child. Their way was THE only way and the RIGHT way and NO OTHER way was the Golden Rule in the house. Any idea that came my heart that was different from theirs was immediately SQUASHED – out of “love,” of course. After a while, you learn not to share those dreams anymore. After a lifetime, it feels as if those dreams have no possibility of becoming reality. So they never do. I can reason that I’m an adult and have full choice now and have struggled hard to bring a few to fruition, but the tools for inner power were never developed in childhood. So much sweet potential lost…

    So go Adam! Go! INSPIRE! You fill us with magnificent joy that some of us haven’t felt since we were innocent children. You inspire us to feel alive again!

    And I did have one dream come true – I MET ADAM IN PERSON! YES! What a precious 3 minutes! There is nothing like feeling his charged energy in the flesh, the life dancing in his eyes. But I’ve been waiting nearly 40 years now to meet Paul Simon whose music feed my creativity hunger as a child when there was nothing else available to me. I may not be much, but what I am, I learned from and owe to Paul Simon’s imagination and music. I was 11 when I first made that wish, and I haven’t let go even though, geez, it’s pathetic that we’re o-l-d now. But I’m still waiting…

    Comment by Glamb9 — July 7, 2010 @ 1:38 pm

  5. Hi Glamb9…. thank you so much for you kind comment! So glad you did get to meet Adam… and hope the Paul Simon thing comes true true. Disagree that we are o-l-d. As Adam said to a friend of mine who told him he made her feel young again, “when were you ever old”? There is still lots of time. Go for it!

    Comment by adamquotedaily — July 7, 2010 @ 5:51 pm

  6. Wow! Lots of news today !!! Yes, we love him infinately! Nice new tattoo, I like it, especially since it is not a sleve … Tastefull & meaningful.
    I love the stories you found , and the inspiring comments, but the most intriguing bit of information I found was that there “may” be a naked photo from Hair ….OK sister, with your amazing ability to find all things Adam , I would trade my first born for a look at that !!!!!!!!!
    Start searching !!

    Comment by Katesistergood — July 7, 2010 @ 10:08 pm

  7. ha! I like that…”When were we ever old?”! I’m going to make that lilt a part of me…

    Comment by Glamb9 — July 7, 2010 @ 11:23 pm

  8. (whoops! paraphrased! I was thinking collectively about anyone our age!)

    Comment by Glamb9 — July 7, 2010 @ 11:29 pm

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