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July 5, 2010

Adam’s Day Off!

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Adam with Fans in a Tattoo Shop today!

picture by @TeAmoAaron

 TeAmoAaron: Sooo I’m pretty sure he’s gonna get a gauge lol. And if he does you heard it here first! Lmao 


Picture by @adamgasmic

Outtakes from Warwick Saint 

15 pictures of Adam… there is only one I havent seen before! 


Thanks to @beckystlouis

Vote Often and vote EARLY!! 


Adam in Toronto by @finewinebaby

A chat with Glambert

Just a couple of days after winning his first ever mainstream award at the Much Music Video Awards in Toronto, Mybliss, caught up with Adam Lambert. He told us all about winning at the MMVA’s, bumping into JLS and his amazing new single Whataya Want From Me


Bliss: Hi Adam! Congratulations on winning your MMVA. What was it like to win?
Adam: Thank you! It was great, I remember saying when I received the award that I’m not used to winning! I can’t believe I won. I thought I would be the runner up. 

B: So have you ever practiced winning an award then when no ones watching with your shampoo bottle?
A: No, no maybe I should try it! 

B: So Snooki from Jersey Shore presented you with the award, and you’re pretty experimental with your hairstyles, would you rock a Snooki hair quiff?
A: I don’t think that will be happening any time soon! 

B: When you singing WWFM you are full of emotion, are you thinking of anyone in particular?
A: I usually kind of put myself in the position of acting for the public. I think that’s what’s great about the song, that it kind of has a double meaning. One way it could be about certain relationships, but on the other hand it’s also about relationships with the public. That’s how I read into it. 

B: You’re on the Glam nation Tour at the moment, if you were the ruler of a Glam Nation, what would be your most important rules?
A: I think the most important rule for the Glam Nation would be that you need to be proud and secure with who you are. That’s where it kind of all comes from, obviously there are lots of glitter and rhinestones and camp thrown into the whole thing, but at the heart of it would be, owning your own walk, being your own person. 

B: On tour you dance with your backing dancers for For Your Entertainment –  are you a bit of a show off on the dance floor in a club?
A: It depends on the situation really, sometimes I really like to dance and throw it out and at other times I am just a bit of a sit on the couch kind of guy. 

B: So do you enjoy getting involved in dance routines?
A: Oh yeah, yeah I love to. 

B: So when on stage, Beyonce channels her alter ego Sasha Fierce, do you have an alter ego ?
A: No I don’t have an alter ego, I mean its definitely an amplified version of myself, like exaggerated you know. 

B: Do you ever have moments where you don’t feel so fierce, where you don’t want to perform?
A: There are times when its like ok, I’m tired but usually, especially on this tour when I hit the stage, I get charged right up! 

B: We saw a picture of you with JLS at the MMA’s did you have a chat with them?
A: Yeah they seemed like really nice guys, but I only got to speak to them very briefly. 

B: You actually look like you could have been in the band. Have you ever considered going down the boy band route?
A: No that’s probably not for me! 

B: Okay, but if you were in a boy band, what would be you signature move or sound to set you apart?
A: Um….I’d probably get into trouble for trying to get crazy with the other boy band members! 

B: So you can hit some pretty high notes, have you reached the Mariah Carey garage door opening league yet?
A: No, not the dog whistle thing yet. It is something that I am working on though! 

B: Would you ever consider going back to Broadway?
A: Yeah I would be interested in that. I think that right now my focus is definitely on my music and recording. So what I am doing now is like a step in a new direction for me and I am really enjoying where I am at right now. 

B: Your fans are pretty obsessed with how you look, do you feel as though you’re under pressure to look glam all the time?
A: Yeah I mean, I think that if I just wore a t-shirt and jeans it wouldn’t work – that’s what I would dress like if I was just going about my day. I think that there is a certain persona that I have set up for myself but I think its good. 

B: So do you think that you would feel naked if you went on stage without your hair done and your makeup?
A: Yeah I would probably feel a bit naked, probably a little bit exposed. 

B: So have you ever committed the cardinal sin of wearing your makeup to bed?
A: I have done it a couple of times before… I don’t think that it has ever been intentional but I sometimes fall asleep after having one to many drinks! 

B: Do you have any must-have makeup products you just cant live without?
A: You have to have eyeliner, that’s a given. Mac, they have this eyeliner called Smoulder, that’s pretty much perfect. 

B: Your glitter buddy, Ke$ha, she said that you were a good kisser, would you like to comment on her kissing skills?
A: Ha. She was great she is a great kisser too. She is adorable, I love her. We get along quite well. Unfortunately we are always both so busy so we don’t get to spend much time together though but she is a lot of fun. 

B: Have you ever worked together, would you like to work together?
A: No we haven’t, but possibly I think that would be good. 

B: So Taylor Lautner recently claimed that he had never missed an episode of Idol, are you a Twilight fan?
A: Yeah I like the Twilight movies, they’re fun. I probably prefer Taylor. 

B: Have you had any crazy fan experiences?
A: No not really, my fans are really good and really passionate, they pop up everywhere so that’s always fun! 

B: So no one has tattooed your face on their arm?
A: Actually there have been a couple of people who have tattooed my name on to their arm…it happened only the other night. There was this woman who wanted me to draw on her arm with a marker so she could get a tattoo of my signature. I feel a a mixture and shock and flattery! 

B: If you had a day off, what would be your ideal day?
A: Lately, I just love relaxing. If I have been busy working its nice to relax when we have been on tour. Yesterday we had a day off so its really nice to do something leisurely and we took a boat out. It was great. It was really relaxing and we just had a glass of wine. We had fishing rods with us and went fishing. We were just like why not?

Do you get many days off or is it few and far between?
A: Um, every two to three days, sometimes after 4 days. I’ll be working really hard on tour and singing every night. 

B: So you are pretty well in with people like Perez Hilton, but how do you think it must be for the people who are on the other side of nasty gossip?
A: I think that it comes with the territory. It is kind of part of this place, I mean I think I would prefer it if people were more positive in general, but I think its part of what we do. So you just kind of roll with the punches. 

B: What has been your most standout moment since American Idol?
A: I have a really great time making videos, I think that is like a really exciting thing for an artist.  You know, because you have to create a visual image to go along with a great song, so I think that those are always really exciting for me! 

B: What’s next for you then? Are you coming back to the UK?
A: Yeah I’ll be coming in the fall. The dates haven’t been confirmed yet but we are working on bringing the tour over there so that should be fun. For now, I’m going to continue touring and that’s exciting. And after that I think that I will start working on some new material. 

B: What did you do the last time you were here?
A: I went out a couple of times, you know did kind of a little bit of socialising. We went to restaurants and clubs and that kind of thing, I love doing it. 

B: Did you meet any nice Brit boys?
A: No no I didn’t. I didn’t really have enough time. 

B: What do you think of the British accent?
A: I love it, I love the whole culture, the history, I love the wit. I think I can see myself living there – I love it. 

B: Thanks a million for talking to mybliss.
A: Thank you! It has been my pleasure. 


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner 


From NYC! 

OMFG!! I Can't Take Much More Of This...Screaminggggg...!!!!! These 2 R Killin' Me!! 

Thanks to @moonchild0628 

Soft and Beautiful by @finewinebaby


Great View of Security Incident from DC 


2:34 kicks at the guard… 

FINLAND RULES! They Deserve Concerts!!!!
tikkari @adamlambert We made IIHY #1 and WWFM #2 in Finland Now about that concert…
And from Australia!
reply CHART WATCH – – “Australia’s love affair with former American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert continues, with his new single ‘If I Had You’ making it two top 20 hits in a row. It’s up 16 places in only its second week on the charts, a further 4844 people snapping it up this week.” –
Adam Lambert LIVE in Manila!October 10,2010SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds Tickets will be available soonAnother Live Concert with Music Management International  Zoom

Adam Lambert LIVE in Manila!
October 10,2010
SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds 

Tickets will be available soon
Another Live Concert with Music Management International  


Any Excuse for posting this picture! 

Russian Magazine 




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  1. Thank you! That Lambert burger made me lol.

    Where is that one gif from where he pets Tommy like a cat and they both start cracking up?

    Comment by alienlionness — July 6, 2010 @ 9:33 am

  2. Think its from NYC second night!

    Comment by adamquotedaily — July 6, 2010 @ 2:33 pm

  3. I love the Lambert thang. 😀 And I love the foriegn Adam Lambert story thingy. LOVE THE WHOLE PAGE! 😀

    Comment by Madi — July 6, 2010 @ 3:16 pm

  4. I love you Site. Been trying to confirm . No such luck. My sopuse will be home sat to help me. Not tec savvy!!!! I 100% LOVE ADAM LAMBERT!!! I LOVE THE PHOTOS OF HIS NEW TAT!!!THANK YOU!!!!!

    Comment by Renee Smeltzer — July 6, 2010 @ 7:20 pm

  5. Adam and Tommy are soooo freakin adorable, the way they play, and interact together. So supportive, and caring… can’t help smiling and laughing with them…

    Comment by finewinebaby — July 7, 2010 @ 11:52 am

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