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February 24, 2013

Nagoya Next! 24/02/2013

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  1. I was jist now at end of my comment and psge froze up before i hit submot button. so not sure it went thru. if u dnt have the wuestion directly before this plz emsil me so i can write and submot. ty

    Comment by pmelerine — February 24, 2013 @ 12:15 pm

  2. My previous wuestion thst seems lost csuse it ftoze up bfore cud submit. so ill ask again. is adam going to do any shows syste side maybe a couple in each section of the country. i heard there wont b a tour. i was wondering thou if he cud just do a few shows. like one in so east/no east south etc. i ssw him in new orleans and no he had great time he
    talked about it on intervew. i slready hav costune and yellow jewlry to support tresspassing. ive saved money fron each chk to agin get french quarter hotel to hang out all nite as he enjos the bars etc like did last time. know cant do while tiur but cant he do what hes doing overseas a few shows in eacj section of country so fans can go c him. i was looking so forward to it im depressed now with no tour. i no the venue in new orleans he used csnt cist too mich. its a smsller one. theres snother one with lsu campus lake front arens where tickets always reasonbly marked for college kids. maybe there. so plz see if can b a few not a full blown tour. he cud perform at one of casinos in miss gulfcoadt. the hatd rock has great concerts he cud do that. they r minimal in cost smsller. but he cud do multuple nites. i think he wud rock out at a cadino. plz find out if u can forward this to him to hipegully do a few small showcases. ty have all my yellow jewelry costume its such a bummer to wait another year or more. ty

    Comment by pmelerine — February 24, 2013 @ 12:28 pm

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