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April 11, 2012

Holding Our Breath! 11/04/2012

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Details?  We need them now!


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  1. I simply cannot speak to the amount of love I have for this new music. It is fun, sad, plaintive, happy, joyous, afraid, stubborn, regretful, optomistic, and bouncy. Every emotion, and every movement in a person is in this gorgeous thing. I cannot wait to get it. I have been so happy for the soundclouds that have kept us somewhat contented with the wait. I have never been so excited about a new album, in all of my 72 years on this earth…I love Adams talent, and his voice. I love him as a person. I feel like he is one of my grandchildren. I have one his age. I just am thrilled to have real music, and a true “voice” to listen to again. His voice is actually almost better accoustically than on DVD. His ability to change it up every time, and make each new time he sings a song different. Makes him for sure better in person than on a recording. He is simply devine.
    I love you Adam, and do not fail to promote you anywhere and anytime available to me.
    Long live the new King of Pop music.

    Comment by janicedodd2 — April 20, 2012 @ 1:18 pm

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