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September 28, 2010

Whatever Adam Wants!

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Great pictures here:  



Adam Lambert Wants Tropical Vacation  

(Me:  So Adam gets a tropical vacation! … but Tommy is in the US… see below)  

21 July 2010 4:20 AM, PDT | digitalspy | See recent digitalspy news »   


Adam Lambert has revealed that he would love to go on a tropical vacation when he wraps up his tour. The ‘Whataya Want From Me’ star kicked off his ‘Glam Nation Tour’ last month, and will continue to perform across the Us and internationally until December. Speaking on Denver’s Mix 100 about his post-tour plans, he said: “I want to go on a tropical vacation and do nothing for a week. That sounds like a great time for me! Relax, eat a lot of food, have some tropical drinks.”  


U H H UhHuhHerMusic Ahhh Vacation…=) Gotta rest my fingers. about 11 hours ago via web   


Adam’s on Vacation and you’re Bored?  Here’s a couple of things to pass the time!  

(very addictive.. takes a minute to load)  

Adam Lambert Game!    

(High score (validated) is 86 by @KUAngel)  

Tweet or email me your high score  or lowest time for putting the puzzle together!  



Did You See Aftermath from Singapore #2?  


F1 adrenalin off the race track

“I don’t think you can think can say ‘hey, if someone comes in fourth, they’re gonna do better than the winner’. I think that’s a naïve way of looking at it,” said Chris Daughtry of Idol when he met the Singapore media recently.”I think we work very hard and nothing fell on our lap. We are very fortunate with the fans, that the fans back us on that.”Along with Adam Lambert the other top bill on the Saturday night event, Daughtry was in Singapore to perform at the LG Live concert put up as part of the 2010 Formula 1 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix.Fans at the early evening performance were treated to Grammy-nominated hits like “Feels like Tonight”, “Over You”, “September”, “Home” and “No Surprise”. 


It was a true blue rock concert with Daughtry’s awesome vocals working the audience who were singing along and cheering the band with every note belted out.  

Punctuated only by the F1 grand prix qualifying rounds, the crowd grew and the energy sky-rocketed in anticipation of Adam Lambert whose fans gathered early to catch the 11.30pm performance.  

‘Glamberts’ made their four-hour wait worth every minute with Lambert-inspired heavy glitter, blue glow-sticks and bizarre outfits.  

“Voodoo” opened the Glam-one’s appearance which propelled the audience to a high.  

With his polished vocals and attention-grabbing showmanship, Glambert showed why he owned the title as he dished out dance tracks like “If I had you”, “Fever”, “Sure Fire Winners”, “Strut” and more during the 80-minute long performance.
As the night closed, the fans wouldn’t let Lambert go without an encore which he obliged with “Mad World”. The unplugged rendition appeared very much outside of the scheduled performance, as it sounded rushed compared to the original.  

Still, whether it is outrageous costumes, glitter or guy-liner galore, Adam Lambert makes no apologies for what he does.  

“I think my stage persona is just kind of an exaggerated version of myself. I think any kind of tendency or vibe that I have, normally at home, is just magnified when I’m on stage,” said Lambert when he met the press.  

“So if I’m trying to be kinda risqué and kinda sexual, it’s gonna be even more so on stage. If I’m trying to be vulnerable and heartfelt, you can feel it more strongly on stage, or if I’m being silly, it’s gonna be more silly on stage.”  

Hamming it up is almost natural for this former stage actor who still has a hankering to learn scripted lines, telling the media in Singapore that he wouldn’t mind a role in movies like “Twilight”, although his preference is for “True Blood”.  

So far, he has the right make-up but not the part, revealing that he’s had a couple of meetings but these have yet to develop into concrete plans for any acting roles.  (ME: DID he say that?)  


Must See:  Incredible Photos here:  


Article about 15 year old Artist who met Adam in Peoria  


Adam Lambert’s awesome gems

After spending a short afternoon with Adam Lambert at his press conference held in Swissotel on Saturday, it’s not hard to see why this American singer-songwriter is so loved and emulated by millions worldwide.  


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Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner  

TommyJoe Ratliff TommyJoeRatliff  Back in LA… Yuck! Miss @sutanamrull @TerranceDlibra @IsaacTheCarp @UhHuhHerMusic @adamlambert @TaylorG90 @SashaMallory and Brooke already!  

Thanks to @selfpitykills in singapore #2




3:17  …  so sweet!  




Daddy’s Home by @lisariffic who deserves a day off!

TheGlambertRock Reminder! @monterrific will be performing Thursday 9/30 in L.A. @ Genghis Cohen along w/ @cassidyhaley  



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The Good News Today!  

♥ tammy ♥ rntmom reminder to watch muchmoremusic on wed sept 29th @ 5.30 and 11 30pm est “Adam Lambert” Unplugged  

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hooplamagnet Australia: FYE (song) jumps from #78 tp #35 on TMN Hot 100 chart (radio play)  

hooplamagnet For Your Entertainment by @adamlambert used on Canada’s Battle of the Blades  


This Should Put a Smile on Your Face!  


Thanks to @merrieliny for sharing it with me!  


Article from Milan via @sethshomaru


@Lambosessed Story of  being “swallowed into the Vortex of Obsession”  


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  1. The picture by the 15-year old Peoria artist really is amazingly good. I’m surprised that one didn’t win anything. Then again, I didn’t see the winning pictures.
    I’m so glad Adam got to see this picture and sign it just for the kid.

    Comment by IsabelR — September 28, 2010 @ 11:18 am

  2. It’s funny that Tommy is sorry to be back in LA. It’s a good sign that he misses his tourmates though.

    Comment by IsabelR — September 28, 2010 @ 11:19 am

  3. sorry that tommy isn’t enjoying his vacation, but i’d miss those friends of his too ! they are so fun, and down to earth. of course, i’d always miss adam !!

    Comment by jane — September 28, 2010 @ 12:19 pm

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