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September 23, 2010

Singapore’s Planning for Adam Lambert’s Arrival!

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 Isaac Tweeted at about  8PM EST that they were leaving Hong Kong.  They should arrive in Singapore approximately 12 AM EST… 12PM Singapore time

Tommy is stuck in Hong Kong… he lost his passport and  can’t find it!


Adam Lambert Brings Light and Love to the World

Thanks DeeDee!



Giving Adam Lambert A Warm Welcome Back To Singapore… UPDATED NEWS! 

For us in North America, Singapore is 12 hours ahead of EST.  So if the concert starts at 7PM in Singapore (not sure what time it starts) then it would be 7AM EST or 4AM PST 

Tweets about traveling..  Around 12AM PST

Monte Pittman Monterrific And my neighbor in the air for almost 18 hours, @warnwillis about 9 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone

  • Sasha Mallory SashaMallory Got my window seat and pillow ❤ good to go about 9 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone
  • U H H UhHuhHerMusic  Off to singapore tonight. Zzzzzzz. Nite lovelies. about 9 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®
  • Eber Lambert milestougeaux @adamlambert @negativeneil Bon voyage safe.Enjoy! about 9 hours ago via mobile web in reply to adamlambert
  • Monte Pittman Monterrific  We are on our way to Singapore! about 10 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone  (12AM PST)
  • ==============

    Adam Lambert Glam Bowl!

    Pictures from HOT Magazine thanks to @Wxteoevilyn 🙂 

    I posted info on how to order this magazine in the US . You need to order in bulk .. tweet me if you can’t find it. 


    Puppet Sing-A-Long at Puyallup 



    Good Review from Puyallup 


    Posted by @yourbodybible



    Beautiful Anime Drawings set to Fever

    Thanks to @finewinebaby for sending this to me


    GLAAD about Cancellation of Daily 10 


    Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner 


    Thanks to @tinafeapf via @tjrpics

    Thanks to @_ninni




    Voting Links!               

    Let’s Move IIHY up the chart as a gift for Adam on his International Tour!  

                                       Vote Often:                                                

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    Ala4adam: IIHY #1 on Rate The Music                                    


    Monte Serenades 

    Presh! Thanks @lissariffic



    The Good News 

    TheGlambertRock This weeks US Billboard @adamlambert IIHY Hot 100 #30 up 1 Pop #16 up 2 Radio #35 up 5 

    ItsJoooory Examiner: ‘American Idol’: Adam Lambert’s ‘If I Had You’ near 7,500 total airplay spins. 

    Today: Album Sales; Adam Lambert, For Your Entertainment (4,000, +1%, 731,000) (#118 BB200) \o/ 

    USA Today: Track Sales; #1Adam Lambert, IIHY (35,000, -6%, 448,000 total) #3 WWFM (9,000, -8%, 1.532 million) 


    Who’s feeling like this? 

    Thanks to @painted_birdie

    For those of you who are concerned that there will not be enough Adam news during his international tour, take a look at some of the following posts created during his promotional tour. As I have said, the international fans are incredible at keeping us informed.  Don’t worry! 

    Start at the bottom for the correct chronological order! 

    Adam, Come Home! 

    A Second to Breathe – Not Likely! 

    Bliss Crash!  Another Adam Day in Zurich 

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    Happy Dance in Helsinki 

    Adam Lambert – Send Oxygen! 

    Then He Takes Berlin! 

    Adam is Platinum..Fireworks Exploding! 


    In Heaven: Adam Lambert Style! 

    Monday in the UK – Live Updates All Day! 

    G-A-Y CLUB Live Updates 

    Saturday in the UK… G-A-Y Performance! 

     All’s Good for Adam in the UK! 

    Onward and Upward: To the Top! 

    UK Bound! Its Happening..Prepare Yourself! 

    Rock God Grounded in LA!  


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    1. Just watched kisses. I’m in a puddle and I’m unable to work. What do I do?

      Comment by Sandy — September 23, 2010 @ 11:30 am

    2. NICE Glamlegs but then again everything on Adam is nice from head to Glamtoes, Yum!! And Glambroke I am, plan on selling old stuff next yr. to see Adam more times then this yr. 4 Shows was not enough I’m GLAMGREEDY. LOL Saving my pennies TOO. That picture of Monte playing for his baby is precious, hope Lisa is taking lots of Vids for poor Monte on the road Constantly.. Nice post as always…XO

      Comment by merrie — September 23, 2010 @ 11:33 am

    3. Geez!!! Tommy kissed Adam almost 70 times on the tour!! All I want to do is kiss Adam once!!! – I miss him already, but hope he knocks them dead abroad!!!

      Comment by DeeDeeGlambert — September 23, 2010 @ 3:48 pm

    4. Haha I would do anything to kiss Adam Lambert. I’d pay $1000 to do it. No lie:)

      Comment by Glambert4Everxx — September 23, 2010 @ 8:42 pm

    5. Fabulous edition. I loved the Adommy video and that sweet photo of Monte and Beatrix? (I’m guessing because of the pink sleeper). I may not comment often but I check my Adamquotedaily email everyday! Thanks for all your efforts ….. I still don’t know your name- but thanks just the same. Kathy

      Comment by AvantAdam — September 23, 2010 @ 10:32 pm

    6. Gloria, I am so glad I have yours postings on email now~~

      Comment by Lisa Harrington — September 23, 2010 @ 10:46 pm

    7. Thanks Kathy. I’m Gloria… nice to meet you!

      Comment by adamquotedaily — September 23, 2010 @ 10:57 pm

    8. OOOOOHHHH, cool site. Thanks for all the news and fun stuff. Takes a lot of work and time, I know, but it’s so good to hear all the late news. Poor Tommy– Hong Kong—I am confused tho. Thought they are heading now to Singapore. It’s already tomorrow there. Will Tommy catch up in time? Hope so. Thanks again.

      Comment by GG — September 23, 2010 @ 11:46 pm

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