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September 18, 2010

Do It Now!

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Thanks to @mindchnger in Melbourne, Florida


This is Adam Lambert!  Thanks to JamieGlambert


WE KNOW!  BUT its nice to hear!

TheeRadko: A Pleasure working again with Adam…a true genuine down to earth guy..

(from today’s live chat)


Adam Speaks   


1) Who’s this new daily ten d bag?   

2) On Saturday 18th September 2010, @adamlambert said:    

There are times one has to put on their blinders, ignore, and think positively, but there are other times when it’s important to stand up for yourself.   

3) On Saturday 18th September 2010, @adamlambert said:   

It’s funny how some folks in the entertainment world echo the fearful ignorance of high school bullies. I suppose jealousy and poor tact are timeless.   

4) No worries, I’m not upset… Just calling it out.   

DO IT NOW! Please read instructions and leave your complaint regarding this clip!   

@GLAAD:   GLAAD has reached out to E! regarding the offensive segment about Adam Lambert on the Daily 10. We will post updates here.


(Double click on video to watch on Youtube and get instructions for how to complain to E!)

The guys name on twitter is @MCatherwood… The Glamberts have been giving them a piece of their minds and he has apologized to Adam on twitter.  He also tweeted that he would like to apologize on TV if he is given the chance… 


Today at 3:00PM EST    

Live Chat     


THanks to @mindchnger

  Pretty Boys Dancing

Videos from Melbourne, Florida   










Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner   



The boys by @mindchnger   

Great Pictures of TJR and AL … dont know how to post them individually so enjoy this great slideshow!   

Pictures from Atlanta by Heather!! Thanks!   


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Pic by @mindchnger

Hooplamagnet Promoter in negotiations for 2nd Finnish GNT show after 1st show sold out in 5 minutes (via NRJ Finland )   

LambritsUK: Examiner: Adam Lambert to likely throw first pitch at Rays game   

Coverage on Entertainment Shows… pretty much the same… Here’s one!   



Fan’s Fantasy Week with Adam! 

Meeting Adam in Tunica

Mon, Sep 13, 2010 at 9:50 AM By: Cinenke
OMG….I had a M&G with Adam Lambert….still can’t believe it. I have had a “fantasy” week with Adam, I was able to see 4 shows this week, Dallas/Houston/Thackerville/Tunica, Tunica being my 10th and final show for this tour. I don’t even know if I can fully describe how awesome this week was, but I’m going to try….forgive me if this gets really, really long….I’ll try to be concise, but no promises.

My week started Tues with the Dallas concert, two friends that I have made thru our love for Adam flew in from the East Coast to stay with me and attend Adam’s concerts with me. Dee, from NJ and Anne from RI.   

As you all know Dallas was a GA, we hung out in the bar before the show and I got to talk with Longineu again, I have been lucky enough to meet him several times. This was the 2nd time I was able to buy him a beer and thanks him for all the hard work and great music they do for us. He was very gracious and gave me a BIG HUG!! Such a sweet guy, I’m really going to miss him when he goes back to Yellowcard. The Dallas show was SEXY….Adam was on FIRE, that night and OMG…..we got WLL….only downer of the night, I was so stunned about WLL I forgot to video it!!!!! GLAMMIT!! So sad I didn’t think fast enough. But watching Adam in all his sexy glory will forever be burned into my brain.   

Wed night we were off to Houston, made it in time for the Pre-party at Hard Rock Cafe……got to watch 3 hours of Adam videos in HRC…..they played Idol vids, fan vids, interviews and you-tube vids of GNT…it was FANtastic. Didn’t get to meet any of the band that night but we did try to find the buses afterwards, we couldn’t get all the way to them but we went into the parking garage 2nd level and was able to watch from above. Brooke, Taylor and Sasha where playing basketball in the back of the venue. Terrance was walking around and we talked with him for a little bit. Tommy walked back and forth from the venue to the buses 2 or 3 times. Monte was on the bus with some of his family. We kept waiting for Adam and we never saw him until all of a sudden he was just right there beside the bus, like he materialized out of thin air. He got on the bus and they drove him down to the barricades…..he got out and signed autographs but it was less than 10 min that he was out. We had a perfect view and got to watch him interact with the fans, tried for pics but it was too dark.
Whew, got a break on Thur and rested up for the weekend and getting ready to meet Adam on Sat.   

Fri. morning I was up and took Anne to the airport and then took off for Thackerville, unfortunately I had to go alone to this show, but it didn’t matter…you’re never alone when at an Adam concert….you have thousands of friends!!! Sitting in the venue just before Allison was to start there was an older gentleman that sat down in the row in front of me, he was looking all around and shaking his head and said something like “I just can’t believe this, guess those guitar lessons paid off” …..well this got my attention and I just couldn’t help myself so I leaned forward and ask him if he knew someone in the band. He smiled shyly and said “yeah, Monte.” So I had to ask…”are you Monte’s Dad?” He just beamed and said “Yes” we talked for several minutes until Allison started singing. This was his 1st GNT show, he said he hadn’t seen Monte play since Madonna’s tour 2 years ago!!!! He was so cute! He was amazed at the crowd and the love they had for Adam and Monte. He kept shaking his head and saying he just couldn’t believe it. When I told him it was my 9th show, he whooped out loud and slapped his knee. I could have talked to him all night. I can see why Monte is such a nice guy. Monte’s Mom showed up just as Adam was starting to sing and she taped the whole show!!! They were both dancing had their arms up and where just rocking out with the band. Such a HOOT!!!! After the show, Monte’s parent both said that this was the best show they had seen, even better than Madonna’s!! (I have another more detailed blog about my meeting with Monte’s dad in a previous blog). I didn’t have time to try to find the buses that night because I had an 8 hour drive ahead of me the next day to get to Tunica for my M&G!!!   

Sat morning, up early and hit the road to Tunica MS. This is the day I get to meet Adam Lambert….dreams do come true!!!! My friend Arleen from NY flew in for this concert and I was to meet her at the hotel. We both had M&G passes. The day was a blur of driving, getting glammed up, grabing a quick bite to eat and then to the event center to wait for Neil to give us the green light to see Adam. We were told to be there no later than 5:45pm….well Neil finally showed up at about 6:20!!! Guess running late is a trait in the Lambert family!! LOL. We follow Neil and get checked in….of course, when it’s my turn, he looks at my ID and says OK, but then he can’t find my name on the list!!! (WTF!! You better have my name) is what my brain was screaming, but I remained calm and said I have my confirmation sheet, he just asked for my ID again and then realized he looked at my middle name instead of my last name…..and there I was on the list….WHEW!! Don’t scare an old women like that Neil! Anyway Neil takes us into the venue, it was totally empty, and walks us to the back behind all the seating, we stop in this little hallway and there’s a big curtain behind Neil. Neil informs us that we will be meeting Adam behind the curtain. YAY! Then he proceeds to tell us the Do’s and Don’t’s. He will take the pics, everyone single pics first, then if you are in a group he will do group pics. We can have 2 things signed, no more. We can shake hands and talk with Adam, can hug if you ask and Adam agrees but “Do not Kiss my brother!!” and he makes a “gross” face. LMFAO. Neil is funny! Who knew?? Sure enough, one of the “ladies” in the group pipes up and says, if we ask for a kiss and Adam says OK, can we. Neil levels her with a go to hell look and says “HE WON’T!!!! People have germs, there’s no tongue diving here.” Too damn funny Neil. This is the third time I’ve meet Neil and he has been very personable, friendly and smiling each time….I haven’t witnessed the negative part yet, but I know it is there. So he has us line up single file ( are we in kindergarten again?) and it’s time to start taking pics. I was so nervous on the inside, but trying to remain cool on the outside. Finally it was my turn to go behind the curtain….I walked toward Adam and held out my hand for my hand shake and introduced myself….Awww, I’m touching Adam’s hand…..that moment when he looks into your eyes is indescribable…he said Hi Cindy, nice to meet you. I told him what a pleasure it was to finally meet him and that I love his music and that it means so much to me. He respond with his sweet “Aww….thanks”. I then said I brought you a present, which was kind of obvious, I was holding this big bag. He took and said, Thank you. You didn’t have to do that. And I said “I know, but I just wanted too. ” He helped me sit it down on the floor, I gave him a bottle of Petron Silver and a shot glass with a Texas logo on it. He was VERY happy with the Petron, he laughed and said liquor is always a good present. He seemed very excited…… while we’re bent over I explained to him about the candles that I Got him. They are Wood Wick candles and when you light them, since it’s wood that is burning it crackles like a fireplace . He got this kind of surprised look on his face with a little smirk and said…”Ooooh…that’s sexy”!!!! And as he was saying this was when he put his arm around me for our picture!!!!! OMFG….I was in heaven! Poof! Neil snaps the pic. Then Adam asks if I have anything for him to sign. I hand him my Coverstory purse that has his picture on it, and he signs his pic, and also signed a photoalbum of the GNT tour that I bought from a fan at the Thackerville show. (I have pics but can’t figure out how to load them to this site) I again shake Adam’s hand…because hay! any chance to touch him, right?? He says thanks for coming and I respond with “Thank you for all the wonderful music and all of your hard work you do for the fans. You’re music means so much to me. This is my 10th and final show for this year.” He says, “Wow, thank you for all the support” than he says “Enjoy the show” and I answered, “I always do” and we both laughed. And I’m holding his hand this whole time!!!!! And then it was over! So fast, but so memorable. I walk back out to the hallway and Arleen and I get in line for the group pic…anything to get to see Adam again!! So Arleen and I go behind the curtain again, and Adam laughs and says you ladies again, and I answered, “Yes, we’re a group because we met and became friends on-line because of our interest/love in you.” Then Arleen says, we slept on the street in Times Square to see both of your shows at the Nokia…..this made him laugh. Poof! Neil snaps the pic! we both shook his hand AGAIN……3 times I got to hold his hand and 2 time to put my arm around his waist!!! Arleen tells him that if she could have a son, she would want her son to be just like Adam. He thought that was very sweet. I wasn’t quite so eloquent…I just thanked him again for the “inspirational music” and that he was opening up a whole new world for me. He thanked us one last time and again told us to enjoy the show. We assured him we would and then it was over. That was our time with Adam. So amazing. It still seems so surreal, kind of like a dream.
The show was fantastic as usual. I was floating on cloud 9 the whole night. If there was to be a downer to the weekend, it was the 10 hour drive I had on Sun to get back home…but, hey…..anything for ADAM, right???? 🙂   

Love, Light & Glitter




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  1. thanks for sharing all your amazing expieriences with us!! i love your site soo much!! im @lambertluva4va on twitter. i try to shout u out often haha. this is one of the best adam blogs out there, honest. Im SO FREAKING jealous that u got to go TEN GNT shows and MEET ADAM LAMBERT. i only got to go to sayreville because i live in CA in the summer so i wasnt on the east coast durring NYC and other NY shows ;( and i cldnt make it to any CA shows either. In a way im kinda happy i only went to one cuz it makes it that much more special and it was the 2nd night of the tour so i hope adam&co remember it. but i was 2nd row in sayreville&got to meet monte and orianthi!!! Seeing adam live is out of this world. nothing can compare. he is just so perfect. Allison kicks ass too.
    ok here goes a mini blog about waiting at the barriers:
    i waited after for what must have been an hour or so. Saw neil and brooke (and i think terrance) but didnt meet them. Saw tommy go back and forth from the bus a few times but he didnt come over. However there were a group of people next to me who were HILLARIOUS and we were yelling funny things back and forth between the crew as they were packing up and singing WHATAYA WANT FROM ME at the top of our lungs. this is when i realise that it was them who (after adam sang the line “WHATAYA WANT FROM ME?”) yelled “SEX” is a moaning kinda way. soooo funny.then a few of us were like “neil! yo brotha! neil!” and when he looked i saluted him (got a salute back). meeting monte was so awesome. he is so nice and humble. he came out after a bunch of ppl gave up and left so there were only a few of us. he talked to us all for quite a while. so nice. Adam never came out to sign and we were all SOOOO upset cuz we waited FOREVER and there were only about 15 of us left so it would only hv taken him like 5 minutes and we showed how dedicated we were. ahh well. as the bus pulled out we sang another round of “WHATAYA WANT FROM ME? SEX!!” hope he enjoyed that hahahah. me and another girl about my age (14) who i made friends with ran after the bus thru the parking lot and as it pulled onto the highway ADAM WAVED TO US. we were the only two who ran so it was deff directed at us. i think i cried. awesome night. amazing show.

    Comment by julia — September 18, 2010 @ 1:07 pm

  2. Thew video of the pretty boys dancing was hyterical. I laughed myself stupid. Sure hope Adam sees it. He could use a good laugh. Love you guys for keeping us informed and the glamily together. Don’t forget ,Glamberts, to file your complaints with GLAAD AND THE FCC.

    Comment by Cathie — September 18, 2010 @ 1:25 pm

  3. I hope so much that there will a second GNT show in Finland even though I have tickets to the first show, but I want to see him twice! Cant wait to November!

    Comment by jenn — September 18, 2010 @ 2:51 pm

  4. @Cineke,lucky gal, thanks for sharing. I really enjoy reading it !!! Nice picture with ADAM.

    Comment by libraglamb — September 19, 2010 @ 2:34 am

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