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September 14, 2010

Two Nights in Atlanta

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Thanks to @Beckpatrick


 More great pictures here:  


Tonight my Ladies’ Group (eleven Divas) is getting the Adam Lambert story from me! Let’s start at the very beginning.  

  I’ll post my list later!  


Longineu will be leaving the band afterthe second Atlanta show tomorrow night!  Send him some love @longineu.  Can someone send me the link to the card for him please?  


Dancing to IIHY  SYTYCD Canada  



Glam Nation Tour Made the Cover of PLSN  


posted by @rntmom

New Fan Interview  


Posted by @rntmom

Aftermath from NOLA  


Adam and Drake in NOLA by @seeinstereo


Lots of great Pictures from NOLA via @fiarra


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner  

Thanks to @kradamisglam for the two above in Tunica


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Adam in Movie Star Magazine via @lharrington4

Scans from In Rock Magazine via @bani   

Rockstar Weekly Article about Donor’s Choose  


Good News  


mindchnger Vive la France! : RT shantilux: The french are loving Adam: WWFM is at #14 Itunes Pop chart, #39 overall, FYE album #108 Pop chart.  

shoshannastone: Amazing. adamlambert sold out his tour in 24 hours!  

hooplamagnet Idol Chatter: Adam Lambert, Daughtry, Carrie Underwood, Chris Sligh see airplay gains  

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  1. Two comments stood out from the Stage design article:
    1 – After the U.S. leg of the tour, the show is going Asia and Europe to finish out the year. “I have heard rumblings of another tour the first of next year,” ( Can’t wait to hear more about that !!!!!)

    2 -“Adam is an extremely dedicated and hard working singer and artist who has his hands in every aspect of the show and design,” Johnson said. “It’s really a pleasure to be out on a tour with a man of his caliber. The company that I work for is the most supportive and creative employers that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. We are all on the same page, every show is top priority and everyone is on call 24 hours a day to help troubleshoot and solve any issues that arise. We’re here for your entertainment.” ( A surprise to any of us ? I don’t think so !!)

    Can’t wait to see the new drummer. While I think Longineau was a fabulous drummer, I think he was a bit detached. Hope the new guy likes to party !

    Comment by katesistergood — September 14, 2010 @ 9:18 am

  2. Why does nothing about this surprise me in the least? I think the entire GlamNation tour was Adam’s visualization to begin with, and the only good sense that his management team has exercised was to give Adam total creative control over all aspects of the tour, which is the most intelligent move on their part to date. The results – the best & most astounding tour of the year, which was creatively and artisticly far superior to the other tours. I think everyone involved with Adam should trust Adam’s judgment calls, as to me, the man is a creative mastermind – nobody can even stratch the surface as whee Adam is concerned – THE MAN IS A CREATIVE GENIUS!!!

    Comment by DeeDee Glambert — September 14, 2010 @ 11:14 am

  3. Great site – happy to subscribe cause every little bit of info feeds the flame ;P

    Comment by CherelleDay — September 14, 2010 @ 11:20 am

  4. Thank you for your dedication to keeping us all informed each day.

    I’d like to add that the photo from NOLA (beckpatrick) of our 3 boys during TCB is epic – Monte rippin it, Adam’s sexiness, and Tommy’s hair fanning in the background…. ROCK WOW!

    When I look at the photo of Adam & Drake, I notice Adam’s loving glance – still infatuated. Maybe the alcohol had something to do with it, but I doubt it.

    Thanks again to all the Glamily for sharing their pics & vids with those of us not able to attend all shows.

    Comment by Jeanine Politte — September 14, 2010 @ 1:33 pm

  5. thank you once again for the great post and for fueling my excitement for the upcoming concert in melbourne Fl.i am so excited and reading this post just made me even more so. hugs

    Comment by rebecca — September 15, 2010 @ 8:34 am

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