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September 11, 2010

What Happened in Thackerville? Part

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First a Smile! 

Jake Shears talks about Adam!

Adam Partying in Dallas


Check back shortly for pictures and updates! 


For the Crime of Standing at a Concert or Videotaping! 


Simulation of events by @qtpiekimber

Fever Complete  


 More coming

 Partial Videos… What you see is what you get!  




more may be coming soon:  

CocoVallejo I am uploading Voodoo and Aftermath from winstar last night! Their connection is super slow, but the vids are coming.  

Adam Speaks  

@WinStarWorld while you have been very gracious to us backstage, please advise your security staff to chill on (cont)  

@aftermath_glam arrest you?! For what? about 11 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone in reply to aftermath_glam  

   @aftermath_glam it’s a concert! It’s fun to get up and dance!! Sorry they were so oppressive, it’s annoying. (cont) about 11 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone in reply to aftermath_glam  

Terrance D. Spencer TerranceDlibra heard the security was rude, sorry about that, they were too evil to allow the “glamnation love” in that we were shooting at them… 😦  

What WinStar said:  

   @LightLoveAdam We have a standard no picture clause posted for the protection of the artists.  

@adamlambert concert goers,I was not able to attend concert tonight, but I have been on the phone with security to understand the situation.  

@adamlambert I have been speaking to security about about your concerns regarding this evening.  

   There are policies in place so far as photography & standing on chairs, as well as rushing the stage, in place to protect people  

The incident was handled by police, not WinStar secuirty. There were no arrests though 1 man was held for 10 min after patron complaints.  

   WinStar consistently reviews security and safety procedures and we will be reviewing this event.  

Tweets from Atendees  

glitteronmyeyes I didnt get adam’s tweet but heard about it. From my vantage point, no security was around & entire crowd seemed to stand the whole show.  

Betris Glambert    BetrisOGuy who was taken out at winstar was at barriers in front of stage with crowd packed in behind him. Cop said move back…cont…     

  • cont…guy couldn’t, cop gets angry, grabs guy, drags him through crowd through exit doors. guys wife follows, 3 more cops show up, cont…
  •  cont..cops throw guy on ground, cuff him, then drag him outside, won’t let wife follow. Guy was never belligerent, calmy questioning cont…  

    cont… cops eventually let him up, uncuffed him and let he and his wife come back in.  

    Cheryl Hartfield bitsytx @monteriffic u were great nite! But my friend was taken down & cuffed by redneck cop 4 no reason. Luv u, hate these aholes. FU OKLA  

    Eleaire hippiebert The best part was when the big security guy grabbed the 70+ year old woman (dancing up a storm) by the arm and dragged her to sit down.  

    RadarEcho TY @adamlambert for the great show last night – my last GN! Sorry winstar security wouldn’t allow us to wait at buses. 😦  

    Paula Carr CocoVallejo A few incident cannot detract from the fact that Adam put on an amazing show last night. One of the best I’ve been to, and I’ve been to nine  

    DallasRedhead @adamlambert Security was indeed a bit intense last night but honey, it was a great show! Thank you for that!  



    Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner 

    Two pictures by Billy Smith II  via @faithsilva  via @tjrpics




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    1. I have a FB page, the GlamBrats, and I appreciate the info you put up here! I have some GlamBrats who don’t have Twitter but who are loving members of the GlamNation, so I do my best to get them the current info and the Tweets as best as I can. So I do appreciate what you’re doing! 🙂

      Comment by SusanGlamMom — September 11, 2010 @ 3:26 pm

    2. I thought only women went to the bathroom together. “When we were finished” hee hee I have a dirty mind.

      Comment by Heidi — September 11, 2010 @ 3:27 pm

    3. Hey Gloria, that is my son and his boyfriend in the picture from BJ’s! They met Adam, he admired their dancing and took the pic with them. My son on far right and his boyfriend next to him.
      Then on Thursday night they met Terrance and Taylor and hung out with them after BJ’s closed, they really had a blast! They said Adam stayed at the hotel and did not go out Thursday night!

      Comment by mahailia — September 11, 2010 @ 7:23 pm

    4. What kind of son doesnt call his Mother when he meets Adam Lambert? I would be really upset….. kidding! That’s so cool!

      Comment by adamquotedaily — September 11, 2010 @ 11:56 pm

    5. Isn’t the guy Adam has his arm around the one from the audience that he “kissed” at another show?

      Comment by Ginny — September 12, 2010 @ 2:22 am

    6. I was at Winstar, 10th row center, and it was a great show! Wish so many men hadn’t attended, most there just to watch their wives dance and I swear there must have been a requirement that each one had to be 7 foot tall or they weren’t allowed in. Saw something going on over to one side of the stage before the concert started, but was too short to tell what exactly was going on. Security seemed to think they were at a state prison facility or something and were very paranoid towards concert goers and seemed to be expecting a full-blown uprising, armed to the teeth.
      Allison warmed up the crowd and brought everyone to their feet and ready to seriously party. There were lots of Dallas college aged kids, many dressed in awesome Glam costumes, some wearing the blue and black suits like Adam had on. They were very cute, fashionable and futuristic, guys and girls with faux hawk hair styles.
      I could see Adam’s face clearly when someone wasn’t blocking my view and I delighted in how very cute and adorable he was. What’s more, I could hear him quite well and he was in excellent voice and did not miss a single note, I’m tellin’ ya! It was completely awesome!
      In my excitement of the night I managed to loose my camera and a $300 pair of prescription glasses somehow and have never found them, even after repeated phone calls to everywhere I had been. Now I KNOW no one was going to be able to see through the glasses! And whoever found the camera was also going to have to find a download/charging cable as well! I hope they couldn’t!
      Nonetheless, it was an awesome night. I didn’t make the pre-concert dinner and I would have loved to meet up with fans from that area and see who was there from Houston as well. Wouldn’t have been surprised if some Colorado fans drove over to join the mostly Dallas crowd. Arkansas was shit out of luck as far as GNT shows went, and I bet I know why. Sorry for real fans there who had to travel to see a concert.
      Didn’t notice this thread before or would have posted much sooner. I can’t wait for Adam to come back to this area. California, you get more than your fair share of him!
      My turn!

      Comment by RoRo — January 17, 2011 @ 6:03 pm

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