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August 26, 2010

Adam Lambert Partying in NYC

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First, an epic picture from Hyannis by @Glamcalam
Thanks to @merrieliny

 Gorgeous Picture by @Merrieliny at  Staten Island 
 Erica and Nick  at Staten Island

 Interview with Erica…@dancinqueen84

There’s a part of the chorus in the Abba hit “Dancing Queen” that says,

You can dance, you can jive
having the time of your life
see that girl, watch that scene
diggin’ the Dancing Queen.

Abba may not be Adam Lambert’s thing, but he sure was diggin’ a certain Dancin’ Queen Tuesday night at Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel, the Providence, Rhode Island stop of his nearly sold out 70+ city North American Glam Nation Tour.

During Adam’s encore performance of a cover of T-Rex’s 20th Century Boy, he sent the audience into a frenzy of shock and delight when suddenly he intently turned his attention on the front row audience members, honed in on one in particular, and gave her, as it says in the classic song, the time of her life when he leaned into the audience to plant a French kiss on her lovely lips as well as those of an equally lovely pretty boy nearby. Instantly that moment became the talk of fan forums, internet blogs, gossip sites, and of course, Twitter.

Adam took to Twitter immediately after the concert and tweeted to the world,

“TongueDiving is the new StageDiving. Get Into It.”

Shortly after, a search of “Adam Lambert tongue diving” returned tens of thousands of Google results.

Erica, a 25 year old fashion designer and hair and makeup artist from New Jersey, who goes by the online moniker DancinQueen84, consented to talk with me about her experience. She was grateful for the opportunity to tell her story all in one place rather than in thousands of separate 140 character tweets to curious and admiring fans. She’d been graciously doing that for two straight days.

In person, she comes across as a smart, personable, level headed, open-hearted, humble young woman who just happened to get the chance to make out with a rock star.

Erica is young, beautiful, single, and available. But if any male thinks he has a chance with her he had better give tongue diving some serious practice. She’s been tongue dived by a rock star. And Adam Lambert has set the bar awfully high.

Here’s the Dancin’ Queen’s story in her own words.


KS: Who are you, Erica? What do you want readers to know about you?

DQ: I’m a fun outgoing individual. I try to enjoy life to the fullest, always keeping a positive mind for everything. I’m a lover, not a fighter. I pretty much get along with anyone who crosses my path. I am a very creative person and have been my whole life. I wanted to be an art teacher when I was younger but that developed into getting an associates degree in Fashion Design. I am also a hair stylist and makeup artist.

I worked in New York City as an Assistant Designer for Women’s and Jr. wear. I also have my cosmetology license and have been doing hair and make for almost 10 years now. I’ve worked assisting in different fashion shows with hair and makeup. I have also done hair for a Jim Jones music video.

I’ve always been Glam. Glittery. When I discovered Adam I thought, “If I was a man, that’s who I would be”.


KS: Why Adam Lambert? What drew you to this particular performer?

DQ: Why not Adam Lambert? Man, what can you say? Are there really any combinations of perfect words to describe him? Maybe because he is a God of all singers, performers. I enjoy many types of music and concerts. But he is just pure talent. His combination of perfect voice, presence, style, GLAM! His talent and knowledge of music and sound are just what makes him the amazing person he his. Ever since the first audition on Idol I was a Glambert. The anticipation waiting each week to see that beautiful face, look into those blue eyes, to hear that voice and what he was going to do next. He left us all speechless. He is an artist that knows what he wants and works very hard to make it all perfect. I thank him for being who he is.


KS: How and when did you get your tickets? How did you get front row seats? What other concerts have you been to?

DQ: I ordered my ticket online from Lupo’s website about a month before. How did I get front row? Well I arrived to the venue 11:30pm the night before the show and waited online for twenty hours. I was 8th on line. I have been to four Glam Nation concerts and I am attending two more, one in AlbanyNY and the other in Staten Island.


KS: How did you feel about Adam before this happened to you?

DQ: Well I loved his music and stage presence, pretty much everything about him from his hair to his glitter. I just couldn’t get enough of him. He just make me feel so free and in the moment watching him on that stage. I’m sure all of us Glamberts feel the same.


KS: You went to a Meet & Greet earlier in the day. You got the ticket at the last minute, right? Had you ever met him before?

DQ: So yeah, the Meet & Greet did happen at the last minute. I had no idea. About two weeks before the concert I had found out my friend that I was meeting up and staying with had a pass to the Meet and Greet because another friend of hers won it on the radio. I have to admit I was kinda bummed. So after going to her house and getting all glammed up for the concert I went to go drop them off at the hotel where the M & G was. My friend felt so bad I wasn’t able to join them. I said to her it is what it is. I will get my turn. (I had briefly met him at the Early Show back in November when he came outside after the show to sign autographs.)

I was driving back to the venue to get back in line. I got a phone call about five minutes later from my friend saying someone had an extra pass. I didn’t believe what I’d just heard. I turned the car around and ten minutes later I was sitting at a private pool party for a Meet and Greet with Adam Lambert. I thank that person so much for letting me have that pass.



Erica in her Glam Glory

// //

KS: What happened at the Meet and Greet?

DQ: When he first came out, before sitting down, he was saying hi to us Glamberts. He looked at me and said “Love the stones and glitter”, as he directed his hand to my face and wiggled his fingers. I said “Thanks!”, with a huge smile. Then during the interview portion, something about makeup was mentioned and the woman who was interviewing Adam pointed at me and says, “Look at hers”. And he said, “I know. I love it!” Then after the Q&A we lined up for our pictures. When it was my turn I walked up to him with a smile and shook his hand and said hello. He said hi and complimented me on the make-up for the 3rd time. He said, “I love the makeup.” I again said thanks. He smiled. We then had our picture taken and before leaving I turned to him and said “Thank you for being you”. He looked at me with a grin and said “You’re welcome.” I walked away trying to grasp the moment.


KS: During the M&G was there any hint that something like this could happen? Did he flirt with you?

DQ: No flirting went on that I was aware of..I had no clue, idea, feeling, anything, that Adam Lambert himself was going to kiss me. Of course we all think, dream and fantasize about it, but come on, when does that happen? Well I was in for the surprise of my life cause it happened to me.


KS: So why you? What do you think Adam saw in you that attracted him? Did he notice you in the crowd earlier in the concert? Wave? Make eye contact?

DQ: Yeah, why me? I’m not sure, maybe he remembered me from other concerts. He pointed at me and sang to me at the first Glam Nation concert I went to in SayervilleNJ. I was front and center there. Maybe he remembered me from the Meet and Greet earlier in the day and felt comfortable with me. I stood out to him because of all the rhinestones and glitter on my face. When standing in the front on Tuesday I had some young fans, first timers, around me and they were a little out of control. I was just trying to enjoy the show with out being out of control. I kind of found myself staring at him with this look in my eyes trying to feel exactly what he wants us to feel song by song. Maybe because I was the only tame one around me and he trusted I wasn’t going to pull him into the crowd or injure him in any way. But really, I don’t know the real reason, but I’m happy it was me.


KS: So how did this “tongue diving” begin?

DQ: Adam started singing 20th Century Boy, and I was filming him, and from across the stage he pointed at me with this look in his eyes, getting closer and closer to the camera. In my head I’m like “Something is about to happen”. He stepped off the stage as our eyes are now locked, bends down, moved everyone’s hands away from my face and started kissing me open mouth, tongue and all.


KS: Did you have any idea what was coming as he was approaching you? Were you scared? Excited?

DQ: It’s weird. Yes and no. He had this look in his eyes like “You. yeah you!” And I just stared right back at him with this grin like “what are you about to do?” Then he stepped off the stage and onto the box in front of me and bent down and at that moment I knew what he was going for. I moved towards him, reaching with my arms and hands and so did he, and he leaned in and starting kissing me. After he pulled away to continue the song I just stood there like “Damn, did that really just happen to me?” He pointed back my way with a smile like “Yeah that just happened”. Oh my God! I’m staring at him in total amazement! He looked at me and smiled and I’m thinking, “Hope he enjoyed it, ‘cause I sure as hell did”.


KS: Close your eyes for a minute and go back to that moment when you realized you were going to be kissed by your idol, Adam Lambert. What were your immediate thoughts and sensations?

DQ: My immediate thoughts were “If that’s what he wants that’s what I’m going to give him”.


KS: So you went for it? Did you kiss him as good as you got?

DQ: Yeah, I went for it and sure as hell kissed him back.


KS: You were holding your camera in one hand. When he was kissing you, where did your other hand go?

DQ: My camera was actually dangling from my wrist so from what I can remember one hand was on his neck and another on his face.


KS: So what was it like? Do you even remember? What would you compare it to? What one word comes to mind?

DQ: True ladies do not kiss and tell. I won’t go into to total detail but it was great.


KS: How did Adam’s vest get pulled open? Were you getting naughty? Or was it the other fans around you? Describe the frenzy.

DQ: It wasn’t me trying to rip his clothes off . There’s a time and place for that and it’s not in the middle of a concert. Just kidding. But yeah, it was the other fans around me that were trying to get at him. After the kiss the people around me just were in total craze.


KS: What happened immediately after? How did you feel?

DQ: Well right after, I was just on a rainbow. My body was numb, my mind was spinning out of control trying to wrap my head around the fact that I just was kissed by Adam Lambert.


KS: How did the fans around you act?

DQ: They were in total craze, screaming “Oh my God! Oh my God!” One person tapped me on the shoulder and said, “I hope you’re not married”. I said “No”. Everyone was in total shock. People wanted pictures with me and of me.


KS: Ok, it’s over, you’re in recovery mode, and here he comes again. Did you think he might be coming back for seconds?

DQ: I knew he was coming back for more, just not with me. He had that look again.


KS: Yeah, he switched to a really cute young guy. How close to the young man were you? Did he seem eager to have this experience? Did Adam kiss him the same way?

DQ: He was standing about four people behind and to the left of me. Well I really couldn’t tell at that moment because of the people around me. They were grabbing at Adam over my head. I was actually ducked down ‘cause they were out of control. But by watching the video he was pretty into that kiss as well.


KS: What has been your experience with Adam’s fans since your very public Adam tongue dive? Are you surprised by the intensity of the reaction? What surprises you most?

DQ: As soon as the concert ended people were just asking me, “Was that you he kissed?” Everyone was on twitter talking about it. By the time I got to my friend’s house, about an hour after, my twitter was blowing up with messages from people I already knew. After putting up the video, like 2 minutes later it already had hundreds of views. By the next morning I went from having like 37 people following me on Twitter to over three hundred. Today I am at 489 followers. I am getting constant messages from everyone and everywhere congratulating me telling me how happy they are it was me he chose, asking me to please follow them on Twitter. Reading over and over how thousands of people want to be me. People want to meet me. It’s just endless, and all so positive. I can’t thank people enough for being so nice about it. Reading all the messages just makes it that much more real every time. The tongue dive is being talked about everywhere from OK mag, Adamoffical, Perez Hilton, many different blogs, websites, radio stations. If you Google Adam Lambert kisses Erica, endless amount of links come up. My picture from the Meet & Greet, and Twitter name is posted everywhere. It’s just super overwhelming. I just can’t believe it.


KS: How do you feel about Adam now?

DQ: I guess now I just feel I had that special moment and he felt a connection with me. When I see his picture or listen to his album and his voice, now I just can’t stop smiling and get this exciting feeling inside. I hope if I every meet him again it would be flirty and not awkward.


KS: Best thing about your experience?

DQ: Best part about it is I will live the rest on my life knowing Adam Lambert picked me out of thousands of fans to kiss. And I don’t want to be braggy about it either. It happened and now I’ll let nature take it’s course. I’m letting it soak in day by day. I just hope it stays on the positive level all the way around.


KS: Worst thing? Or could there possibly be a down side to being kissed by Adam Lambert?

DQ: Well, fans around me were crazy! People were reaching over me to get at him. I was just trying to enjoy him. I’ve worked with celebrities doing hair and makeup and doing that taught me to not let them see the crazed fan side of you, so they’ll feel like they can trust you. Maybe Adam chose me ‘cause he saw that I wasn’t acting like a crazed fan.


KS: You’re a pseudo celebrity now, at least among Adam Lambert fans. How does that feel? Are you enjoying it?

DQ: So I’m told I am a mini-celebrity. I was told I’m going down in Rock and Roll history. But it feels good. I can’t let myself get too crazed or overwhelmed by it. But it is very exciting. It is fun and uplifting to read all the messages to me or about me. It’s surreal.


KS: Has this experience changed you in any way? Now that you’ve had a couple of days to let it all sink in, how do you feel about it?

DQ: No I haven’t changed other than the smile on my face 24/7. I still have my same routine and do the same things. I can say it truly makes me believe anything can happen. If it’s meant to happen it will. The past few days up until now I’m still trying to realize my fantasy became my reality, and I couldn’t be happier. I feel like I’m dealing with it in a pretty calm way. I’m not in the hospital.


KS: Is there anything else you would want Adam fans and non-fans alike to know?

DQ: Just thanks again. To any Glambert, anytime I meet one of you I feel like I have known you forever. We become friends instantly. I hear that a lot from other Glamberts. Its this bond we all have. We all are at these concerts and special events, sleeping outside, camping out overnight, dedicating endless amounts of time, for the same reason. We love this man who has come from this place called Planet Fierce who stole our hearts from the moment he sang and stepped on stage. His love, peace and glam has brought people from around the world together, of all ages and types to enjoy and love him for who he is. This is just the beginning. He will be around for generations to come. I just can’t imagine what is up his sleeve next. Adam thanks again for being you and sharing it with all of us. I hope you know you are legendary and are truly loved.


You might think that is the end of the story. Maybe not. Today Erica tweeted this to Adam Lambert:

@adamlambert Hey so just wanted to let u know I will be attending Mon & Tues shows. Want to meet for drink. Maybe? ; )

Who knows? Like Erica says, “Believe anything can happen.” She’s living proof.  


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Improved Audio 20th Century Boy  from Hampton Beach   



Thanks to @aftermath_glam

Adam Lambert proud to be cheeky and glam   

“All the dreams I had put out into the universe are coming true,” he said in a recent teleconference. “I do believe in karma and positive energy, and where I am personally right now, I feel like everything is aligned and truly reflects everything I am as a person and as an artist.”   

Lambert’s “For Your Entertainment” album has sold more than 700,000 copies in the U.S. and peaked in the Top 5 on album charts in Finland, Greece and New Zealand.   

Meanwhile, his current single, the frothy disco-rocker “If I Had You,” is in the Top 10 in five countries and the Top 20 on the U.S. Top 40 chart.   

Plus, his club tour with “Idol” buddy Allison Iraheta, which began in June, has successfully defeated this summer’s concert curse and sold out in nearly every market (a few tickets remain for tomorrow’s show at The National.   

In keeping with his flamboyant persona — a little goth, a lot of glam — Lambert designed his show with more than a touch of theatricality.   

“I tried to give it an emotional through-line so that it kind of went from kind of the dark and mysterious to light and celebratory. But, of course, my version of dark and serious is also very kitschy with lots of rhinestones,” he said.   

The show features four dancers for a handful of numbers, several costume changes and a hint of voodoo, starting with the opening song, “Voodoo.”   

“It definitely sets the tone,” Lambert said. “[The show has a] lot of mysterious tongue-and-cheek mysticism of New Orleans and that whole period.”   

Lambert also loves his glam rock, as any “Idol” viewer knows, and pays homage on record with “Music Again,” co-written with The Darkness’ Justin Hawkins, and by covering T. Rex’s “20th Century Boy” in concert.   

“We always say glam rock, glam rock, glam rock, and I think that’s a specific time in the late’70s, and the hair metal bands of the’80s, I guess, could be considered glam,” he said. “But any artist, really, that was theatrical and used fashion and presentation as part of their package has inspired me.”   

Along with his penchant for flashiness, the androgynous Lambert hasn’t receded his propensity for scandal, either. He recently made headlines for his amorous contact with band and audience members at some performances.   

But his actions have hardly affected his crossover appeal, as Lambert reports seeing a range of “women from 40 to 60, teens, husbands, grandpas, a broad cross section of ethnicities” at his live shows.   

After his U.S. tour wraps in mid-September, Lambert will head to Japan and Australia for a month before tackling his next creative challenge.   

Though he worked with plenty of heavy-hitters on “For Your Entertainment” Pink, Lady Gaga, “Idol”‘s Kara DioGuardi and Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo — he already has some ideas on his wish list for round two.   

“I would love to sing with Christina Aguilera. I’m a huge fan. I’d love to work with David Bowie. I’d like to write more again with Max Martin. He produced and wrote ‘Whataya Want From Me’ and [current single] ‘If I Had You,’ so our track record is pretty good,” Lambert said.   

The way his life is going, don’t be surprised if all of Lambert’s wishes come true.   


Adam’s View at the Scissor Sister’s Concert Last Night   

Tweeted by Adam

Scissor sisters Afterparty... Taylor, Terrance and more

Closeup by @scorpios4adam


The First One they did was Great!   

joythemeparty: We will be doing another 2hr @adamlambert special on Sunday 9pm Melb time on JOY94.9! World times:   


Here are last week’s top-selling digital tracks (and a few other country tracks) from American Idol alumnae, according to Nielsen SoundScan.   

Adam Lambert, If I Had You (42,000, +12%, 302,000 total)
Carrie Underwood, Undo It (24,000, -13%, 752,000)
Daughtry, September (14,000, +23%, 114,000)
Adam Lambert, Whatya Want From Me (12,000, -10%, 1.491 million)   


Thanks to @tweeteater1209

‘American Idol’: Adam Lambert nears top 30 on Billboard Hot 100   

For the second week in a row, Adam Lambert has reached his highest position yet with “If I Had You” on the Billboard Hot 100. In the newest chart information released on Thursday morning, the third single off of “For Your Entertainment” is now one step closer to being in the top 30. Its ranking? #32, a full ten spots higher than the week before. Among some of the songs he passed this week include Lady Gaga’s “Alejandro” and “Bulletproof” by La Roux.   

As for Adam’s performance north of the border, there is also good news. After spending two weeks on the Canadian Hot 100 at #11, the “American Idol” singer is now back at #10. He ended up taking the place of Taylor Swift’s “Mine,” which fell sharply due to a slowdown in digital sales.   

As for time spent on the charts, Adam has been on the U.S. side for nine weeks and the Canadian chart for 13.   


Hard to hear Interview but worth it…WLXO Meet and Greet   


Same interview on radio website:   


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner   


Tommy in Staten Island   





Thanks to @cutiepi300




Pic by @fallintotheglitter




Voting Links!                

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