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August 23, 2010

Adam Lambert International Superstar!

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Interview with Australian Radio


hooplamagnet IIHY officially platinum in Australia

fianlly2: IIHY 2d most added song on HAC this week! includes 4 top 20 markets: LA, Seattle, Phoenix & Tampa.


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Message from Adam’s Mom posted on his Fan Community Site   

adamsmom avatar

On Sun, Aug 22, 2010 at 7:27 PM, adamsmom said:   



Hi Everyone,
I am so excited about the launching of Adam’s fan club site. Thank you all for your kind words of support and love. You are all amazing! I truly feel like we are a big family….a Glamfamily!
I cannot tell you how comforting it is for me to know how truly blessed Adam is to have such devoted fans. You all never cease to amaze me. May your lives be filled with happiness and may you always shine. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a part of this amazing journey. May the power of Adam’s music and his message inspire you. And may your love and support inspire him.
Love Always,



Go to Adam’s new fan site and see what you think. I’m enjoying it so far and think it’s going to be a great place. It’s free until September 1 and after that it’s $10 or $30 for a year long membership.   

 If you want to add me as a friend,     

(My name is AQD)     

Or you can tweet me your name and I send you a request to be a friend.   

Go and check it out… it’s not that hard to figure out and there will be lots of people to chat with!   


Picture by @leecherry


This is what the background looked like when Adam sang Broken Open?

Meet and Greet in Hampton   

Hampton Beach Playlist via @itsjoooory   



Amazing pictures by @orchidas from Thunder Valley Front row:   

Short Interview Backstage with Q102   



‘American Idol:’ Adam Lambert’s ‘If I Had You,’ ‘Whataya Want From Me’ take top spots   

 former American Idol finalist Adam Lambert continues to see amazing success with his latest two singles from his debut album, For Your Entertainment. The songs “If I Had You,” and “Whataya Want From Me” are still performing strongly on the charts, and he has taken two of the three top spots on the American Idol airplay chart.   

According to the report by USA Today, Lambert is number two and three on the airplay chart. “If I Had You’ is number 25 on the Hot AC chart and number 20 on the Top 40 chart. While the latest single enjoys continued success so does his former single, “Whataya Want From Me” which is at number seven.   

It is clear with each week that goes by, not just by the statistics that are revealed, but by the fans’ reactions to the Glam Nation shows that the singer has indeed arrived, and he has become a major force in the world of music. Fans are undoubtedly excited to see what great things they will be seeing from the singer in the future   



‘American Idol’: Adam Lambert nearly controlling top of show airplay chart   

Adam Lambert‘s “If I Had You” is likely on week away from being his most-played single on the radio. In the newest overall airplay numbers released Monday by USA Today, the “American Idol” singer is now sitting at the #3 spot with his newest single from “For Your Entertainment.” With 4,673 total spins, the song is less than 200 behind mega-hit “Whataya Want From Me.”   


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner   




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Voting Links!             

Let’s Make this the Week Adam gets to #1 again!              

  Vote Often:                                              

VH1 –     Up to #6 today      

                                                  Z100 –                                                              

 Q102 –                                                              

 MTV Asia                                                                                                 

  Much More Top 10:   Not on the top 10 yesterday!                                                 

 One Click and Rate as a Hit                                                                                                           

  Sirius Radio       (Down 3 to #28 now)                                     

Ala4adam: IIHY #1 on Rate The Music                                             



Monte’s Top Five Sleepwalker Solos   



Australia Loves Adam!   


Australia’s love affair with former Idol star Adam Lambert doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.
Beyond our announcements last week that we’ll soon see a deluxe CD/DVD tour edition of Adam’s album ‘For Your Entertainment’ released here in Australia and the news that his single ‘If I Had You’ has now gone platinum comes news late this afternoon that Adam’s single ‘If I Had You’ is now the No.1 most played song on Australian radio.
The track has knocked Eminem and Rihanna from the No.1 mantle in this week’s airplay charts, according to industry bible THE MUSIC NETWORK.



Thanks to @bubbywub

Chart wrap-up: Hot 100’s fourth new #1 in four weeks (Australia)

After just one week, Adam Lambert has stolen Eminem‘s crown atop the TMN Hot 100 Airplay chart, but the Detroit rapper continues to dominate both ARIA Albums and Singles charts.   


We thought it was a big deal having three new #1 singles in three weeks. Scrap that excitement and make it four because Adam Lambert‘s If I Had You finally hit #1 this week for Sony, having spent eleven weeks on the chart so far.   

It dislodged Eminem and Rihanna’s Love The Way You Lie from #1, but that track continues to hold the top spot on the TMN NSW & ACT, SA & NT and WA Airplay Charts, along with #2 on the TMN Hot 100 Airplay Chart.   



ADAM LAMBERT’s Greatest Entertainment!
Get ready as BlueDream Entertainment brings you the most glamorous concert event of the year. The Glam Nation Tour: Adam Lambert Live in Manila. Be at the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds on October 10, 2010, 8pm – Feel the energy and catch him perform live!. Don’t miss this groundbreaking concert as the flamboyant 2009 American Idol runner up will rock and turn the country into Glam night with his high octane voice and exhilarating stage presence that will definitely electrify Glammies as he showcase his visions For Your Entertainment.

Born on January 29, 1982, in Indianapolis, IN, Adam grew up singing in San Diego, CA. As a 10-year-old kid he was introduced to music by his dad, who loved classic hits from the 1960s, psychedelic tunes from the 1970s and new wave singles from the 1980s. Adam’s love for music and formal vocal training made him a shoe-in for show biz. He scored a role performing in the musical Wicked’s ensemble and was even asked to step up as an understudy (the person who fills in when the main actor is sick) for one of the main roles in the play. Aside from the theater, his rock band, Citizen Vein, honed his singing talents and stage presence. And, despite the fear of being “too out there,” he joined the Season 8 of the top-ranking reality talent show American Idol, wowing the whole world with his rendition of the songs “Rock with You” by Pop Icon Michael Jackson and “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Rock Legend Queen. He was named the runner-up for the season and, today, his album “For Your Entertainment,” debuted in No. 3 at the Billboard Album Charts, selling over 600,000 copies worldwide. His single “Whataya Want From Me” by Pink and Max Martin reached the top of numerous charts like Hot 100, Pop Songs, and Hot Dance Club Play.   

Adam Lambert brought the The Glam Nation Tour drama to a sold-out concert series, including a two-night stint at New York City’s Nokia Theatre and sweeping the east to west coasts of America. Lambert aimed for spectacle with video screens, backup dancers and extravagant costumes and makeup. But as cool as the lasers were, all the bells and whistles were no match for the glam-pop star’s vocal fireworks, which were in top-notch condition, his pitch-perfect pipes proved to be the real star of the show.   

Pulling liberally from his debut For Your Entertainment, the singer whipped concertgoers into a frenzy during uptempo numbers like the fan fave “Strut,” Lady Gaga-leftover “Fever” and current single “If I Had You.” Yet he also managed to maintain the crowd’s attention even as he slowed things down for an extended acoustic set that featured a stripped-down take on his biggest hit, “Whataya Want From Me.”   

10-10-10 shall mark another breakthrough in the Philippine concert scene as this visionary Entertainer will entertain us with spectacular mix of music, drama and theatrical ingenuity. The Glam Nation Tour: Adam Lambert Live in Manila at the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds.   


Malaysia’s Galaxie Magazine  August 2010
Adam Rocks the Skinny Jeans
International News
AdamsAussies: @adamlambert OZ TOUR Tickets avail Melb: Brisb: (Syd: SOLD OUT) * PlsRT*
LambertUK CONCERT: Adam Lambert concert in Manila (details) – Azrael’s Merryland –

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  1. Yep, that was Broken Open, possibly from Mystic Lake. It looks a lot like some of the pics I have from that concert.

    Comment by timesmasher — August 23, 2010 @ 3:23 pm

  2. Thanx for bringing us the kind words from Adam’s Mom! With her at the helm, the new fan club can’t help but be a success! We all know how good she is at raising super stars!! How she must not be able to keep from bursting w/pride at her gorgeous sons’ accomplishments. Two beautiful, polite, generous and mature young men. They tend to take different paths, but both destined for great things!

    I can’t express how deeply my feelings about Adam go, but everyone under his spell knows and can empathize. Keep up the good work AQD, and I look forward to all that comes along on this exciting journey!

    Comment by cybergranny7 — August 23, 2010 @ 5:12 pm

  3. You Rock, Gloria! Love reading the message from Leila, and all the good news about IIHY, and WWFM just keeps on right near the top. You posted some gorgeous pics today, thanks for all the pretty!
    2 weeks till I get to see Adam again, we are going to have a rocking time at our Glam Nation Take Over Party at the Hard Rock Cafe on 9/8, check out our party web site, just out today!
    Also, we are doing a fundraiser for at our party, if anyone has anything Adam related that they can part with, please e mail me
    Thanks, another great post!

    Comment by mahailia — August 23, 2010 @ 5:54 pm

  4. I saw Adam perform Broken Open in Wilkes-Barre at the first show and the visuals (and vocals) of that song are something I will never forget. I hope he adds the song back in at some point to change things up a bit. It was amazing!

    Comment by adamquotedaily — August 23, 2010 @ 7:55 pm

  5. hey adam i just want to say love your new hair cut i now it get very hot up there on stage i did my like that last week my hair was down to the middile of my back we cut 4in off i told my nice no more she cut 3 more off fine i got her to shave just the back bottom layer off felt good but still not good enough for the lovly weather were having hear in texas very hot tripple numbers so i told her to split my hair at the crown of my head and save the rest , this weekend were coloring it blue down the middle i cant waite to see what my friends and coworker are going to say let alone my family but like you have told us many time dont hide who you are live life to the fullest iwill say you sat this in motion . ive done thing the pass couple of week i would have never done if not been for your songs,voice,and let alone that smile will light up anyone day so i say thank you adam for just being you firewoman5171QG sorry got to go to work know be back soon

    Comment by firewoman5171qg — August 23, 2010 @ 7:56 pm

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