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August 12, 2010

Adam Lambert….Pretty Boy!

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Drawing by @jolson12miggles...

So much talent!  WOW!  Look at the other drawings here 


Two Interviews from Today


Interview at Q102


Adam…. Pretty Boy! 

Adam in InRock magazine Japan by @se1994

‘American Idol’: Adam Lambert making ‘Sleepwalker’ next international single 

Is Adam Lambert ready to unleash “Sleepwalker” on the radio? If we are to believe Patriot Records, that certainly appears to be the case. On the music company’s website, we can clearly see the song listed as the next international single off of “For Your Entertainment”. 

To this point, Adam has promoted both “For Your Entertainment” and “Whataya want From Me” outside of the United States. Choosing “Sleepwalker” would be the first departure Adam has made from his plan domestically, as he has made “If I Had You” his next single here in the States. 

So what is the connection Patriot Records has to Adam? The company is a product of Ryan Tedder, the OneRepublic frontman who co-wrote “Sleepwalker” and has also worked with other “American Idol” artists including Kelly Clarkson. This news is not any confirmation that the song will be the next single here in the States, since that could still be a ways off before we have an announcement. 


Thanks to @nessieccullen

Terrance….welcome to twitter! 

TerranceDlibra  Lol I can’t kiss my friend @adamlambert we’re like brothers! Ok. I probably would do it for one of the shows…;) 


Thanks to @slightly_askew

Great Pictures Here! 


‘American Idol’: Adam Lambert back on top of single sales chart 

After a lengthy absence from the #1 spot on USA Today‘s “American Idol” single sales chart, Adam Lambert is now back on top — except this time, it’s with his new single “If Had You”. Rising 4% over the past week (a modest number considering his recent gains), the song sold 35,000 copies — bumping it past Carrie Underwood‘s recent hit “Undo It”. 

When you look at the sales figures across the board, this means that Adam is now over the 200,000 sales mark for this song. As for his other hit in “Whataya Want From Me”, the song is still selling plenty of copies — with another 16,000 downloads, it is inching ever closer to the 1.5 million sales mark. 

The most impressive things with these numbers is that they are largely coming from casual fans — most of the devoted “Glamberts” have already purchased “For Your Entertainment”, and these are largely coming from people hearing the song and enjoying it. 

The Great  Boys in the Band by Lee Cherry 



Does anyone have the name of the new drummer Adam supposedly hired to replace Longineu?  I think they deleted all those tweets and I can’t find it. 

Thanks to DeeDeeGlambert for reminding me its Joey Barnes who played for Daughtry.  He released an album in March and left Daughtry in April.

 ( This is still a rumour until confirmed by Adam )


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner 

more of the pretty boy!

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    Gif by @ninnivia @TJRpics


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    VH1 –    Adam #6 today!                                                                         

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    Ala4adam: IIHY #1 on Rate The Music                   


    Pic thanks to @glamskank in Erie

    Hey @Byroncooke…. I love this one! 

    Byroncooke: adamlambert latest news : Aust tour announcement might be delayed for another 24 hrs. Maybe he’s scared 

    (cause of the video in this article!) 


    Thanks to @lindsav

    The Good News 

    ItsJoooory USA Today: Album Sales: Adam Lambert, FYE (6,000, -18%, 703,000/94,000 digital total) (#76 BB200) 


    LightLoveAdam: You can submit questions for Adam here on Saturday Night online 

    idolsnow: ADAM LAMBERT’s “Whataya Want From Me” debuts at #5 on the Portugal Digital Songs chart. 

    EW: Your work is saturated with images of celebrities such as Kate Moss, Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Tyra Banks, and most recently a monumental portrait of Adam Lambert. “ 


    Interesting Information on Vocal Range! 

    Lambert is in bright red… compare his range to Mercury and Presley!  Adam is amazing, of course!



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    Longineu has this link on his twitter page     

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    1. Gloria, great post and awesome pics today, just love your blog, I always come here first!
      Want to give another shout out to anyone going to the Houston concert on 9/8 –
      Huge pre/post concert party: Glam Nation Take Over at Hard Rock Cafe on 9/8!
      Get your Glam on and join us as we get ready to rock out to Adam Lambert in concert!
      Dinner/drinks/mingling with your on-line friends, then walk over to the Hobby Center for the Performing Arts. After the concert, come back over for major flailing unless you are chasing the buses!
      Experience the total Take Over by Adam’s music videos being played on the big screens.
      We are also running a silent auction with lots of cool Adam stuff, proceeds will be donated to in honor of Adam’s concert appearance and as a thank you from the Texas fans.
      Throw your Glam Hat in the ring, e-mail to reserve for this rocking out party, only 350 seats available, so act now! Follow GNTAKEOVER on twitter for party updates!

      Comment by mahailia — August 12, 2010 @ 3:17 pm

    2. This is the link for youtube for the Q102 interview

      Comment by GlamVampire — August 12, 2010 @ 5:20 pm

    3. Two pretty boys!I love the purple and green looks so fierce. I love the pics Adam’s friend Lee Cherry done!I saw QUEEN in Omaha in 1979. ADAM LAMBERT is a better singer and entertainer by far just sayin! I LOVE HIM LIKE NO OUTHER! MS GLORIA TY 4 THE AWESOM BLOG!I just booked my flight for Atlanta,going alone!to the Tabernacle.WE HAVE 1 SETS OF TICKETS 4 MELBOURNE FL AND 1 SETS 4 HOLLY WOOD FL. WE UPGRATED FOR THE 2 SHOWS. FACE VALUE I WOULD NOT MAKE A $ OFF ADAM!

      Comment by Renee Smeltzer — August 13, 2010 @ 12:27 am

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