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August 9, 2010

Adam Lambert ..They are following!

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From Allie is 


This is the third day in a row with Adam gaining more than 3000 new twitter followers.  Check near the bottom of the page for actual numbers daily. 

Today’s Updates

Interview with Jen Myers Y98


More Here:


Adam Lambert’s glam glitters at Pageant

But the simple answer is he doesn’t have to open for Gaga. Lambert is his own hot commodity, filling up theaters and clubs across the country. He’s been on a major roll every since losing on “American Idol” last year, proving as we already know winning isn’t everything.

The heavily eyelined and pompadoured singer, taking the stage in a showy costume that mixed feathers, sequins, leather, fringes and more, slithered down a short flight of stairs at the rear of the stage for opening song “Voodoo.”

It was a great entrance that felt instantly classic, even if playing a recorded version of “For Your Entertainment” while he was still off stage felt like a cheat.

Over the course of about 15 songs that mixed “For Your Entertainment” selections with covers he revitalized on “American Idol,” Lambert delivered a fun, slick show that kept his fans, a curious older batch of folks, on their feet most of the night.


Adam Meets Pink in 2008

Meet The Dancers

Thanks to @lightloveadam

Check out for more gems!



Setlist + Review + Photos: Adam Lambert Transcends American Idol at the Pageant 

American Idol‘s taken a beating this year. Besides the usual drama with its judges, interest in the show appeared to be dwindling. In fact, its results-show finalé drew its lowest ratings ever. Perhaps what Idol again needs is a personality like Adam Lambert. The season eight runner-up lived up to – and exceeded – expectations at the Pageant last night. Glam, disco, synthpop, rock, goth and dancepop collided in a well-executed, enjoyable show. And like any smart performer, he left a very sold-out crowd wanting more. 




Perfect Staircase by @UhHuhHerMusic... Adam needs it!


Cam trying on a wig and looking good!



‘American Idol:’ Adam Lambert to appear on ‘Saturday Night Online’ — news confirmed 

Attention Adam Lambert fans: the former American Idol finalist, the superstar singer is scheduled to appear on Saturday Night Online next weekend. In fact, the news has been confirmed via Twitter, and it will no doubt be a true source of excitement for the fans. 

Saturday Night Online confirmed via its official page on the social networking site, writing to the fans: 

Hey Glamberts, Robyn lovers & Emii fans! Next week we’ve got @adamlambert, @robynkonichiwa, & @EMIIMUSIC! 

This should be an epic event. Lambert is currently on his Glam Nation tour, and next weekend he will be playing Bethlehem, Pennsylvania on Friday and on Saturday the singer will be at the International De Montgolfieres Festival Grounds in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC. 

The singer has been doing so well on tour, that it is not hard to imagine why each venue continues to sell-out. The fans cannot get enough of the tour, or of seeing Lambert perform up close and personal.–news-confirmed 


Videos from St. Louis     


More here: 


St. Louis thanks to @lightloveadam


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner 

Adommy Moment from St. Louis 


Three pics thanks to @hockeystick St. Louis




From Springfield (I think)


Fan Interview from Springfield! 




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Poster for Manilla 




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Another day with over 3000 new followers… you go Adam! 

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Poster by @melluvslambert 



  1. Gloria, I finally got to see Adam in Lubbock last week, he was awesome! It was a really interesting venue, a large warehouse type bldg, it was really hot, and so was Adam! He definitely threw some glitter on that barn! My review is posted at PlanetFierce proboards, you can find it under “Concert Recaps” 8/4 Lone Star Events center, page 10. , so check it out! You don’t have to be a member to read itIt is very long! Can’t wait for Houston now!

    Comment by mahailia — August 9, 2010 @ 11:38 am

  2. Thank you for all the Recaps, Pictures, and Videos! You are ALL adorable!

    Love the Manila Poster! This is my favourite Costume and I would love to see him in this Outfit if he was a Ken Doll as in Barbie and Ken Dolls! (My Brother-In-Law works for Mattel and if Sir Adam Lambert and I ever got together . . . I can just totally see him as a Doll with several Outfits/Costumes being played with in every household here in America and around the World! Awesome idea?! And, of course, Sir Adam Lambert’s Signature Eyes would have to be on Ken’s face as well! Just imagine!

    Love the Springfield, MO Video! Adam . . . you are just so edible . . . it’s not funny! Nice earlobes by the way! My Dad is from the St. Louis, MO area . . . and he doesn’t miss a thing about MO! Sorry MO, but he is CA all the way!

    Love the Rainbow Staircase! If you are “living” with Sir Adam Lambert . . . this is a must have front door entry way show piece! It’s beautiful! Brilliant idea! I’ll will have to remember this idea and share it with others!

    Love it when you and Sir Tommy Joe mouth one another! Makes me feel like I wish I was a Vanilla Oreo Cookie between the both of you! I’m sure many others feel the same way!

    Love the Video Taping of Myers and Lambert! So cute!

    I did all my share of Voting and Radio Dedications earlier today w/ some more VH1 Voting later on toknight! (This one needs help back up, again!)

    Well, I have to leave Adam’s World of fun and glitter and magic and go back to my world and continue studying for my Insurance Exam!

    Please give my love to the Glamily!

    Comment by Cheryl Lee House aka "Haus" — August 10, 2010 @ 3:15 pm

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