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July 30, 2010

Adam Lambert…Spark and Sparkle!

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Lisa Pittman lisa_pittman  Watching old Citizen Vein footage I’ve never seen before that we just found a DVD of… SO awesome 😉 about 22 hours ago via web


Today’s blog direct from the middle of Georgian Bay! 

The Sparkling Waters of Georgian Bay from the back of my boat today

 Radio Interview from this morning Mix 94.1 Las Vegas

The female broadcaster is fabulous!


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I wonder if Adam knew that his Dad was talking about Adam yesterday before dinner…..

yah, probably!


1) @argeneau Actually there is a recording of Hair somewhere.

2) And overdraft fees. He easily holds the 2005 record for overdraft fees. Wamu loved him.

3) Besides I think DebbieDD in Tahoe was 05. Still wish I had gone. And taped it.

‘American Idol:’ Adam Lambert spends time with father, posts photo via Twitter

Adam Lambert — Getty Images

Singer and performer Adam Lambert is taking Glam Nation to his hometown of San Diego tonight as he takes the stage at Copely Symphony Hall. The family of the former American Idol finalist is no doubt excited to see him perform back in his own town. According to a new update via Twitter, Lambert had dinner with his father, Eber Lambert, and he posted a photograph on his official account.

Lambert wrote to his over 500,000 fans:

“Dinner w Dad

Lambert has become a global superstar over the past year. Appearing on the popular show may have opened some doors for the singer, but it is his talent and charisma that has undoubtedly won over his fans and continues to do so all over the world. Lambert shares a connection with his fans — a quality that all major artists posess.


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STEALING THE SHOW: Adam Lambert separates self from other ‘American Idol’ contestants with spark 

Butterless toast. Nonalcoholic beer. Mayonnaise. “American Idol” contestants. 

What do all of the above have in common? 

They’re all bland, boring, low on flavor and as predictable as the weather this time of year. 

From Kelly Clarkson to Taylor Hicks to Chris Daughtry, whether they’ve become household names or also-rans, most “Idol” vets are the rock, pop and R&B equivalents of training wheels, safe and dull, exciting only for those who don’t know any better. 

Even the biggest star to emerge from the series, country Barbie doll Carrie Underwood, is so middle-of-the-road, she could double as a highway median. 

This is what makes 2009 “Idol” runner-up Adam Lambert a welcome departure from the “Idol” archetype. 

All attitude and androgyny, with a wild-eyed wardrobe and — get this — a pulse, Lambert comes slathered in eyeliner and Ziggy’s stardust. For a show whose contestants often pack all the spark of a pack of wet matches, Lambert’s a lightning rod. 

Seriously, the dude cuts his hair, and it’s like tectonic plates colliding. Recently, Lambert shaved off a swath of his coif, and it actually was considered news by some entertainment outlets. 

“I thought it was hilarious that E! Online and MTV and and so on and so forth wanted to report on it,” Lambert chuckles. “But I’m flattered that they find it that important.” 

Of course, Lambert’s hair isn’t important at all, but still, it’s more exciting than talking about, say, Bo Bice. 

And as the first openly gay “American Idol” contestant, Lambert has gotten even more scrutiny for his sexuality, not that it seems to bother him much. 

“I kind of feel like I know there’s a lot of people out there that are homophobic and closed minded, but I also know that there’s a lot of people out there that are open,” Lambert says. “So I think that my level of success is a reflection of where we’re at as a society, and I’m really excited that we have gotten to a point where it’s acceptable to some people — to enough people.” 

And Lambert has certainly found an audience. His 2009 full-length “For Your Entertainment” sold close to 200,000 copies its first week out with its operatic pastiche of bombastic rock, electro pop and purring R&B. 

It’s a winking, stylistic hodgepodge of a record, powered by Lambert’s brassy, theatrical tenor. 

In a way, it’s reminiscent of ’80s pop radio, when there weren’t such rigid bounds between, say, Tina Turner’s femme funk, Dire Straits’ big, bad guitar rock and David Bowie’s well-heeled pop, all of which you could hear right after one another on the same station. 

“I think the whole concept of genre is kind of passe,” Lambert says of the heterogeneous nature of “Entertainment.” “I kind of think that we’re living in the post-modern age, and I think that the key to music right now is mixing it all up. For me, I’m doing a lot of pop music with a lot of guitars. So it has its rock edge and it has its pop edge.” 

The fact that Lambert’s repertoire has anything resembling an edge to begin with is enough to separate him from his “Idol” peers. 

He’s easy to dismiss as kitsch on the surface, but the fact that Lambert is aware of as much let’s us know that he’s in on any perceived joke. 

Lambert has named his current road show the “Glamnation Tour,” and it’s an apt tag, for like the best glam rock, Lambert is most serious about not taking himself too seriously. 

“I think that’s one of the great things about glam rock and glam pop is that it’s all kind of tongue-in-cheek,” he says. “It has campiness to it, it has lightness to it. It should put a smile on your face. It should make you feel like dancing and dressing up.” 

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Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner 


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Have you watched this video yet? Don’t Miss It!  Love it! 

WLL Front Row Costa Mesa July 28/10 



Adam at a pool yesterday with Terrance? and ?

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Pictures… so many to chose from! Fantastic! 

More Great Videos from Costa Mesa 28?7 via @thefilmqueen




Costa Mesa Video Playlists… both nights 

ItsJoooory #GlamNation: Playlists Updated:

July 28th: Costa Mesa, CA

 July 27th: Costa Mesa, CA 



Lambert gets high marks on musical report card 

The King of “Glambert” Nation was not available for an audience with the press, but with the help of some experts (and his proud father), here is a progress report on his post-“Idol” pop-culture reign. 


Eight months after its release, Lambert’s debut album, “For Your Entertainment,” is still on Billboard magazine’s Top 200 album chart. It peaked at No. 3 and has sold nearly 700,000 copies in the U.S. so far. The single “Whataya Want From Me” peaked at No. 10 on the magazine’s Hot 100 chart, and his new single, “If I Had You,” is at No. 69 and rising. 

Lambert’s sales aren’t in the same universe as, say, Carrie Underwood’s first post-“Idol” album, “Some Hearts,” which has sold 7 million copies since 2005. But with album sales at a record low, no one is selling 7 million copies of anything anymore. The debut album from Season 7 winner David Cook has sold 1.3 million copies since 2008, and 2009 winner Kris Allen has sold less than 400,000 copies of last year’s self-titled disc. 

“I think Adam has done pretty well. His album went gold (selling more than 500,000 copies), which in this day and age is not bad at all,” said Billboard senior editor Ann Donahue. “From the beginning, he was obviously a showman. And now that he’s on tour, people are interested in seeing what he’s going to do.” 



It has been a dismal summer-concert season, but while big tours such as Rihanna’s “Last Girl on Earth” extravaganza and Sarah McLachlan’s Lilith Fair have canceled some dates due to low ticket sales, the 28-year-old Lambert has added more than two dozen dates to his theatrical Glam Nation Tour since tickets went on sale in late May. In addition to tonight’s concert at the 2,252-seat Copley Symphony Hall, Lambert sold out two performances at San Francisco’s 2,250-seat Warfield Theatre and two shows at New York’s 2,100-seat Nokia Theatre. 

“He’s got a very visual show, which always helps a live artist,” said Gary Bongiovanni, editor in chief and publisher of Pollstar, a concert-industry trade magazine. “His business has been very respectable. And as a relatively young act without a huge track record, if he can sell that many tickets a year after he was on the show, he has some real promise.” 



The same week Lambert’s album was released, controversy hit the fan. After the openly gay singer got a little too raunchy with some male band members during a performance at the American Music Awards broadcast, viewers complained, ABC canceled his appearance on “Good Morning America,” and Lambert was the subject of some intense media grilling. 

But he never backed down or apologized, and judging by his subsequent invitations to appear on “The View,” “The Oprah Winfrey Show ,” “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” (not to mention his well-received “American Idol” mentoring gig), no one seems to be holding much of a media grudge. 

“It was a little bit of a rude awakening for him,” said Adam’s father, Eber Lambert, who lives in South Park. “I don’t think he regretted it, but he was surprised by it. Lady Gaga was at the AMAs and other people he’s impressed by were there, and he got kind of amped up and he overdid it a little. I think he realizes that.” 

This year, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation nominated Lambert for Outstanding Music Artist in its annual GLAAD Media Awards. Lambert lost to Lady Gaga, but he is such a big fan, he probably didn’t mind much. And GLAAD invited him to perform during the awards show in Los Angeles



Lambert’s galvanizing “Idol” performances landed him on the cover of Entertainment Weekly while the show was still on the air and on the cover of Rolling Stone shortly thereafter, leaving his post-”Idol” profile nowhere to go but down. If by down you mean headlining your own tour, getting airplay for your third single and wearing all the eyeliner and glitter your record company can buy. 

“I think Adam is doing quite well for himself in the post-‘Idol’ world,” said Michael Slezak, senior writer with Entertainment Weekly. “He is who he is and he doesn’t compromise on that. He gets to be as provocative and goofy as he wants to be, and that’s a success in its own right.” 

And whether he is charming the ladies of “The View” or encouraging fans to support art in public schools through his “Glam a Classroom” program, Lambert appears to have kept his feet on the ground and his heart in the right place. Which could be the greatest success of all. 

“When all this started, I worried about the press and the feedback and how he would hold up with the scrutiny and constant barrage of opinions, but he’s handled it really well,” said Eber Lambert, who visited with his oldest son after a performance in Costa Mesa this week. “He’s been gracious and articulate and grateful to the people who support him. I’ve been really proud that aside from the music and his performances, he’s demonstrated that he’s a good guy.” 

GRADE: An A from the pros and an A+ from Dad, who knows which achievements really count. 



Inside the tour bus by @lanceg3


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Some Q and A with Nicolina of @nicolinaroyale… check her twitter out to enter a contest to win the necklace Adam wore in the FYE shoot 

5. What are your favourite materials to work with?  

Leather and Swarovski Crystals 

6. Do you design pieces specifically with Adam in mind? Is he fun to work with? 

 Yes, I have – and when I have I think of bold – big – expressive – out of the box pieces that are unique and different. Adam is a blast to work with and I just LOVE him! 

7.  What kinds of pieces does he gravitate to?  

Unique, out of the box items. 

8. Is there anything you have designed that you would like to see him wear that he hasn’t yet?  

Yes – lots of stuff – but he always surprises me and pulls stuff out of his collection and then they pop up in photos…..he is so great! 

 9. How did the cock ring glove come about? Was that something you had already designed and thought he’d rock or did he ask you to design that?  

This was a joint collaboration with Art Conn his stylist(his stylist at the time) – who wanted something outrageous and very Adam Lambert –so I made it and then it was shipped to him in NYC and he rocked it on GMA… 


Who Is going to Houston Sept 8?

On Friday 30th July 2010, @GNTAKEOVER said:

Glam Nation Take Over at Hard Rock Cafe, Houston, TX on 9/8 – It Is On! Get your GLAM on for pre/post concert party 4:00p.m.-? then walk to the Hobby Center for Performing Arts and rock out with our Glam Rock God! After the concert, come back over for flailing if you are not chasing the bus! Experience the total take over of the Hard Rock by Adam Lambert’s music and videos. Come join us for dinner/drinks/mingling and meeting all your Glam Fan friends. The Hard Rock can only handle 350 of us, so throw your name in the Glam Hat now! E-mail to secure your spot for the total Glam Nation Take Over party! Follow @GNTAKEOVER for updates, more to come!


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