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July 18, 2010

Adam and Denver Up Close!

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thanks to @edenfounc


Amazing picture by @kcinkcity!

 She’s Excited and We Need this Put into a Video Form!

Up Close with Monte, Adam, Tommy and everyone!

Here is a fan account beyond belief by @Kcinkcity!  Thanks to @virg1877 for sharing it!

OK, so I’m gonna talk like this so everyone who wants to read it can. I HAD THE MOST AWESOME GLAMNATION EXPERIENCE EVERRRRR!!!! So I got 2nd row, Monte’s side for KC, and the wonderful, beautiful @_curlyfry told him that I wanted him to sign my Deepest Dark cd and to look for me (btw, Deepest Dark is awesome, if you don’t have it yet, you are missing out!) OK, back to my flail! So I’m looking at Monte when the show starts and he makes eye contact with me & smiles, so I waved or something dorky so he keeps looking right at me and points! and I nod my head, like yeah it’s me! I don’t know if it’s just my imagination, but it seemed like Monte was playing for me the entire concert, I got so much attention! OMFG!!! And the concert was INCREDIBLE!!! The crowd was wild from Allison thru Adam! I FLOVE GA SHOWS!!!!! Dance partyyyyyyyyy!!! So! Music Again!!! Monte Fucking Pittman jumps OFF THE STAGE AND SHREDS HIS SOLO IN. MY. FACE!!!!!!! I touched the Glitter Guitar!!!!!!!!!!! i will never ever ever come down from this high!!! I swear to (Rock)God, Monte played his MA solo FOR ME!!!! FOR ME???? FOR MEEEEE!!!!! I would love to hear about what Adam’s reaction was like! I heard he laughed! I was so focused on the EPIC SHRED that I saw nothing else!!!

And so later! I had been drinking and I’m kind of a dork anyway, lol, so I went to the wrong bus. So my sweet friend @Naomimink calls me and passes the phone to Monte! And I got to tell him I was going to be at the Wichita show the next day and he promised to sign my DD for me and then he said TONIGHT WAS ALL FOR YOU!!!! I am not lying!! I swear to God!! Why was he so sweet to me? Don’t know except he’s a great guy

(Here’s a video of Monte’s call to her)

OK, so like my life isn’t already made, right?? LET’S TALK WICHITA! So Rain. Lightning. Thunder. Sweltering heat. Sunburn. The Wichita line was actually TONS OF FUN!!! lol The ppl were BEYOND GREAT!!! (Oh! and for KC show – I passed out 100 Blow Pops – we licked them during WLL!! hahaha! But no mic lick from Adam, lol, wonder if he noticed? ) OK, so back to Wichita! We were laughing bc the venue was a total dive, but EPIC CONCERT!!! Awesome on-fire crowd! But before the show… when the buses pulled up, we all left our chairs and went over to watch (sweet ppl did not take our spots! Told you crowd was awesome!!) So we couldn’t get close to the buses at that point, so whenever anyone would come out, @edwindeux would say 1, 2, 3 and we would call name and wave! 123 SASHA!! 123 TAYLOR!!! hahaha! It was fun So Monte came out with LP and Cam and I of course yell MONTE!!! And he says KC? I’ll come out after soundcheck and sign your cd! YESSSS!!! Oh! and Adam comes out of the bus with plain clothes, a baseball cap, and sunglasses. We’re all like Is that Neil? Who is that? Finally someone yells Adam? and he smiles and waves right before opening the venue door!! WTF?? We didn’t recognize ADAM FUCKING LAMBERT!!! LMAO4EVR! So later! We go over by the buses again and Monte comes out from soundcheck. Hand shake? NO!!! This bitch got HUGS!!! MULTIPLE HUGS!!! OK, so I was probably the one who instigated the hugging, lol, but at least he let me!! haha I FINALLY GOT MY DEEPEST DARK SIGNED!!! then we talked for a good 15 minutes! Hes the nicest guy, I swear! He has every reason in the world to be stuck-up (TALENTED, GORGEOUS, ETC) but he treats his fans like we are important to him!! What an amazing heart!

So! More Monte in a while! (I am the luckiest bitch EVER) but let me tell you about my other epic!! So not only did I get an amazing KC spot but for Wichita I got 3-4ish row Center!! And everyone around me was SO SWEET! OK, so again – ALLISON ROCKED!! You think Kansas City showed Allison love? WICHITA BROUGHT IT!! Total dance party! So by the time Adam came on stage, the crowd was deafening IN A GOOD WAY! Totally epic concert! Everyone rocked, I even got a wave from Tommy! They could feel our love, you could see it in the smiles on their faces! And my sweet new friend @LiveFreeLoveHard took FRONT ROW CENTER PICS WITH MY CAMERA

OK, so my intelligent and wonderful flail-buddy @edwindeux suggests that we leave before the encore so that we can get over to the barricade since it’s the only way to the buses and a staff member told us that we could line up there after the show for autographs! We got prime location again! Let me tell you about all the autographs I got!!! (I’ve never gotten any before, so it’s special to me! yes, I’m 12, haha) First! @Longineu signed my Yellowcard cd!!! And then he said “That’s cool” that I had him sign it (YEAH, COOL FOR ME!!!) and THEN he told me that Yellowcard would be playing here in November! I was like WHAT?? WHERE?? and he said “Right here!”. OMG!! I thought Yellowcard was broken up?? I was stunned!! I am SO THERE!!! omg! NEXT! Miss Camila Grey! She wasn’t signing much & was walking toward the bus, so I called for her and she signed my @UhHuhHerMusic cd!! YAY! Also, @LizAnneHill, who’s the cutest & sweetest rocker ever, spent so much time at the barricades! She signed my @AllisonIraheta cd & a pic! Also got autographs from the amazing dancers @TaylorG90 and @SashaMallory! Hope they felt our love bc THEY BROUGHT IT TO WICHITA!!

NOW! I know you all want to hear about how I FINALLY got to get my FYE signed by AFL himself!! Haha, I’m probably the last fan on the planet to get her’s signed, but hey! Adam totally had to hurry, of course, there were so many ppl, so no time for hugs or pics, but I was right there at the barricade within touching distance, and he’s SO FUCKING BEAUTIFUL!!! His smile is like sunshine! Purple & green hair extensions. OK, so back to how GORGEOUS IS ADAM’S EYES!!! They would glitter if he didn’t have glitter on them, but they looked like peacock feathers! So Adam signs my FYE and in my other hand I have my Violator cd for Tommy to sign, and Adam signed that too! haha, then he’s like What did I just sign? haha! His face looked like WTF??? I didn’t have the heart to tell him “that’s for Tommy, not you!” BB can sign anything he wants! OK, now I KNOW you all want to hear about TOMMY!!! So Tommy is taking forever to get down to our part of the line and I was actually kinda worried that the buses would call him away! But he finally got to us and yes, he REALLY IS THAT GORGEOUS IN REAL LIFE! How?? Seriously, how is he so fucking yummy??? He had a multi-colored hair extension and beautiful makeup! I think he was hungover, he was more :I than but still took time w everyone. So I asked @TommyJoeRatliff to sign my Depeche Mode Violator cd and he totally did!!! I got a pic of him holding it by his DM tattoo!!! Will post pics soon! So this drunk woman next to me asks Tommy to sign her ticket, right? but she wants him to put AL on it!! He’s all like you want me to sign Adam’s name?? hahahahahaha He asked her a couple times!! I told her I would forge Adam’s signature if she wanted!! hahah AND HE TOTALLY DID!!! and then she asked, Is that how Adam signs his name? and @TommyJoeRatliff was like “I don’t know!” LMAO 4 EVERRRRRR!!! So! Back to the Monte loves KC show!!! So Monte comes out for the fans and parks in front of me! We get to talk another 15 minutes or more!! And the whole time we’re talking, he’s drawing on my arm in blue permanent marker!! I am now have a “tattoo” – a huge KC and a black rabbit that is actually blue! It’s a reference to his song Through the Breezes – he wrote it from the Black Rabbit’s perspective (Watership Down). Did I mention what an awesome guy Monte is?? A young guy next to me caught a drumstick (LP’s or Val’s?) and had got everyone to sign it but Monte, Cam, and I think LP, and he asks Monte is he would sign it. Monte says Sure and then walks over to the buses! The kid was freaking out!! Sure enough, Monte went and got THEIR signatures and then came back and signed it too! IS HE NOT THE BEST?????

OH!! MY DEEPEST DARK NEWS!!! So the beautiful and badass @_curlyfry told me that Monte is releasing hard copies of DD!! It’s in the works! So I asked Monte about it, and he described the artwork! It is gonna be fucking AWESOME!! Can’t wait to get it in my greedy little hands! And then Monte thanks ME for everything! I am not fucking kidding! Like he should be grateful to me that he’s so freaking awesome??? Again, WHAT. A. GUY. ILHSFM


‘American Idol’: Adam Lambert’s ‘If I Had You’ enters top 30 on airplay chart

Once again, Adam Lambert is still making his way up the chart with new single “If I Had You”. According to the newest Mediabase chart numbers released on Sunday, the third single off of the “American Idol” singer’s “For Your Entertainment” is now sitting comfortable at #30. With an increase of close to 20% in airplay for the past week, he was able to jump up two spots over his position last week. 

So where could Adam’s song head next? As with all things airplay, it will likely depend on how much support he receives coupled with the performances of those around him. Some new songs by Nicki Minaj and B.o.B. could provide some sort of competition from below, but there are also some songs falling in airplay that should be at Adam’s place (or below him) at this point next week. 

Unless there is a major surge in airplay for “If I Had You”, we can probably best predict that he will be up an additional spot or two by this time next week. It’s a slow climb, but so far Adam has done nothing but improve his chart performances week-to-week with this song. 


Thanks to @kcinkcity


Interview with Mix 100  



Picture by @alice1059  
Picture by @azglamfan  
Picture by @swayshay  


More pictures here:  


Denver ‘s Awesome Videos  







Music Again  


If I Had You  


Mad World/WLL  



Adam Lambert message – message to @pinkonix a Venezuelan LatinglambertPosted 11 hours ago by ADAMGASMIC – Genre: World Fusion  


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner  

Picture by @ratliff_lover from Wichita and TJR tweeted it!


Tommy showing his DM tattoo to @kcinkcity!


Thanks to @kcinkcity


Thanks to @kcinkcity


Thanks to @edenfound


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‘American Idol’: Adam Lambert photo shoot heading to ‘Entertainment Tonight’ 

Adam Lambert has found himself another TV gig. Lee Cherry — an old friend of Adam’s who co-founded the Zodiac Show in Los Angeles — announced on his Twitter that a recent photo shoot will be heading to a certain syndicated entertainment news show:  

“Be sure to set your dvr’s for Monday…Entertainment Tonight is airing behind the scenes from my photo shoot w/ @adamlambert !! Yeehaw!”  

Adam Lambert is no stranger to “Entertainment Tonight” — he previously served as a correspondent for the show during the 2010 Grammy Awards.   Considering how busy Adam is right now with the Glam Nation Tour (which is happening across the United States), this is really an opportunity for him to get some easy publicity on TV without taking out any additional time on his schedule   =========================  

Adam signing after Denver... Neil doing something too!
Drawing by @topazholly90

Lady Gaga Last Night   

ladygaga Tonight love and hate met in St. Louis. And love outnumbered the hate, in poetic thousands. Hate left. But love stayed. + Together, we sang.  

Lady Gaga’s Advice! 



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  7. Hi guys!!!! Great job tonight!!!!! Got a question–how do I get a petition going to get Adam to be a nomination on American Music Awards?? He deserves to be nominated for WWFM and WIN too!!! Can either of you help me????? I really don’t think he should be shunned because of what happened last year. We as his GLAMBERTS have to do something!!!!!!

    Comment by Robin — July 18, 2010 @ 7:59 pm

  8. Robin, eventhough I am not in the music business, I am going to be very forward and make this prediction – come the AMA’s, the Billboard awards & The Grammy’s, I thin that Adam is going to needto rent a U – haul for all the awards he is going to win; plus I think Adam stands a good chance to break Santana’s & Michael Jackson’s record of winning 8 Grammy’s in one year.Right now, I think he has the Album of the Year and the Song & record of the Year in WWFM, plus Male Rock & Male Pop Vocalist of the year – and he deserves all of them, plus more!! Let’s just keep our fingers crossed!

    Comment by DeeDee Glambert — July 19, 2010 @ 8:16 am


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