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July 16, 2010

Light and Love, Adam Lambert!

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Gorgeous Picture by LightLoveAdam!

I Come in Peace....and love... and Glitter! @arohaadam

“Well, I guess they like to put on their signs, “God Hates Fa….s,” but I think God hates hate more.” 

Adam Lambert

I love this… but read my comment below and the great article!

On Friday 16th July 2010, @AdamssAngel said:

I’m sure that Adam did not ever dream he would become the focal point and lightning rod for a world-wide discussion on core spiritual values and gay issues and human rights. But because he is who he is, because he has the most charming, open, and direct personality, and because people are so drawn to him, he has become a shining beacon for this whole ages-long debate. It’s a lot harder to say ‘Gays are evil’, when a young man with impeccable manners, beautiful good looks, transcendent talent, and the honesty of an angel is standing in front of you, especially if he outshines every other person, gay or straight, that you know.

Whether intended or not, Adam is our leader, and because hundreds of thousands of people now know and love him and would defend him to the end, we have, without realizing it, become a part of an international dialogue and movement for CHANGE. There’s nothing like a true leader, a person of integrity and love, that we can point to and say, yes, there is my example, there is someone I can follow, and WHAT an example he is! He puts to shame all those who hate him, and all those who stand out on street corners, using children to hold up viscious slogans of ignorant hatred.

I challenge anyone of any faith or long-held belief against gays, to step across that street dividing you from Adam Lambert, and go look at him close-up, extend your hand to him, and meet him face-to-face. Watch how he listens attentively to every question, looks carefully and candidly at every person he meets, and then answers with unending patience, perceptiveness and kindness. Instead of saying something equally as demeaning and hateful back at the protestors, Adam always reaffirms that God does not hate, and that we all can learn to live together, and celebrate life together, no matter who we are. Now that we’ve seen the gay vs. straight debate translated into the haters vs. Adam Lambert, it all becomes so very clear. Whether intentional or not, Adam stands for every beautiful gay person in the whole world, people you know, friends, acquaintances, precious family members, and far-off victims of dreadful prejudices in other lands.

All of us who love Adam Lambert have crossed over that street dividing us all long ago, and we’re all mingling in the middle of that broad avenue, having the time of our lives, and enjoying each other’s company. Whoever we are, we mingle at all of his concerts, and chat to each other online, enjoying him equally, and have the same response to his siren call to get to know each other and love each other. We have chosen love, and that choice has made us better people.

There is only one group left out in the cold in the world we share with Adam, and that wayward group is standing on top of a beautiful rainbow flag crushing it underfoot on a city sidewalk, holding aloft placards spewing venom and hate, teaching their children to despise people they do not know. I say to the anti-gay protestors, look at yourselves and see a world filled with terrible darkness if you were to truly have your way, and then look again, this time with an open mind and with understanding, and have the courage to put down your signs and join the world of the future, filled with light…

Written in heartfelt response by Lorrin Henigan,(on Twitter as @AdamssAngel), upon seeing a photograph of anti-gay protestors standing on a rainbow flag holding slogans of hate on an American street across from an Adam Lambert concert venue. Friday, July 16, 2010


Hi AdamssAngel… I love what you wrote.  I feel it needs to go even a step further.  Those protesters had signs that were anti-gay but also anti- Jewish.  Adam has become the leader for all of us against discrimination against all group of people, not just gays. 

 And for all the reasons you have given, he is extremely qualified. 

This is bringing back to mind a great article written by a priest way back about Adam and Kris. The first time I read it, it  made such a great impression that I have never forgotten it!

 Here it is!


Kris Allen has my vote … for the classiest man of faith on prime-time television.
Oh yeah, he won that Fox TV talent thing last month? Yeah, that one. But the real drama, the storyline that put some reality in “reality” TV for once, was and is his new friendship with the runner-up, Adam Lambert. The understated Mr. Allen probably wasn’t looking to change the world when he auditioned for American Idol – he apparently wasn’t even looking to win, God bless him – but I think he and Adam together will deserve some credit for having altered the cultural landscape. I’m well aware that the lion’s share of press has gone to Adam Lambert, not to mention the stratospheric numbers he’s generated on Google. Yet, if Kris hadn’t played the part he did, Adam’s story would have been quite different. And not nearly so powerful.

Adam Lambert is completely magnetic, and not only because of his astounding voice. He has charisma, he has star power; and he has what many “stars” do not: manners. Grace. Thoughtfulness. And did anyone else mention he’s as beautiful as a screen goddess (hair and makeup by The Cure)? Oh, you probably noticed that.
I had never watched an American Idol episode in my life. But one of my Fave Fab Females started sending me cryptic notes and pictures: “You have to see this guy. Click here, and here, and here…And oh, wait ‘til you hear him sing ‘Brigadoon!’ ” ‘Scuse me, Brigadoon? Sure, and there’s internet footage of Adam in an elegant suit, singing The Prayer at the Yitzhak Rabin Tribute concert; there’s him upstaging Val Kilmer in The Ten Commandments; there’s some extraordinary clips of him vamping some hard-rock burlesque surrounded by dancers of various sexes and persuasions… the boy is clearly a club creature, openly glam, proudly theatrical, but also well-trained and a serious professional.

So he struts into American Idol’s carefully contrived world, and apparently blows it apart, one sector at a time.

Week after week, he kept showing up and wowing his audience, and probably drawing in more and more people like me, who otherwise would never watch. I don’t know what American Idol usually looks like, but it was pretty thrilling by ANY standards to see the likes of Glambert in full-throated sex-machine howl on Whole Lotta Love — and props to the band who also rode it hard — in American prime time.
Yet, at the end of every Idol performance, he steps out of his hellcat prowl (or purr) and instantaneously becomes the boy next door. He’s articulate and self-aware, shrewd about his career but spontaneous enough to gush about the cool outfits he gets to wear for work. The world is his oyster now, and he will be one to watch for the next few years (especially once he’s off the Idol leash, after this year’s tour).
Adam is a compelling personality because he appears so completely at ease in his own skin — and in this world. He knows what he’s good at; he knows what he has to work at, he’s educated about his medium. His confidence — however hard-won it might have been — is … well, kind of infectious. He treats everyone with respect and puts people at ease. In a word, he is likeable. Flamboyant, theatrical, goth, guyliner and all, he is genuinely likeable.
But he is more than just “nice.” So much more. He doesn’t speak in spiritualized terms, but he does speak with disciplined positivity and, I dare say, a certain sense of mission about acceptance and inclusion of difference. Given a new and vast platform, he’s using it to encourage parents to applaud and support their children who are a little “different,” who want to be creative. Send them to dance class, give them vocal training. “Artists are a little bit special, they need the support,” he says.
Now, the (pink) elephant in the room is nudging me to mention the difference that all of America is talking about, and it ain’t about practicing scales. But Adam has been more honest than any of the speculators or gossips, because all of us know of some poor boy who was taunted and tormented and called “gay,” NOT because he yet had any carnal inclinations at all, but simply because he was different. Adam’s is the most relevant message we could hope for, because he refuses to let anyone be reduced to labels and be filed coldly in some moralistic category.
And he may just be the most effective messenger we could want, a goth boy of the demi-monde who is perfectly comfortable with Middle America (read: American Idol); but one who respects that audience enough to offer them “something maybe they didn’t know they wanted.” Creativity is his message, more than cultural disruption. He isn’t Marilyn Manson – he wants not to bludgeon his audience, but to woo them.

But none of that fully explains why he’s on my blog.
It’s true that audacious creativity and originality and self-awareness like Adam’s does alone merit spiritual reflection. The creative process is a deeply spiritual process, even in those who would never call it that. So I’m not presuming anything about Adam’s beliefs.
I do think he’s an old soul. Yet, prudently he has no pretensions to Deep Thoughts or Political Statements (in public), he says he just wants to sing, and be judged on his art. Of course he’s more sophisticated than that, and he knows full well that asking to be judged for his art alone IS his political statement.

Countless commentators wanted the Idol competition to be about more than just singing. With Danny Gokey rounding out the Top Three, many wanted to make it a tally of endorsements for, oh, shall we call it “lifestyles?” You know, Danny (and likewise Kris, the dark horse bringing up the rear), the card-carrying Christian versus Adam the flamboyant one who hasn’t said he’s gay.
Let us pause to decode that snapshot of American pop culture. In social shorthand, those characterizations imply juxtapositions, i.e. a Christian can’t be flamboyant, and the one who “looks gay” can’t (or wouldn’t) be Christian; or, the one is restrained, temperate, and “good,” the other is … not. (Alternatively, the one is open, creative, and “good” — while the other is not!)
Whatever. Moving on now, to real three-dimensional people, and the reason Adam Lambert and Kris Allen are important to our spiritual health.

Now, it is American Idol after all, folks: it is a popularity contest. And in the end, maybe the guyliner was a little more than America could stomach in its new American idol. But the punchline in this story is that it wasn’t squeaky-clean Danny whose votes ousted Adam. The showdown finale was between Kris and Adam – tagged respectively, Christian and flamboyant, yes, but demolishing the rules of American hit television by refusing to stay in their boxes.

I know next to nothing about Kris Allen’s non-musical life, except that he’s married, he calls himself Christian and he’s done missionary work across the world. I heard about the exchanges among the other contestants that made reference to what is supposedly “godly” and right in relationships, but Kris’s name wasn’t part of that. I don’t know what kind of Christianity he practises, or how he envisions his God. I do know this: he declares himself Christian to the television audience – i.e. to the world; and he freely, publicly, verbally, and especially non-verbally, loves Adam Lambert like a brother.

The blogosphere of Idol fans –“prolific” hardly suffices — have dedicated millions of keystrokes to the warm relationship between Adam and Kris.
I needn’t reiterate what everyone from to the New York Times and Ryan Seacrest have had to say about the contrasts between the two men. There’s the obvious: LA glamboy, Arkansas country boy; but also their personalities could not be more distinct. Kris was self-effacing even in his moment of triumph, while Adam was eating the Idol soundstage for lunch with Feelin’ Good and Whole Lotta Love. Meanwhile they were assigned as roommates in the mansion midway through the season, and they obviously clicked.
They’ve both spoken freely about becoming friends, and joked publicly about their differences. Online fans have dubbed their relationship a “bromance,” which is charming and maybe not inaccurate; nonetheless it is flip and much shallower than the bond that is apparent between them.
In an interview the day after the finale, Adam departed from the usual breezy soundbytes required of him to emphasize what he felt was most important about the competition — that the friendship and respect between himself and Kris might be an example for others in transcending difference, for the reward of becoming enriched by it. Both of them become animated when they talk about how much their new friendship has meant to them. Still, their words never exceed generalities.

But pictures do.
One blogger dedicated a whole .jpg- and .gif-stuffed page to the story of the “bromance,” which brings together all the images (collated from a hundred other sources online) that speak more eloquently than any interview. Kris really isn’t much of a talker anyway, and Adam is nothing if not deliberate and professional in his public comments. But body language is like soul-talk, direct and poetic. Certainly between Adam and Kris, it has been.

Watching them together, both before and after the results, we saw no wariness or distance between them (compared with, say, Danny’s cold, take-no-prisoners duet with Kris). And heck, didja see those hugs?? Sure, there’s a lot of hugging on Idol, and I take most of it as genuine: the 5 months of competition are grueling, especially for the finalists, and I’m sure many of them feel a bit like comrades-in-arms. Certainly Kris and Adam must have felt like that.

But their physical way with each other is more than social or circumstantial.

And let me make this abundantly, loudly, perfectly clear: I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT ROMANTIC ATTRACTION. Kris obviously loves his adoring wife, and Adam is quite capable of feeling platonic love for other men, hey, just like regular folks. So let my words not be misconstrued in any way, shape or form. End of Disclaimer.
A brilliant (and hilariously insane) male blogger from the equally brilliant website Television Without Pity summed up the sub-cultural tremors we are feeling this way: And if that’s the choice that America’s handing us — the choice between these two men who are soft, but manage to be anything but weak, and are the only two out of the whole Top Twelve you could say that about — that’s the best news I’ve heard in a long, long time.

Say amen, brother. It’s joyously evident that Kris has no qualms whatsoever about his trust in Adam, or about the message he’s sending to viewers. When they hugged, they hugged for real – there was none of the typical back-slapping not-too-close! hugs between men in public. To pick just one, there’s a telling moment in front of the press corps immediately after Kris’ win. Adam is patiently doing his post-episode 10-minute Q&A beside the Fox logo, when Kris comes around the corner into camera range and nearly tackles Adam with a broadside bear-hug. It’s spontaneous, genuine, and affectionate, for the world to see.
They’ve had each other’s backs. They’ve learned from each other, and they’ve advocated for each other. With and for each other they are respectful and generous. Open. Trusting. And loving.
Adam Lambert could not be happier for his friend, Kris Allen, American Idol 2009. And Kris Allen admires and celebrates the extraordinary gifts of his larger-than-life friend, Adam Lambert.
Kris Allen is my kind of Christian.
Editors note:  And Adam Lambert is my kind of human being! 
Love you Adam!

Kansas City Videos!

Thanks to @lanberfan1977 for posting!

Sleepwalker (Partial)




Hopefully more will show up soon!


Review | Adam Lambert at the Midland


The Kansas City Star

When its eulogy is writ, “American Idol” will be remembered most for a very few things: Simon Cowell; the pseudo-freaks who signed up for auditions; and a few of its champions and runners-up.

Thursday night, one of “Idols” most memorable contestants, 2009 runner-up Adam Lambert, sold out the Midland theater, a feat rarely accomplished these days, unless you’re Leonard Cohen or apart of one of Johnny Dare’s hard-rock bonanzas.

To give you an idea of how inaccurate the “Idol” barometer is when it comes to predicting success, Lambert lost to Kris Allen, who earlier this year was one of the opening acts for the Barenaked Ladies and Counting Crows. Lambert spins in an orbit unlike any other “Idol” winner or runner-up. Instead of third-generation grunge or watered-down R&B/soul/pop, he deals primarily in a mix of dance-pop and -rock — the kind favored by disco divas — and gives it all a light coating of goth.

It has helped him build a battalion of fans ages 12 to 60, which was the makeup of Thursday’s crowd.

His tour is called “The Glam Nation Tour”; his diehard fans call themselves Glamberts; and his show is loaded with lots of cabaret, choreography and gender-bending costumes — a mix of Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Culture Club and Cher.

He took the Midland stage in one of those costumes, an ensemble of fur, fringe, leather, rhinestones and a black top hat, singing the song “VooDoo.” He would deliver 75 minutes of dance and music — some of it big and loud with heavy beats, some of it soft and acoustic. It included covers of Johnny Cash (“Ring of Fire”) and Led Zeppelin (“Whole Lotta Love”), proving that nerve and audacity are not two of his deficiencies.

Lambert separated himself from his “Idol” pack with his sense of campiness and his voice, which is big and beefy enough to take on Robert Plant or one of his own big-beat dance songs, like “Sure Fire Winners” or “Music Again.” It’s also agile enough to handle a guitar or piano ballad, like “Sleepwalker” or “Soaked.”

The set list comprised more than a dozen songs, most from his “For Your Entertainment” album, now approaching 700,000 in sales in the U.S. (more than double Allen’s debut). But the sights, including a laser show, and the dancing were as much an attraction as the songs.

It was all appreciated by the crowd of more than 2,500, some of whom had gathered outside the theater before lunch to assure a good spot on the floor.


If You Missed the Protestors,  Adam tweeted this: 

*sigh* God doesn’t Hate. 



Here is the one we need to circulate! 

itsjuls Standing \O/ for @IndigoDaze, creator of this pic! “I couldn’t stand the hate so I turned it into love!” 

Fabulous photoshop by @indigodaze... thanks!

 The protestors are going to be in Wichita tonight… wouldn’t it be great if there were positive signs like these floating around ! 

And Here’s what some Fans and the Band have said! 

K. G. GGJustLoves  #FF @adamlambert cuz he sets the example and teaches us to choose love and not hate. 

D.M Labatt_dm Lets seee…. hmmm…someone that preaches hate or someone that preaches love 

Christina G. Moonshine890 @adamlambert you are a beautiful person inside and out bb ❤ keep that chin up and throw glitter at the haters lol 

styleandchiche @Monterrific LOOK who made TOP TWEETS tonite you and @SashaMallory “All we need in this world is some love” 

Monterrific God doesn’t hate anyone. Just for the record. Includling bushels of sticks that stick out. God might slightly (cont) 

Thanks to @aquariussue7!

Thanks to @aquariussue7!

Thank you @aquariussue7!

Picture by @Artis_Elemental

Good News! 

LAMBERTLUST Adam Lambert – ‘If I Had You’ is #23 on iTunes Pop Chart! buy your copy today!! 

hippiebert: Monte went into audience to play solo LOL ❤ 

 Winks7619: Well that was epic. Monte couldn’t get back up easily. High five with adam at the end of song 

 Adam Interview by Broken Records Magazine 


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Picture by @susycornish from Kansas City!

Pucker up baby! Lansing by @glamber_horse


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Adam and Sasha!


Interview & Show Preview: Adam Lambert @ Showbox SoDo, Tues. 7/20


When Adam Lambert became majorly famous after appearing on American Idol, it may have seemed that it was one of those overnight success stories. In fact, Lambert had acted in musical theater since he was ten years old. His strong work ethic paid off and his versatile talent is displayed on his 2009 debut, For Your Entertainment, a CD that is a constant presence in my quality music time

Lambert in the video “Whataya Want from Me” – photo courtesy of 

I talked with Lambert recently in a press conference, where he revealed himself to be an artist involved in every step of his craft and image. He co-wrote several of the songs on For Your Entertainment and he selected talented artists, writers and producers to work with on all levels. This included a clothing design company called Skin Graft to achieve his unique and outrageous looks. One of my favorite songs off For Your Entertainment is “Soaked”. When I first heard it I was struck by how much it reminded me of Muse, and what a surprise it was to read the CD’s liner notes crediting Muse’s Matthew Bellamy as the writer. I wondered how this fortunate combination of Lambert and Bellamy came about? “My A&R guy, he knew their A&R guy and they had this song that was part of their catalog. I mean technically it’s a song written by Muse but it’s an Adam Lambert song because they never released it. So he wrote the song, Matt Bellamy, and gave it to me. And it’s a beautiful melody and I think it really is a great addition to the album because it’s definitely throwback and nods to some of the classic rock and vintage pop ballads. And I think that it’s a great sound to contrast all the rhythmic elements on For Your Entertainment. It was really exciting. I think that for me one of the things that makes getting signed to a major label really exciting is that you have the access to working with some of the best producers in the business.” 

When asked about the Glam Nation Tour, he said he always “loved the big pop tours, people like Michael Jackson and Madonna and even my first tour that I ever saw was Paula Abdul,” and that his “background in musical theater really came into play a lot with this production.” As far as the inspiration for the clothing styles you’ll see on the tour, Lambert elaborated that, “there is a lot of psychedelic kind of classic rock visual references. People like Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison and Keith Richards – these are all people that have kind of inspired the look and the feel of the show
. . . and then [it’s] blended with this whole thing called scheme punk . . . it’s like Victorian era fashion mixed with modern elements like punk rock mixed with retro kind of historical clothing.” When he brought up Keith Richards, someone whom I think needs to get his dues for being a style icon, I had to ask him what it was he liked about Richards’ style. Lambert said, “It’s that whole kind of like psychedelic rock, gypsy, pirate thing. I don’t know how else to describe it. It kind of has this witchy, world traveler type angle. He wears lots of scarves and cool jewelry and lots of black and it’s like a type of Goth but it’s Goth before Goth became a cliché.” 

Adam Lambert plays Showbox SoDo on Tuesday, July 20th. Alison Iraheta opens. 


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  1. I love popping in here throughout the day. I haven’t seen any vids from last night yet so I’ll be back. I think those extremists / terrorists that picketed in front of the concert are going to follow Adam around because they will get publicity. Every time we tweet or mention them, their followers send them money. As much as I would like to stone them or douse them in gasoline and send them into their just rewards… I think the best thing for us to do is ignore them. They might not go away but we don’t need to give them extra press.

    Comment by Random Medley — July 16, 2010 @ 10:39 am

  2. Last night really saddened me w/those Nasty protesters. I hope they are not there tonight, but if they are I’m sure some Glamberts will take care of them, throw some Love Glitter on those A-Holes, Please. Adam doesn’t deserve this Crap, He is man of LOVE, TRUTH, Honesty. And most of all Spreading His wonderful Talent & passionate Performances all over This World. Thank You ADAM LAMBERT If you only knew How Much You are loved by ALL OF US!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Much love to u also Gloria! xoxo PS Sure he Knows we love HIM!!

    Comment by merrie — July 16, 2010 @ 10:49 am

  3. Oh so cool you have comments! I never noticed before. I get your daily e-mail and always look forward to it because you have tons of Adam/GNT goodies. Last night was tough but both Adam, the Glam Band/Dancers and all Glamberts banded together to defeat hate with love. In the end it only made us stronger. Love for Adam was so strong many were brought to tears (including myself). I think we all had 3 main goals: 1) to not let the haters get to us and cause us to lower ourselves to their level, 2) to let Adam know that he WAS NOT alone and 3) to let shower Adam with love and positivity as well as spread it to others as much as possible.

    Comment by Number8gurl — July 16, 2010 @ 12:44 pm

  4. hey, that is so awesome and amazing, wish u all the luck ;-D

    Comment by praise — July 16, 2010 @ 2:45 pm

  5. I honestly hope that this is going to be a one time annoyance with these protesters; I franky was very surprised to see this in the morning. Maybe someone should alert these people that God put us all on this earth to coexist & be civil & kind to one another amid our differences. It is the diversity of people that makes us all unique & special; we should all celebrate our differences as similarities beciuse we all belong to one special group – HUMAN BEINGS!! I haven’t seen the videos from last night as of now, but if I know Adam, he probably put on one hell of a show & turned a negative into a positive, as he always does. I know one thing – if there is anything decent, loving, spritually uplifting, honorable & inspirational, it comes in a package named Adam Lambert. To me, Adam is a kind, warm, wonderful & loving person, and above all, an extremely courageous and exceptional man – more than I can day for many others out there.

    Comment by DeeDeeGlambert — July 16, 2010 @ 3:18 pm

  6. I am very honored and thrilled that you chose to include my letter written today on Twitter, a letter written in response to the public protest against gays and others, on a sidewalk in an American city during Adam Lambert’s Glam Nation Tour. I was appalled and saddened by the pathetic display of homophobic and anti-religious rhetoric on their forest of signs and placards, but the final straw was seeing the beautiful Rainbow Flag crushed beneath the feet of one of the protesters, as though he stood in righteous judgement over all the dreams, hard-won battles, and aspirations of the gay community. I couldn’t take my eyes off of that lovely, brilliantly-colored symbol of pride and hope, trampled on a dirty sidewalk. I simply had to write all that I was feeling, and all that must be said as we all go forward with this deeply entrenched problem in the American psyche.

    I thank God Adam Lambert is now in the world. Even though he has never sought to be a public figure in a political or social debate over issues, yet he is the most beloved central figure in this whole endless struggle around which we can all assemble, and with whom we can all relate. Without meaning to, Adam has become a figure of patience and perserverance in this ugly, never-ending social war, and our love for him has become a rallying point for us all to voice our feelings about this matter, using his own equitable temperament, his own firmness with kindness, as our example and ideal.

    Once again, thank you so much for including me on your excellent website, among all the other writers, including yourself, who so expressively and eloquently speak of our love for the extraordinary person and otherworldly phenomenon who is Adam Lambert.

    Comment by Lorrin — July 16, 2010 @ 6:42 pm

  7. You know he’s really “arrived” when the jealous little-minded people have to strike out at him to make themselves feel less inadequate!!! Who has a voice like that? Or a face, or eyes, or that 100 watt smile? Feel sorry for the poor idiots because they have nothing but their hatred of all things different to keep them company.
    You’re right on the money, Adam…God IS love!! And he has given you such great gifts because you deserve them and because you are good and kind and want to make the world a better, happier place. Pity the fools!

    Comment by cybergranny7 — July 16, 2010 @ 10:06 pm

  8. AB, wonderful, touching blog today after what happened last night.

    Comment by northern spirit — July 16, 2010 @ 11:14 pm

  9. Many beautiful expressions of love in the face of this hate-filled protest. Adam is the living refutation to all these miserable demonstrators.

    Comment by Circe — July 17, 2010 @ 1:23 am

  10. Dear Gloria
    as always, i enjoyed this blog. the whole situtation with the protesters is heartbreaking. it is their right to protest, i just wish they would not demonstrate at the GNT concerts. these shows are celebrations of love, light, and the joy of Adam Lambert and his music. i respect that others may have different opinions and beliefs than i do, but i do not understand why one person is targetted and why they must be so hurtful. i don’t think that God approves of the Bible being used as a weapon to spread hate. i refer to “haters” as “PUS” – “poor unfortunate souls”, because really, when you think of it, that is what they are. i feel sad for them. having hate in your heart makes a person bitter. a bitter person is not a happy person. an unhappy person needs love. “LOVE IS ALL” and |What we need in this world is some LOVE” i invite all “PUS” to “take a trip and fall into the Glitter”

    Comment by Carter — July 17, 2010 @ 10:26 am

  11. I was at the Kansas City concert. I wasn’t surprised that our little local hate mafia was out there. They never miss a chance. Once in Topeka they picketed the opera Tosca. I couldn’t figure that one out. My friend who came with me was so upset about the picketers. I hope Adam didn’t get upset-they are really not worth it. The crowd near the theater was very pleased and cheered when a cute lesbian couple kissed in the middle of the street.
    The concert was so wonderful, even though the acoustics in the Midland frankly sucked. WWFM actually had a slight helium effect to it-very slightly chipmunkesque. What is strange is that when I listened to the youtube video posted above, it sounded perfect. So I’m a little confused. But even the review above said the sound could have been cleaner.
    Aftermath and Soaked were so beautiful. I love his live version of Soaked so much better than the FYE version.

    Comment by Isabel R — July 17, 2010 @ 11:45 pm

  12. Isabel, I’m so glad you enjoyed the KC concert despite those annoying people outside. About the sound, I’ve noticed the helium effect 4 times when I’ve seen Adam (AI tour, Vancouver, Wilkes and Toronto). I don’t know what it is. Maybe the microphone isn’t picking Adam’s voice properly, or the speakers transmitting properly, or maybe it’s where I’m sitting. I can’t figure it out and it’s annoying.

    Comment by northern spirit — July 18, 2010 @ 7:18 am

  13. Love it, Isabel!! It truly was an amazing experience in Kansas City all around, wasn’t it? I’m still savoring, remembering, loving it! Adam is truly a phenomenon, and I think we are so smart for being on the leading edge of his grand rise.

    The cool thing about an Adam Lambert concert is that it is an entire experience! It was a full day of Glamily joy–sharing, loving, enjoying our adventure with each other–then culminated by the arrival of our Muse, our beautiful and amazingly talented BB. I feel so blissed to be able to partake of this experience four times! This is my summer of Adam!

    I loved meeting the 65-year-old self-proclaimed “rabid Adam Lambert fan” from New York who has tickets to 34 Glamnation Tour Concerts! I have a new IDOL! LOL!

    Comment by Mary S — July 18, 2010 @ 9:34 pm

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