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July 12, 2010

Adam Runs!

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Todays pictures... old favorites!

Adam Lambert adamlambert In a cab at mcdonalds after being chased down the street by drag queens. Lansing is adventure! 


sexynarwhal: they have a drag queen race ever Sun night at 10 pm at Spiral Dance club in Lansing. Adam went. Ad 

Anyone have any pictures of this? 

Here is something from PHilton

Trannies Love Glambert!


Adam Lambert is a brave man! We don’t know what we’d do if we found ourselves being charged at by determined trannies!

According to some Perezcious readers, the Glambert was spotted partying it up at a drag show in Michigan last night!

When he peaced out early, one especially fierce tranny decided this was unacceptable and chased him down the street – in full heels – so she could snap a pic with the American Idol, and that’s how we got the FABOOSH picture posted above!

And the Glambert even tweeted about the incident, saying:

In a cab at mcdonalds after being chased down the street by drag queens. Lansing is adventure!

LOLs! It certainly sounds like it was, bb!

We love the Glambert!

Read More: Trannies Love Glambert! |
Celebrity Juice, Not from Concentrate


Thanks to @theglambertrock


LOL! mindchnger NEGL I’m glad my team #ESP Spain won but i’m more tickled that they played Adam at the world cup stadium televised to billions of ppl 😀 

World Cup… Listen to the Song in the Background! 




‘American Idol’: Adam Lambert talks favorite part of Glam Nation Tour (audio) 

Adam Lambert is currently on his way to Chesaning, Michigan, but he was recently in Cleveland to give a concert as a part of his Glam Nation Tour. During his time there, it turns out that the “American Idol” singer found the time to do a little bit more than just perform a concert. 

In an interview with radio station Q104 (which you can see below), Adam talks a little bit about a certain tubing trip he took on Lake Erie. In addition, he also shares what was his favorite thing about the tour just far: 

“I would say the exchange with my fans and the audience. You get out wherever you are, there’s this anticipation. Every time I take the stage, there’s such energy … it’s like a mirror that exists between you and the audience. I feel supported, there’s so much energy.” 

Adam also takes the time to talk a little bit about the theater scene in Cleveland, and who he wants to collaborate with in the music (hardcore Adam fans already know the answer to this one). 

Following Chesaning Monday, Adam will then take the stage in Lansing for the Common Ground Music Festival. 



About the Chesang Music Festival 


We Want Him Well Protected, Right? 

Picture by @aquariussue7 with thanks!

 After the first Glam Nation concert in Wilkes-Barre, Adam boarded the bus surrounded by eight body guards … they walked with him and surrounded him in a box shape… three on each side and one in front and one behind.  I thought that was interesting at the time! 



hooplamagnet  Australia RT hot100au: Adam Lambert: ‘If I Had You’ is currently No. 8 on iTunes. See real-time chart updates at 

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Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner 

One More Time! 

IPB Image 

Thanks to @amazingadam28!Thanks to @indybeck77


Picture by @aquariussue7

Fan Review from Knoxville and Nashville by @sammiema 

Nashville and Knoxville from my point of view.
Adam was great in Knoxville. That voice , that face that body blushing.gif. The show was GREAT in Knoxville but he was a demigod in Nashville. There are vids for you to watch so I do not have to tell you how his voice was and how sexy his body and dancing is.
On stage Adam looks just like the photos you see. He is all man on stage. Those muscles of his look just like the vids and photos you see. In person he is slim. I only saw him running to and from the bus in Nashville. I saw him from the back the first time. His body is slim with a good shape. His waist was so small from the back and his lats curved down so nice to that small waist they were smooth and his shoulders were nice. His shoulder muscles are like you see in photos and vids. His body looks like it would feel frim from all that I could see. Oh and the white T-shirt with black letters or design was tight from my point of view blushing.gif .As one friend would have said years ago his body is good for sex. To me he looks like a dancer. I use to take dancing. His hair is so thick. I was looking at him from the back and when he turned his face to the side it was standing out at the top of the curve of his cut almost like Goku from DragonBall Z and he had on bronzer on his face. To me it looked like his skin in the rush as if he were that color form nature. Later on after the show as he left the to go to he bus he looked cream colored in the alley. His hair was down to the left side the side a swipe some could call an emo look. If you go and look at the bus vid from Nashville the first voice you hear yelling “Adam” and the first clapping of hands was me. I yelled when I heard the lady from New Orleans say ” There he is.” He was taking with some man. I could see a little smile when I was clapping his chin and jaw line is manly with that smile. I only saw his left side of his face. The when the other people clapped he turned around. I had a better view of him going on the bus that the vid looks like. I watched him climb up the stars on the inside of the bus. His arms from the back was very slim like the rest of him. I love how his hips looked as he climbed into the living section of the bus. There were only few of us who saw him from the vantage point I had. Most people were lined up on the side of the bus. We were in a line too but in the front of the bus. 

Now in Knoxville I did get Allie, Tommy and Monte autographs. (Monte short and handsome in person. He may be an inch or two taller than me.) Tommy and Monte’s are on my mirror and Allie’s is on my ticket from Knoxville. I had a fangirl moment in front of Tommy. Yes Tommy is that handsome. At my age… The photo of Sasha and I is blurred so badly I may not put it up. She is so sweet. I told her that I had sent her a tweet about how much she looked like a famous singer dancer from the past. I mentioned my shoes to her… the ones she hate (remember the ugly shoe tweet from her) and we laughed together about it with our right hands together. The photo of me and Terrance is better. He and I looked each other straight in the eyes and talked. I told him how beautiful his mother was and how he looked just like her. For the photo he puts his arm around me and his skin is so smooth and soft with those large hard muscles. His color is such a beautiful deep tan. He is just a little lighter than I am. BTW Taylor smokes and Neil and Adam are without question cut fron the dame cloth.
Now in Nashville as Kathy and I drove by I saw Brook and Taylor walking down the street together.
I am still in the Adam afterglow. 


Great Fan Tribute Video… I Just Want You to Know! 

So many great pictures …. most of my favorites are in here! 


Fan Tribute Video Thread Needs Updating!  Please Send me your Latest Favorites to add to the list! 

Fan Tribute Videos of Adam Lambert             



From Yesterday’s Updates… did you see these? 

Glam Nation Scrapbook…. Great job! 



Just Got A Chance to Read this one… worth it! 

Adam’s Scarlet Letter: A Sin Transformed

From NoAngel:
A is for Adam.

Simple. Unless the Adam is Lambert, and the A is huge and sparkling in antique script on a top hat. In scarlet. Get it? 

Okay, so I didn’t, at first. I blame sensory overload. The night of the concert in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania was an explosion of Purple fringe! Lasers! Acoustic Aftermath! Bare feet and sultry moves and Ring of Fire, omg! And oh yeah, Adam likes to splash his initial around- cool! An “A” on the back of his vest, and his dancers’ costumes, and LP’s drum. In all the glitz and flash at the beginning of the long-anticipated Glam Nation Tour, Adam’s message to us may have been overlooked. 

But something finally nudged my mind, and when it hit me, I geeked out, because seriously, I stan Adam for a hundred different reasons, but his clever, creative brain just ~does things to me. So bear with me as I look a little deeper into the symbolism of Adam’s scarlet letter. 

For those who haven’t read the novel since forced at exam-point to do so in high school, the abridged/nutshell version of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s 1850 classic The Scarlet Letter: Hester Prynne is a young woman sent to colonial Boston by her husband. For years, she waits for him to join her, and when he doesn’t, has an affair with another man. Discovered, she is imprisoned, and once released, is forced to wear a bright red “A” (for adultery) on her dress, marking her as a sinner. She lives quietly on the outskirts of town and over time, she comes to embrace the letter, and even to wear it proudly. She decorates it in gold thread, and refuses to remove it even when given permission to do so. The meaning of the letter itself changes, and many townspeople, who have come to respect Hester, come to believe it stands for “able.” 

In the novel, Hester was judged by her community as a sinner and forced to wear a label of her shame. Her offense: she defied the rules and dared to be a sexual being. She could have sunk down under the punishment and let it defeat her. She could have left town and hidden her identity. Instead, she stayed, and through her suffering, she gained insight and wisdom and strength of character. She did not deny who she was or what she had done, and through her quiet courage, turned a label of shame into a badge of honor. 

So what does all this have to do with Adam? What was the crime that Adam committed? 

He defied the rules and dared to be a sexual being. Gifted with the closing number on the 2009 American Music Awards, he gave an unabashedly sexual performance, sending conservatives into a tailspin and provoking 1500 of them to release their pearls long enough to set righteously trembling fingers to keyboards and write half-coherent letters of outrage to the FCC. Because for some “Americans,” gay is a-okay as long as it’s subtle and asexual, but when it’s “in your face,” the children are evidently at risk. 

Adam’s sin was that, right from the beginning, he refused to be neutered. “I’m a sexual person,” he has said unapologetically, and at the AMAs he gave an overtly sexy performance befitting a sexy song. Something that no out gay male had ever done before on national prime-time television. His punishment was swift. Cancelled performances, a media storm, outcry from all sides. 

At least Adam had the support of the gay community after the AMAs, right? After all, Aaron Hicklin of Out Magazine had just publicly exhorted Adam to “find [his] own path,” to not be afraid of being “too gay,” and to “not mess this up.” “This” being the pioneering path that Adam was charting as the first major-label recording artist to be out at the beginning of his career. Unfortunately, the gay community was far from unanimously supportive after the AMAs, and it took GLAAD a dishearteningly long time to speak out on his behalf against ABC. Many in the LGBT community fretted that Adam’s over-the-top behavior had set back years of hard-won progress. So apparently the advice to Adam to find his own path actually meant, “tread carefully down this narrow safe road we’ve defined, so you don’t freak out the straights with the idea of gay sex…” 

And Adam’s fanbase? As devoted as they are, even some of his most ardent fans wrung their hands in fear over the career implications of the AMA furor. To this day, the performance sparks fierce debate among Adam’s fans, with many proclaiming it a travesty and an anomaly. They are quick to explain that it isn’t “The Kiss” or the simulated oral sex that they object to, but rather they hate that Adam was “threatening,” “angry,” and “uncontrolled” on stage. Never mind that the words (“Can you handle what I’m ’bout to do? Cause it’s about to get rough for you…”) suggest that this isn’t a pretty love song. Clearly, many fans are uncomfortable with an Adam that is sexually aggressive, and prefer a softer edge. 

In the days following the AMAs, Adam was given many opportunities to apologize for that night. It would have been so easy for him to say, “I’m sorry” or “I shouldn’t have done what I did.” Forgive me, I fucked up, I’ll never do it again, I promise I’ll be good… 

Instead, Adam owned what he did on that stage. To one and all he claimed it as his performance, his emotions, and his interpretation of the song. He weathered the backlash and the anger from foes and friends alike with class and dignity. Recently, Adam has spoken of the anxiety and pressure he felt in those days, when he wondered if he had ruined his chances of success. But all we saw back then was his grace under fire as he asked us all to consider ‘what do we want from him?’ 

Not a question with an easy answer. Naturally, those of us who love Adam and wish him success have many opinions about how he should go about his career. There are those who want OTT Adam- as much flash and glitter as possible; more is more, and screw those who can’t handle it. Others want Adam to tread more lightly- build his fanbase by appealing to a wider audience, and gradually introduce them to his brand of glam without freaking them out. For every person who loves out-and-proud Adam, there is at least one who would rather not have his sexuality “shoved down their throat,” a turn of phrase that makes one wonder about the fantasies these folks spin in the privacy of their own heads. 

Consider also the fact that Adam came to national attention through American Idol, and many of his fans are devotees of the show. This is a program that celebrates the Cinderella story, wherein a wide-eyed, talented nobody is plucked from obscurity and gifted with fame and fortune. American Idol watchers like their contestants wholesome and humble and malleable. Smart and opinionated? No thanks. Openly gay and sexual? Not so much. Clay Aiken, anyone? 

Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote that “no man, for any considerable period, can wear one face to himself and another to the multitude without getting bewildered as to which one may be the true.” This is what Adam means when he speaks of being true to himself and being an “open book.” He could have taken a safer route, either by keeping his sexuality ambiguous until he was well-established in his career, or by airbrushing his gay so as not to offend the fainthearted. But Adam has continued to be unabashedly himself. A man of many facets, Adam has shown us his vulnerability and earnestness when a song calls for it. And when the song and the setting is sexy, Adam brings on the sexy, whether it’s a feverishly hot performance at Rock My Town, or rocking a studded codpiece at Sydney’s Mardi Gras, or trading sensual licks with Tommy on tour. 

So what about that “A”? It could stand for the AMAs. For Adam’s sin. For the two-dimensional label that so many were eager to attach to him, and the storyline that people seemed so ready to write: A fallen Idol who failed to live up to the hype and who failed to stay in the safe little box. Nearly every interview and article, to this day, is another opportunity for that scarlet letter to be branded onto Adam yet again. Lest we forget. 

Instead, that “A” stands for Adam. “It’s me, I’m a freak…” Adam shows us that he is in charge of his own identity, and thus in control of his destiny. Rather than apologizing for the past or pretending that it didn’t happen, Adam accepts and embraces it as a part of himself. Recognizing that the AMA performance will be attached to him for some time to come, he brings up the reference himself, with a wink and a dash of glitter. 

By placing the scarlet “A” front and center on his top hat and wearing it at the beginning of his concert, Adam tells us that he is unashamed of his debut performance, or of his sexuality, or of being a sexual person. The “A” becomes a mark of pride. Adam has walked through the fire and come out stronger than ever. And just as Hester gilded her letter and made it into a sign of her own strength, Adam has taken what some have called his “sin” and through the catalyst of his own character, transformed it into a symbol of honor. 

So yes, as it turns out, A is for Adam. 

Posted by NoAngel at 8:23 PM

Whole Lotta Love Enhanced Version on the Stairs by @lambosessed!    



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  1. I intended to write a longer review for the Knoxville show but sometimes a few words is all you need,,@adamlambert I saw you again today,& my feelings I can’t control.The feelings I have for you fill up my heart and soul.Every word you speak to me I treasure deep inside.I feel my love grow stronger,a love I can no longer hide. Every song you sing to me makes my heart beat out of control,& no one knows these feelings, except my heart and soul.

    Comment by earlzagurl4u — July 12, 2010 @ 9:03 am

  2. I love that fan tribute video!

    Comment by Mona aka Iraja — July 12, 2010 @ 9:59 am

  3. I was just about ot shut down my lap top as the RW is calling, and today i must answer – imma already so behind! then i see your blog has been delivered – that was at 9:54 am. just thought i’d take a quick peek and then get going on my huge “To Do” list. it is now after 12 noon, and i just came up for air.
    so much for my “to do” list! all i wanna do now is “take a second to breathe” then just dive back in and not come up til i get your next delivery! thank you, thank you, and THANK YOU! imma MIA again! Whole Lotta Love to you! carter

    Comment by Carter — July 12, 2010 @ 11:19 am

  4. Thanks so much for all that you do to keep us in touch…
    (After the first Glam Nation concert in Wilkes-Barre) Can someone confirm that this photo is from WBarre, I was there and didn’t see these body guards???

    Comment by Karen — July 12, 2010 @ 12:22 pm

  5. I want that scrapbook!!!!! Where can I get one? Maybe it will be for sale after the tour????? It brings tears to my eyes.

    Comment by Susie — July 12, 2010 @ 1:24 pm

  6. That picture is from Louisville as far as I can tell. Adam didn’t come out to sign after Wilkes-Barre… I was just commenting on the guard situation there!

    Comment by adamquotedaily — July 12, 2010 @ 1:48 pm

  7. Ditto on the scrapbpook!!!!

    Comment by cybergranny7 — July 12, 2010 @ 9:49 pm

  8. Your post rocked AGAIN … Love ALL the pics…that first one ,(Adam purple pants) yup!! I know,you know , that I KNOW !! hehe If more trannies had chased after him, it would have been like the “running of the bulls” Run ADAM Run!!!haha.. potentially very dangerous..:))
    And may I just say…… Tommmmmyyyyy!!! ok, I’m good now 🙂

    Comment by finewinebaby — July 12, 2010 @ 10:23 pm

  9. That fan tribute video brought me to tears – how much joy and warmth can one human being possess and spread all over? Yes, Adam is the most sexy & appealing eye candy any woman could possibly look at; his talent is unparalled, as there is no one like him or remotely even close to Adam; but most importantly, Adam just exudes such jubilance & bliss – I don’t remember what the world was like before Adam made his appearance to us on TV. Adam is a force to be reckoned with and is the premiere talent of this generation, or possibly any other for that matter; but his charisma, charm, animal magnetism, and all around wonderful personality are what make Adam the special & fascinating person that he is – Adam just makes this world a much better place to live in! – I love this man beyond comprehension.

    Comment by DeeDeeGlambert — July 13, 2010 @ 3:53 pm

  10. DeeDee, your comment could not have said it better……I, too, love him beyond comprehension….and my body is not big enough to hold all the love, so it comes out in tears…..I’ve shed many tears, happy ones, since I’ve been in love with this man.

    Comment by Susie — July 13, 2010 @ 6:49 pm

  11. Certain things in life are simple,uncomplicated & effortless – loving Adam and all that he stands for and all that he encompasses is just that!! – never have I seen any one man so unpretentious, honest, forthcoming & accessible to his fans – this must be a major first in teh history of entertaining that one performer has put his fans first & foremost. All I can say is that Adam, to me, represents a miltitude of things – he is my eye candy for that tantalizing, really sexy body of his along with that handsome face; my ear candy for having the best voice I have ever heard in my life and the best music out today; & my brain candy for possessing brains, brawn, intellect & intelligence way beyond his years – he isthe mosy articulate, eloquent man I have heard speak in a very long time – many people could take an example from Adam. So when I say I love this man beyond comprehension, I really mean it – there are no boundaries to how much I love this guy, as he represents everything wonderful & good in this world!

    Comment by DeeDeeGlambert — July 14, 2010 @ 2:47 pm

  12. omg. i was looking at your other posts. and then i saw that this was on the day that i went to one of his concerts! 7/12/10!!!

    Comment by natalie — January 30, 2011 @ 3:18 pm

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