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July 2, 2010

Sweet Charlotte .. Adam’s finished on stage tonight!

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The Stage Tonight -reported to be smaller than most

picture by @wizardesslyn


New pic? by @wizardesslyn

Adam’s On now!

 This is one we love…no extra charge!


Great shot by @glamtravelr

Soaked by @glamtravelr

Jenn wizardesslynOmg omg I’m crying. Soaked 

Another beauty

Erotica interlude by @wizardesslyn

Picture by @cre8amess

Tweeted by @lizannhill…. Allison’s guitarist!

Roof of her bunk~

Pic by @glamtravelr

pic by @bentsinister

Waiting for the encore!

MW and WLL!

pic by @cre8amess

Post Concert Tweets!

Debbie Ann _StarStruck I’m numb! I’m speechless! PERFECTION @AdamLambert #glamnation 2 minutes ago via txt

Yvonne McD moviechicka OMG! OMG! OMG! He like a glittery ball of awesomeness. 5 minutes ago via Seesmic




 TheGlambertRock Are you voting? We can do way better than #10 for @adamlambert

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more like this one below and here! 


Concert Post for Charlotte via @hooplamagnet 


Adam Lambert and The Glam Side Of Rock 



Adam Lambert is a name that strikes fear in the hearts of boring people everywhere. From his flashy fashion, to his sultry sector of glam rock, entertainment is Lambert’s strong suit. Lumino recently took part in a conference call with Lambert to discuss his upcoming Glam Nation tour and debut CD. Glam Nation is Lambert’s first headlining tour. The tour is to support his debut CD, “For Your Entertainment.” When asked how he felt about his first record Lambert replied, “My first album was completed in three months. I’m proud of it. I’ve learned a lot about the business.” He’s released three singles off the record; the second titled “Whataya Want From Me” gained quite a few radio plays and landed on multiple iTunes charts. With an unlucky release date close to the British phenomenon Susan Boyle, Lambert still has managed to sell over 600,000 albums in the United States alone. 

The tour is a blend of what Lambert describes as turn of the century New Orleans and psychedelic rock. In regards to how the theme came about he said, “I had a song on my remix EP. It’s a fun and kitschy song that is very sexy. I fell in love with it and the more I listened to my music, it all fit into the crystal ball and magic vibe.” Growing up listening to pop icons, Lambert was inspired by their tours when creating his own show. “I love big pop tours like Michael Jackson and Madonna. My first concert was actually Paula Abdul. I like people who tell a story. My background in musical theater really helped.” The show uses many different themes, just like the pop super stars of Lambert’s childhood. By weaving together elements from voodoo and the spirit of New Orleans, the Glam Nation tour was born. 

For those who don’t know what glam rock is, Lambert’s tour will give you a crash course. Through working with the design company Skingraft, glam fashion has hit the Glam Nation stage in a big way. Lambert expresses, “I’ve always been fond of the glam rock vibe. Glam’s a lot broader than people know. The look we’ve found is punk rock mixed with historical clothing.” He has expressed his love for the garb of rock legend Keith Richards describing his look as “witchy world traveler” and “goth before goth became a cliché.” Obviously, Lambert’s clothes will be visually stimulating, as some already know from his “Mad World” days. 

After Idol, Lambert was met with high expectations and a demand for the shock factor we saw week after week. When asked if he felt pressure to conform in the industry Lambert replied jokingly, “I think we all know conformity isn’t my thing. I felt pressure of expectation. Even though I performed classic rock on Idol, doing that would have been an expected choice.’ Lambert showed us how multifaceted he was on the show and continues to fight being pigeon holed. 

Continuing with his tradition of surprising audiences, Lambert shocked viewers with his infamously raunchy performance on the American Music Awards. Decked out in leather, Lambert kissed a man onstage and groped his dancers. Lambert said, “With the AMA’s, I may have scared people a little too much. I look to my fans to see what they like. I am specific and extreme, and sometimes people aren’t looking for that. If you are, look this way.” Lambert is so likable because he is unapologetic for who he is. That is why his fans and self-proclaimed “Glamberts” love him so much. Lambert has two great opening acts for the Glam Nation tour. Allison Iraheta was the fourth place finisher with Adam on the seventh season of Idol. Her debut album, Just Like You, was released to positive reviews on December of 2009. On Iraheta, Lambert offers, “I want more people to be aware of Allison. I think her album is great and people should hear her.” As for his second opening act, Orianthi, Lambert says, “I met Orianthi at the This Is It movie premiere. She’s very sweet and very talented.” While Iraheta is known for her rough rock voice and Orianthi for her guitar shredding solos, both are sure to be a treat and great compliments alongside Lambert. 

The Glam Nation tour has dates in June through September. His album, “For Your Entertainment”, is available now. Lambert assures everyone the show is sure to please hardcore fans and newcomers alike. In Lambert’s words, “I’m doing the same thing I’ve always done, just on a grander scale.” 




Updated Playlist from Norfolk… all the youtubes! 


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner 



Monte, @virg1877, Tommy! by @adamsmadworld

More Coming later! 



Great pic from USA today! 


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Adamgasmic!  If there is anything we can do to help, let us know!


New Unofficial Remix of IIHY 


Whataya think? 

And Here’s One of Strut (thanks to @Bdwaydiva1) 



Adam in Entertainment Weekly magazine!
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