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June 26, 2010

Finally! More for you!


Adam Tweeted at 2PM PST 

Thanks to everyone who’s downloaded the If I Had You video on iTunes! Thanks for the radio requests too! Life (cont) 


All the pictures on today’s post were taken by my dear friend @ellenspen who I sat next to at the Foxwood Concerts.   They are amazing pictures and they were taken from our seat location.  Thank you so much Ellen and Clem for getting the tickets and for arranging a meeting of twelve of us that will never ever be forgotten!  Full information coming in my concert review soon! 

Thanks to @ellenspen for all the pictures today!

Report from Borgota via @virg1877 

The casino gave out wristbands to the first Two hundred people in attendance.  They are  sitting inside just outside the soundcheck although they cannot hear anything.  Longineu, Monte, Orianthi have said hello.  There is a  bar, bathrooms and security is allowing people to leave and come back into their place in the line. Huge casino hallway so its very comfortable.  The venue holds about 3000 general admission tickets. 


Tonight’s Twitter List to Follow  

ItsJoooory Twitter List for Tonight show Atlantic City, NJ, Borgata Spa & Resort. Thanks to @GlamFansUnite. 




I’m working on the final concert reviews from both Toronto and Foxwoods.  Almost done and waiting for the OK to post incredible pictures taken by an amazing lady.   Both are in the top ten form which I so enjoy.  Look for them hopefully by the end of the weekend!  Such an incredible trip to Foxwoods!  Loved meeting so many Adam fans. 

By the way, if you have pictures of me and you together, please send them to me… I would love to post a whole bunch of fan meeting pictures over the next few days! 


Playlist of Videos from Foxwoods…. I love Foxwoods! 


Adam Finnigan Interview 


Adam on ET 





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I need your help… Here’s the short version!             

I entered a contest to win meet and greet tickets for Adam and tickets to the concert in Upper Darby.  A couple of days ago I got an email telling me I was not eligible cause I live in Canada and not in the Philly area!              

I have a friend who is entered, lives in the proper area and is going to take me as her partner if she wins the contest.              

So, are you willing to help?             

 It’s one vote a day and if I get to meet Adam Lambert, I promise that I will write an epic blog and I will keep you entertained with all news Adam forever and a day!             

  (That’s assuming I live…)              

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Another Photoshop Job! (thanks to @rikkapaul for your help!)          


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner 





Adam Lambert wows at the Grand 

Great reviews! 




Adam Lambert Makes Sure that Glam Nation Tour Bends to Fit the Audience

Adam Lambert Glam Nation Tour is flexible enough to be sure that Adam entertains everyone in his audience. It seems that Adam Lambert’s performances are a reflection of what he feels off of the audience before him and he gives them what they want every time. 

As Adam Lambert said, “Being on stage, when you’re really in the right element of it, it’s like a mirror that happens. And whatever the audience is throwing at you, you kind of reflect, and vice versa. You throw something into the audience, and they reflect it. There’s an exchange that happens.” 

And Adam Lambert seems to have mastered that exchange with his audiences, even though he had a bit of anxiety at first. Adam recently told ET Online, “When I was putting together this show there was a little bit of pressure and I was a little nervous about it and didn’t know what to think. We’re ten shows in… and the nerves are all gone. Now it’s more excitement and I can’t wait to show this to everybody and share this with my fans.” 

In a recent show Adam Lambert performed at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods and he brought all the Broadway pomp and melodrama with him as he hit that big stage. Adam performed for just over an hour and every minute of this performance was magical and staged to entertain. 

Another Good One! 



Thanks to @lambosessed for all the great videos and comments! 

lambosessed Today marks 1 whole year of video editing & nearly 100 AFL videos! Here’s the 1st: 

Check out this site! 


Story of Adam Inspiration from @Glambert4Everxx 


Adam Lambert has changed myself & my life in an excessive amount of ways that I can’t even describe. He inspires me to always be myself and to not worry about what people think of me. Hiding who you really are doesn’t get you far in life. Be who you really are, and don’t be another person. 

 He has taught me to take more risks, and don’t be afraid to do something because other people might not like it. He has also taught me that money, fame, & fortune all doesn’t matter if your not connecting; which is what Adam and his Glam Nation tour is all about. He has taught me to accept peoples differences, and be the best person you can possibly be. 

 I’ve gone through so much this year where it came to the point that I didn’t even know what to do anymore. Adam has stopped me from making wrong decisions, and to keep going because everything will be alright, and it will get better. Everytime you’re depressed, then you decrease 60% of happiness that you can never gain back. Try to be as happy as much as you can because lifes too short for sadness. 

 He has such a free, beautiful spirit that no one can match. He has the most beautiful personality and looks that comes once in a lifetime, and no one could replace them. How can he be real? He has everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. Every night when he does a concert, he does it perfectly. He brings so much charisma to the stage, and his vocals are brilliant! He has an outstanding range that’s very rare for a person to have. He’s taught me to not care what people think. Looks don’t mean anything if you’re not a nice person on the inside which is why I love Adam for his personality more then anything. 

 He always makes me laugh and smile whenever I’m depressed, and he always makes me feel happy. He brought so much life out of me this whole year. People tell me they’ve never seen me act so crazy and silly before. I’ve learned to always stick to my comfort zone. If people have a problem with something about you, then obviously that’s their problem, not yours. It’s cool to be different, and diversity is awesome! 

 Always be comfortable in your own skin, and don’t try to be something your not. Just believe, and never give up on your dreams. You can do anything you want if you set your mind to it. 

Adam means the whole world to me, and I love him with all my heart. He inspires me so much, and I love everything about him. He is my everything. I love you Adam Mitchel Lambert forever! You inspire, and I hope you realize this someday. You are truly AMAZING! Thank you so much for existing and coming into my life. ♥♥

– Miranda 🙂 

Thank you so much Miranda for sharing this story with me!  You are a beautiful person too! 


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 Thanks to @Lamberlust for this beautiful collage



  1. Yayyy! That’s the ET video that I’m in!!! At 1:20 and again at 1:47! (I’m on the left in the purple!) Dying, just DYING!!!! HONORED to be in a video like this… with ADAM! I can’t even believe it! And I’m still grinning and exploding glitter from the meet & greet! ❤ ❤ ❤

    Comment by Chloe — June 26, 2010 @ 10:40 pm

  2. Hey girl… I want a fully detailed account and pictures from your meet and great now! You are too adorable!

    Comment by adamquotedaily — June 27, 2010 @ 7:33 am

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