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June 25, 2010

Foxwoods flailing!




 Interview by TIC before Foxwoods

Update from the Concert
I have now seen Adam seven times in person.  This was the most incredible performance I have ever seen live or online.  As I have said before, I cannot imagine him being any better ever… But he always ups it!   Adam’s vocals were perfection. 
Soaked and Whole Lotta Love were incredible.  There will be videos soon and I cannot imagine they will do Adam’s performances justice.  What a voice, what a great smile, what great energy he displayed!
Tommy action was not like in New York but there were a few sweet incidents that showed how beautifully playful they are.. You’ll see them soon and you will smile!
Everyone was amazed… everyone was stunned. 
Stay tuned for further Post of Foxwoods review where you will hear about the Glam Nation pre party and pictures,   meeting Monte and Longineu again (OMG), dancing at the Shrine, my drunken friends and our adventures!
Fun, fun fun!  Adam… we are having fun!


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Voodoo, Rabbit Hole and Ring of Fire  







Strut and Music Again from my vantage point.. thanks Ellen!  


Mad World and Whole Lotta Love  

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Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner  

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Gifs from NY1 by @mindchnger

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Concert review: Adam Lambert at Foxwoods  

MASHANTUCKET — Another night at the casino, another “American Idol” concert, and another few hours to contemplate what the popular television show has wrought on the pop music scene.   

Carrie Underwood is great, Daughtry is serviceably bland, Kelly Clarkson and Clay Aiken are all but irrelevant.   

And then there is Adam Lambert.   

The latest “Idol” sensation headlined the Grand Theater at the MGM Grand on Thursday night offering up an all-too short 53 minute set (plus a one song encore) to a screaming, sold-out crowd.   

While most of the traveling “Idol” performers are pre-packaged and (see Daughtry) bland, Adam Lambert is anything but bland. The Season 8 also-ran is arguably one of the few that might have made it even without the benefit of the show’s mass introduction to the masses.   

During Lambert’s show at the Grand he dressed like Boy George, danced like Michael Jackson, and covered “Ring of Fire,” in a way that you can be sure Johnny and June Carter Cash never could’ve imagined.   

Backed by guitar, bass, and drums, the top-hatted Lambert descended from a centrally-placed staircase to sing “Under Your Spell,” while his dance troupe swayed seductively around the stage.   

A laser show signaled the coming of “Down the Rabbit Hole,” and while it was all fairly mindless dance pop it was delivered with such a swagger the crowd was compelled to follow as instructed.   

Then it got really interesting. The “Ring of Fire” cover was revamped as a sultry dance song and fed into the frenzy of the Michael Jackson-esque “Fever.” He used African drum beats and gothic images on a video screen as the backdrop to “Sleepwalker.”   

Lambert slowed things down with an acoustic “Whataya Want from Me,” and leveled the room with the light opera of “Soaked.”   

There was more dance pop with “Sure Fire Winner,” but the swagger came back in a big way when Lambert pulled out a walking cane for “Strut.” He closed the set with a triumphant “If I Had You” and his one song encore centered on the Gary Jules version of the Tears for Fears single “Mad World.”   

Openers Allison Ireheta, who butchered Pat Benatar’s “Heartbreaker” and Australian singer-guitarist Orianthi, who did some butchering of her own with a cover of Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy,” were detriments to the show.   

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Review: Adam Lambert at MGM Grand at Foxwoods  

If you weren’t already aware that Adam Lambert has a background in musical theater, it wouldn’t have taken you long to figure it out Thursday when the singer performed at MGM Grand at Foxwoods.  

Lambert has a big Broadway-style voice, suited to the melodrama of the stage and able to ring out with impressive force. The runner-up on Season 8 of “American Idol” put it to good use during a 65-minute set of songs from his 2009 debut, “For Your Entertainment,” and a handful of covers, including an exotic, Eastern-tinged take on Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire.”  

In fact, the concert was paced a little like a musical, with grand showstopper numbers interspersed with more restrained, even introspective tunes, fleshed out here and there with dancers and images projected onto a video screen at the back of the stage.  

Lambert opened with a bang, strutting around on “Voodoo” like a Mardi Gras escapee, wearing a purple top hat festooned with a feather and a fur-lined jacket with impressively fringed sleeves. It was one of several costumes he wore, including a gothic-looking floor-length duster coat on the somber “Sleepwalker” and, later, a zebra-striped tuxedo jacket with long tails.  

After a string of full-band songs, Lambert paused for an quieter mini-set, singing his hit single “Whataya Want From Me” accompanied by acoustic guitar and piano and showing his theater chops again on the somber “Soaked” as he sang with operatic passion in a controlled voice.

The band rejoined him following an acoustic guitar version of “Aftermath,” bringing the energy back up with squelching bass and roiling electric guitar on “Sure Fire Winners” and laying down a beat on “Strut” that required nothing less. Sure enough, Lambert sauntered around the stage with a jaunty walking stick, his quartet of dancers flanking him like an honor guard with sticks of their own.  

His voice soared over colorful pomp-rock guitar riffs on “Music Again,” and Lambert and the band ended his main set with the pulsing dance-ready number “If I Had You.” They returned for an encore comprising a pair of acoustic covers: Tears for Fears’ “Mad World” and a sinewy version of Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love.”  

Although three covers was a little much for a 14-song show, Lambert sang each tune as though it were his own, a believability that surely helps to account for his fervent fan base.  

Playing before Lambert, Australian singer and guitarist Orianthi and her band blew through flashy rock songs from her recent album, “Believe,” including singles “Shut Up and Kiss Me” and “According to You,” before ending with a fiery version of Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy.”  

Allison Iraheta, an “Idol” alum from Lambert’s season, opened with a quick set of rock songs that included a cover of Pat Benatar’s “Heartbreaker.”  

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Jambajim Three Part Interview  

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  1. OMG still recouping from last nite, very tired But where’s THE PICTURES?? Can’t wait to see what you post from last night Crazy Party. It was one of the Best nights of my life. I love you & had a great, Fantastic time last night wish it didn’t have to end. I hope Adams knows how many wonderful people he has brought together to share his Music Talent & love. Tell Priscilla I Said HIGH!!!! Is still still LOL. Love, hugs & kisses always Merrie. XOXO

    Comment by merrie — June 25, 2010 @ 6:56 pm

  2. omg you used my graphic. thats awesome!!!! glad you like it!!!

    Comment by Lambert Lust — June 25, 2010 @ 11:08 pm

  3. As always I give thanks for you compiling all these great things for the sake of the fandom. 😀

    Comment by alienlionness — June 25, 2010 @ 11:33 pm

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