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June 19, 2010

Tweeting about Adam All Day!


Thanks to @hot4adam!

Hi friends! 

Today is the day of the Wham Bam Concert in Toronto and I am attending with a whole bunch of friends and family.  At 1:00, we are meeting other Adam fans at a restaurant in the venue and then we will be spending the entire day listening to other artists and hanging out. 

Adam and the Band are onstage at 9:00PM tonight to close the concert, so needless to say… the  anticipation and build-up will be incredible! 

I have two batteries for my Blackberry and will be tweeting Adam related news all day long.  I’m going save the second battery for Adam’s performance so stay tuned.  

So excited to be seeing HRH and the boys for the sixth time today… Geez, I wanna give that boy a big hug! 


VH1 Debut #20 for IIHY! 

FoxVegas:MattCarterMedia Adam Lambert debuts on VH1 top 20 with ‘If I Had You’ – <<<♥>>> @adamlambert, THIS! ♥ 

Hey… looking forward to meeting @FoxVegas today… She is sitting right in front of me at the concert!!! 

So excited! 




 I need your help… Here’s the short version!    

I entered a contest to win meet and greet tickets for Adam and tickets to the concert in Upper Darby.  A couple of days ago I got an email telling me I was not eligible cause I live in Canada and not in the Philly area!     

I have a friend who is entered, lives in the proper area and is going to take me as her partner if she wins the contest.     

So, are you willing to help?    

 It’s one vote a day and if I get to meet Adam Lambert, I promise that I will write an epic blog and I will keep you entertained with all news Adam forever and a day!    

  (That’s assuming I live…)     

 Here is the link… vote for Anita once a day… I will consider this to be payment for this blog forever!     

Another Photoshop Job! (thanks to @rikkapaul for your help!)  



Adam Lambert Talks About New Video & Tour In Conference Call PDF Print E-mail
Herb Longs / Friday, 18 June 2010 14:31

This afternoon, Adam Lambert participated in a conference call with various media folks about his Glam Nation Tour. 

For a complete list of Adam’s tour stops, click here

AI Now’s Renee Snyder was a part of the call and provided these live tweets on our @AINow account: 

  • A typical day for Adam when not touring is really a hustle – interviews, photoshoots, rehearsals, paperwork, international promo
  • Adam was asked if he uses “The Secret” philosophy. He does engage in positive thinking to manifest his dreams. And it worked!
  • Adam reacted to the panic of him shaving part of his hair. He thought it was hilarious and not newsworthy. He sees it as “air-conditioning”
  • The show is very theatrical. There are 4 dancers, costume changes, definitely glam!
  • Adam said there will be more dates announced. They are waiting for the venues to finalize. Some dates also in Asia & Europe
  • Adam was asked if he knows Train. He’s “not necessarily a fan, but has nothing against them”
  • He has lowered the key of some songs to save his voice and be at his best for every show. He worked with a vocal coach to do this.
  • “If I Had You” reflects where he is personally & professionally right now.
  • Adam said Neil was looking for a job and Adam said they needed a production assistant on the tour, so they hired him
  • Adam said there was a socio-political plan to the If I Had You video. Age, sex, religion, etc doesn’t matter. Everyone can party together.
  • He was asked how he chooses which song for the encore. It’s decided at the moment! But it’s probably going to be both now.
  • He’s excited to see a wide range of demographics in the audiences. A mix of ages and men and women.Broader ethnicity cross-section
  • Adam is not fond of lip-synching and he won’t be doing it. He prefers more vocally driven
  • As far as type of venue, he prefers the theaters, which is what he is used to. He also likes architecture and decor of them.
  • Over the years he has met a lot of incredible people that are part of “gypsy groups” in LA and wanted to bring them into the IIHY video.
  • The Common Grounds show will not be the full show – it will be a festival show…The “festival” shows are usually shorter, so won’t be the full glamnation show
  • Can’t Let You Go hasn’t been released in the US and there is only “so much time” in the show, so he isn’t doing it.
  • Live cd of Glamnation? It has been discussed, but they don’t really know
  • The set includes stairs, lasers, costumes. Rock and roll punk type theme. Turn of the century New Orleans feel
  • The vibe from the crowd can affect how “frisky” he is in each performance. It also depends a lot on his mood at the time.
  • Adam takes something away from each city. The vibe in the audience is different every night. And he does look at the people in the crowd.
  • His current make-up artist/hair stylist is an old friend from LA. He is also working with Skingraft for fashion, who he also knew before
  • Adam believes that if you have success in your life, you should spread it around. So he tries to help his friends out.
  • Adam will perform Whataya Want From Me on Much Music Awards since that’s the vid nominated.


Last day Vote @Adamlambert for a MMVA 

  Adam is performing WWFM on the awards broadcast in Canada tomorrow night! 


Adam’s on Fire! 

Thanks to @JgJbGlamCass

Videos from Royal Oak, Michigan
(available here via @Lamberlust)
Adam Lambert glams it up at Royal Oak Music Theatre
Lambert was able to successfully leapfrog styles, from glam-pop and theatre rock, his boundless instrument unifying the material. Best were the bawdy pop throwdowns “Surefire Winners” (where he brags his baby clothes were made of leather and lace) and “Strut,” as well as the celebratory schlock rock of “Music Again.” “If I Had U,” accompanied by an armageddon of lasers, closed the set, while a mashup of a sped-up “Mad World” and a slowed-down “Whole Lotta Love” acted as the encore. Lambert’s vocals were the focus, and they rarely ever wavered, although his band could have used more punch (man, the things he could do with a string section!). In addition, his conceptualization of the production deserves more than a plain backdrop and a screen projector. Still, Lambert is on the right path, although it’s borderline criminal for a show called “Glam Nation” to not employ the use of a glitter confetti canon. That’s a no-brainer, right?

From The Detroit News: 

Thanks to @Hot4Adam

Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner 

Thanks to @lilybop2010

@barstoolrodeo for a couple concerts ago!

Couple of Gorgeous Pictures of Adam and Allison from IIHY





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  1. LUV U!!!! Thanks soooooooooo much for all the GLORIOUSNESS you post!!!!! 😀

    Comment by tk — June 19, 2010 @ 9:07 am

  2. Great pics today, Hope you have an ADAMAZING day today & tonight, I’m sure u will, can’t wait to see your TWEETS & Pics. XO

    Comment by merrie — June 19, 2010 @ 9:31 am

  3. Gloria,

    Epic day ahead for us here in Toronto. The rain won’t happen. See you soon! XOX

    Comment by northern spirit — June 19, 2010 @ 9:48 am

  4. Gloria, I hope you have an incredible time at the concert today; say hi to Adam from his legions of fans here, and we’ll be waiting with baited breath for your pictures. Then it’s off to Foxwoods – SEE YOU THERE!!!!

    Comment by DeeDeeGlambert — June 19, 2010 @ 10:40 am

  5. Gloria, have a great time. What great pictures you have. I really enjoy your blog. I’m going to Upper Darby too. When it gets closer I’ll have to find out where all the glamberts are meeting and say hi.

    Comment by Heidi — June 19, 2010 @ 11:10 am

  6. YOU ARE THE BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Comment by shirlee — June 19, 2010 @ 11:33 am

  7. Gloria, enjoy and have a blast tonight with all the other Adam fans! Scream, sing, dance and show the love and light to Adam for ALL of us. Let him know he is LOVED!!!!


    Comment by LuvAdam476 — June 19, 2010 @ 2:29 pm

  8. gloria thanks for all the wonderful vidios and every thing you have done for all of adam fans every where! love you!

    Comment by joann ramsey — June 19, 2010 @ 5:00 pm

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