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June 13, 2010

The Sexiest Man Ever!



Soundcheck video… Adam singing all sorts of stuff!

Secret, Ray of Light, Erotica, Super Freak.

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Great Reason for a Trip to Europe this Fall!

This Gifs is Amazing!

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Feast your eyes on the Sexiest Man EVER!  



Videos and Links from Mystic Lake-Lots of Really Good ones!  

Voodoo to Fever on One Video  




WWFM ..Unbelievable!  








Music Again  


Sure Fire Winners  




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Adam’s Reaction to Poking Brooke in the Face!  

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and here’s Adam dancing with Sasha!  


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner  


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Longineu Rocking the Pigtails!


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Stagey Adam Lambert rocks Mystic Lake

Posted by Jon Bream  

Adam Lambert got his Voodoo on at Mystic Lake Casino  

Star Tribune photo by Tom Wallace  

“On “American Idol” in 2009, Adam Lambert showed that he is a star. On Saturday night at sold-out Mystic Lake Casino, Lambert proved that he is a true star — a musical-theater mega-talent playing the role of glamorous rock star.
His voice was you-should-be-starring-in-“Phantom” fabulous. His outfits were David-Bowie-Spiders-from-Mars marvelous. His stage manner was sexy, smooth and you’ve-been-onstage-so-much confident. But this irresistible star was more stagey theatrical than spontaneous rock ‘n’ roll. Still, it was highly entertaining, a splendid balance between emotional vocalizing and merry fun.
While becoming the runnerup on “Idol,” Lambert came across as the son of Robert Plant and Freddie Mercury (if they’d somehow procreated together) who was raised by Gene Simmons and Cher in Las Vegas and Hollywood with frequent visits to Broadway. He could rock and wail, dress up glam and camp it up, surprise and mesmerize — with both his arrangements and his look. He could play any role — and adapt to any musical style — for his two or three minutes in the spotlight.
For his Glam Nation Tour, Lambert, 28, got to choose the roles, looks and contexts. As director of this musical, he conceived a reverse-intuitive beginning. The house lights went dark, the stage lights came on and a slide of Lambert appeared on a screen at the back of the stage as a recorded version of “For Your Entertainment,” the title song of his debut CD, played in its entirety. But there was no Lambert. This was hardly a star entrance.
The show ended abruptly 63 minutes after that first recording began, meaning that the star was onstage for a mere 58 minutes (including the two too-long exits for costume changes). That’s too little show for a $69 ticket.
At least, Lambert gave the female-dominated audience its money’s worth in the vocals, wardrobe and dancing departments. His outfits suggested Prince if the Purple One had been more goth than glam. Lambert came out in a long purple leather coat, with fringed sleeves and fur epaulets, black leather pants, a black top decorated with silver sequins, a black top hat covered with purple fishnet, fingerless black gloves, plenty of guyliner and glitter on his eyelids and forehead. Sporting all that finery, he opted to dance barefoot.
Lambert proved to a graceful and enthusiastic dancer, though all his moves were choreographed. Four backup dancers appeared periodically, greatly enhancing the New Orleans-flavored “Strut.” Lambert’s four-person band was a good fit visually and usually solid musically, though its groove didn’t make him strut on the Queen-ly “Surefire Winners.”
Lambert offered 10 of the 14 songs from his album and two tunes he’d covered on “Idol” — Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire” (his voice went up higher and higher when he sang “down down down”) and Tears for Fears’ “Mad World” (which was more about singing than performing). Almost all of his numbers sounded more lively and immediate than on the album. Highlights included the stripped down “Whataya Want From Me,” the hymn-like “Soaked” and the catchy “Fever.”
Befitting a musical, there was little room for spontaneity — save for Lambert’s cut-loose solo dancing in the home stretch of “If I Had You” and his unguarded, this-was-really-fun-wasn’t-it smile at the end of that song. “

Thanks to @jfk_lenorahill for posting these two!

Thanks to @Lorismiles for her review of WB  

“So the song is done and he goes into acoustic mode but he has a little chat with the audience before he starts the next song. He thanks us for coming to Glam Nation, asks us if we like his coat and he swishes it a little (like a little kid playing dress-up) and if the show is glittery enough. I think he likes to make sure people are enjoying themselves.  

 So he sings Whataya Want From Me and he’s sitting on the stool. You can see how he connects with this song. Either he’s a really good actor, or he really feels the lyrics to the songs he sings. The crowd starts going crazy on the “I’m a freak, but thanks for loving me cause you’re doing it perfectly” line, and I think one of my favorite moments of the night is the big, huge smile he gets as he sings that line and the crowd is screaming crazy for him. It’s like a smile you get and it just gets bigger and you can’t help it. It was a great moment.  

Soaked is next. One of my 9 yr olds favorite songs on the album and Lord, his voice, I can’t even explain it on this song. I had goosebumps the entire song. Goosebumps on top of Goosebumps I think. It was just him and Cam on the keys. I don’t think any of the band was playing. The crowd was so quiet it seemed through the song. There was some cheering towards the end but it stopped pretty quickly right when he started this little acepella moment at the end of the song.  

 We were putty in his hands at that point. I think I would cash in a lot of stocks to see Adam sing a whole concert that way. The crowd erupted when he was finished. It was probably the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard sung live.  

So then he has another chat with the crowd. I love his chats! He says they start out seducing us at Glam Nation and points to everywhere in the theater, and says it gets sexier and sexier and then it dies. Everyone moans and yells NO! HA HA It was such a funny moment. He’s such a storyteller!  

The crowd goes nuts when he takes off his jacket!! Then he talks about picking up the pieces and moving on and he sits on a stair next to Monte and he sings an acoustic Aftermath. The lyrics to the song have a wonderful message about surviving and realizing you aren’t alone. I really, really enjoyed this song. He uses both his lower and higher notes in the song. His voice is so rich and powerful the lyrics just leap out at you. I loved that him and Monte did something special together and the little look they gave each other at the end was wonderful.”  

and take a look at my review of Wilkes-Barre if you haven’t already!  

Top Ten Reasons Glam Nation Tour Rocks!  


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  1. That comment was during IIHY. 🙂

    Here it is! 🙂

    Comment by Daphne — June 13, 2010 @ 11:25 am

  2. love your site, only recently found it. thanks for including the star tribune review, i think he’s right about the show being more fabulous musical theatre and less spontaneous rock and roll. the show is fantastic as it is and yet I’d like to see the first “act” go slower, eg more space between rabbit hole and ring of fire as Adam transitions on that step taking off his hat and jacket (we love to watch him undress) and then also more space transitioning to Fever. I felt rushed through those parts. Also love Adam’s dancing with Brooke and Sasha and more of that spontaneous dancing & talking with the audience adds richness and delight. the star tribune reviewer felt the show is a little short and I agree. of course would welcome another song if it didn’t stretch him too much. Mad World is great but still feels alittle rushed to me for the ending of the show…WLL extends that ending without letting us down abruptly. Its all great, just tweeking details, can’t wait to see Adam live at the Warfield in SF. Oh yes, Lorismiles review was such fun to read, first hand accounts of the shows are terrific to include! Thank-you for your dedication and your daily gift to my email box!

    Comment by patricia-lynn — June 13, 2010 @ 11:33 am

  3. Your site has become essential to information about Adam Lambert – can’t thank you enough.

    Comment by Leigh — June 13, 2010 @ 12:03 pm

  4. Hi, Gloria, I want you to know I always come here first! You have such awesome Adam stuff all the time, so thanks for your time and effort. Was wondering if you got to meet Vicky and Rowe and Q3 from PF? Also, at PF they are talking about a concert in Lubbock, can you find out anything about this? Thanks!

    Comment by mahailia — June 13, 2010 @ 1:44 pm

  5. Oh Gloria, so much to see!!!! I am trying live in the real world but Adam’s World keeps pulling me away!!!!!
    Thanks for keeping current!!!!

    Comment by Lisa Harrington — June 13, 2010 @ 2:34 pm

  6. I was watching the WDYWFM video again today and at the spot where a smile breaks out over Adam’s face happened because when he sang the lyric, “I’m a freak” everyone brought out their glow sticks to show that they loved him. It was a beautiful moment at Mystic Lake.

    Comment by gail — June 13, 2010 @ 5:49 pm

  7. Once again, Gloria, you have made my day with this wonderful collection of updates on the Sexiest Man Alive!!! Thank you so much! I’ve been so worried about him. In the past couple shows, he seemed stressed and not his usual self. But, last night was the Adam we all love so much and he showed his human side more than he has been. Maybe he just had to get into the swing of things. He says he misses his friends and family. I can relate to that, but all that love coming at him every night has got to help…I hope. Keep up the extraordinary work!! You’re doing it perfectly!

    Comment by cybergranny7 — June 13, 2010 @ 6:16 pm

  8. Hi Everyone!

    I really appreciate all the positive feedback regarding the blog. I love every second of all the work involved and am so happy that you guys are enjoying it too. You all know my love for Adam and his band (tommy too) knows no bounds and I will do whatever I can to promote them and increase their fanbase.

    I got to meet the band because they were staying at my hotel in WB and the buses were parked outside. I (and a bunch of other very calm, restrained fans) hung around the buses all afternoon and got to talk to the band as they went into the buses. They were very willing to spend some time with us, probably cause we were respectful and relaxed. That’s the only advice I have for you.

    As far as meet and greet tickets go, I’m not sure but it seems to me that you have to win them or know somebody or be real lucky to get one.

    Adam… not fair! Fix this and give some of your loving fans a chance to meet you and thank you for your awesomeness!

    Gloria Beth

    Comment by adamquotedaily — June 13, 2010 @ 6:36 pm

  9. OK Miss Gloria…Todays post ROCKS…everything about it is great!
    However…one particular bit just stands out from the rest…I wonder if you can guess which part that is?

    Comment by finewinebaby — June 13, 2010 @ 8:15 pm

  10. hey Gloria-thanks for the great work that you do! do you know which song and concert that hug in the gif takes place? Thanks!

    Comment by sherrie — June 14, 2010 @ 5:23 pm

  11. Not sure… you can ask @mindchnger!

    Comment by adamquotedaily — June 14, 2010 @ 7:04 pm

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