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June 12, 2010

Adam… You Make Me Smile!

Today’s Updates
Adam Answers VH1 posted  Questions on Twitter
Elizabeth On asks: I was wondering what your favorite book is and what your favorite pair of (cont) about 2 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone
  • Elizabeth On asks: What is the most exciting part about doing your tour so far? A: We’ve sold (cont) about 2 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone
  • Diana Desiree On asks: what do you feel when youre performing? Do you feel the feelings youre (cont) about 2 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone

  • Tina On asks: what is the hardest part about going on tour? A: I think being away from friends (cont) about 2 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone

  • Brooke on asks: do you ever go by any nicknames, however adorably embarrassing they might be? A: (cont) about 2 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone   

  • Madeleine on asks; How do you decide how your hair is going to look on a particular day, (cont) about 2 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone
  • Brittany W On asks: if you could collaborate with one designer to design you clothing for an (cont)
  • Adam Retweeted the Link to this picture!

    Posted by @sterinamadqueen

    And he said…”Aw guys…so sweet” to our IIHY fan video!
    My cape shows up at 2:45!

    The Whole Gang.. Thanks to @rntmom for posting!

      Everybody’s Smiling!  Me Too!

    Adam performing Stir Cove by @funqueen!

    Adam Lambert performing at Shooting Star casino in Mahnomen Minnesota 



    Music Again 


    Great audio…love Monte on the raised platform! 

    Mad World 


    More coming later! 


    Tonights Concert… Mystic Lake

    Who is going?  who is tweeting?  I will be live blogging tonight for sure! Join me! 



    Thanks to @mindchnger for the Gifs! 


    Council Bluffs Complete 


    Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner 

    OMG … Love this one! There is TJR’s Smile again! 


    In case its not working, here is the link! 

    This gif is not from this version of fever but I love it! 


    and the Gif is from this version of If I Had You

    Thanks to @757Boredz and to @rikkapaul for both providing it to us!



    Gridlock Whole Lotta Love…From Behind by Dougasauris… Adam’s First Concert of FYE Songs! 


    Lots of Tommy bopping! 



    Monte is Such A Sweet Adorable Guy with a Killer Smile! 


    Longineu Rocks Out! 


    News from the World!

    Lambert lite: Adam Lambert’s taking a tasteful turn in new show 

    “They won’t be embarrassed,” Glambert insists. “They definitely will be comfortable.” 

    That may or may not be such a good thing, considering the response to one of prime-time TV’s most deliciously filthy moments. The simulated oral sex actually made people forget about the war. 


    Posted by @Foxvegas... She wants to buy these two!

    Glambert: Now With Swagger! 

     Great article…must read! 



    The Glamtoes in Pictures! 



    Kesha and Kissing Adam Lambert 


    Kesha.. do us Glamberts a favour in Toronto and keep your hands off HRH!! Thank you! 



    Healing the World One Person at a Time!   

    Thanks to @naomimink for this awesome story

    @adamlambert A must read true story about Council Bluffs concert that will help you realize just how much talent, charisma, magnetism and positive energy you have that has touched so many of us. My friend and I were standing outside in front of Harrah’s hotel at Council Bluffs the day of your concert. There was a couple, maybe in their mid 30’s to 40ish. reading about events there. I heard them say something about “some guy from American Idol”. 

     My friend whispered something to me that made me think they might be talking negative about you. I told my friend, “they better not, or I will knock them out!” Of course, I wouldn’t do such a thing. Instead, I asked the lady if she knew who you were. She said not really, that she never was interested in American Idol. I told her I understood, that I didn’t watch it either until I started hearing about this guy with out of this world vocals and over the top amazing performances. I told her when I finally tuned in, the show was almost over. It was Rock week and that you totally blew me away and woke something up inside me and how all the judges and other famous rock bands were amazed by you. She told me she loved classic rock and I told her then she must go see you. She then asked, “doesn’t he do more pop?”. 

    I told her you did everything and were the most amazing performer since Elvis. I went on for 15 minutes about your amazing sweetness, humbleness, vocal ability, music theater background, and that you treated your fans the same way Elvis did and this is what I believed would take you far. I told her I believed from the bottom of my heart that you would be an international superstar and that you were a special gift from God. I finally shut up when I peaked at her boyfriend and realized he must think I was a real whack case! Anyway, to make a long story short, I told her I had an extra ticket and she could have it for free and that her boyfriend could go inside to buy a ticket. I wrote down my email and wrote down your Bowie Medley and Whole lotta love from AI summer tour for her to go look up on youtube hoping she would be curious enough to go home and look you up on her computer. I asked her to please give you a chance and go to the concert that night and email me what she thought. 

    Once they left, my friend/employee that was with me stood there speechless as I said, “Damn, I’m a sales person! But time will tell, wonder if they will come? Can’t help it, I do marketing for a living and I tend to mix business with pleasure” LOL! Later that night before concert, I wondered if she had even bothered showing up and if I would ever hear from her. I wondered if I had creeped her out. To my delight, this is a copy of the email she sent me…. 

    Hi, Naomi,
    this is Lisa, thank you so very much for the ticket and turning me on to Adam, I loved loved, loved the show!!! now before the concert I watched the videos you told me about and I liked him right away, he’s very handsome and theatrical, oh, and that voice!! WOW!! But when I saw him on stage, I was shocked by how great he sounded. How he can dance and maintain that voice. What a gift, such savage talent that young man has. Even my boyfriend, Jeff, whom you also met, said he was glad he bought a ticket and came with me, he really enjoyed the show. I love all the glitter, costumes, the lazers, everything had such emotion, and it was so beautiful. I think you made me into a life long fan now. Thanks!!! If it weren’t for you, I probably would have never found out how amazing Adam is. I really owe you a lot, thanks so very much. I’d definitely see him again, I just cannot express how impressed I was. I saw a lot of Elvis qualities about him, everything you said about him was so true. You really built him up, and he definitely delivered! Oh, Good Lord, he’s good looking to. I liked how he connected with the crowd, talked to us and made us feel like friends, and one of the most important attributes of his show: The Message. I love the meanings of his songs and how he portrays important messages of love and what really matters in the world. AHHHH! I JUST LOVE HIM!!!!!! Thanks so much, sweetheart!! A Thousand hugs to you, and you have a great time in Vegas, New York and Chicago, great cities to enjoy great music in! ~Warmest Regards,

    Adam, hope you enjoyed this. Just goes to show how amazing you are! To think, 8 hours before your concert, this girl and her boyfriend could have cared less who you were. Then after seeing you for the first time….well her letter tells it all! Best wishes my beautiful Adam and thank you so much for all the love you give.
    Naomi Mink 



     Amazing drawing by @topazholly! 


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    1. Where is the Adam messing with Tommy’s hair gif from? It is from the band intro of If I Had You Council Bluffs. here is a link.

      Wonderful blog as always.

      Comment by Rikki — June 12, 2010 @ 11:06 am

    2. LOVE that story about Lisa & Naomi!!! :o)

      Comment by Chloe — June 12, 2010 @ 2:41 pm

    3. Love the content and pictures today! I am at Mystic Lake and will hopefully get some Twitpics for everyone. I’m not very close to the stage though. Although I got a photo with Monte earlier today. Very exciting!

      Comment by @jfk_lenorahill — June 12, 2010 @ 4:09 pm

    4. I adored Naomi’s story of ‘witnessing’ about HRH to the woman in front of the casino, and giving her a free ticket. How brave of Naomi to do that-but it sure paid off! I’d give her a sales job any day.

      Comment by IsabelR — June 12, 2010 @ 4:24 pm

    5. Thanks and good luck getting some good pictures. Look forward to seeing them. Keep breathing!

      Comment by adamquotedaily — June 12, 2010 @ 10:10 pm

    6. All of your blog posts are absolutely amazing!! Your so creative, and organized! Haha :). Keep up the awesome work bc you will be rewarded! Hard work pays off. 🙂

      Comment by Glambert4Everxx — June 13, 2010 @ 4:32 pm

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