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May 30, 2010

Pink Covers WWFM!



If you have not seen Adam perform live, watch this for about 60 minutes …you will get some idea of what it feels like!  


Today’s Updates

Bradam at the Glaad Awards LA  (thanks to @ItsJoooory for posting


Things to do on a quiet Sunday (or Monday!)

Vote for Adam for best International Video WWFM

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Request IIHY… here’s how!



So, I think I’ve tweeted a thousand times that I’m heading to Wilkes-Barre this week to see Adam and the first show of the Glam Nation tour and meet up with some special friends! 

I have this really great idea for gifts for the boys.  But, I’m remembering that in a recent interview, Adam asked that fans give to the charity of their choice in his honour instead of giving him more stuff.

So that’s what I’m going to do.  In the morning, I’m going to make a donation to the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto in honour of Adam and the band.  Im going  to put together a letter for Adam ( he has said that he loves to receive them)  and use my love for AL to help others.

Please consider this type of gift…Donate to any charity that  you love to support…Let’s make Adam proud of his great fans!


Thanks to @GabrielaTwittaa for chosing this as one of her favorites!


Its a great day to help Adam win the award for Best International Video at the MMVA’s

Refresh and vote every five minutes.  We can do this!


Must Read Comment from Christine in response to “About” … Beautiful!  

“Thanks so much for channeling your passion into your great blog site. I am so inspired by the energy unleashed by our love for Adam. I very much echo your feeling that this is all for some greater purpose- and it’s no mystery what that is.  

 It’s the best and biggest purpose, to be as alive and present and ourselves as we can be! Passion, love, desire, in whatever form they manifest, are the best energy sources for creativity and change to be found. Forget oil, gas and coal- if we could harness the electricity created at an Adam show, we could transform the whole Glam Nation!  

 I love hearing from others who have been struck by the Adam lightening bolt, and appreciate how each one of us contributes the bits of info that most move us. Together we create a very positive, loving virtual reality online – made manifest by folks like you who are moved to organize it all! I am working on channeling this wellspring through my life to energize other interests and pursuits, while still drinking in the flow of music, beauty, surprises, excitement, adventures and magic stirred up by the super-natural Adam and his adoring fans.”  

Comment by Christine — May 29, 2010 @ 7:09 pm  

If you would like to leave a response for her (or me) , leave it in the comments section here: 


BTW, His Name is Adam Lambert!

Pink Gets her intro right… the guy sings the “really silly song” better than her… but its still great to hear!  And that silly song is taking Pink and Adam straight to the bank! LOL!


We all know that Adam could sing the phone book or the obituary column and it would be perfect!  

Better quality version: 

Adam tweeted this to Pink yesterday:

and I tweeted this to Adam he was describing himself perfectly!


Thanks to @cutipi300 for posting these new, old pictures.. I am clearly losing my ability to choose which ones to post so I hope you don’t mind looking at them ALL!  …  haha, yah , right!  


Adam and Terrance (one of the dancers!)








Longer Summeri Interview from Finland 


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner 
























Pictures from Tommy fan group: 


Question to Sashamallory through Formspring… she likes to answer! 

Do you find it hard to breath with Tommy around? (I would!) 

oh man .. my heart rate goes up like crazy and i start hallucinating… i passed out the first time i met him ….. not lol 😛 hes like a brother now… i laugh at him a lot haha 

3 days ago 

Tell us something we don’t know about Tommy. Please? 😉 

just recently found out hes afraid of heights… maybe you guys knew that already lol 

3 days ago 

Is Adam ever mean? Not just to fans but in general? Or is he just a good person all the time? What about Tommy? 

Honestly hes the sweetest person ive ever worked for… hes not ever mean but he knows how to get work done… and his sense of humor is priceless lol… yea and tommy too 🙂 

4 days ago 


Adam in Japanese Magazine called Fool’s Mate  

Its a magazine about flashy dressed musicians.  


“Vocal range” God’s man with a descent! U.S. popular TV “American Idol is produced shock
“New age vocal superstar with God. For those always turn to describe Adam Lambert, which by no means exaggerated. Popular American show auditions, “American Idol” came out of his debut, “For Your Entertainment” is the third largest debut U.S. album charts, are likely to hit here in Japan long- signs. Surface not only great performance but there is also overwhelming presence and singing ability. The uniqueness of his most empathetic such, people might possibly like this magazine readers. Indeed, a journal put out, he was wide-eyed, “Wow!” When he cries.”
(If this doesn’t make total sense it’s becuz I pushed the “translate” button..  I think you get the idea though!)  


More Japanese pictures courtesy of @_bani 







If anyone can give names for all the people we don’t know in these pictures, please send them to me and I will label them.  


Newly Uploaded Videos from Berns in Stockholm… thanks to @alreference for posting 

(via @_ninni): 


Old Interview from the Tour Thanks to @globerts for posting


Who is Adamquotedaily and how Adam inspires her    

All About Me!    

I Have Revealed All… (not really but lots)  about my Adam journey and its posted in About at this link      

Its my story of Adam Inspiration!      

Must read this slightly exaggerated and funny account of meeting Xena at my first Adam Immersion Day!    


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Thanks to  LynneEvergreen for sending me this cleaned up version which I adore!



  1. Beautiful words Coming from Christine, boy she is like you, knows how TO NAIL IT. Adam I mean of course, its so hard to find the words that describe ADAM but you 2 have somehow did that. Thanks again for your Wonderful Post & Thanks Pink for WWFM, Awesome song!!!! XOXO

    Comment by Merrie — May 30, 2010 @ 9:16 am

  2. THANK YOU!! i read your blog everyday and i feel bad i dont comment very much=( you do an AMAZING job with this!! this is how i keep up with all my adam&co news. cant wait for GLAM NATION!!! and love that p!nk did WWFM. she has an INSANE voice.

    Comment by julia — May 30, 2010 @ 9:45 am

  3. I also read your blog everyday. I have been a fan of Adam’s since AI and joined his official website early too. I will be seeing Adam June 30th at the Norva! Can’t wait! Thanks for all you to feed our fan frenzy!

    Comment by sherrie — May 30, 2010 @ 11:21 am

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