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May 24, 2010

Vocal Genius!

By @thefilmqueen

 Tonight’s Updates

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Its from here!


Adam Backstage at Jay Leno (starts at 1:50)


Longineu Parsons III w/ Miles M. Davis (LPMD) performs “TBD” by Miles M. Davis


Severe Red Alert!   WooHoo!

Fabulous video by the supremely talented @kcinkcity!



KISS Concert : A lot of music crammed into 8 hours

“If the subplot of the concert was a rematch of the “Idol” finals between Allen and Adam Lambert, Lambert won out on Saturday. Starting with the dramatic “Whataya Want From Me” and tearing quickly into the glam-rock of “Music Again,” Lambert wasted no time establishing himself, showing the confidence — and the pearlescent vocal chops — to stand and deliver without a lot of stage patter or drama. The melding of electro sounds and rock structures in the new single “If I Had You” were compelling, and the volcanic keyboard bass of “Strut” got a party started. Last year wouldn’t be the first time that solid versatility won “American Idol” but the runner-up demonstrated qualities that don’t get measured by the TV show’s format.”

New Picture… New Photoshoot? More Coming Soon Please!
Today’s Mission!  Lets all send love, light and prayers to Monte, Lisa and the babies!

Atticus this morning. He's doing better but we wish we could hold him and have him in the room with us : (

Thanks to @FoxVegas for posting!

Thanks to @foxvegas for posting

Short but very Sweet Red Carpet interview with Adam before Kiss108 concert
Reviews and My Response
Review of Kiss 108 Concert
“Can we get a drumroll here?! He got the best introduction out of everyone that performed and no one was sitting down during his set, he had the most fans there, and when he got off stage about have of Comcast Center opened up. That’s right–the American Idol second-place superstar Adam Lambert stole the entire concert. Opening with radio-rocking Whataya Want From Me and then with self-written sex-anthem Strut with If I Had You and Sleepwalker near the end, Adam Lambert- exactly like on American Idols -completely took the show away from everyone else performing. It was like watching a group of stars, then seeing a real superstar.”

A pop-driven party in 18 acts

“The concert’s primary draw, on the other hand, was indisputable, as Adam Lambert’s name elicited the loudest screams throughout the day. But if last year’s “American Idol’’ runner-up really were the once-in-a-generation game-changer KISS DJ Matty introduced him as being, he certainly wasn’t put on Earth to sing “Whataya Want From Me.’’ He was at his best, though still undeserving of the hyperbole, on “Sleepwalker,’’ which was dramatic but restrained,..” 

So, this interview goes on to make reference to Adam “screaming” . Is this reviewer crazy?  Does he need his hearing checked?  I cannot understand how anyone can mention Adam’s perfect vocals and screaming in the same sentence.  Adam Lambert is a Vocal Genius! God… this stupidity makes me  furious! 

So, I’ve gathered some of  the beautiful comments made about Adam by  musicians and people  who actually can hear and who know what great singing really is!  

Here is the one from Brian May which got us all so excited before Time for Miracles (I love that song!) was released.  

“I have to say I was completely blown away … it’s truly sensational. In fact it’s so obviously a number one smash, any bookie would be mad to take bets on it. I am not kidding. I’m not easily moved to jelly by male vocalists … but Adam’s voice reaches out with sensitivity, depth, maturity, and awesome range and power which will make jaws drop all around the world. Its an awesome performance. No doubt about it. The world of Rock has a bright new star.” Brian May, Queen  

After previewing the track, it’s safe to say the end of the world never sounded so uplifting, as Lambert’s vocals soar over a bed of strings and arena-rock guitars. “We wanted to match how epic the film is,” Lambert said in a behind-the-scenes video at AOL Moviefone. “We wanted to reach out and grab people by the heart” Rolling Stone, Oct /09  

I’m in the middle of a record now with a Rob Cavallo, who is like the god of producers at the moment. He’s doing an Adam Lambert track, and I’m going over to meet Adam. Adam Lambert [of “American Idol” fame] is the only singer that I’ve ever thought was amazing. I think there have been great singers, you know, Freddie Mercury, Steven Tyler, you know, a lot of great rock singers. Michael Jackson was one, but Adam Lambert is one I haven’t been awestruck with since [Janis] Joplin in the ’60s. I don’t think anybody actually comprehends how good this guy is. I mean, I downloaded everything he did for “American Idol.” I’m like this Adam Lambert groupie.” Meatloaf”

“Adam’s got pipes, you know? He’s got so much range and it comes so easy—it’s like effortless” – former Guns-n-Roses lead guitarist, Slash 

(When asked what young talent he’s been paying attention to, he said this season’s “American Idol” runner-up Adam Lambert has a special talent.) “I really hope the right people get a hold of him. I would love to see him with Queen, but the Queen vocalist would probably have me shot. But he could have stepped into Queen with that range and that emotion.”- Graeme Edge (The Moody Blues) 

“Let me also say this about Adam… forget his incredible singing ability for a second… but what an actor! He nailed his lines ON THE FIRST TAKE — complicated words, mind you — and had the sort of comic sensibility that one can only be born with. The entire room was cracking up from the guy.” Michelle Collins 

“..Watching in disbelief Adam Lambert’s “Ring of Fire,” the gutsiest Idol performance ever, and his “Mad World” and realizing we were witnessing a star being born.” Richard Rushfield
“A good singer breathes from the diaphragm, but a great singer breathes from the soul. There’s an ethereal sound that comes from the latter, and Lambert has managed to harness it. He can dial into that enigmatic space where light meets sound and flip the switch at will, taking the listener, willing or not, right along with him to exhilarating highs and haunting lows. That is the voice of talent. Now for the other ingredients. As if conducting a musical symphony, Lambert commands his body to join his voice in perfect synchronicity, and boldly goes where no man has gone before….not this masterfully, anyway. Do you feel something vibrating?” Jennifer Maurer
“The formula was upset a bit in its eighth season — a year forever to be known as Adam’s World. Of course, we mean Adam Lambert, 27, he of the rubbery pelvis, mascara and polarizing multi octave range and classic rock god moves that all combined in a perfect pop storm to land him on the covers of Rolling Stone and Entertainment Weekly even before Idol crowned the safer, Disney-approved Kris Allen its winner. ” Howard Cohen, Miami Herald 

“He is a role model. He is a modern day hero in an unconventional way. He makes being the geek, being the shy non-sports-jock cool. He stands for all of the choir and band and drama club geeks who were mocked all throughout their high school days. He is also a huge poster child for the Ugly Duckling who is fat and a bit awkward, unsure of himself who grows up to be completely fabulous and a true gentleman and friend. Sometimes I think you have to go thru this kind of pain to become as great as he is. He stands when standing is hard. Remarkable. And that is just his character I haven’t even talked about his talent yet” Meredith Rosser
“So is he reading his mail? I hope so. And in some ways, I hope not. It will inspire him no doubt, but all the hype could also impair his sense of reality – a reality that gave birth to the original Adam Lambert. We’ll keep writing though, and watching. We just can’t help ourselves. Did you hear that, Adam?” Jennifer Maurer
“Adam. I think he’s extremely talented …His range is through the roof. He hits notes that every singer wishes they could hit.” Chris Daughtry
“There he is- the perfect spiritual descendent of Freddie Mercury, David Bowie, Queen, Hedwig and all things gender-fluid and fabulous. He’s the gorgeousness of glam rock rising, like an iridescent glittery phoenix emerging from America’s cultural ashes. Eyeliner, black nail polish, incredible costumes, sexual ambiguity, a beautiful heart and more originality and musical mastery that we haven’t seen in many, many years”.” 

If anyone has any other quotes which I should add to the collection, send them on! I feel like a little comment with hundreds of these quotes might need to be sent to any reviewer who makes a ridiculous comment about the talent of Adam Lambert!

Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner 



Created by @esselsari

Posted by @tommyjoeratliff

Voting for Adam to win the MMVA Award
Put your voting time into helping Adam walk away with the best international video award at the MMVA awards on June 20 in Toronto!  We know he deserves it!
Regarding VH1 and WWFM… this is interesting and I hope it is true!

Adams Watching! Are we requesting IIHY daily?

Requesting IIHY- Great Information Here!
Thanks to indybeck71 at Adam Official!
Adam’s Worldwide Certifications and Chart Placements for Singles and Album; Wonderful to See!!!

*** Global Certifications (as of 5/23/10) ***  

“Whataya Want From Me”
Canada – 80,000 units: March 2010  

“Whataya Want From Me”
U.S. – 1,000,000 units: April 2010
Australia – 70,000 units: May 2010  

“For Your Entertainment” album
Canada – 80,000 units: March 2010  

“For Your Entertainment” single
Canada – 40,000 units: March 2010  

“For Your Entertainment” album
U.S. – 500,000 units: January 2010
Canada – 40,000 units: January 2010
New Zealand – 7,500 units: March 2010
Singapore – 6,000 units: March 2010  

“Whataya Want From Me”
U.S. – 500,000 units: February 2010
Australia – 35,000 units: April 2010
New Zealand – 7,500 units: April 2010  

“For Your Entertainment” single
New Zealand – 7,500 units: March 2010  

Notes: FYE Album: 639,000 units U.S. (current)
WWFM: 1,185,000 units U.S. (current)

*** U.S. CHARTS (as of 5/23/10) ****
Note: Peak positions listed  


“Whataya Want From Me”    #10 Hot 100 ;#1 Hot Dance/Electronic Singles Sales (2 weeks)
;#1 Hit Singles Sales;#4 Adult Pop Songs;#8 Digital Sales;#12 Pop Songs;#12 Adult Contemporary;#18 Radio Songs  

“For Your Entertainment” single
#5 Dance/Club Play Songs  

“For Your Entertainment” album
#3 Billboard 200  


“Whataya Want From Me”
#13 Top 40 (also American Top 40 chart);#4 Hot Adult Contemporary
#10 Adult Contemporary  


*** International Charts (as of 5/23/10) ***
Note: Peak positions listed  

>>> “For Your Entertainment” single <<<  

#19 Hot 30 Dance Club Play FINLAND#3 Singles JAPA#1 Hot 100 Airplay (Billboard)#2 Hot 100 (Billboard NEW ZEALAN#10 Top 40 UNITED KINGDOM#37 Top 40 Singles  

>>> “Whataya Want From Me” <<AUSTRIA
#14 Top 40 Singles BRAZIL#32 Hot 100 Singles BULGARIA#20 Top 40 Singles CANADA
#1 Hot Adult Contemporary (Mediabase multiple weeks)#3 Canadian Hot 100 (Billboard)
#1 Remixes (Nielsen Soundscan)#4 Top 40 (Mediabase)  CZECH REPUBLIC #33 Top 100 Radio  DENMARK  #9 Airplay  #12 Singles (Nielsen  FINLAND  #1 Radio  #2 Digital Songs  #3 Singles  GERMAN  #1 Radio (Overall)  #1 Mainstream Radio  #1 Youth Radio  #3 Digital Tracks  #5 Top Singles (Media Control)  HUNGAR Y #11 Radio Top 40  LATVIA  #8 Top 50 Airplay  THE NETHERLANDS  #7 Top 40  NEW ZEALAND  #2 Radio Airplay (RIANZ)  #4 Top 40 Singles (RIANZ)  NORWAY  #18 Singles  RUSSIA  #10 Top Hit 100 Airplay  SLOVENIA #1 Radio Top 20SOUTH AFRICA  #34 Top 40 (5FM)  SWEDEN #8 Digital Songs  #8 Singles (Grammofon Leverantorernas Forening)  SWITZERLAND #23 Top 75 Singles #29 Overall Radio  UKRAINE
#29 Top 40 Airplay  *EUROPE*  #21 European Hot 100 (Billboard)  *WORLD*  #11 Singles  

>>> “For Your Entertainment” album <<<
#4 Finland  #6 New Zealand  #8 Canada  #8 Sweden  #18 Australia  #25 The Netherlands  #26 Japan  #31 DenmarK  #36 United Kingdom  #60 Ireland (IRMA)  #80 European Albums (Billboard Hot 100)  

Dreaming of IIHY Video!  

created by @esselsari

‘American Idol:’ Adam Lambert a mad hatter in ‘If I Had You’ video  

The good people over at Zap2It have a new look at Adam Lambert‘s “If I Had You” music video, and in some of their photos you can see the “American Idol” runner-up wearing one of the most exquisite (and incredible) outfits we’ve seen from him yet. Dressed in a silver top hat and coat, he looks like something straight out of an adult version of “Alice in Wonderland.” The red dreadlocks and perfectly-placed eye liner only work to add to the “fantasy world” effect.  

The details that were starting to see out of this video suggest that we could be in for one of the most exciting videos of the year. While there are some people out there (see M.I.A.) who attempt to make an artistic statement with their videos, Adam has clearly said that “If I Had You” is at its basis about everyone coming together and celebrating love.  

Based on what we’ve seen so far in this video, Adam’s life certainly seems like both a party and ecstasy — in other words, he’s doing the song perfect justice.  

Absolutely beautiful created by @simple_sunshine 


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  1. I have & will be sending prayer & positve enery to Monte & his family. GREAT GREAT Reviews from so many Known Artist, at least they know How TRUELY Amazing Adam is as WE do. His TOUR is going to Blow The USA away, & I would like to know why The Media hasn’t said anything about ALL Adams sold out shows & how fast they are SOLD OUT! Maybe we should try to contact some of the NEWS STATIONS to Give Adam More Regonition about how much he is Loved & admird by His Fans!!! What do you think? XO

    Comment by merrie — May 24, 2010 @ 10:09 am

  2. Please keep the info coming. I enjoy reading all your Adam posts…….it makes my day.

    Comment by Janice — May 24, 2010 @ 10:35 am

  3. Most importantly, my thoughts are with Monte & his family right know, hoping that Atticus is all right & congratulations to the entire Pittman clan!!!

    How any person can classify Adam’s monumental vocals as both “perfection” and “screaming” in the same paragraph needs to go to both a psychiatrist and an ENT; this person obviously has no idea what artistry and great vocals are all about. There are so many people who have said so many accolades and compliments about Adam’s vocals, his artistry and his ultimate vision; this person must have severely limited knowledge about the music industry and not knowwhat he/she is talking about. There aare so many people who are simply crazy about Adam, his music, his style — I think he will survive without this person’s endorsement.

    I cannot wait to see Adam in a month – I think he is literally going to blow the roof off from every place he is gracing with his presence – EVERYONE BEWARE – WE ARE GOING TO BE FOR A MAJOR PERFORMANCE OF PROPORTIONS UNKNOWN TO MANKIND!!!! – ADAM IS GOING TO BE PHENOMENAL!!

    Comment by DeeDeeGlambert — May 24, 2010 @ 11:02 am

  4. Thanks.. Your kind comment makes my day!

    Comment by adamquotedaily — May 24, 2010 @ 11:12 am

  5. I will definitely be sending love, light and positive energy to Atticus and the rest of the Pittman family.
    Prayers that Glambaby Atticus will be able to go home soon.

    From day one it has made me mad when people referred to Adam as screaming when he would go into his SIGNATURE note. Adam is turning the music world upside down and they don’t have a clue, but WE have known since the beginning!!!

    Adam is on his way to becoming the Legendary Icon he is destined to be. His passionate and devoted fans will see to that, (not like we have a choice) and what I mean by that is Adam is Adam and we all want the best for him. He hypnotizes and mesmerizes us with his performances and vocals!

    I can’t wait to see Adam in about 7 weeks…so excited…His Glam Nation tour will be the most unbelievable and unforgettable tour in history, mark my words:) There will never be another like it, unless Adam outdoes himself:) Adam will only get better and better with his creativity and theatricality and vocals!!!



    Comment by LuvAdam476 — May 24, 2010 @ 1:19 pm

  6. Hey Gloria:

    Thanks for posting the Adommy pic. Their mouths look so sexy, and does anyone else think Tommy looks like an angel?

    Laurie xoxo

    Comment by Laurie — May 24, 2010 @ 9:48 pm

  7. Thanks for sending it to me.. I also posted it on Tommy’s bio cause it is gorgeous. Tommy always looks like an angel. Adam and Tommy… too beautiful for words!

    Comment by adamquotedaily — May 25, 2010 @ 7:54 am

  8. Fantastic site…wish I knew of it sooner! I’ll be watching for more!!! Adam is the man…can’t get enough! love your blog!!!!

    Comment by Cathy R. Smith — May 25, 2010 @ 7:55 am

  9. love your blog!!!!

    Comment by Cathy R. Smith — May 25, 2010 @ 7:55 am

  10. I read all the Kiss 108 concert reviews from this page; doesn’t each reviewer sound like they attended a different concert?

    Comment by IsabelR — May 25, 2010 @ 9:53 pm

  11. Gloria: This blog certainly reflects your personality: Warm, intelligent and perfectly organized. Thank you.

    Comment by Circe — May 26, 2010 @ 4:09 am

  12. Super interesting article! Honestly.

    Comment by Dwight Mathis — May 29, 2010 @ 2:12 pm

  13. If only more people would read this!

    Comment by Nanette Carlton — May 30, 2010 @ 3:03 pm

  14. Very awesome article. Truely!

    Comment by Delia Wilhelm — June 1, 2010 @ 9:35 am

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