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May 19, 2010

Butterflies … and Ellen!

Thanks to @thefilmqueen

Thanks to @Scorpios4Adam

Adam… You are so huggable!!!

Posted By @robertkovacik

Adam on Skype for MMVA Awards


Thursday On ET…Set your PVR!  Preview of IIHY Video 

Short Snippet from Tonight

By my dear friend @virg1877 MUAH sweetie!


Adam sings IIHY on Ellen

Sit down … 1:16  OMG!

Adam and Ellen Dancing

 MP3 : WMV File:

 Interview on Youtube

Thanks to @Knyghtlyn for sending this to me! MUAH!

Backstage Message

Ellen and her show LOVE Adam!

Here’s My Live Blogging from this Morning… makes me smile!

 That woman running through the wall is gonna have a lot of company when Adam Lambert is discussed!
( They showed a clip of a woman from the audience running through a wall when it was announced that Justin Bieber was in the dressing room!)
Robert Pattinson… I dont think he gets it… me neither! @Sashamallory, one of Adam’s dancers said that Robert and Adam are the same height except for Adam’s hair!
Counting the seconds… OMG… where is Adam?  I don’t mind Robert.. he seem like a nice guy with a strange sense of humour…shaved his hair because of nits!
Screenshots from Ellen (posted yesterday)
Thanks to @_itsnestea
Pattin Pattinson… blindfolded fan needs to find Robert! You can only touch his body! With blindfolds…. Wouldnt be a problem finding Adam, now would it!
Adam on after the commercial… he looks so young and beautiful!  Great makeup job! Is that his Tshirt or is it a necklace.. Cant tell from the quick clip
Love his hair… Its on! “The very talented Adam Lambert”… its a neckpiece
Gorgeous outfit… Hair…” Two of the most beautiful people” and Ellen shows picture from People magazine
“That bird was temperamental… not his cockatoo!  WHAM! WHAM!” Adam
Sasha said he loves to say WHAM!
Adam is gorgeous!
More about AMA awards… “You are hugely successful, you are an amazing performer!
You are in a league of your own.” Ellen
AMA….It was one performance! 
In Europe, many want to know why its a  big deal
IIHY….Uplifting, positive, connection and love!   Awesome message to put out in the world!
So short… he’s back to sing at the end!
Adam, you’re beautiful and you’re doing it perfectly!
Video clip at top of page of IIHY but I’m waiting to watch it on the Big Screen
Before I bring out Adam Lambert… twice
another commercial… Ellen you are making me want to go to the top of this page and watch that clip…. I’m going to wait… How do you people who do not watch all the tour videos before your show do it?  I couldn’t resist for that long!
Kiss and Ellen Hug…
Dancing with Ellen at the end..
Great performance…. Great dancing!  Great Day!


Note to self: Today, arrange to add Much Music to my Satellite TV package! 

Four performers added to the MMVAs! 

We took a big ‘ol risk with our first MMVA announcement. Like, for realz – Miley, Katy and Justin? How the heck were we gonna keep your excitement level at the supadupacrazyhigh level we created with the pop trifecta? Enter: the pop/rock/rap foursome, a fourfecta if you will. 

(Drum roll please) Announcing Adam Lambert, Ke$ha, Down with Webster and Marianas Trench as part of your MMVA 2010 performers! Ahhh! You’ll be watching the clock go Tik Tok until it’s time for the MMVA performers to be Beside You when you can finally watch the amazing line up perform For You Entertainment and hopefully make one of them Your Man (or woman). 

Can’t decide who you’re most excited to see perform? Check out videos of interviews and performances from MOD, as well as pics and blog posts for Adam Lambert, Ke$ha, Down with Webster and Marianas Trench on their Artist Pages! 

Contest for tickets 

 Ages 13-24 only! (PS  Don’t feel bad! Adam’s too old to attend!) 

Preview of the MMVA


Shirt Lift thanks to @Scorpios4Adam

Co-Hosting? (Is this true?) 

Adam Lambert scored two nominations for his hit single Whataya Want From Me. Lambert will also be co-hosting the awards show with Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and the MuchMusic VJs.,_MGMT_and_Adam_Lambert_Score_MMVA_Nods/ 


Who is going? 


Lets all watch WWFM on MM to make sure Adam wins this very important international award. 

It’s on in the background on my computer right now! 

@Scorpios4Adam ...thank you!


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner   – more coming  soon! 

By Scorpios4adam!


Unfortunately, Adam tweeted this last night: 


Lets tweet @19News and see if this can be changed.  Big mistake but its more serious for American Idol than for Adam!  

My theory is that Adam is so much better than all the contestants, he would make them look real bad . If I remember correctly, all the performers sing with some of the contestants.  Cannot imagine any of the contestants on the same stage as Adam… they would be dwarfed by his awesomeness and incredible talent! 


More Presales Today at 10AM EST 



 Adam Lambert likes ‘authentic’ American Idol 2010 finalists 

“All three of them are excellent singers. They’re all really organic and kind of authentic in what they do. They’re all likeable. They were all really nice when I met them on set,” he said. 



Requesting IIHY Makes a Big Difference- US Information Here!  

These stations are wanting us to make requests so lets make them happy! 

Lets Help fans in Brazil spread the word about Adam 




From yesterday 

If there is anyone in this world who does not respond well to this, give up on them! Spectacular! 

Heres the interview to go with the unbelievable Acoustic Version of WWFM below 

Radio Energy –  Adam and Monte 


Love how they look at each other at the very end!  

(This takes me back to my early explanation of Adam’s awesomeness… his voice is a Chakra  #2 opener!) 

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  1. good morning AQD – nice spoiler, have already watched iihy vid on Ellen site. will catch the show at 11am ET. Thanks for all you do on your blog.

    Comment by noskerdycat — May 19, 2010 @ 8:41 am

  2. The Ellen Show was great, she is a REAL PIP,only watch her when Adam is on but will watch more often, she’s hilarious. ADAM was Again The Greatest Entertainer so far in my Lifetime that I have seen 3 times & will see many MORE. 3 in 1 month coming UP! I wished I had seen Elvis befor he died,unfortunately he died too soon. But Adam is Bringing it all Back, Thank You Adam for Making me feel Young again, I will Love you till the End of My Life. Thank You Gloria for this Wonderful Blog, keep up the ADAMAZING WORK.. XO

    Comment by merrie — May 19, 2010 @ 6:29 pm

  3. loved it! adam looked gorgeous, dancing was perfect, just fantastic! Go Adam!! Love Ellen dancing with adam!

    Comment by Staceyag — May 19, 2010 @ 9:43 pm

  4. The Radio Energy performance of WWFM is gorgeous. I’m listening to this before going to bed tonight…

    Comment by SleepwalkerAries — May 20, 2010 @ 12:11 am

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