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May 18, 2010

Planetary Alignment

Special thanks to @thefilmqueen

Wallpapers by @esselsari

The Winner of Light or Dark 
Hand in his Pants Adam Poll is:

Do You Prefer Dark or Light Hands in Pants Picture? 

Dark 15% (11 votes) 

Light 85% (61 votes) 

Total Votes: 72 

Open this link only if you want to see some GB pictures and can handle it! 

(Thanks to @jadis11- I think!) 



If there is anyone in this world who does not respond well to this, give up on them! Spectacular!

Heres the interview to go with the unbelievable Acoustic Version of WWFM below

Radio Energy –  Adam and Monte

Love how they look at each other at the very end! 

(This takes me back to my early explanation of Adam’s awesomeness… his voice is a Chakra  #2 opener!)



New Picture from IIHY Video Shoot

@ RobertKovacik

Promo For Ellen Show for tomorrow with Adam!

And…. I was just in my car and IF I HAD YOU came on the radio.  First time I’ve heard it on air.  We gotta help to get this one to number1.  Keep requesting.. It’s gonna happen!!

Yeah, Adam!!!

Ellen livecam thanks to @mindchanger



This looks like Adam’s recent hairstyle!  Last night, at the Voyer club…Thanks to @Inf001 for the info

 Sutan’s Facebook Page


Two pics above are from NYC after Kradison by Eric Hallwell … thanks to inf001 for straighening this out!


New concert Date in Pennsylvania (this is a maybe for me!)

Upper Darby, PA

Date: Thu, 2010-08-12
Location: Upper Darby, PA
Venue: Tower Theatre
Cool spotters… anyone know when this picture is from?
Urban Outfitters Alice in Wonderland T-shirt

Please read this link!






Looks Like Adam and the Band are Taping Ellen Today!  

We know Ellen is a huge Adam fan and that he will be singing If I Had You! Show airs on Wednesday!  

Ellen Interview from  December 1, 2009- I think Adam looks and sounds INCREDIBLE… even if he is talking about the AMA’s!  




 Here is Strut from Ellen’s Birthday Show January 27/10  





Glam Nation Tour Pre-Sales for Wednesday, May 19  

Adam Official will be holding exclusive pre-sales for the following Glam Nation Tour dates this Wednesday, May 19, by delivering a special password via email newsletter to registered site users. The password will be delivered by 10am EDT.  

7/10 Louisville, KY / Kentucky Center
7/12 Chesaning, MI / Meridian Entertainment Group
7/19 Boise, ID / Morrison Center
7/21 Portland, OR / Crystal Ballroom
7/23 San Francisco, CA / The Warfield  



Adam Lambert hits the talk shows this week  

By PE News on May 17, 2010 2:26 PM | Permalink    

Like some weird planetary alignment, the “Ellen” show is bringing together two of pop culture’s biggest icons, Robert Pattinson and Adam Lambert, for Wednesday’s broadcast.   

And that’s not all. On Friday, Lambert appears on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” with Kiefer Sutherland and Mary Lynn Rajskub (Chloe) of “24.”   

They say a man is known by the company he keeps.   

Unfortunately for fans, it’s way too late to get tickets to the tapings, but both shows make a limited number of stand-by seats available on days of taping. “Ellen” has a phone number to call on the day you want to attend (not in advance). It is 818-954-5929.   

“Tonight” show fans have to line up at the studio for when the doors open at 8 a.m. (that means get there a lot earlier). The studio is at 3000 W. Alameda Ave. in Burbank.   

And there are age limits: 14 and older for “Ellen,” 16 and older for “Tonight.”   

Here are instructions on the shows’ Web sites.   




Wednesday Night 10:00PM EST  


Wango Tango- Another Great Version of Fever by Seacrestfanzone   


 Sales of FYE have increased substantially since Wango Tango!!! 


Germany Loves Adam – Of Course!  

Adam Lambert’s song “Whataya Want From Me” is included on the German “RTL Sommer Hits 2010” compilation CD  

Track List  CD 1Mehrzad Marashi & Mark Medlock + + Sweat Shakira + + Gypsy Train + + Hey, Soul Sister Mehrzad Marashi + + Do not Believe Adam Lambert + + whataya Want From MeMarina & The Diamonds + + Hollywood P! Nk + + Bad Influence Mika Grace Kelly + + Lily Allen + + Not Fair Amanda Jenssen + + Happy Land
Thanks to @alreference!

Sally ChelseaGirl30 Hey Adam Lambert Fans are you looking at this !!!!!!!!!!! WWFM Number 1 in Germany   


And In Canada  


Adam Lambert will perform in Toronto as a part of his Glam Nation Tour on June 19, and it now looks like he’ll have a pretty major booking for the next day. According to the Toronto Star, the “Whataya Want From Me” singer has secured two nominations for the MuchMusic Video Music Awards. One nomination is for “Best Video by an International Artist,” while the other is the equivalent of a “Best New Artist” award. (Both of these nominations are for the “WWFM” video.)

For any artist, a nomination to a major awards show is a big accomplishment. For the MMVMAs, it is perhaps even more of an amazing thing once you consider how few only the most popular stars outside of Canada (such as Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift) manage to secure the nods.”



Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner 

Watch Tommy- Singing Along (Thanks to @GlamCalam for sending this one to me) 

and of course,  Adam is Unbelievable! 

Take this link to view Tommy’s Biography and incredible Adommy pictures!  

Here is Monte’s!  

And Longineu’s!  

Cam is coming soon!  



Results of the Youth Zone Magazine Poll …thanks to @adamgasmic!   

An overwhelming and conclusive triumph Adam Lambert reached online vote that made the magazine
Youth Zone on the occasion of celebrating the arrival of his edition 100.
More than 950,000 votes cast in favor of the singer, he was placed in a position unattainable
(over 300,000 votes more than his closest competitor).   

Lambert, remembered for his brilliant participation in American Idol, has a global fan community wich
is very active and was present at the Youth Zone votes from the first day of the campaign.
Adam now appear for the first time in a collectible poster that celebrates the 100 editions
of the most widely read magazine for teens and youth in Peru and Latinamerica.   

The artists who were under Adam Lambert were:
Tokio Hotel (627.374 votes)
TVXQ (187.910 votes)
Taylor Swift (20.477 votes)
Justin Bieber (20.438 votes)
Green Day (15.252 votes), among many others.
Part of the results also will be published in an upcoming issue (number 100) Youth Zone on Thursday May 20th,2010.   

Yeah… Adam Lambert fans rule!   

Now, lets get Adam back to #1 this week.  Vote, vote, vote!   


Thanks to @hooplamagnet for scan

Click to enlarge!  Great interview! 

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  1. I’m probably being repetitious, but when I turn on my computer…I check my e mails and then click “Favorites” and go to AQD for my daily “Fix”!! Before I knew about you, I wandered all around YouTube rewatching videos and craving news about the “Gladamlicious One”! It’s so much easier and faster. Once again, thanx! I loved all the info about Tommy too….but, straight??? C’mon!

    Comment by cybergranny7 — May 23, 2010 @ 8:36 pm

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