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May 7, 2010

Hollywood’s Happy!

Watch Johnaton Ross Interview here


or here

and this is hysterical!


Healing the world, one person at a time by spreading the awesomeness of Adam Lambert!

 adamlambert No matter your sexuality, religion, color, or age, if we connect over how we’re the same, “life would be a party- it’d be ecstacy! “



New contest for those creative types here… Lots, I know! I’m figuring I should turn to those of you who are talented in this area and I will stick with compiling Adam Info! 

I would like a header or banner which includes my mission statement (at the top of today’s page) to post at the top of my daily blog. 

So, what can you come up with?  The winner’s name and masterpiece will displayed daily and I will also send you a personal gift..a surprise! You’ll like it…promise!

Send any entries to me   I will choose the winner next Friday, May 14 at 9:00 AM. 

All entries will be displayed if requested!


AneCan 2010 June Issue (Japanese woman’s fashion magazine)

Thanks to @_bani for posting!


OMG>>>Look at this about IIHY MUSIC VIDEO…. EXCITED!  IFLAFLing!!

This was posted at MJs:

Director: Bryan Barber
Date: May 12, 2010, est. 6:00 pm
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Video Overview: This music video is set in a dark but beautiful forest, where we experience a surreal light show, similar to the Northern Lights of Norway. We are here for an artistic gathering of all types of people, to socialize, dance and party while taking in this display of beauty and mystery.

Ages 18-27, male or female, any race, nationality or sexual orientation. The cast should run the gamut of diversity. All extras will be in background shots dancing or “hanging out.” Nothing matters except having a great time with each other. We are looking for creative, artistic, eccentric types with their own personal style. Your wardrobe for the video should be the ultimate form of artistic expression. An example of a “Type” would be The Burning Man festival. Actor must provide his or her own wardrobe on the shoot. Therefore, if called in for an audition, you must wear your outfit to the session, that you would wear to the video shoot.


New Dutch Radio Interview 


Adam is Bigger than the Muffin Man

Cute interview from Finland!



Jonathan Ross welcomes Jake Gyllenhaal to his Friday night show

Just watched the last half of it on livestream… Im sure it will be up soon!  Adam is gorgeous… you know that!


“American Idol’s Adam Lambert says he remains defiant about controversial US TV kiss: “I felt it was really important not to make an apology, I stood my ground,” and says how he wasn’t fazed by Simon Cowell: “I respect his honesty, I like that. I didn’t take it personally.”

Finally, he tells Jonathan how he weighed 18 stone when younger and didn’t get slim until he came out: “I was a porker, eating my feelings… I changed my habits, finally embraced who I was and felt better.”


“Theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn finally, FINALLY, Jonathan introduced Adam and we went crazy for him! I have a feeling I’m going to hear myself “whoop”ing and screaming throughout the show which will probably be very embarrassing. I’m not going to spoil the interview for people who want to wait until Friday, but I will say he came across so funny and lovely, and I’m sure he’ll gain even more fans after the show airs. Jonathan seemed to love him and I’m really excited now to see what parts they kept in/cut out as the recording lasted over 2 hours for a 1 hour show. He looked absolutely beautiful as always and he was wearing some sexy leopard print boots. I must own a pair NOW! :D”……

If you can eat this onion faster than Jake I’ll go and get Adam to sign my copy of his album for you.” I kind of exploded with happiness/excitement then.

So Jonathan put the onions in our mouths and I’d never had a pickled onion before so what a way to have my first one haha!!!! He said go, and Jake was holding my arm and I was gagging – it really was disgusting – and Jake hugged me so tight that I couldn’t chew while trying to keep all the juice from going over his suit and I was trying to push him away! Jake was really lovely and talking to me and all I could hear was @charlottewillis screaming from the audience and it went really fast! Jonathan grabbed my shoulder and told me to spit mine out, which I did, onto his desk J, and declared me the winner. Jake hugged and kissed me again and said “well done Georgia” with a huge gorgeous smileand we had a mini chat, and Jonathan said “it was lovely to meet you darling” and got a big oniony kiss from me, and said to wait in the green room for someone to give me the album.

We went back – me absolutely stinking of onion and feeling really sick – and some really gorgeous runner bloke gave me the CD! Adam wrote on the inside cover “work that onion Georgia! Adam Lambert” and I screamed and was just insanely happy even though I felt like I was going to throw up and nearly did on the train home to Essex.” 


I Signed this Petition for Live GlamNation tour coverage… What’s to Lose?

 Sign here:


Adam at the Roxy Last Night

adamlambert@simoncurtis great job tonight!!! about 7 hours ago via Echofon (11PM PST)


Simon Curtis Last Night (Adam was there!)


simoncurtis: @adamlambert I am so so so honored and glad you came. Your kind words mean more than you know 🙂 truly. Love you!!! 


Adam Around the World


SoundTrend Today’s iTunes HOT100 singles biggest climber to #51: For Your Entertainment – Adam Lambert


OhWal: WWFM the 2nd most watched video in Spain!has moved from 3rd to 2nd place!NOW! without promo! YAY!

Canada asks for Help

beshakinski Glamberts go and leave a message. Help!!!

Hooplamagnet Reminder for Canadian fans: Please watch WWFM on Much Music! It’s in the running for a MMA


Vote for WWFM video at VH1..aiming for Hall of FAME!

and look at this

Tropicgrl42 Adam Lambert – Whataya Want From Me #1 so far for 2010 Best Video……so cool 22 minutes ago

(can someone put this vid on youtube and send to me! Cant view in Canada and elsewhere Im sure!)

Vote IIHY for Sophies Challenge


 No Watermarks!  Thanks to @lamberlights… what about the other blue ones?


And a Few More New to me of Tommy Joe Ratliff  Special thanks to @valress for sharing them with me!


Inspirational Story of @adamgasmic from Venezuela

@Adamgasmic is a great promoter of Adam in Latin America and has a website at

 She asked me to edit her post which I have done somewhat. She starts by talking about AI which is broadcast in her country on a two-week delay.

” Among the participants, there was a boy in particular that struck me as quite different from his style with participants from earlier seasons and see the attractiveness of his range and vocal style, which meant that I was hooked from the start with the cataloging program in question this guy as my favorite. What was his name? -> Adam Lambert.

He started my interest in learning more about him, from where he came, what was his style, what was his background in the music world and began my interest in achieving each of the videos from the programs for which in my country should wait 2 weeks to accept or even hear of them. There began my journey and search for information on this guy gossip programs, magazines and newspaper cutting related to artistic musical environment of the United States.

My surprise was increasing every time I saw a new Episodes of the program through the videos because I no longer content to see it delayed, I wanted to have any updated information without having to wait to arrive to my country.

 So, I found a Facebook group where they post information about Adam Lambert as well as Latin Americans

Rapidly began to grow the group from a very unexpected way and with it began to distribute the tasks of information search and posted

Our Administrator’s group gave tasks assigned by countries to promote Adam Lambert in each of the different countries of Latin America, had fans from Argentina, Peru, Chile, Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, Dominican Rep, Mexico, so we began to meet in chats every night where we discussed the methods of promotion that would apply in each country to give to Know Adam.

We grew every day, sharing information, photos, and program results, discussing the reactions of judges became a solid group.
THE END OF AI was a day when we all were focused, every week we voted for adam for many hours to help him to continue in the competition and that day was not an exception. Some slept while others voted for adam using different media: phone cards, international calling It was frustrating to see that Adam did not win after so much effort because of his own country fans are not hard enough. We didn’t sleep, we spent much time and effort to get our votes counted.

In my case, I live in a country (Venezuela) where the social and political situation is not the best and for which ADAM LAMBERT has become my means of escaping problems. By day I fight for my rights, I go to protests, marches, meetings, and in the night … ADAM LAMBERT IS MY ESCAPE , MY RELAXING MOMENT.

Then I began to learn about Twitter, and given that we were 12 people who were looking for new information daily updated, I started sharing on this site and started to form part of a very nice group of Adam’s Fans to share about his life and his daily movements.-

I never in my 33 years of life had invested so much effort and time in ONE artist. Honestly, my musical tastes are not at all like those of Adam, and my lifestyle or my dress, but I have definitely learned to understand each of these aspects and accept that being liberal is not as wrong as we have been taught to believe in Latin America.

If you do a sociological analysis of the phenomenon of Adam Lambert, I believe that what is forbidden is what attracts most people, whether it’s someone you want to have and you know it will never be yours, makes you react natural way to fight for it.

I think the musical influence of the 70s in adam has been one of the attachment points for those older women who lived through the American musical release and therefore in the Americas and is what causes the age range between the fans of Adam Lambert is as open and varied. His Elvis Presley looks are also a definite plus as it revives the same feelings of passion they once felt in the youth.

The fact that Adam is gay makes the gap grow because gays are generally quite sensitive people so it has an open framework of diversity of followers from men to older women, since children who see their chance to achieve their dreams if fighting for.

I think that this analysis can confirm that I am a fan of Adam Lambert by choice. Currently I’m involved in a project I never thought could be given and we are within weeks of achieving this; is the creation of an official website as representing Adam fans in Latin America. We collected money among several people from different countries, we voted to choose the pictures, the logo design, and hired a web designer with experience in Fans groups since the Beatles to the most modern and current Singers. Our name is LATINGLAMBERTS and most of us already know in a few weeks

NOW, almost a year later…

I must say I cannot be more proud of how Adam has been handling all the events in which his career has become.

 After all the idol journey i assumed by myself the role of  the “Official Adam’s Promoter  in Latin America” and I am very proud  to occupy my free time promoting an artist so complete and intact.

 I have had some success with the promotion in Latin America but for me it is never too much, and there are still many countries where the cd has not been released yet and my goal is to achieve.

 After the release of the cd I will focus my work on making adam do at least one presentation in Latin America and after that … I’ll be happy .-

My only wish is that he knows he has a tireless promoter and supporter to death in a continent that should not know much.( and not only me, here in Latin America he has the approval, respect and admiration of many fans that have been following him since the beginning of his career ).





 Could you please leave a comment … need some feedback people!


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  1. I love this site. It’s my favorite. I live in California and marvel that your posts are the most current and thorough. Thank you for all your diligence and hard work. Adam makes me happy. Your instant updates are marvelous. Adam is easy on the eyes. Whoops! I mean your format is easy on the eyes. I love the twitter followers updates too.

    Comment by Random Medley — May 7, 2010 @ 9:31 am

  2. Thank you so much for the support and compliments. Adam inspires so many of us and I’m so glad we have all been able to connect to celebrate Adam’s journey to the TOP! What is your twitter name, BTW?

    Comment by adamquotedaily — May 7, 2010 @ 9:50 am

  3. To ADAMGASMIC, Thanks for your story. And continue your fighting , for civil rights in Venezuela, and for spreading the word about Adam. We all admire you and support you.

    Comment by katesistergood — May 7, 2010 @ 10:10 am

  4. Thanks for posting that blue photo again. I came here today to ask if you could send it to me because I think you had taken it off yesterday.

    Love your site, as always.


    Comment by avtrav — May 7, 2010 @ 12:18 pm

  5. Thanks NS! I would never take down that pic. As a matter of fact, the collage is now permanently at the bottom of the blog. Hopefully one without the marks will turn up soon.

    Comment by adamquotedaily — May 7, 2010 @ 2:00 pm

  6. Oh, I love the new contest!
    Does the banner/header need to be a particular size or something? 🙂

    And wow! I’m so exited for the If I Had You video! It’s gonna be epic!

    Comment by Daphne — May 7, 2010 @ 5:49 pm

  7. Well.. it has to fit at the top of the blog page… so how big is that! It wont actually go in the header so I will post it underneath. That only takes one small pic which is the sparkling boys right now! Actually the blue collage at the bottom of the page is probably a good size or it could be a little wider.

    Comment by adamquotedaily — May 7, 2010 @ 5:52 pm

  8. DO YOU KNOW the Muffin Man, lmao His Bigger than Life right now. Have u been keeping track of HOW fast his shows are selling out?? Its outrageous. Probably alot of scalpers, when is the Fan Club going to START? Well as usual I love your Blog!!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ XO

    Comment by merrie — May 7, 2010 @ 9:29 pm

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