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May 6, 2010

Adam, Come Home! Today’s the day!

Welcome Home Adam!

adamlambert Back in Hollywood! Ran into my old friend Anna Kendrick in airplane lounge and found out we were on the same flight! Great to catch up!  (5PM PST)


Couple of pictures from Johnathan Ross Show to be aired tomorrow




Thanks to my good friend @lharrington4 for creating this collage! (smaller version at bottom of page)



Great Long Interview from Day after Mardi Gras in Australia in a  Beanie!

And checkout these beautiful expressions from Adam!

“You know what they say about guys with big feet…. they have big feet!”


Monterrific So good to be home! Now I can see my babies be born! For a second there, I could have missed that rare (cont)

(those babies are going to have a bazillion fans… very excited for your growing family!)

Monterrific @Longineu was threatened with being arrested on the plane for talking on his phone at the gate. I didn’t know (cont)

New Pics Tweeted by Monte

NirvanaDC looking forward to seeing @adamlambert & Jake Gyllenhaal on Jonathan Ross BBC1 Friday 7th May @ 10.45pm

(that’s tomorrow!!)

TommyJoeRatliff OMG i got my ass whopped! Check this video out — Adam Lambert VS TOmmy “Pepe Le Pew” Ratliff

Tommy, we know that is not very realistic.  I mean, Adam didn’t even pull your hair once!


Pictures from the Attitude Party Last Night


Adam Lambert Meets Jedward


Come Home…Performed by Adam Lambert at the Upright Cabaret

(We know how it feels… we want you back in North America already! So excited for the GlamNation tour)


Posted by @adamsmadams Interview on their site (and the AL quote of the year!)

Interviewer:  I can  completely understand why you have loads of girls screaming after you.

Adam:  (Laughs) “It is kind of ironic.  That’s a good way to put it.  I think it’s a beautiful compliment and I think that  ultimately what I do for a living is I provide illusion and escape and joy for people when I’m performing…. Brad Pitt.. a lot of females think he is beautiful and they fantasize about him and they go  oh he’s so sexy… but he has a wife.  So what are the chances of you even sleeping with him?  He’s taken.  He’s got kids. It’s kind of the same thing what I do,  except I’m just sleeping with boys.”

Adam, you are so adorable!  Big Smile!

This is my new favorite Adam Lambert Interview!  Thanks to Adamgasmic!



 Very Cool Map of Adam’s Glamnation Tour Locations,-98.701172&spn=46.95621,79.013672&source=embed


Short MTV Interview with Jessie of Ripped Pants Fame

(Posted again in case you missed it late last night)


Did You see GaGa on Idol Last Nite? 

 Thought she was good… but, heres THE MAN!


Adam’s Performances From London and Europe ( all in one place)

Lets Throw a Few New (to me) Pics of Tommy in for fun!


How Adam has inspired you, changed you, and changed your life?        

            How has Adam inspired me?  Well, that is a very good question which needs a long and detailed answer.  But because of the intensity of the effect Adam has on me, my answer would be many, many pages long!  So I’ll try to just explain the key, main points, which for some are hard to put into words, as you probably know. 

            For starters, last year, just before American Idol started, I was in grade eight and becoming kind of a “cookie-cutter” plain-dressed kid just about to graduate dreaded elementary school.  About to move on to bigger and better high school, I wanted to fit in, get good grades, and mostly just have fun.  When I saw Adam on American Idol, I was amazed at how calmly he carried himself, the obvious style he had, how he didn’t care what anyone else thought, and also his incredible talent.  I looked at that television and thought, “I want to be that cool and smooth with the way I present myself and in tune with who I am and my inner self.”  Every week I would rush to turn on the TV, at least five minutes early so I’d be sure I wouldn’t miss any of Adam’s always incredible performances, and when he’d come on I’d sit in aw as he put on beautiful performances, week after week.  This gave me the confidence to dress more fashionable, with my own style and present myself to my friends and others much more confidently.  As a result, I became more enjoyable and fun to hangout with, and I was happier with  who I was, as well as becoming a better person and being more open to try new things, like rowing or playing the guitar. I believe more in myself and never let something stand in the way of pursuing my dreams.

            Adam has changed myself, my life by inspiring me to take risks, embrace the inner me, not change for anybody but myself, not care what people think.  If you don’t believe in yourself, no one will believe in you.  Lastly, He taught me that if you only do what people tell you to do and what they tell you is right and wrong, you will never be your own person.  I now know being “cookie-cutter” and ordinary isn’t who you should be, you should be you.   

            In closing, I thought two Adam Lambert quotes that sum up how he has inspired and changed me and my life and help me believe in myself and pursue my dreams everyday would be appropriate. 

In the words of a truly great, inspirational man,

“Love overcomes hate.  Love knows no color.  Love knows no orientation. Love is all.” 

“Don’t do as I do, do as YOU do!” 

-Adam Lambert

 Thank you      

 Written and submitted by @Minor_Niner

(Minor_Niner.. thank you for this beautiful letter.  You know, I am an Adam Lambert quote fanatic so thanks for including your favorites!   You are amazing!)



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  1. YES! Big FEET, uh Huh, we get it GLORIA, The GLAMBULGE is a COMING!!!! Gorgeous Pics of Adam & love the Videos. Did You see the one where Adam applies make-up to the INTERVIEWER & then the 2nd part he signs CONDOMS??? Don’t know if u had it on HERE???? Its really GREAT. XO

    Comment by Merrie — May 6, 2010 @ 7:22 am

  2. Thanks Merrie. Makeup interview is on yesterday’s blog. How could I possibly miss that one? All you guys keep me on my toes if I miss a thing so No Worries here! MUAH!

    Comment by adamquotedaily — May 6, 2010 @ 7:35 am

  3. Thanks again for all the pics and vids! You’re always so on top of things. Love the interview with Jessie. If I had my way she would follow him all over the world and do interviews with Adam. Great chemistry!

    Comment by smlzlikrozs — May 6, 2010 @ 8:42 am

  4. “COME HOME” IS GORGEOUS He is the Beauty within ME…..♥♥♥♥♥♥

    Comment by Merrie — May 6, 2010 @ 8:59 am

  5. OH HEAVEN’S, AQD!!! – YOU REALLY ARE OUT TO KILL ME, AREN’T YOU??!! I always knew that Adam has large feet, but the close – up of those feet in the boots – THEY ARE HUGE, AND THOSE FEET & THE GLAMBULGE ARE HEADING TO A NEIGHBORHOOD NEAR YOU WHEN THE GLAMNATION TOUR STARTS!! These pictues are just so stunning – Adam just gets more handsome & foxy – looking each & every day!! – my eyeballs are beginning to hurt from the strain of staring at all these pictures every day – he really is quite a sight to behold. And the interviews – has there ever been a time where Adam has been curt or short with anyone who has interviewed him? – I think not. If ever there was one man who is constantly warm and friendly and approachable and so disarmingly honest and down-to-earth, it is Adam -IS THERE ANYTHING ABOUT THIS MAN THAT IS NOT UTTER PERFECTION!!! I LOVE THIS GUY!!!

    Comment by DeeDee Glambert — May 6, 2010 @ 9:12 am

  6. TOMMMMYYY!!! I’d of handled the Pepe Le Pew thing a little differently…. just saying..:)))

    Comment by finewinebaby — May 6, 2010 @ 11:20 am

  7. Favorite quote today, Besides ” Big feet means …. big feet ” is ” I’m such a little girl ”

    That dichotomy, big sexy, hunky man – little girl, is I think, one of the secrets of our fascination. We don’t know whether we want to jump his bones or wipe his tears ! And since jumping his bones is totally out of the question, we will happily hold his hand and take him shopping for that new special dress and shiny shoes, and sweetheart, would you like to try mommy’s makeup….all the while we are lusting over his big broad shoulders and manly gorgeousness …. it is so disconcerting and confusing.

    I’m reminded of Kara last year on AI ” I don’t know, it’s all confusing, but I like it “

    Comment by katesistergood — May 6, 2010 @ 2:37 pm

  8. Kate, I want to jump his bones and wipe his tears!!! There is nothing girly about that Adonis except for the fact that he prefers men over women; other than that, Adam has to be the most “manly man” I have ever seen in my life – simply irresistible, heads-over-heels masculine and stunning and gorgeous, and if I ever got my hands on him, I don’t think I would ever let him go!! It is certainly all extremely confusing, except that I would do almost anything for the man, have alen madly in love like everyone else, and love feeling this way!!!

    Comment by DeeDee Glambert — May 6, 2010 @ 2:49 pm

  9. So true Kate. Adam continues to fascinate by keeping us completely confused and off balance. I love the illusion quote from today as well. That little butt knows exactly what he’s doing to us as he masterfully manipulates our emotions and thoughts. Adam, you are such a good, bad boy! And we love you and can’t ever get our fill of your awesomeness!

    Comment by adamquotedaily — May 6, 2010 @ 2:50 pm

  10. Deep breath!!! ahhhh… when I come here I can breathe~ I love that you posted “Come Home” because that was the first Youtube video I saw of Adam performing (other than Idol). I completely went to pieces and I haven’t been put back together yet!! It is my “go to” song when I need to get back to the early days of Adam when I didn’t know anyone else who knew about him!!(can you imagine my ignorance?) I thought I was the only one with this OVERWHELMING ADORATION for this man. I soon learned,though Youtube comments, that I was not alone. I was reading thoughts and comments as if I had written them! LIGHTNING BOLT! I was not alone in my obsession. I thank God for those of you who are willing to share your thoughts, emotions and laughter with the Glamily that Adam has brought together. And thank God for Gloria who spends endless hours keeping this blog in tip-top shape for all to share!
    I am going back for more~~~Lisa

    Comment by Lisa Harrington — May 6, 2010 @ 3:44 pm

  11. Lisa.. thank you for the beautiful collage. Its my new favorite picture… until the next one of course! LOL!

    Comment by adamquotedaily — May 6, 2010 @ 3:57 pm

  12. I’m pretty new to Adam, but I’m loving him and I’m listening to his music the whole time! Wow what a voice!
    I like his “take me as I am” mentallity. I hope he never changes and stays true to himself.
    If he ever comes to Belgium (fingers crossed) I’ll be one of the first to buy a ticket **thumbs up**

    Comment by tvfan1973 — May 6, 2010 @ 4:42 pm

  13. Blue ADAM collage is so beautiful. How does that man keep getting more and more gorgeous?!
    Thanks for putting in Minor_niner’s story – I somehow missed that earlier. It’s refreshing to read how ADAM has influenced the life of someone so young and she writes so beautifully. ADAM’s glittery love will soon spread throughout the entire world!

    Comment by Yellowsister — May 6, 2010 @ 5:07 pm

  14. I love the wall of blue collage.those pics are wow.drop dead. I have seen the kungfu/kickbox beat the crap out of Tommy “cartoon” only because Tommy Twatted it. No likey.Not even funny.

    Comment by susanjennelle — May 6, 2010 @ 5:35 pm

  15. I agree with you. Bad video. And Adam doesnt even pull Tommy’s hair so there’s no reality to it!

    Comment by adamquotedaily — May 7, 2010 @ 7:32 am

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