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April 30, 2010

Then He Takes BERLIN!!

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Fan Tribute Video for Tonight (cause Friday is a good nite to dream!)

Thanks to DeeDee for recommending this one!

Do We Love him because he is beautiful… or is he beautiful because we love him?

Bill.. these eyes are waiting! Thanks to @LightloveAdam for three pics above!

THE most Beautiful Man, ever!  Thanks to @Noskerdycat!


Tweets from Adam about 4AM EST

Adam Lambert adamlambert  Where is Bill K?! I wanna go shopping! 🙂


Adam Lambert adamlambert Aaanyway- what’s hot in Berlin tonight?? Where should I go?? about 4 hours ago via Echofon

adamlambert Amsterdam: about 1 hour ago via Echofon (7AM EST)

(So, why do these meringues remind me  of Adam?  Adjectives needed! (delicious, perfection, edible, light, happy, sweet, ….more?) 


On Viva Live Germany Today… thanks to GlamRockGodUK!

OMG … performs WWFM in his Beanie.. Band close by. Love it!

You can still watch Adam even if you don’t understand German!  Worth it..LOL!


Rapid Fire Interview

Adam Talks About All of his Songs including the Bonus Tracks


More Pictures Here:


Some New Dates Added (not many!)


Thanks to @Scorpios4Adam!


Adam Lambert Sets Heaven on Fire

“The strong connection between Adam and the audience was evident as he chatted easily and comfortably with them between songs. When he asked how many were Londoners and how many had travelled from elsewhere, he seemed genuinely delighted that the latter question got the bigger cheer. “

See yesterday’s post for full set of fabulous videos from Heaven by @Ki55andTell

Here’s the link:

(Close to bottom of the page)

Interview Right After Heaven Performance



Adam Lambert’s single “Whataya Want From Me” reached platinum status in the U.S. yesterday with sales totaling 1,051,000. The song is charting in the top ten in seven countries and is #1 in Germany. Lambert’s shared the  good news on twitter.” “Great news ladies and g’s: Whataya Want From Me has gone Platinum in the USA! Thank you so much for supporting me! I feel so fu**in lucky!”

Lambert’s album “For Your Entertainment” is gold in the US, New Zealand and Singapore and double platinum in Canada. Lambert is currently in Europe experiencing an enthusiastic reception for the upcoming European release of his album “For Your Entertainment. Most would say that Adam has had a whirlwind of magazine covers, awards and accomplishments since the end of Season 8 of American Idol. Although Adam is not struggling as suggested by American Idol producer Ken Warwick Lambert’s rise to superstardom is complicated because he is breaking all the rules and establishing his international success his way.”


WWFM Single-  German Cover


Comments and Article and Video of Yesterday’s Performance at Studio Five

Fans of the star took to Studio Five’s Facebook page to express their delight with Adam’s appearance. One wrote:

So pleased having Adam Lambert on show saw him at Heaven on Monday he was brilliant. Singing out of this world he owned the stage. Hope he brings Glam Nation tour to UK!

Another added:

OMG how bloody awesome is Adam Lambert!!!!!

While a third gushed



Can’t Let You Go… By the Incredibly Gifted Platinum Recording Artist 

Mr.Adam Lambert

 (This song needs to be listed every day for ever!)


Another version of Stars on Ice Skate to STRUT


“Adam Inspires” Story from @Glambert 1755

(I added the pictures)

                Like so many others, I was captivated by Adam Lambert the moment I saw his Idol audition. Little did I know that this man would later change my life because of his magnificent vocals, intellect, adorable/sexy personality, and positive outlook. 

                I am a widow who lost her beloved husband of 37 years more than three years ago. My life went on with the support of family, friends, and numerous club activities but with a numbness that I thought would never go away.  Adam changed that. He inspired me with his mantra “Look forward. Be positive”.  He has made me feel alive again.  Last August I was able to pack up my late husband’s clothes to donate to charity. Adam had helped me to finally say goodbye after 2 ½ years.  After that I sent Adam the first fan letter of my life to thank him for all the joy and positive changes he had brought to me.

                My life has changed even more since that late August letter.  Adam had already brought me into Twitter, fan sites, and e-mail connection with other fans. However, in September I met three very special younger fans through his AdamOfficial website.  MelCabral, Glambert2191, GlamGirl1139 and I have become close friends in real life.  We celebrate Adam every chance we get, and there have been many! We first met each other face to face the day of the Providence Idol Tour Concert. Adam was definitely the star of that concert, the first I had attended in many years. That was such an exciting night for me.  I had no plan to go to the barricades afterward but the others wanted to and I wasn’t driving, so all 4’-8” of me stood at the very end of the long driveway with the crowd. In addition to most of the other idols, the Universe sent Adam out to greet us that night. I was hoping to get an autograph of my program but when the little boy in front of me asked Adam to sign his shirt, I suddenly decided to ask that too. (Still can’t believe I did that!) Adam was so nice.  I told him that a good place for his name would be across the world globe on the Rock the World Adam shirt I wore because he was going to own the world some day. He thanked me, said that was so sweet, looked into my eyes (his are like laser beams), patted my hands, and moved on. I was totally frozen for a moment and then uncontrollably whispered “You’ve changed my life!” I doubt he heard me but I like to imagine that he did. By the way, I framed the shirt along with show ticket, and his gorgeous photo in his brown jacket/cap.

                And our fangurl adventures have continued.  Glambert2191, GlamGirl1139 and I later traveled together to NYC to see Adam for the CBS Early Show.  We went without sleep for 40 hrs. overall  to join the other crazies freezing in line overnight and on the bleachers for the show.  There we met many of our twitter friends too including two popular young portrait artists.  I never envisioned putting myself through this at my age and having so much fun!

On the bleachers, my two friends held up the glittery Adam sign with snake made by GlamGirl1139 while I sat/bounced next to them holding up his new CD.  After the show, Adam signed autographs for all the fans. From my perch on the bleachers I got to say “Thank you for everything!” as he signed the CD I passed down.  I know he heard me this time.

                When Adam’s first solo concert at Fantasy Springs was announced, I initially cried my heart out because it would be exactly on my birthday but 3,000 miles away.  My Glam friends all have young children so I knew scheduling such a distant trip was near impossible.  The next morning GlamGirl1139 told me they would go if I really wanted to.  Hell yes! I immediately started arrangements. We actually spent only 24 hrs on the ground in California to catch the Glamily Reunion & Concert and almost as much time in the air flying back and forth across the country. My former self would never do something so frivolous and costly for a one-night event but it was one of my greatest birthdays ever!  Experiencing the concert live with Adam’s acoustic Whole Lotta Love and being part of the audience response is a high I get every time I play back the YouTube of that epic performance.  The four of us made many new friends, including another regional Glambert at the airport, Glitterygenie, who was taking the same crazy 24-hr flight schedule as we were and who even shares my birthday!  Must be something about us born on that date, I guess.  She has since joined our group flailing sessions!

 My family and longtime friends no longer tease me about my being an active Glambert.  They see the many positive changes Adam has brought about in me, from more a youthful and upbeat personality, to more makeup and pride in my appearance,  to some weight loss from exercise(more to go), to a more fit lifestyle in general.  Adam makes me wanna listen to Music Again! In fact I walk two to three miles almost daily now to his CD. I have also been listening to the local Top 40 radio stations to keep a bit more current. Some of it is cringe-worthy but at least I recognize what is playing.  I am always excited to hear WWFM played, of course.  Another first – I will be attending the Kiss108 concert at Comcast along with so many other local Adam fans of all ages.  Adam is one of the headliners and biggest draws of this very long multi-artist concert.  I never expected I would be doing that in my lifetime either.  Of course, attending his upcoming concert at MGM Foxwoods in CT is definitely on my wish list too.  The ticket sale date can’t come soon enough!!!           

                Life is for the living and I hope to continue living this happier life enjoying Adam’s music, his fans, and his active connection to us for many years to come.

GlammyDi  (aka Glambert1755)





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  1. Do We Love him because he is beautiful… or is he beautiful because we love him?

    Chicken or the egg?? I would say both are true. Thanks for the great pics and info. Your hard work is truly appreciated. Love the “Adam Inspires” stories!

    Comment by @jfk_lenorahill — April 30, 2010 @ 10:24 pm

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