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April 28, 2010

Can’t Let You Go

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With thanks to Sylviaar for clear scan above!

Translation from Swedish to English via Internet tool at bottom  of this page!! 

Page 28

“I recently got my eyebrows waxed–and a layer of skin was pulled off. Fun!”

“If your eye makeup isn’t looking quite right, use your finger and smear it up.”

“I wear this spicy, earthy, vanilla scent by Loree Rodkin. I also like Dior Homme.”

“The biggest faux pas is when someone looks at something and goes, ‘Oh, that looks cool–but I couldn’t pull it off.’ The only thing needed to pull something off is the desire to pull it off. So if you like something, go for it!’

Some translation via Hooplamagnet.

Select Translation from Swedish QX Interview from an anon poster here:

About coming out:

“In one way it shouldn’t matter what my orientation is. I’m a musician, it should be about the music. But that’s not how the world is right now, we live in a time when it’s important to bring visibility to the LGBT community and so I have to deal with this being a part of it. What’s the big deal?

I’m not trying to be a role model, but I think it’s damn important to show that I’m here, that I’m comfortable being gay and am open about it. I’m not apologizing for my existence and I think that helps a lot.”

About the Out controversy:

“I was so fucking pissed about that. Out can have whatever agenda they want, but I don’t want the editor to project that agenda onto my career. I’m as “gay” as I want to be or as “discreet” as I want to be. I don’t owe anyone anything, it’s my choice. I’m not a politician and I don’t represent the gay community. Just because I’m one of the few openly gay artists it doesn’t mean that I have to be this or that.”

About Ricky Martin:

“Celebrities who come out don’t ask to be a part of the gay community, they just want to be themselves. I get so fucking annoyed when people have opinions about how and when other people come out. People don’t get how much power it takes to find out who you are, and be constantly photographed and bothered on top of it. I’ve chosen to be open and I’m happy to talk about it, but not everyone is comfortable enough to do that.”

About being too sexual and being an embarrassment to the gay community:

“That’s bullshit. We’re all sexual! I’m an artist, and rock n roll and music is sex. Music is about letting go of your inhibitions. Everybody goes to clubs, dances, and flirts to get laid.”

Sexual questions:

He’s had only oral sex with women (you have to try it before you knock it), he watched porn three days ago (but he doesn’t have a favorite porn actor), and he’s had a threesome (“but I’m more about having chemistry with another person”).

About relationships:

“I’ve discovered that I’m very intense when I’m really interested. A couple of guys had to point that out before I really understood what I was doing. I’m apparently pretty bossy and jealous, which aren’t very good traits if you want to be with someone. But I’m working on it.

About clubs:

He’s started going to mixed bars in LA because he got tired of the gay scene. Everyone looks the same and have slept with everyone, he sums it up.

“It’s a bit liberating to go to a club where it’s not all about getting someone to take home and fuck. I love sex, but if that’s the only reason to go out it’s not as much fun. It should be more about connecting with people and the sex should come in second.

Is safe sex important to you?

Yes, always. Barebacking is apparently in right now, but I don’t get it. It’s not worth the risk.

Are you sexually adventurous?

No, I’m pretty vanilla. I’m very sensual and romantic, I like to take a bath, light candles, and listen to music with the one I’m with.

Is there a question that would chock him:

“No, try!”

Okay, how big is your cock?

Adam laughs. “Okay, that is quite shocking! Impressive. You see, you can shock me after all.


Translation via: Elizeria

LMAO sorry but at the end of teh interview the interviewer thanks Adam for being so open about his answers (he’s only done oral with girls, yes he watches porn but has no fav actor, yes he’s tried 3some and he’s a possessive intensive and occasionally jelaous guy when in love. His bf has pointed this out to him and he’s working on it etc), and ends w asking if any question would shock him. Adam laughs, No but you can try.

Ok, fine how big is your dick?

Bellylaugh, okay that is quite shocking! Impressive, see – I am shockable after all.


Adommy Hug!

Thanks to @omgelvis!

omgelvis the ~hug was tommy running and throwing himself at adam, pretty much. i think he likes to touch him.


Message from Monte: We just did a tv show in Amsterdam with Florence + The Machine ( @flo_tweet ). It air’s on Sunday night. @adamlambert @Longineu


Adam is Adorable- YOU KNOW!!

Narb82 @adamlambert *___* Do …do you have ANY idea what that “I kiss as good as I sing”-comment did to us? Is that even legal? *___*



adamlambert @kyndoll hold your horses!! There are still tons of dates that haven’t been released. We are waiting for the venues to finalize details.  (tweeted 8:30AM EST)


Interview: Adam Lambert

“American Idol might be one of the biggest television shows on the planet but, Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson and Jordin Sparks aside, the majority of its most famous contestants have made little impression on the charts this side of the Atlantic.

All that’s set to change with the arrival of Adam Lambert, one of the most talented – and certainly the most flamboyant – singers to ever grace the Idol stage. Having wowed Simon Cowell and the judges with his renditions of songs by the likes of Michael Jackson, Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith, Lambert may have finished second to Kris Allen on season eight of the talent show, but it’s his glam poprock style that abides.”$1375014.htm


Adam Lambert …We Can Never Let You Go… Ever!

Another Gorgeous Baby delivered by the Incredible Adam Lambert!


     Written by @ClaudeKelly, and produced by @Greg_wells

Be back in a couple hours after I listen to this one a few hundred times!!! BYE!!!  LOL!

Those were  four of the fastest minutes Ive ever experienced! I’m getting the timer out! Impossible!


New Adam Lambert Song Rocks. Hard.  (Review by Lyndsey Parker)

The new song is unapologetically theatrical–the kind of over-the-top opus just begging for a multimillion-dollar music video featuring helicopter aerial shots and a fleet of army tanks flattening their way across an apocalyptic desert landscape–so fans of Adam’s melodramatic “Ring of Fire,” “Mad World,” “Starlight,” and Bowie covers will undoubtedly be pleased. It’s sultry and sexy, in a makeout-soundtrack kind of way, so that’ll delight fans of all genders and sexual orientations, of course. It boasts a hooky-as-Hellraiser chorus to attract the pop buffs. And it’s even a little emo, a la 30 Seconds To Mars/My Chemical Romance–so viewers initially drawn to Adam’s Hot Topic-esque rocker-boy image on early “Idol” episodes, who were maybe disappointed when he morphed into Lord Gaga on his largely electropoppish debut disc, will find much to enjoy here.


Lyrics ( Thanks to Lambert Lights)

Guess it was not meant to be
It’s not as bad as it seems
It only burns when I breathe
You saw the way that I fell
But I’m better off by myself
That’s the tale I like to tell

But it’s not that easy for me to say goodbye
Everything in me wants you back in my life
Can’t let you go
Can’t let you go

It feels like the dawn of the dead
Like bombs going off in my head
Never a moment of rest
Nothing kills more than to know
That this is the end of the road
And I know I gotta let go

But it’s not that easy for me to say goodbye
Everything in me wants you back in my life
Can’t let you go
Can’t let you go
Can’t let you go
Can’t let you go

Wish I could just find a way
To have all your memories erased
Cos constantly they’re haunting me

But it’s not that easy for me to say goodbye
Everything in me wants you back in my life
Can’t let you go
Can’t let you go
Can’t let you go
Can’t let you go

I can’t let you go
I can’t let you go

In Finland! Thanks to @Finnishfollower!



lambert2858 I♥AdamLambert I want to dip him in chocolate and roll him in glitter

(Good start!)



Thanks to @Ceri3101 for this picture!


More Songs in Netherlands Yesterday…. thanks _daphne!

 Mad World

Down the Rabbit Hole


Complete Rabbit Hole

Strut from Heaven- Great Quality


Sleepwalker from Heaven

Swedish Promotional Video

Internet Translation of the Swedish Article Above

address may not be stupid when you are interviewing one
American rockstar. Just one day before
Visit to Sweden on twittrar Adam Lambert
all the questions he is tired. After that he spent a lot
days with German journalists, I know because I do not
question about his relationship with Lady Gaga (yes, they are
acquaintances, but not close friends), request to be
Queen frontman (no, it is not true) and the
type of pencil he uses (MAC).
Adam, who finished second in American Idol and now has a
big hit with Whataya Want From Me receives a large
Room at Berns Hotel in Stockholm. The usual buffet of
Mineral water and fruit are at a buffet table, and at one
another table sits a press woman smiling happily at me when
I slip into. Adam and I put us in a couple of chairs a
distance away.
First, I feel that we are not responsible klickar.Adam
rapid but short of my questions about American Idol time
and I wonder if he will be sorry at all
bögrelaterade my questions to come. Although my
fear will be happy to skam.Adam talk about it
Most will turn out.
In Sweden, he has been once
earlier. Then he worked as entertainers
on a cruise ship, but
did not get to see much of Stockholm.
He also has good control of Swedish
and music like The Ark, Abba, Ace
of Base and Jonas Åkerlund’s videos.
And Max Martin, who he worked
with the debut album. Just as the
most other gay love his collaborations with Martin
Britney (3), Pink (So What) and Kelly Clarkson (Since
You’ve Been Gone).
– He knows how to create a song everyone remembers.
Max Martin is a fantastic guy that it was a dream
to work with.
For those of you who do not have stone track of Adam Lambert could
I tell you that he quickly became the snack-sized ice during
last year’s round of American Idol. His androgynous
style with plenty of eyeliner and glam posturing made him
to a great favorite of TV viewers who voted
him to second place. Recently, he released his debut album
“For Your Entertainment,” and now he must ensure that
become a name outside U.S. borders.
Adam says he is proud that he had the chance
to be part of American Idol and reaching as far (“I
thought I’d written off as too much Broadway ”
and seen as too much “). But he is even more proud
him over to place her flat internationally.
– The record company believes in me and it’s an incredible kick
self-confidence. I love European music and want to
really get into the European sound of my music.
He also inspired other artists to a large extent.
– I love Madonna, Prince, Bowie, Led
Zeppelin and Queen as well as contemporary stars
Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Christina and Britney
inspires me tremendously.
Adam has received since his Idol-silver crown stood
for a lot of incidents that have attracted attention in the U.S.
media.Till example, when the cover of the debut album
First shown. Adams Plut lips, extremely
painted last year and face a consistent posture made people either
love or hate it.
– The discussion made me a bit tired. It was
of course my mind that I would see the feminine, it was
part of grejen.Vill people do not buy the record because I see
out in a special way so it is their problem.
He says that his masculine side is equal to
His feminine. Interestingly, I think, given that
“Our” community often puts SILLINESS far down on the wish list
the sought-after properties.
– Yes, that’s interesting. That should always be
one or the other in gaycommunityt. Either you
masculine or feminine, and the top or bottom. There are
nothing in between. In Los Angeles it is a bit different.
As a boy he is having girl jeans and high heels but
still be dominant
and intense. I had
to identify many
with me when I started
go out, everything was not
as black or white. I
created its own identity.
Another thing Adam
got the headlines was his performance of the song For Your
Entertainment in the U.S. MTV Awards last fall.
The appearance, in which he kisses one of her male musicians
and pretending to perform oral sex on another, creating large
headlines in the American media. A morning show canceled
His planned visit and outraged Christian groups protested
v Adams participation in other programs.
– That was a much more circus than I counted
with, he smiles. I thought that people would raise eyebrows
and note that “yes, that Lambert is weird”.
But instead, people became angry. This is odd,
Given that same-time TV shows murder, violence and
second hemskheter.Vad I did that was worse than that?
It’s rock’n’roll and entertainment people!
It never arrived that Adam was gay during Idol time.
It was only the one spoken of in the newspaper wrappings
Rolling Stone, which he confirmed what many
has long been speculated about.
Adam says he never got a direct question about
he was gay during the Idol-time.
– No, it was basically just focus on music and
then there’s no sense to say something, ‘by the
Way I’m gay. ” Had anyone asked, I would have said yes. All
knew if I was gay and I do not sneak it.
To me that each year asks our Swedish Idol participant
how gay they are already before finals week sounds
it is weird, but I guess American Media works
on another sätt.Adam continues:
– I’ve been out since I was 18 and is very
flirtatious and open with my sexuality. When I was younger
and not open so I pushed away everything that had to
six do. Then when I got older and more open, maybe
I have overcompensated it. But I am a very
sexual person. I like to have sex, dating and
talk about sex. I am not at all uncomfortable with it
and it shows in my artistry.
Adam is single since a few months.
The guy he was associated with later dismissed all
attention and broke up. Currently dating
he had no special “he says.
What are you running on?
– Young, cute guys …
– Yes, if one is to generalize.
But that is not easy when
teeth in appearance, but may want
have more experience than the guys
has to offer. Of course there are exceptions
from this position, but it is a
problems. But I think that the younger
guys have a fresher outlook on life
and a curiosity that I attracted to. They
27-year-olds I meet in LA is amazing
bitter and have difficulty adapting to
someone else.
Are you gay artist, and so it is easy to
any questions about it. As a journalist
from a homosexual newspaper feels the course
natural that we talk much about his
orientation. And Adam has no problem
to talk about it.
Just after American Idol, he could
however, feel that the fact that he is
gay overshadowed his artistry, but it
impression has subsided.
– In a way, it should not play role
orientation which I have. Since I am
Musicians should act most of the music.
But the world does not look so, now we live in
a time where it is important to highlight HBTcommunityt
and then I put up with that
det.Vad much about the thing as well?
– I am not trying to be a role model, but
I think it’s damned important to show that this
I am, I like to be gay and is open
with it. I do not apologize for my existence
and I believe this can provide many very much.
In last fall became the writings about Adam and
U.S. bögtidningen Out Magazine. He was
“Celebrities who will
out asking not to be
be part of gaycommunityt,
they want
just be themselves ”
-29 –
“Since I am a musician
interviews should be most
about music. But
the world does not look so;
now we live in an age where
is important to highlight
LGBT community and then
I put up with that much
about it. What is
thing as well? ”
on the cover with a couple of other celebrities
among others, Cyndi Lauper, and as a
letter that Adams and his record label was
behind as it was expressed that Adam just wanted to
be on the cover if it was heterosexual with
the picture and he wanted to see what issues
raised in the interview before it went to press.
Outs answered with an angry editor
open letter back to Adam where he
Out argued that tried to get Lambert
cover much earlier but that Adam’s record label
Out said that was “too gay for him
to appear in right now. ” And furthermore concluded
that Lambert did not invite to their gayfans.
– I was so fucking pissed off about
there! says Adam, and sneeze annoyed. Out may
have the agenda they want, but I would not
to the editor are projecting the agenda
over my career. I’m so “gay” as I
want, or as “discreet” as I want. I’m not
required someone something, it’s my choice. I
no political leader and does not represent
gaycommunityt. Just because I am one of the few
gayartister open so I have no obligation
to be this or that.
Just a couple of days before I meet
Adam Ricky Martin has come out and
throughout the blogosphere and twitter all thumbs
most expressed a big “Well, it’s too late
now “. This makes Adam pissed.
– Celebrities who come out do not ask
to be a part of gaycommunityt, the
would just be themselves. I get so damn irritated
for people to have opinions about how and
when people tell me they are gay. SPARSELY POPULATED
not how much force it takes to dare
come up with who you are, also
constantly being watched and photographed. I
have chosen to be open and happy to talk about
everything, but all is not as comfortable with that
do it.
Adam has been crap because he plays for
a lot of sex during their performances.
Some gay men believe that he disgraces
gaycummunityt, and ought to tone down a little.
– That’s stuff is all skitsnack.Vi
sexual! I am an artist, and rocknroll and
Music is sex. Music is about to release
their inhibitions. Everyone goes out at the club, dancing
and flirts to lie.
I wonder a bit about exactly how sexual
He is outspoken and is suitable for squeezing
In a few sexrelaterade issues. He has just
had oral sex with women (one has
test it before you say no to that), he
watched porn movies for three nights ago (but
has no favorite porn actress), and he has
tested threesome (“but I am more to get
this chemistry with another person “).
He said that is single, and enjoy the right
good with it right now. He says that he
easy to change and becomes obsessed when he becomes
– I’ve found that I get very
intense when I become really interested.
It took a couple of guys who said it
before I knew what I was doing. I
is obviously the right determination and jealous,
which is not so good characteristics of
you want to be with someone. But
I’m working on it.
He has started to go out on places in the mixed
LA because he was tired of the gayscenen
town. All look the same and has been with
all, he says what’s up.
– It’s a bit liberating to go to a
club where everything is not just about getting
with them at home to fuck. I love
six, but if it’s only reason for
that you go out, it is not like so much fun. The
should be more about the “Connect” with
Public and secondarily about sex.
Is safe sex important to you?
– Yes, always. There is apparently hot with
barebacking right now, but I get there.
It is not worth to take a chance I think.
Are you sexually adventurous?
– Nah, I’m pretty “vanilla” to me.
I am very sensual and romantic, like
to take a bath, light candles and listen to music
with the person I am dating.
Interview time is running out, and when I
To set last question tells Adam that he
liked my questions. I apparently have not made
same issues as everyone else in his
Promotional tour of Europe. No, there is probably no one
Even as one wonders whether Adam had a threesome
I think and smile to myself. I
responds by giving praise to his back
responded so open to everything, and end by
wonder if there is anybody who would question
able to shock him.
– No, try!
Okay, how much cock do you have?
Adam guffaws.
– All right, That is quite shocking!
Impressive. You see, it is possible to shock
me after all.
Well, as I said, it may not be stupid
if you’re going to interview an American rockstar.
Name: Adam Michael
Age: 27
Born: Indianapolis,
Indiana, USA
Lives: Los Angeles
Favorite Comics: Gossip Girl,
Weeds, Skins, Dexter and True
Blood (when my brother takes off
ITS shirt … too much).
Dream Boys: Tokio Hotel
Bill Kaulitz and Chace
Crawford of Gossip Girl
Best Friend: Danielle, who
I have known since I was tolv.Vi
is still extremely close.
Drinks: Vodka, Whiskey
on the rocks & tequila.
Underwear: 2-xist briefs
“Just because I am one of the few open
gayartister so I have no
obligation to be this or that ”
-30 –
“There is apparently hot with
barebacking right now, but I
t believe it. It is not
worth to take a chance I think. “


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  20. Don’t you mean the “Glamorhouse”? lol I’m in the glamoroom next to you!

    Can’t Let You Go makes my heart break! Adam’s voice is a musical instrument in itself! God, I love Adam Lambert! Everything about him!

    Comment by Caspurr78 — April 29, 2010 @ 12:33 pm

  21. nice article/post …
    very informatif …

    Comment by Full Software — May 27, 2010 @ 1:55 am

  22. GOING TO SEE HIM JUNE 23TH AT CLUB NOKIA! <33333333 SUPER DUPER EXICTED IM ALREADY LIKE HYPERVENTILATING! and can't let you go kicks ass! i love it his voice gives me goosebumps!!!! Haha Adam needs to make a music video to this as soon as he can!!! :DDDDDD

    Comment by lindsayluvsadam34 — June 16, 2010 @ 5:43 pm

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