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April 24, 2010

Saturday in the UK- “G-A-Y Performance” Tonight!!

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Self- portrait  Adamquotedaily?

(except for blonde hair and green eyes and a few other things too!)


(Thanks to @Glamulli for this amazing picture!)

This picture is how one of my good internet friends pictures me!   Fierce with Adam fire coming out of my fingertips!!!

I love it!  Thank you so much to @finewinebaby!


This is the voice of Adam Lambert!



Allison on Touring with Adam


This One is Fun



  “If I were a politician: one nation under glam with glitter and loveliness for all.”
Adam Lambert
Adam Around the World Today

islasands  And he’s #1 on Itunes Finland! YAY!

WWFM #1 Australia #2 in Birmingham

Whataya Want From Me is #11 on United World Chart (official global hit list)!!!!

eri9 @adamlambert: WWMF Idol perf on New Zealand TV 2nite – having an effect: WWFM #2 and FYE album #10 itunes pop chart <1 1/2 hrs later! 🙂

IamStarky @adamlambert ‘s WWFM is #6 in Europe Plus in Russia (#11 last week) @RU_UA_Glamberts @toy_dragonfly

hooplamagnet MuzTV Music Video Countdown (RUSSIA): WWFM is #2 (go to 0:55):


Adam’s Schedule… Updated!

Tonight, 1:30 AM UK time…. Gay Performance of six songs!! Who’s taping???


So Many New Interviews- All Good!

Entertainment Focus Interview

Entertainment Wise

Interview on Juice FM

Mercia Radio

Eagle 96.4


@LambertNO with Adam in his AMA Jacket


“Season 8s runner-up, Adam Lambert, made it to the top of the charts for his first time. Just after mentoring and performing on Season 9 of American Idol, Adams hit single, Whataya Want From Me, brought him to #1 on the Billboard Hot Singles Sales and Hot Dance Singles Sales charts. He becomes one of only 27 finalists (William Hung makes 28) to reach number one on the charts.”

Madonna and Adam- Open and Ready!- Fan Tribute video

(It’s getting hot in here!!)


‘Idol’s’ biggest charmers

” Adam Lambert: If there were an award for the most media-

savvy Idol, Adam would win it in a heartbeat. From the first moment we met the tall, dark and handsome San Diegan, and had to immediately ask about pictures that had surfaced of him making out with another guy, it was instantly apparent that this guy could turn even the most uncomfortable Q&A into a lighthearted friend-like conversation. Ditto for his smiley spin after the American Music Awards. No matter what the situation, by the end, you walk away thinking he’s the nicest guy on the planet. Now that’s the power of charm. And since he ended his Season 8 run, Adam continues to give: to his fans, who he’s constantly greeting, posing with and signing for; to the media, which continue to obsess over his every movie, endlessly wondering, what will he do next?  “


Adam in Psychology Today- Who has the whole article?  Send it to me please!

March/April 2010


Anatomy of an Idol (Dismantling Adam Lambert)


Trent FM


Adam and Mombert this summer… more oldies but goodies here:


Look at Who’s on Adam’s Page!

CRAWL THROUGH FIRE-mentioned on the live chat yesterday!
(This is the song that blew my mind once i googled Adam Lambert after Satisfaction performance! LOVE IT!)
Written by Adam Lambert and Monte Pittman
Short Inspirational Story

I have watched American Idol in the past, but never all the way through until season 8. Adam Lambert was the reason.  

I do not talk about this often, but here goes; last year I was battling a potentially life threatening blood disorder. Adam Lambert’s performances on American Idol gave me something to look forward to through 4.5 months of treatment. He was stunningly courageous, which in turn gave me strength to be the same and fight that which was trying to absorb my strength and ultimately my life. To that end, I am in remission and Adam Lambert will own a piece of my heart forever.

I love you Adam. Thank you.


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If you have any questions about Adam or are looking for any videos, interviews, etc  feel free to ask me at @adamquotedaily.  I can’t promise answers but I’m willing to try. 

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  1. My word, how many interviews did he do?? Thank you for publishing my story. *hugs*

    Comment by susanjennelle — April 24, 2010 @ 8:23 am

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