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April 24, 2010

G>A>Y Club Updates

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Scorpios4Adam G-A-Y was for members only. Apparently certain ppl were told this by Sony and chose to go anyway. JS

  KI55andTELL: All @AdamLambert fans are being turned away even tho we not dressed glamberty

kms15423 @AhhhAdam I am so glad for him. He’s been asking for some pretty boys at his concerts. Can you imagine the smile on his face? 4 minutes ago via web in reply to AhhhAdam Voodoo_ChildeKI55andTELL: No women being allowed in [to G-A-Y for Adam Lambert concert] ← That’s all they had 2 say in the 1st place! #G-A-Y=MenOnly @

KI55andTELL @nirvanadc door said to us you dont look dykey enough

glitterfever @adamlambert those boys better dance and cheer as much as us girls doo 😉

dollymiiix Oh hi adam looks pretty. Shame g-a-y are fucking knobends

mindchnger It makes me happy to see there are London boys fighting over Adam’s willy on twitter 😛

mckoist In g-a-y to see Adam Lambert! Totally thot it wud be way harder to get in! about 2 hours ago via txt

 _MaiaJ and there are cute boys here just for him! about 2 hours ago via txt

 _MaiaJ Hello g-a-y!!! total randomness from bouncers over who got in, but we’re here! adam!!!

  • mindchnger GAY GAY GAY GAY YAY! I’m really excited for Adam tonight to get to play in front of a packed sweaty room full of boys (I hope!)
  • JennyHodge: @Adamquotedaily am inside finally – xx ( 2AM London time)

    LauraFleurs @adamlambert Saw your car. Saw you for about 5 seconds. But you looked gorgeous.

    GlamRockGodUK 10 minutes to showtime………. (10 minutes ago)

    KI55andTELL Lady London and i in!

    MaiaJ Setlist: fever, dtrh, strut, wwfm, iihu, fye. described his look as ‘vegas threw up on me’. dance routines for 3 songs.

    mindchnger RT velvetcode: We just Adam Lambert preform and he was brilliant. Great show.

    MaiaJ That was freaking awesome!! looked amazing, rhinestones everywhere, wanted to jump in to crowd of cute boys, lmao!

    KI55andTELL Heading back now. Grateful that we got chance to see some. Will upload video when i get back.

    providencekevin Just saw Adam Lambert’s first ever performance in the UK. At Heaven in London! Pictures to follow.

    Several people tweeted that they have pictures and videos so we should get some soon!!!

    _MaiaJ Tommy interaction in dtrh, which dancers went off for. loads of people were taking vid, so sure it won’t be long! 5 minutes ago via txt

    _MaiaJ Adam was wearing 3 piece suit- definitely glaad jacket! shiny stripey shirt i didn’t recognise, silver tie, pompadour hair+ rhinestone eyes


    dazgale My favourite performance was whataya want from me partly cos it’s my fave song and partly cos he held my hand at one point during it! 1 minute ago via Echofon

    dazgale More info for you guys: when he came out singing fever his mic didn’t work so he had to stop it and start over again. 3 minutes ago via Echofon

    MaiaJ Dance routines def improving- fever, strut (with canes!) and fye. honestly, i was watching adam, dancers themselves didn’t register much!

    JennyHodge: @Adamquotedaily Yes he was MEGA – looked amazing and sounded awesome as ever! Well worth the huge hassle to get in!

    NirvanaDC Just back from G.A.Y & @adamlambert is a true show man and a real talent! I am in awe of him everytime I see him live. <SNIP

    ADOMMY Can’t wait to see ❤ RT @turquoise_bliss: LOTS OF LAMBLIFF BTW ~ he ~rubbed tommy head on his chest

    turquoise_bliss and tommy, omg, i think he has a new haircut he’s so unfy srsly

    evildonkey Why the fuck don’t I have a working camera for a photo with Adam Lambert. Even my phones given out at me here at G-A-Y!!!

    Dazgale I’m loving all the tweets saying I’m Adams type. Let’s make it happen! Daz Lambert has a ring to it so I’ll Make him put a ring on it!


    Yah… we’re crazy!!!

    GLAM_FAN @adamlambert Look what you have done to us..sitting on the edge of our seats waiting for pix and vids of you! Thank you:) You’re perfect!

    @dazgale He could have been having your babies if you’d stayed! 😉

    dazgale @evildonkey he still can! Give him my number. Show him a pic of me. Tell him to meet me on Monday! tell him I’m good in bed! (Desparation sets in! LOL!)

    evildonkey OMG Adam Lambert just pulled a guy with blind hair, black hat and red/White cheq shirt!

    evildonkey ‘Pulled’ is British slag for kissing someone. Usually somebody you just met!

    chica63 Anyone else giddy that Adam has so many fanboys flailing over him in London tonight? lol I LOVE IT!  (YAH!! ME TOO!)

    GlamCalam @Adamquotedaily LOL! Still up. They’re downloaded on my laptop but no Internet connection in my hotel room. Will need to go wandering.

    (I’ll send you the coffee whenever you are ready!  MUAH!!)


    Too much waiting so I thought Id throw this one in for my friends who are asking for it!!! LOL! In response to those making comments about Adam’s bulge!

    Picture of Adam during GRIDLOCK… NYE!!!


    freckles_slayme Officially the 1st time Tommy has ever been described as extra large RT @evil donkey: Yea, the bassest. Extra large blond fringe guy 🙂

    Kiss and Tell….MP3  If I had you… GAY (HE SOUNDS PERFECT!)

    Kiss and Tell… thank you!

     republicdj Just got home from Adam Lamberts gig!! omg, it was unbelievable!! he’s totally awesome live. Fuck, he can sing!!! 😀

    republicdj Adam Lambert was all in black, w/rhinstones on eyes, face and a great hair do! He looked perfect!! 😉



    Part 2 of Entertainment Focus Interview

    Heres Part 1 which was Posted yesterday


    Set List for G-A-Y Performance

    Down The Rabbit Hole
    Whataya Want From Me
    If I Had You
    For Your Entertainment



    If I Had You

    For Your Entertainment

    (not quite in sync but he’s still gorgeous!)

    Bit of Strut

    Whataya Want From Me

    Fever-False Start

    Bit of Fever- Audio bad


    Down the Rabbit Hole Snippet




    Pictures here:

    Im in control!!! FYE!

    More Pictures:

    Thanks to LightloveAdam for posting!

    From the front row by @GlamCalam!

    Monte by @GlamCalam!

    GLITTERY ALIEN with thanks to @GlamCalam!


    Thanks to @raqqers!

    More pictures…LOL!



    More more more!!

     More pictures!






    joythemeparty Whataya Want From Me is #4 in Australia and has gone gold (35,000 units sold). Way to go, @adamlambert!



    “Adam Lambert is a rare find. He is a performer who clearly has showmanship coursing through his blood but he also has undeniable talent. You rarely get both and with For Your Entertainment Adam hopes to show us just why he is one of the hottest new acts around. Having narrowly lost out on becoming the next American Idol could be the best thing to happen to his career. With that expectation now lifted off the singer’s shoulders, he has a real chance to show us why his performances are so good (he even got a standing ovation off Simon Cowell once which is no mean feat).”


    Inspirational Story of the Day

     ” I wanted to take the time to write this letter for your contest, because I thought it was a great idea and Adam has inspired me in so many ways. 

      Ever since the amazing Adam Lambert has come into my life, he has never failed to feed my creativity and give me something artistic to work at. The amazing influence of Adam has finally made me realize that you can follow dreams. I have dreamed of being a singer and going on Idol for years but I always told myself, “You’ll never be able to make it” because I was afraid of failure. Seeing Adam’s inspirational journey from school weirdo to world-wide phenomenon showed me that anything is possible. I also happen to be in much the same position with the weirdo situation; I always earn myself funny looks as I’m walking through the halls of my school. But now his strength has given me the courage to become the lead singer, along with another of my friends, in a band we are forming named “The Queens of Broken Hearts” and I’m planning to audition for Idol as well.

      Adam is so confident, beautiful, and fearless; he makes an amazing subject to draw as well. I have drawn countless pictures of this glittery alien that we love so much and he has been my muse for months now. My friends and family members, along with many of my teachers have always been telling me that I am an awesome drawer, but for a few years now, I have had little to no inspiration so I had practically stopped altogether. Then came Adam. He gave me something to draw again; everybody has been pleased that my artistic skills have come back into play. I’ve been drawing practically non-stop since he popped into my life and filled it with laughter and glitter. A recent drawing of Adam that I have completed earned me a place in an art show that is coming up this week.

       Lately I have been going through some pretty hard times, with friend betrayal that hit where it hurts and people who try to kick me when I’m down. The only reason I’ve made it this far is because of Adam, I’ve been tempted to give up several times, but he keeps me strong and lets me know that there is something worth holding onto. I wrote a song for him, titled “Set me Free” talking about how he never fails to do just that, and keep me standing even though the world keeps kicking me to my knees. He helps me deal with everything that’s going on right now by providing a temporary escape so that I can leave the world behind and follow Adam, whether the song is taking me Down the Rabbit Hole, showing me that it will be alright in the Aftermath or saying that A Change is Gonna Come and everything will be better.

      Thank you for taking time to read my entry and I hope you enjoyed it. I feel that Adam is such an inspiration to the whole world and that needs to be recognized. He truly is a beautiful and amazing person, inside and out.”


    Twitter followers:   432,170 (+1300) 

    Adam Official members:  61,440 (+600)

    Adam Official website:    

    If you are not already a member, please join this site.  It’s important for Adam’s success to have a growing, vibrant official fan site.  There is a great deal of good information there including messages from Adam. If you have had a problem joining or getting a password, send an email to and ask them to look into it or let me know if you still have any trouble. Please email your username to or DM @adamquotedaily (update:  Im in Adamofficial camp… blocked my account so please try to email the mod yourself..hopefully, one of these days I’ll be back on the site… can’t even get the numbers of fans anymore!)

    If you have any questions about Adam or are looking for any videos, interviews, etc  feel free to ask me at @adamquotedaily.  I can’t promise answers but I’m willing to try. 

    Please rate this post and/or leave a comment.  Thanx!



    1. suggestion: 4 quote of the day “Vegas threw up on me” 🙂

      Comment by susanjennelle — April 24, 2010 @ 9:49 pm

    2. haha! i love it!! the photos are super hot..GAY GAY GAY??? haha! that’s all i can say HOTTT 🙂

      Comment by adamzsecretgf — April 25, 2010 @ 6:46 am

    3. glamalicious delicious. thnx for feeding my addiction 🙂

      Comment by susanjennelle — April 25, 2010 @ 8:49 am

    4. What is that last song u have on the last Pictures of Adam @ the end of this Blog?????? Beautiful Pics so far keep up the wonderful work!!!! Thanks…

      Comment by merrie — April 25, 2010 @ 10:22 am

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