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April 19, 2010

Only a Volcano! Adam delayed!

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Are there more coming? YES, Do not freak out… they are being added to the list gradually!

FEVER – Professionally Taped from Glaad!


The Universe Conspires to Keep Adam Lambert in the USA- Cool footage of the volcano doing the job!



Sirius Radio Interview


Thanks to everyone who sent me their inspirational stories!  The winner of the signed DVD insert is


I had a random draw to chose the winner cause they were all amazing!  I will have a post later this week highlighting some of the stories including some of mine so watch for it.  These letters had me laughing and crying! Adam Lambert, you do so much for so many… don’t think you have any idea!

Thanks for playing with me and participating.  I’m going to dig up some more stuff you might want and continue to have som fun contests in the future!


For those who were wondering about Adam’s Nomination for Glaad award, here is the information taken right from my schedule:

June 05/10 – Nominee, Outstanding Music Artist (with Brandi Carlile, Lady Gaga, Gossip & Otep), GLAAD Awards, Ceremony #3, San Francisco CA, Info & Tickets (FYI confirmed that this award will be presented on stage at this ceremony so Adam’s attendance is possible.) 

Link to Adams Schedule (Updated regularly): 


LambertWatchUK  Due to the current air travel disruption Adam will not be able to fly into the UK today –  more updates when we get them


More Glaad Pics- All Atendees


Thanks to @esselesari for the wallpaper above!

Glaad Video ( will be added here later today- not there yet!)


Interesting tweet.  What do you think it means?  Sounds like a photo shoot!  Did Adam shoot the If I Had You music video cause he did say it would be done in Mid April! Haven’t heard any rumblings about it yet!

leecherry: We just wrapped!! Just shot @adamlambert within an inch of his life!! Glam Nation baby!!

@scarlett_cherry: …My @leecherry just shot the GLAMNATION out of @adamlambert..beautful, creative day..@thezodiacshow in the hizzie..get ready 4 GLAMOUR..

(posted 2AM on Monday morning)


Marvelous- New Tribute Video by Kcinkcity!

Fever- Pics from Glaad by LoveYouAdamLambert!

And favorite this link for more than 215  fan videos for a rainy day!

Another link to add to favorites -Home page

I update this home  page daily so you can access the latest posts plus all the other ones that you might be looking for.  Let me know if this is helpful!


If you haven’t watched this one, it is a definite Must See!  Red Robinson is a very well-respected DJ/music critic with a long career of looking at new talent!  The Red Robinson venue where Adam played in Vancouver in named in his honour!

Red Robinson Interview – Vancouver

teralex42  FYI Red Robinson is a DJ music man whose career started in the fifties with Elvis, then Beatles etc.. he thinks Adam has a big career ahead! (Red sounds so excited and of course, he is right about Adam’s future!)


Exclusive interview: Adam Lambert discusses his ‘little shards of bi-curiosity’

“Adam Lambert stopped and talked to the Bisexuality Examiner along the red carpet line of the GLAAD Media Awards Saturday night (April 17) to clarify once and for all whether or not he has had any bisexual inclinations.

He was surprised and delighted that a lot of bisexual fans think of him as Queen’s bi rocker Freddie Mercury reincarnated.

“That’s a beautiful compliment, I’m a huge Freddie Mercury fan,” Lambert giggled.

Did he ever entertain the notion or think that he may be bisexual?

“No I’m, HOMO-sexual,” he emphasized. “I think at some point you know, there’s little shards of bi-curiosity.”

But what about the pictures and reports of him smooching with girls?

“I think women are beautiful,” he said. “I like making out with them from time to time, but I’m definitely gay.

So you have made out with women and enjoyed it?

“Oh yeah, OOOOh yeah!” he smiled.”

 Gorgeous Picture from Red Robinson!

Please check back later for updates!


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  1. Oh, that stupid Vulcano! I hate it. My aunt is in the UK right now, and she can’t get back home ’cause of the vulcano. Stupid thing.

    But I loved todays update! That new fanvideo is like OH MY GOD and so is that last picture. ❤

    Comment by Daphne — April 19, 2010 @ 10:57 am

  2. I cant wait to read the stories of how Adam has inspired people. Thats just what he does and who he is. I’m sure there are thousands of untold stories. Thank you Adam for LIVING OUT LOUD.
    Congratulations @IlyriaGlambert !

    Comment by SusanJennelle — April 19, 2010 @ 6:55 pm

  3. I love the ELVIS stuff with Adam its so Amazing how much they have in common even looks wise. I still say ADAM is The Reincarnation of ELVIS!!!!! I did not Join Your Contest Because I Have Adam’s Autogragh on my CD I Wanted to give someone who didn’t have it to WIN.. Hopefully thats the person who WON…. Congrates to U Who won Adams signed CD. Looking forward to your next BLOG. Thanks GLORIA XO

    Comment by merrie — April 20, 2010 @ 7:16 am

  4. I bookmarked your post will read this latter . Regards, Mike

    Comment by Natalie Port — May 12, 2010 @ 2:03 pm

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