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April 16, 2010

Adam Lambert Luv-in Continues to Inspire!

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Taken on Harajuku… In Japanese Magazine Kera in June!


New Adam Lambert Concert Confirmed June 24 at Foxwood Resort and Casino, Conneticut

Looking forward to meeting many of you there!  Leave me a comment and let me know if you are going!


Glamnation Tour Announcement

Allison Iraheta and Orianthi will be opening for Adam Lambert!

Concert dates will be announced soon…we hope!!


New UK Interview with Adam


Kradison was two months ago…every detail remains burned in my brain! Want to share this screencap from the video below that  @glitterita was kind enough to make for me. My good friend @wowpriscilla pointed out the moment to me recently.  There’s a blurry Adam and my hand and cape in the lower left. So exciting to be in the same picture as AL! 



 At :06 sec, Adam acknowledges my existence!  And I probably wont stop talking about this until the next time I’m this close to him!

This pic  was taken in Syracuse during the Idol tour and the “B” in Lambert,  is there!  My bff @wowpriscilla made this for me for my Bday.  I got a chance to meet so many fans bcuz of it and cannot wait to meet more of you on the Glamnation tour this summer.  Hoping to get to several different locations!


The incredibly positive response by media and fans to Adam Lambert’s AI performance brings me back to some of the amazing fan comments post- Idol last year!  They continue to delight and make me smile!

Here are some of my favorites!

“I honestly believe he may be one of the greatest stars in our lifetimes, and I am jazzed thinking of how I will tell my grandchildren how it felt to see Adam for the first time on American Idol, when I was young.”

“SURREAL AND SO REAL”- Winner of the ‘Paradox of Adam’ contest by Lily

“And G-d said, “Let there be light… and glitter, and beauty, and talent. Bliss. Inspiration. Amazement. Sexiness. And a whole lotta love.” And all of these things appeared. And G-d saw this, that it was good. No, better than that. Beyond good. G-d saw that it was perfection. And  G-d called it… Adam Lambert.” SarahC63

“This is the ONLY person in the world who can give me GOOSEBUMPS in a middle of a hot flash!”

“I plan to buy this kid’s CD even if I go deaf between now and the time it comes out.”

“I never thought a person I haven’t met could move me to this degree of happiness and pure freedom, especially because I’m a little young to be involved in the whole Adam phenomenon (I’m a teen). You’ve made me laugh, cry, scream, sing, dance, and become more sexually awakened that *any* girl I know! When I meet you I don’t know what I’ll say. And I will meet you someday. It’s in my heart. I think people like me are driven by the pull of fate to meet you. Thank you for making me feel something real.” ML

“My husband told me I needed a hobby. So I got one. His name is Adam Lambert.” Lambertinilicious

“Adam has turned my whole entire world upside down with his original, breathtaking, mesmerizing performances, and his beautiful angelic voice and gorgeous, sexy eyes. I feel truly fortunate to have witnessed the birth of this megastar, the likes of which have never been seen before. I can’t wait until he takes the world by storm, because it will be one hell of a glorious ride.” Northern Spirit

“He is the most, gifted, creative, charismatic and hard working performer we’ve seen in a very long time, so surely this completely unique gem we describe is special. He is eager to please us and we have responded with as much adulation as any entertainer can get. He is a complete surprise and no one was looking for him, how could we when we didn’t even know such a one existed? No one could have invented or even imagined Adam.”

                                                                            Wallpaper by @eselessari



Adam has provided such great inspiration for so many of us!  For those of you who would like to put pen to paper or make a video or a slide show to explain how Adam Lambert has affected you and your life, I’m announcing a contest. 

The most inspiring story as judged by me, will win a prize among prizes… an autographed insert of the FYE album!  I got this at Much Music in Toronto and it belongs to me so I dont think anyone can have a problem with me giving it away!  (Adam Official?) Entries are due by Monday, April 26 and the best ones will be posted on a special blog for Adam ! 

 I will decide which entry moves me the most and will declare a winner no later than Wed. April 28/ 10 at 9:00AM.  Please send your stories or videos, etc  to

You must subscribe to my blog to enter this contest.  Hit the “Sign up now” button on the upper right of this page and join

Win the signed cover (other side) and you could put something like this together!


Adam Lambert is Finally Crowned the Winner of American Idol

“On the night following Adam’s stint as mentor on American Idol, with or without their permission, Adam Lambert claimed and wore that crown and that title. With what can only be described as a mind boggling performance of his hit single Whataya Want From Me, appearing as an apparition in dark profile within a green cone of illuminated swirling clouds, Adam delivered the opening verse of the song with clear, strong, yet hauntingly measured notes that swept his audience into a space/time continuum in which only he and they existed, then broke out into full Planet Fierce rock mode complete with glossy Elvis-esque jacket and pompadour, yet facial and body language that was clearly signature Glambert. It was a stunning performance, one which some have labeled the best Idol return performance the show has ever seen, lending even more validity to his newly bestowed crown. He single-handedly transformed the Idol stage into the Adam Lambert concert, and in doing so, claimed the stage as his own. Anyone else who ever performs on that stage from now on will be borrowing it from Adam Lambert.”

“In a theater infused with a level of excitement unmatched by this year’s contestants, the glittery alien was transported to the stage in a swirling torrent of luminescent green fog. His
 other worldly vocals filled the theater with a haunting ethereal plea, “Whataya Want From Me?”
The King returned, not Elvis but Adam Lambert reclaimed the venue he owned on the previous season of American Idol. Adam put on an epic performance and marked his territory with his pulsating laser lights flashing as he stalked the stage with his commanding presence. Adam Lambert is the best male vocalist and a purest artist this reality show has ever discovered. His performance had the audience on their feet and brought many to tears. Adam gave a lesson to the Season 9 contenders in how to engage your audience in an energy exchange.
Adam took his hit single “Whataya Want From Me?” from his critically acclaimed album “For Your Entertainment” and displayed an arsenal of technically challenging vocal abilities using his midrange, falsetto and his soaring high notes as he tutored the excitement challenged contestants of Season 9. For those who follow Adam closely he displayed the depth of his creativity adding yet another twist to a song he has performed numerous times before. Lambert on stage was more magnificent than on the night of infamy when the win went to the wrong man.
Lambert was a slimmer more confident and assured version of himself Wednesday night but still just as humble and polite. Lambert’s hair was beautifully coiffed in an Elvis do and he wore a shimmering studded jacket. His fashion was a nod to Elvis but true to his own trendsetting style.
It has been a busy year for Adam since he left the Idol stage and is being embraced worldwide. Tonight Lambert gave us a glam spectacle but in recent live performances Lambert has shown that his buck-naked vocals minimally accompanied by unplugged musicians need no other adornments. He can break music down to its basics and with his voice and his masterful interpretation put a fresh nuance on a song every time he sings it. With his abundant talent and creativity we can only wonder where the journey through the manifestations of his imagination will lead.
Adam’s return to American Idol stage was the bittersweet vindication of why he should have won. It cannot be denied that Lambert is an unparalleled performer. It has to be a frustration for the American Idol executives when their most talented and popular performer came in second. Even though it is unconscionable for American Idol to continue to ignore the rogue AT&T executive who skewed the vote in Arkansas last year this was an excellent opportunity for Adam to reconnect with the millions of fans who loved him last season.
This morning’s news was expected. American Idol regained the number one spot in the ratings, beating out “Dancing with the Stars” after last week’s loss and Adam’s album and singles are soaring up the charts. If the American Idol Nielsen’s take another plunge can we expect an additional return of the Idol King?
‘American Idol”: Adam Lambert Completely Blew My Everlovin’ Mind (on the scene for results night)

“Suffice it to say, Glambert completely blew my everloving mind last night, and judging from the deafening roars from the live audience before, during, and after his performance of “Whataya Want from Me,” I’d say I was far from alone. Unlike the horrid group numbers, which are exponentially more horrid in person, in large part because they are choreographed for the cameras and not the studio audience, Glambert constructed his number as much (if not more) for those of us inside Idoldome as those of you watching from home. For one thing, as cool as those lasers looked on TV, they had true dimension and shape in person (in other words, they were in 3D!). For another, the music simply sounded big and gorgeous live, a perfect sonic match for the visual spectacle. Unfortunately, both the live show and the televised version were hobbled by a way over-zealous fog machine; I’d love to tell you what the Idols and judges made of Glambert’s show, but all that smoke utterly obscured them from view.

Oh, that’s right, this was a results show, not a Glambert concert. You could’ve been forgiven for thinking it was the latter, though. A completely unscientific visual survey of the audience counted at least as many pro-Glambert posters as ones for all the other current Idol hopefuls combined. And the mere sight of Glambert during the show’s Dramatic! Opening! Video! Montage! sent the audience into conniptions.”

Adam and Ryan gif: 

All screencaps courtesy of Talc/Adam Bombs with thanks!


From Yesterday’s Post:  Another Reason Adam Lambert loves his Female Fans! Thrilled to help you out anytime in anyway Adam! 

Flip through to read the article titled “Glambert”


 Elvis Performance Night with all  Adam Lambert Clips and Commentary with a’ Bit of Snark’!

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  1. Nice AI recap! Now I don’t have to search around. ☺

    Comment by Beauty — April 16, 2010 @ 10:47 pm

  2. Oh I will be going to Foxwoods…wouldn’t miss it….I just hope the robots don’t buy up all the tickets first….not fair to the real-deal fans!!! I hope to meet many of you there!! ~lisa

    Thanks again AQD for a top-rate blog!! You rock!xo

    Comment by Lisa Harrington — April 16, 2010 @ 11:05 pm

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