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April 14, 2010

Our Magnificent Mentor!

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Some of my Favorite Tweets from last night!

danzr4ever @adamlambert seriously you are amazing. I love being your fan! Keep being you! 🙂

AdamssAngel Adam is the most adult, articulate, considerate, gracious, mature, honest, wholly supportive, and musically informed person EVER on AI..

blakkrrox @adamlambert Good thing ur on Fox, coz even with ALL those clothes on, ur still tooo sexy for ABC … js…

glambertislove its not humanly sane how much i adore the amazingness known as @adamlambert

peasmom3 RT @CoralMermaid: Ryan those r Adam Lambert s stairs! <== I screamed at him to get off Adam’s stairs! DH pulled me back down to couch.

Underscoreless My mom just said she had a crush on Adam Lambert. I need a drink. Now.

PF_DailyPlanet I do not recall ever thinking that the Mentor was the highlight of Idol before!!!! Well @AdamLambert was the best thing on idol tonight!

Sleepwalker4U You know what I want from you Adam Lambert ? Your talented tongue! :p


Ryan and the Tongue comment! The look on Adam’s face… Priceless!

Here are a couple of great examples of Adam’s talented tongue action! Is this what you meant Ryan?

(1:59, 2:17, 2:25, 3:05, 3:18, 3:32, 3:42, 4:25…damn good… watch the whole thing….such an amazing performance!)

(around .035sec)


I love my country so much these days! Canada is a fabulous place and is leading the way in Adam’s great success!

 Adam receives a plaque in Vancouver for  his very first Platinum record. In Canada,  FYE album is Platinum, WWFM single is Double Platinum and FYE single is Gold. Congratulations to Adam Lambert and all the supportive fans!


The Guy sitting beside Adam last night is his very handsome Body Guard! I recognized the same guy in NYC when Adam attended Hair (he’s in the video)  and couldnt remember who he was.  Well the mystery is addressed in this very good article about last night!


Mentoring Parts… Adam on Vimeo

Entire American Idol Show from Last Night Here:

Download Link for Adam’s portion of Idol:

Media Fire list of all of Adam last night:

(tonights performance, etc will be added)



“We had no prior knowledge of this tall, dark, stranger’s spellbinding ways; or his unprecedented vocal prowess. We counted each second of his glory notes, we watched him take a simple song and, in one deft moment, tear it up into ten thousand pieces. Only to watch in silent awe, as he just as swiftly melded it into a stunning vocal masterpiece. We were transfixed like marble statues, unable to move an inch whilst he slowly and methodically took possession of our minds, our bodies, our souls.”

By @blakkrox…take a look at her other articles too! Beautifully written!—My-Observations-Of-A-Mystical–Dark–Lord


Best Excerpts and Article Links for American Idol and Adam’s Mentoring



“On a night when “American Idol” played tribute to Elvis, Adam Lambert proved to be King of the mentors.  Going in, the decision to bring back a youthful singer who just competed on the show last season may have been questionable (Even if he somewhat resembles Presley). But Adam did something many of the old-pro mentors fail to do: Provide honest — and valid — criticism. Right off the top, he said the contestants “need to wake up” and bring “a little more energy.” He used the word “boring” to describe Aaron Garcia’s take on “Hound Dog” and knocked Lee DeWyze’s lack of stage charisma. It was refreshing to hear.  Of course, charisma and personality is something Lambert never lacked during his electric “Idol” run last season. “

“It was a night dedicated to the music of an American giant, a swaggering, pompadoured rule-breaker whose sexualized performances shocked a nation. Also, it was Elvis night. But the big name on stage was Adam—as in Lambert—last year’s Idol phenom and runner-up”

“American Idol may have generated artists who have sold more albums than last season’s glittery runner-up, but the show has never birthed a star of Adam Lambert’s magnetism.”

“Adam returned to “Idol” as this week’s mentor, and he was the first former contestant to receive such an honor/responsibility. Since Adam was in the top nine’s shoes (albeit in his case, they were platform shoes) not long ago–and since he is always so unfiltered–I knew he’d give the struggling contestants some much-needed straight talk, so to speak. And I hoped that, maybe, just maybe, he’d push them to take some risks and, as he put it, “wake up a little bit.”

American Idol put on its white polyester suit tonight, threw in a light smattering of glitter, and tried to channel Elvis Presley by way of Adam Lambert. Yet while the songbook in question was chock full o’ gems, and the guest mentor was able to swiftly zero in on what’s been ailing the season 9 combatants..”

“Our music critic Ann Powers is already campaigning for Adam Lambert to be “American Idol’s” next judge (we second that emotion) and the Twitterverse is already aflutter with praise for the Season 8 runner-up, the first former contestant to ever mentor a season in progress.

So how did Adam think it went? Judging from his ear-to-ear post-show grin: fabulously. As for the memories it brought back? “It’s nostalgic,” he told Idol Tracker on Tuesday night.”

Any update on your upcoming tour? It’s all being formulated — the dates are all being confirmed, I have to come up with a concept, the look of it … the theme, the set list, it’s all under development. It starts in June.”


Adam Lambert, your response to this insane comment is so sweet!


Drawing of Adam Rocking the Elvis Look and Sneer!

By @topazholly… Beautiful!


Twitter followers:   412,420 (+2400)  Wow!!!!

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  1. Well DONE as always I loved that womans post about Adam it was amazing just like Adam Lambert. I think we saw better tongue action in NYC. Don’t U!!!??? Keep up the wonderful work u do Gloria I love IT!!!!!!

    Comment by Merrie — April 14, 2010 @ 7:40 am


    Comment by Heleena — April 14, 2010 @ 8:09 am

  3. Adam Lambert keeps me up all night !

    Comment by adamquotedaily — April 14, 2010 @ 8:13 am

  4. Hi Gloria!!!

    The best thing about Idol last night was Adam, hands down!!! Aside from looking so damn sexy and handsome, he took that mentoring job so seriously and was so polite to all the finalists – he is a marvel to look at and listen to with his eloquence and vast musical acumen; how unfortunate that some of the finalists did not take Adam’s good advice – they still sounded as if they were in a daze! Adam did his utmost best with the talent that was presented to him. Tonight, when Adam sings, I think they should all take notes on how to perform at a caliber that is somewhat befitting them. I realize there is only one Adam Lambert, but these people need to step up desperately.

    Comment by DeeDee Glambert — April 14, 2010 @ 8:42 am

    I thought: okay, let’s some sleep, put on the alarm at 2 am, and watch the show.
    I woke up at 5 am.

    But okay, just watched it, and i LOVED it. He was so honest, and I love that. And tonight.. I’m gonna stay up. No more sleeping! 😛

    Comment by Daphne — April 14, 2010 @ 11:47 am

  6. I love reading your blog. You are always up to date with every bit of tantilizing Adam news. And since I want to see and read it ALL, your great organization helps me wade through all the links and photos and videos etc. of Adam’s epic journey to World Domination.

    Comment by Cate — April 14, 2010 @ 12:20 pm

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