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April 14, 2010

Lambert, Lasars and Luvin’ Version 3

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I love the work that @lambosessed does.  Please watch the first video which was put together beautifully with some commentary… OMG… Fabulous job!  Makin me laugh on this evening when the amazing star power of Adam is making me feel like crying!! If you like it half as much as I do, you’ll be happy!


Thanks to @Scorpios4Adam for making this for me! MUAH!!!

This quote comes from Adam  and is in the BoyZ magazine… link is right near the bottom of this page.   How did Tiger Woods get all those women to keep quiet for so many years? Been thinking about that one lately


Last evening, Adam Lambert showed America and the world what he is really about! An incredible performance with impeccable vocals, stunning visuals and heartfelt emotion! Adam Lambert continues to redefine the term Rock Star!  I believe that Adam will become iconic and will go down in history as the greatest superstar the world has ever known! It’s such a privilege to be able to spend my time and love documenting his journey. Thanks for all your support!   

Gloria (@adamquotedaily)


swankyNova: @adamlambert I see you got your spaceship 😉

In a recent interview, Adam said that if funds were unlimited for his show, the theatre would be a spaceship….LOL (6:00 on)


High Quality Video of Adam’s Performance of WWFM Version #3 on American Idol MP4 of Adam’s AI performance

Fan Comment: “Adam Lambert is the greatest performer of this decade! I can’t believe he entered the stage in an open vortex. I am convinced he is not human and his angelic self has touched our earth with his heavenly descent! His performance was brilliant, genius, over the top and surreal! In other words, he was just being Adam! I love you Mr. Adam Lambert”…

Posted by GeraldK…thank you!

peacefrogdesign @adamlambert have you landed safely back on Planet Fierce yet, Adam? I see they beamed you down right on to the stage tonight 😉


Adam Interview with Ryan and the GlamNation Tour


Wango Tango – with Dancers!   Two boys & two girls!

Remix EP – Voodoo- Dark, disco, sexy!

Europe – TV shows and radio

First North American Tour- atmospheric- transport people  “Glamnation tour” – fans are in for a real treat!

“I just wonder if Kate Gosselin really listened to the lyrics of that song!”  LOL, Adam!


Reviews of Adam’s American Idol Performance

“Wednesday night, as Glambert took the stage to sing, he owned the moment and performed unquestionably the best four minutes of this entire yawnfest of a season. Considering this week’s theme, Lambert was the Maybelline Elvis, all eyeliner, 8-inch-high, coal-black pompadour, sharp-looking metallic jacket and a voice that could wake the dead. He was commanding, forceful, mastering every note known to man. He was sexy. Intense. He was everything a superstar should be. He was this generation’s King.

With green lasers shooting in his direction and hypnotic green-smoke special effects, Lambert swooned through the slowed down start of “Whataya Want From Me,” his current hit, and built to that familiar, dramatic crescendo that had us enthralled only a year ago.”


ADAM LAMBERT: This week’s mentor and last season’s runner-up returns to the Idol stage to show Season 9 how it’s done… Taking notes? He rearranged his own song for this performance (originality… check.). Adam begins “Whataya Want From Me” dramatically and quietly in the dark. A vortex of glowing swirling fog surrounds him and ascends into a laser pinpoint above him as if he is about to lift off into space. Then the song builds (Beginning, middle, end… See Casey? Dynamics!). And of course, the signature screams (Listening Siobhan?). Even my DVR seems to be getting into it with lights blinking along to the music (or was I just sitting on the remote control?). Shiny suit. Bedazzled ear monitors. Oh, how I miss Season 8! I’ll admit, the rearrangement, while adding drama, might have taken a little of the groove out of the song making the vocals sound just a bit forced. But I’ll take it. The show was in dire need of the drama.”


“Adam is the King!” read a sign held in the air by an “American Idol” audience member, moments before the season-eight runner-up took the stage in the newest role of his career: music icon. Appearing as a mentor on Tuesday’s episode, Lambert reminded the “AI” folks why he’s a fan favorite.”There’s someone on the stage they’re excited about,” Ryan Seacrest beamed as he introduced Lambert, who then took over the show. Performing his single “Whataya Want From Me,” Lambert was bathed in green light and smoke, like something out of an early ’80s new-wave video.”


What’s changed about Adam Lambert since his “Idol” days? Well, he’s gotten a haircut — probably several, really. His vocals seem to have matured to an even grander scale of amazing. Oh, and he now travels in a smoky, luminescent pyramid. It’s what all the kids in L.A. would be doing if they could finally stop waiting tables and get their big break.

The beginning of his performance of “Whataya Want From Me” is riveting television — it’s like a live music video, with effects that occasionally overpower even the state-of-the-art HD cameras in the “Idol” studios.

 When Adam finally emerges, he’s wearing a jacket from the Liberace collection (even his noise-canceling earpieces are bedazzled!), but singing a song that’s a modern blend of ’80s bombast and ’00s spacey dance beats.

 No doubt about it, Adam is the full package. A tremendous singer. An impeccable showman. And when in shadow, his new pompadour even recalls the very 2010 “I’m with Coco” logo. He’s got everything.

He made his own “Idol” mold, then broke it. His appearance this week has likely only strengthened criticism that the show ain’t what it used to be. One thing’s for sure — none of this year’s contestants have yet shown the kind of onstage power that he can unleash. I think we’ll be hearing about him for quite some time.”


Adam Lambert Returns to American Idol Stage

 ” I think Adam Lambert just won season 9.” 

That was a tweet from a viewer after  Wednesday night’s American Idol, one of many as Twitter went aflutter with comments about Adam Lambert’s return to the American Idol stage.

He performed his hit single “Whatya Want From Me” with a new arrangement complete with green laser beams, a bitchin’ leather jacket, and an Elvis up-do.  True to Lambert form, he proceeded to give the Idol audience a micro-burst of vocal intensity, then salted it with a visual display of interstellar eye candy.  “I wanted to do something different,” he said.  Surprise.

Another viewer tweeted the question  “When was Adam Lambert’s last blood test.  Are we sure he’s human?”  Let’s assume he is, and go with the premise that he likes to entertain, and yes, perhaps shock a few people from time to time.

The buzz was circulating on set well before his Wednesday night performance, as AI warm up man “corylive” tweeted, “Watchin’ my boy Adam Lambert rehearse for tonight’s show.  One word SICK!!!!”  In a subsequent tweet, he reported, “Adam Lambert will be doing one song, but it’s like an entire concert in one.  INSANE!”   He also went on to call the performance “visually incredible.” 

Just another day in glamordise for Lambert.

Cory’s comments were more than enough to wreak havoc among anxious Glamberts, who were more than ready to see their idol strut his stuff.  At the conclusion of the song, American Idol host Ryan Seacrest warmly greeted Lambert saying, “Now that’s a performance.”

He ought to know.

Lambert received some attaboys from his Season 8 American Idol cast-mates immediately following the show as well.  Idol-mate Matt Giraud tweeted, “Love ya Adam Lambert and Brooke White.  Both did great.  Oh and btw, when I performed on Idol, I forgot my lasers at home.  Dang it!”  Another season 8 contestant, Allison Iraheta tweeted following Tuesday night’s broadcast, after Lambert served as mentor to the finalists, “Adam Lambert – always so damn amazing at giving advise.”

Smoke and mirrors aside, Lambert proved once again that originality is what separates the men from the boys, however pretty they may be.  His deliberate attention to both voice and visual grandeur continue to invoke an emotional response in one form or another.  Like him or not, his dedication and commitment to the art of performing cannot be denied.  You can say all of that again!!


“Well, anyway, speaking of popular male contestants, at least there was one truly exciting performance this evening: Midshow, this week’s mentor and Season 8’s runner-up, Adam Lambert, was thrillingly beamed down to the stage, standing atop a grid of “TRON”-style lasers and shrouded in the fog of an overactive dry-ice machine, looking like a finalist from “Mars Idol” in his silver spacesuit. And after Sir Glambert belted out “Whataya Want From Me” near a cappella, in near darkness, Ryan raved, “Now that’s a performance!”–in what seemed to be a very thinly veiled dig at the top nine, all of whom have failed to measure up to last season’s overall awesomeness.”

@TLCcreative: The company that created Adam’s lasar show

(Take a look for future possible special effects!)


Breaking News: What Happened to the Band Last Nite? 

American Idol Performance Rules for the Band! LOL! By @painted_birdie

TommyJoeRatliff  The fog didn’t kill me! I’m alive and well at buffalo wild wings!

Picture of Tommy from last night

(The caption threw me into hysterical laughing…still in outer space from yesterday’s voyage?)


Mentoring Evening Screenshots  Thanks to @adamgasmic

(Click on each one to enlarge)

In Rock Magazine May edition (three amazing scans)

Thanks to @ bani


More Scans from In Rock Magazine

recherchee According to the latest numbers, Idol averaged close to 21 million viewers for its performance show .” !!! WE LOVE @adamlambert!! <333

Jim Cantiello.. Idol in 60 sec… enough time spent!


Ricky Minor talks about Adam

From the first day I met Adam in Hollywood Week — and he stood out right then — I’ve always thought he was someone to listen to,” Minor told MTV News on Wednesday, the day after it was announced he’d be leaving “Idol” at the end of this season for “The Tonight Show.” “This is a visual art as well, and I think he did really well, because he’s been in the competition and he’s in their age range. It’s not like some star who’s been around for 30 years saying, ‘You need to do this.’ Adam can say he was on the show last year, and he knows how it feels. It was a great idea to have him on.”

Minor said Lambert’s honesty and truthfulness with the contestants, both good and bad, was refreshing. “He was the one who told them, ‘No one told me I’d be working 10 times as hard [once I left the show],’ ” Minor said. “His thing was to challenge them, and I have a lot of respect for him having already worked with him. And now that he’s come in and talked to these kids, it’s even bigger.”

Close “Idol” watcher MJ Santilli, who runs, said she would have preferred that an “Idol” elder like Carrie Underwood or Kelly Clarkson be the first former contestant to return as a mentor. “But having said that, I think Adam did a fine job,” she said. “He’s got something many of this year’s contestants lack: the ability to craft a performance that’s vocally, visually and emotionally stunning.”

With that unique combination and his no-nonsense attitude, Santilli said Lambert’s suggestions to the nine finalists was refreshing. “Coming from that perspective, Adam was perfect,” she said. “He gave the kids good advice on how to make their performances more exciting. Adam’s an articulate guy who expresses himself well. He was honest and constructive.”

AllisonIraheta @adamlambert… always so damn amazing at givin’ advice..!!


So Cool!  Adam on the cover of BoyZ magazine

(Flip the pages and enlarge to read the article “Glambert”)

Beatweek Magazine Interview

The World Embraces Adam Lambert

Posted by GeralynK


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  1. Adam was Perfection last night on Idol he really doesn’t need all that FOG & LASAR for me just Him on that stage singing the way he did was enough for me!!!!! But the added effects Were Awesome,Genius & OUT OF THIS WORLD, Just Like Adam, where are you from? What Universe sent this Beautiful Man to our PLANET!!!???? I love UUUUU ADAM LAMBERT always AMAZING!

    Comment by merrie — April 15, 2010 @ 7:01 am

  2. ADAM!! – You have recaptured all the hearts that you won over last year when we first set our eyes on you!! You have us begging for more – we are offered a peek, and we all end up wanting you 24/7 – not a single, solitary person will ever tire of seeing your tantalizing face or incredible body, hearing your otherworldly vocals, listening to you speak with intelligence, eloquence and an articulation way beyond your years, or of your ability to make everyone you encounter feel so special and unique due to your own unparalled and incomparable personality. We have all become “junkies” – we need daily fixes from you in order to make our days complete. I, for, one, will never,ever tire of you and what you give to all of us – every part of your entire being, and I can’t thank you enough for all that you give to me and all your fans – our lives have been enriched and made more joyous than ever by your presence in our lives. TO HELL WITH DIAMONDS, SAPPHIRES & EMERALDS – YOU ARE OUR TRUE GEM!! I LOVE YOU, ADAM!!

    Comment by DeeDee Glambert — April 15, 2010 @ 12:16 pm

  3. I can’t wait untill Adam Lambert adds some tour dates.

    Comment by tour dates — April 15, 2010 @ 1:22 pm

  4. Wow, another great post . Loved all the comments about Adams triumphant return to Idol … totally beamed down from Planet Fierce !!! Awesome

    But, what a little gem you threw in there, that interview ! I never thought about the fact that Adam is happy for all of us women fans ( we’re “sweet” ) because we keep him on the straight and narrow, hmmm, bad choice of words, how about , we keep him from being distracted by gay groupies who could get him in trouble. Well Adam, happy to oblige, sweetheart !!!

    Damn, I wish I could be there for his G A Y performance !!!!

    Comment by katesistergood — April 15, 2010 @ 9:23 pm

  5. adam lambert gave another perfect performance! bravo! i was speechless and having goose pimples while i was watching this guy. so proud of you LAMBO! hope you will visit the land of downunder again and maybe an arena concert next time.

    Comment by lou — April 16, 2010 @ 4:47 am

  6. Thank you for posting, I’m so glad you got a few laughs from the video!

    And thanks for this comprehensive collection of Adam media.

    Comment by Lambosessed — April 16, 2010 @ 5:54 am

  7. caught up in adam vortex on wednesday and having to live in RW is parallel universe at best. I too am starting to actually believe he is not from this planet, galaxy or dimension; was sent from unknown parts to carryout his masterplan.

    Comment by susanjennelle — April 16, 2010 @ 7:29 pm

  8. I’m constantly impressed by the wealth of information at this site, so carefully selected and assembled. You are to be admired for the hours you spend putting all of this together. A fantastic job by a very special person. Thank you.

    Comment by circe — April 17, 2010 @ 3:11 am

  9. Thank you so much for your kind comments. Truth be told, I do it for myself so that I have access to what I believe is the most important and fun Adam information at my fingertips. Very happy that you and other fans find it helpful.

    Comment by adamquotedaily — April 17, 2010 @ 5:54 am

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