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April 13, 2010

Need a Second to Breathe..Glamerican Idol Tonight!

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Lets all join together and keep the smile on Adam’s face while we trend Adam Lambert  today and tomorrow.  Please add his full name, without the hashtag to all of your tweets and lets advertise our love for this talented, beautiful, lion-hearted man!

 100 Versions of Perfection! 


New Part of the Capitol Radio Interview

(except I’ve already heard it?)


Contest:  Just for Fun is Cancelled for Now… Sorry and I wont hold it against you if you unsubscribe!! 

Guess the contest wasn’t such a good idea cause the DVD is illegal.  I can see that being the case if you are charging money for it but I have no intention of selling anything.  Regardless, I’m cancelling  with apologies.  The management at Adam official arent happy and if they arent happy, Im not happy.  I wish they would give us something OFFICIAL to use. Im assuming everything on Ebay is illegal too. They still think Im trying to promote myself but I know Im just having fun promoting Adam!


Andy Goulding Interview in the UK


 Adam Lambert: Rock Star, Sex God  Stealing the Show and Creating a New Fashion Statement  in Thirteen of the Most Incredible, Rocking Outfits You will Ever See Until You See the Next Thirteen He Wears  Which Undoubtedly  Will Continue to Set Trends and Blow Your Mind and Define Glam and Leave a Goofy Smile on Your Face so that All Your Friends and Family are Constantly Wondering About Your Sanity. But then They Begin to Understand and Become New Members of the Rapidly Expanding  Adam Lambert Bandwagon and Their Lives Will Never Be the Same Again Because They Will be Inspired by the Awesomeness of Adam Lambert!!!!!,,20360253,00.html?xid=rss-feed-americanidol-Adam+Lambert%3A+13+outrageous+outfits

(In case you were wondering, I believe that my title is much more appropriate  for this article  and that EW should change theirs to mine!)
Scan of Heatworld Magazine

(Click on article to enlarge)


Vermin Jerky:
Adam on the cover of Beatweek Magazine. You can get it for FREE!

No foolin’. You can get it in a printable PDF format for free.

Via twitter from one of A.O.’s own:

panthercharm NEW article: Adam Lambert: The Beatweek Interview // Awesome interview!!

panthercharm FYI – you can download Beatweek mag for free on iTunes // Adam Lambert is on the cover!

Thanks for the info!


 Links to Watch American Idol for International Fans

On Wednesday 7th April 2010, @Sethshomaru said:

American Idol Livestreaming. For those who want to watch AI Weds in real time, bookmark these links. Please note that your location & internet connection affect access. – Works best out of the 4 listed here. – Buffers a lot – Buffers a lot. – Somewhat problematic lately, intermittent feed

Schedule notes for Singapore/Malaysian-based fans:

AI Performance nights – Wednesdays 8am SG/MY
AI Results nights – Thursdays 9am SG/MY



If you have not read the article I wrote about Longineu, please visit “Who Am I Kidding?  More pics added today!  I also  updated the article about Monte which you will find it under the Uncle Soy Sauce title!

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    Comment by Rise2theTop — April 13, 2010 @ 7:36 am

  2. A little excited? Wonder why? Adam owns Idol tonite!!

    Comment by adamquotedaily — April 13, 2010 @ 7:43 am

  3. YES! YES! IDOL TONIGHT & Tomorrow Won’t be taking my EYES BABY EYES Off that TV TONIGHT.

    Comment by merrie — April 13, 2010 @ 7:56 am

  4. Cannot WAIT – unfortunately, we have to wait to see AI in the UK for another whole 24 hours – BUT, hope to see it online tonight. Almost as exciting as Adam coming back to London next week!!! Yay!

    Comment by Jenny — April 13, 2010 @ 10:16 am

  5. I might just hyperventilate in front of my tv tonight. I’m so freaking excited that my two idols are on the same show. Adam and Elvis.

    Comment by Jennifer — April 13, 2010 @ 11:36 am

  6. Did you see the picture of Elvis to Adam on my blog the other day? Its so amazing! I love both of them too!

    Comment by adamquotedaily — April 13, 2010 @ 1:20 pm

  7. I live in Holland. So.. that means.. I have to get out of bed at.. 2 am?
    Oh boy. That’s not so good.
    But Adam’s worth it.

    Comment by Daphne — April 13, 2010 @ 3:41 pm

  8. I did the 3AM thing for New Years Eve and it was worth it! We’ll have a party!

    Comment by adamquotedaily — April 13, 2010 @ 4:12 pm

  9. I can’t wait to see him tonight , he is amazing

    Comment by N89spirit — April 13, 2010 @ 6:39 pm

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