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April 12, 2010

Who Am I Kidding? No Quiet Days for Adam Lambert Fans!

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Who is Longineu? 

Just added  a new Page and hope you and Longineu enjoy this one!  If anyone can write a short blurb about Longineu, the man… I would love to add it!


“You want me to show you the  goods..oh, that’s another show.”  

  Adam Lambert you are too adorable!  But be careful cause when you say it, you create it! And your fans are ready!

“He’s been the talk of the pop world every since”..”That boy has got some Wooooooo in him”



Correct me if I’m wrong but it seems to me that this is the first time Idol has advertised the mentor of the week?  Adam Lambert is going to single handedly  change the course of American Idol, season 9 this week!


The UK Waits for Adam Lambert to Show His Hand

I love these fabulous quotes from Adam’s interviewers.  They all fall under his spell!

” The media contacts he made in March seemed to fall under his spell, with interviewers commenting on his irresistible appeal. From Twitter:

@sovisual: my impression of @adamlambert was wot a crazily, glamorously, jawdroppingly, gloriously…. accommodatingly, shiningly, smiley, glittery human being he is!   [Scott Readman, DJ at HallamFM Radio, Sheffield (see the Hallam interview here).]

@DelaneyMan: Adam Lambert in the Heat office. He is make-uppy and Americanny but most of all sexy. The whole staff have gone dead giddy.. [Sam Delaney, Editor of Heat Magazine (see Adam’s web chat here).]”


“In a revealing interview last month with USA Today, Idol music director Michael Orland – the one person who knows the contestants’ strengths and weaknesses better than anyone – recalled that Lambert had a finely honed professionalism from the day he auditioned for Idol, and even supervised his own staging and lighting set-ups for his weekly Idol performances.

The implication is that Lambert won’t just be an effective, one-week-only mentor: He may provide the remaining singers with the most valuable advice and inspiration they will hear in the six weeks between now and this season’s star-is-born moment in late May.”

I really hope that Adam NEVER sings with Siobhan.. Not even close to the same league in my books!  Hmm..  no one really is!

He had to work so hard to inspire  the Season 9 contestants  that he ended up with a migraine and even missed the Muse concert. Hope you’re all better now Adam!


Islandjamgirls story of meeting Adam on the plane from Vancouver to LA… you go girl!!

“So as you know several months ago when they announced the River Rock show in Vancouver, I was upset that I would miss them because my husband had booked us a vacation in Las Vegas. Needless hours of begging, crying and generally being miserable my amazing husband innocent.gif said fine, lets detour our flights and go see Adam’s concert. haha.gif So we bought our concert tix.

Anyways, as soon as rumours started swirling last week about Adam being back on AI and possibly mentoring the Idols IN Las Vegas I was stoked! It seemed a far fetched possibility.

Fast forward to the concert yesterday. I met so many skanks that I absolutely adore now: My More Glam who came with me to the concert, DorianGrey, MamatoTwo, JazzRocks, Libracatz, LoriandJava, Swflaboy and others. We lined up for 4 hours in order to rush the stage and it Worked!!! I ended up right at the stage, in front of Tommy w00t.gif

The concert itself was unbelievable amazing and surreal. Adam singing just 2 feet in front of me was more than my little heart could take. Doriangrey and Moreglam were on either side of me, and we seriously thought we’d need the Glambulance blushing.gif blushing.gif He was all glammed up and sparkly, and of course his vocals were just out of this world. But what stood out for me the most was how HAPPY he seemed, he kept looking at the audience in awe. We were pumped, everyone jumped around and danced the entire show. I don’t know if he’s had such a crazy audience before. He was so so happy and very chatty.

I did manage to video 10 songs!!! There was a Nazi like security guard who was not letting anyone video, so I had to be very sneaky. some of the video is so-so but very steady! Please watch through the videos though, because sometimes he would come right in front of me, and I got some great Zoom closeups.

THEN after the show, I was trying to get onto the elevator. AND WHO WAS THERE WHEN IT OPENED? ADAM!! clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif and the rest of the band. I was about to say hi, when a GIANT security guard bellowed “everyone BACK UP”, sheesh. Anyways, I ended up chatting with the band, they are so friendly and approachable (as you guys from FS know already). They were at the bar hanging with fans for most of the night.

OK now the big news !!!!
We woke up very early to catch our WEst Jet flight to Las Vegas. I had a weird feeling in my gut, and kept saying to my husband and friends that it would be neat if Adam WAS going to Vegas and we met at the airport. WELL, as we’re sitting in the terminal I see Adam whiz by with Lane and a smaller man. I freaked out, but my husband assured me that Adam Lambert would never fly WestJet as there is not first class etc. etc.

Just as the final people had boarded the plane, ADAM EFFIN LAMBERT got on the plane plane.gif plane.gif
I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. HE sat 3 rows ahead of me on the opposite side of the aisle, but had to put his bags above MY bulkhead because everything was full haha.gif I got to furtively stare at him for 2.5 hours RIGHT THERE. He had on his black boots with gold studs, black skinny jeans and his Satifaction black leather jacket. His hair was soft and no make up.

Guys I cant even describe how beautiful he is face to face. He had no make up on, and looked so slender, wow. People in the plane were gasping! I did end up going up to him and talked with him for over 3 minutes or so. It was a moment I will never forget for the rest of my life. I was CALM shifty.gif (believe it or not!) and told him my “detour story” and how much I loved his show last night. He said he remembered me from the front row (ZOMG) (wtf) blushing.gif blushing.gif . He was so soft spoken and gracious. I DID NOT ask him for a picture or an autograph because it seemed wrong to bring attention like that. I do have pictures of him on the plane though. I don’t know if it would be a breach of privacy to post it on a public forum , so I won’t.

I can confirm he is here for IDOL coz’ I saw him myself on WJ flight 1788.
WOW sorry for the long story, but I know you guys would appreciate how overwhelmed my emotions are right now. wub.gif wub.gif
Please check out my videos (uploading still) Fever and Loaded smile are up already.
Youtube channel is : islandgirljams

Love you, ready to party in Vegas now!!

Heres the YOUTUBE vids , i’ll keep updating as it loads, look at bottom of this page


OK, here’s the deal. I have had a ridic amount of requests for this picture. I have thought long and hard about this and decided to not distribute the picture. Let me explain. For one thing, I did not ASK to take the picture when I was chatting, i didn’t ask for pics or autogrpahs. I took the picture inside the airplane when I was walking toward the front of the cabin in front of his seat. There were lots of papers and stuff on the drop down tables that he and lane were discussing. I just feel sick at the thought that it is a private moment, and should remain only in my personal possession. I really hope you guys understand and respect my decision. huggy.gif

What I WILL do here pretty quickly (looking for a camera adapter) is post a pic of him and Lane in front of me at the airport walkiing toward their limosine. That way you know it was true, and I feel better about the pic. OK?

I’ve been thinking more about lilttle details. here goes…
his face is very delicate when he is relaxed, hard to explain, but well, I guess he looks soooo much younger in person and with no makeup and when he is not being so expressive with his beautiful face and is just in repose.

Funny story, my hubby admitted to me, that even he could feel the “energy” of his presence on the plane. Sounds dorky, and he of all people never says things like that. But yes, he has a very strong positive vibe about him.

He smells like heaven- and yes- it is YSL icecream.gif
his legs are loooong, and he is way slimmer than I thought even from the front row of the concert.
He talks to Lane like she’s a good friend, they really respect and care for each other you can tell. And no, nobody was listening to their conversation- yikes.
His strawberry blond arm hair and freckles are VERY obvious in real life, who knew??!!
He has really big feet whistling.gif I know cuz they were stuck into the aisle the whole time icecream.gif
lol, at the whole airplane “conveniently” needing to use the washroom in FRONT of him, then walking by and looking completely bedazzled haha.gif

AND, OMG funniest part of this WHOLE story. The flight attendant who was in Adam’s section is a total fangurl too haha.gif haha.gif . Of course she coudn’t say anything, so she would periodically come up to my seat and we would squeel together (cue hubby rolling eyes rolleyes.gif ), she was FREAKING OUT. So funny, for the take off and landing she kept having to say “Excuse me sir, you need to bring your seat to an upright position and turn off your phone and iPod”. She said she felt so bad, but he eventually listened

Anyways, I’ve got more you tube vids which I will add to the OP here soon, look below, 3 more coming today
Love you guys for all your great wishes.”

For my concert videos please go to:


I posted this one yesterday but it deserves another mention. This is too good to be true…thank you so much to drcat83  for putting this media list together for Vancouver!



For Your Entertainment… Japan… Improved Version by @Lambosessed


I’m a Big  fan of this Piano cover of  Beat It/If I Had You -Incredible chills!

Please take a few minutes and listen… you will not be sorry!

 Adam Lambert Declared Winner of Limbo Contests Worldwide!

Consolidated Sales Thread… great Information!


Please check back regularly for updates!  One more day til Adam on American Idol!  We’ll be trending Adam Lambert starting tomorrow early evening EST!


A favour please?

  I believe that whatever you put out into the world will come back to you… if you send out positive energy, that’s what you will be surrounded with! 

 So why are fans wasting time worrying about Justin Bieber?   His young fans adore him like we love Adam.    I saw something very negative trending about Adam, I would be devastated!  Leave them alone…let them enjoy their artist!

 Lets put our energy into doing positive things for Adam.  Here’s a link to the voting page. If it bugs you to see Justin Bieber trending, spend your energy voting for Adam  instead of hating a young boy who has every right to his own career and fans! 

I’m not suggesting that Adam fans are doing all of the hating. But, we should not contribute to it at all ! We do not want it coming back and affecting Adam in any way!

Your feedback is appreciated!


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  1. Thank you for adding the piece about Justin Bieber. My dear daughter is a HUGE JB Fan and if I were a 9 year old girl I would probably be a fan of his too. I didn’t like seeing that Adam Lambert Fans were trending hatred about Justin or any other artist. Adam would be ashamed that his fans were wasting their time doing this . Have we not learned anything from Adam.
    My daughter is was taking alot of flake from her friends that do not like Justin. She says that you either Love Justin or Hate him. I told her I know the feeling! She has held her head up high and stood her ground and I back her 100% because I know the feeling of liking someone so much when your friends do not agree with you.

    Comment by adam's eye of horus — April 12, 2010 @ 7:52 am

  2. I totally agree with what you said about Bieber. Granted, I honestly don’t think I’d be attracted to him at any age, but my tastes are certainly not everyone’s. If others like him, knock yourself out about him! That’s certainly what we do for Adam! Any entertainer that I don’t like I simply ignore: I don’t buy/listen to their music, click on or read stories about them, watch them on tv or online clips, etc.

    I’ve been a member of Huffington Post ( – news site where you can comment on any news story posted) for over a year & a half now. I’ve seen soooo many people on there who will click on stories of celebrities they hate (including stories about Adam) and just rip into that person & their fans with toxic venom. Why do that, why spread your hatred? If you don’t like them just stay away and let it go. As the previous poster said: Haven’t we learned anything from Adam yet? Yes, I think he’d be ashamed if he knew his fans were putting out such negativity.

    Love, light, & Adam — peace out.

    Comment by uniquelymeLB — April 12, 2010 @ 8:58 am

  3. @islandgirljams, thank you so much for telling us your experience meeting ADAM on the plane !! So much fun reading your post and my heart is pumping fast also….wish i was there. thank you to share with us ! You are a lucky woman !!

    Comment by Libraglamb — April 12, 2010 @ 10:26 pm

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