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April 10, 2010

Adam Lambert-Keeping Us Entertained!

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Such an amazing picture.. I’ve been saving it for the right moment and now its perfect cause Adam is in Las Vegas to mentor the Idol contestants for Elvis week!

There are some definite similarities in appearance between Adam and Elvis and they can/could sing their faces off (Adam wins in my books and I love Elvis!) and both of them are KINGS forever!!


Priscilla Presley in Graceland

Elvis noticed people who were unique in their own way!

AI contestants tweet about Adam

Tim Urban: It was so cool meeting Adam lambert! He’s such a great guy! He was a really cool mentor for this week!

Katie Stevens: Ford shoot today!! Yayyyy I’m so excited for this week! Adam was incredible! I love you all!!

Casey James: It was great meeting Adam Lambert! He is really nice. It was awesome to talk with someone that has been in this situation. He had great advise as well! Thanks again Adam!


This is too good to be true…thank you so much to drcat83  for putting this media list together for Vancouver!




“American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert is basking in the limelight right now. Amidst controversy and rave reviews, Lambert continues to wow audiences with his songs and raw performances from the heart.”

Excellent Interview From Capital FM




FABULOUS VIDEO OF FEVER… AUDIO not perfect… still looking!


mp3s from Red Robinson and River Rock in progress: @nolechica


Translation of Rolling Stone Japan Article

On Sunday 11th April 2010, @hooplamagnet said:

Great translation of the text on this page of RS Japan ( from kyoto_ichiban:

In almost no time after his debut album was released in Japan on March 14th, Adam Lambert made his first visit to Japan as part of it’s promotion. While he got a reception of 1000 fans at Narita International Airport, sales and radio airplay were also going swimmingly. At an event called a Shotaisei (*meet and greet essentially) by one Tokyo club, 10 thousand people applied for 200 open spaces. On the day of, thinking that they may get a glimpse of his figure, people who hadn’t made the lottery also gathered around the meeting place, and both inside the club and outside were wrapped in a bizzare heat (*connotation of enthusiasm). In short, it can be asserted that Adam has broken out in splendid Japan.

Also, in Australia, where he traveled before Japan, he participated in the world’s number one gay parade “Mardi Gras”, and revealed a daring performance. After that, when he crossed over to London, he did things like interview with Boy George who he respects and be recognized for his talent, also wherever he visits (there are) topics (which) come forward. (Such as) His declaration that he is gay, and the amazing vocal power he boasts, thus he has been successful with a musical fusion of the apparently clashing classic rock and electronic (genres), as an unprecedented unique artist in the history of American Idol, no, in the history of pop music, slowly his presence is continuing to be soaked up.

Naturally, in January of last year when he was first being introduced to the world as a contestant on season 8 of ‘American Idol’, he already had the showy style of a star. Adam, who was active in the musical world of Los Angelos after high school graduation, wanted to spend time constructing his own artistic image. This included a visual component as well, since he was also establishing methods of self-presentation. “At any rate I was a show off (said with as smile). My hangup on presentation, added to my experience as an actor in musicals, I think there’s a relation to a club kiss like mentality. When I go out at night, with all my heart I dress up cosplay-ish, and I also have a lot of performance artist aquaintances. As for this kind of element, inside of me it’s in (coming into) complete harmony.

And so, with exceeding theatricality as it were, presentations of ‘too much’ are his selling point. That he reveres as heroes (people like) David Bowie and Freddie Mercury of Queen is well understood, but he also points out (people like) MIKA and Lady Gaga, who have these past few years all also recieved criticism (haha, the Japanese here is literally have received the attachment of a whip/lash/scourge/rod, that could be interesting). “In my case, of course there’s music, but I’ve also been helped a lot by the portion of artists who also take visual presentation and showmanship seriously.” Sometimes, that showmanship goes together with the open-ness related to his personal sexuality, and as for conservative America which still has some way to go, there is also harsh criticism of what he is expressing through performance.

Translator’s LJ:


Today’s a great day to catch up on some interviews and articles and pictures from the past couple of days. 

Red Robinson… amazing slideshow


Heard following the River Rock concert…another one joins the Glamily!

SusieFierce Trucker dude flail in lobby. Big, handlebar mustache guy saying, “OMG, I was NOT an Adam Lambert fan, but now I’m totally a fan. Wow!!”

and Cam gives her opinion!

UhHuhHerMusic  Having fun up in Vancouver with the boys. 2nd show tonight and then back to LA. Have I mentioned Adam’s fans are amazing?!!!


LOL.. I had no idea!!

“Lambert’s For Your Entertainment album has achieved Platinum status here in Canada, selling 80,000 copies in only 6 months. To put that into perspective, rockers KISS haven’t had a Canadian platinum release since 1989, including their latest CD Sonic Boom, which has still yet to achieve Gold.”



Adam in Australia… beautiful!

High Resolution Pictures from UK

Watch the Show from Spain on this cellcast channel:

Interview from Finland Yle

German Interview


A Few More Gorgeous Pics from Canada













(via @citygirl36)


Adam Lambert to Mentor American Idol’s Season 9 Contestants –

 The Lambert Has Landed

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  1. I see U found that beautiful pic of Adam looking in the Mirror along w/some pics I haven’t seen yet!!! They are all awesome just like your Blog. Where would we be without you. XO Love the whole article. Thanks again Gloria, sure HOPE ADAM looks at this site once in while to see the Wonderful Job you do everyday!!!!!!! :O)

    Comment by merrie — April 11, 2010 @ 8:46 am

  2. I always look forward to your email – doesn’t matter how much I have to read, I find yours first! I enjoy it because regardless of what I find on my daily searches for Adam-related items, I can be GUARANTEE that you will have something I haven’t seen. I adore Adam and he can always make my day – many thanks to you for your great work!


    Comment by wyldfyreangel — April 11, 2010 @ 2:10 pm

  3. Thank you for your sweet comment. Glad to be able to help out fellow fans to keep up with all things Adam Lambert! He is so fabulous and inspiring! “Healing the world one person at a time by spreading the awesomeness of Adam Lambert.” What do you think of that as a mission statement! LOL!

    Comment by adamquotedaily — April 11, 2010 @ 2:56 pm

  4. Beautiful!! I’m having fits waiting for American Idol to get here. As much as I’d love to see Adam in a live performance, I know it’s not gonna happen, so I live on the internet. My dogs want to know what my problem is. (My Australian Shepherd has 2 blue eyes, and sometimes when he looks at me, I wonder what it would be like to meet Adam. But the unconditional love that I have from Tucker is pretty close to what we have for Adam, isn’t it?) Thanks again!

    Comment by wyldfyreangel — April 11, 2010 @ 3:42 pm

  5. Thank you for the new photos of ADAM !! So beautiful ! esp. the one at the mirror and the one he is kneeling on the stage at River Rock concert !!Excellent job of show us the Japan commentary and ADAM magazine cover!! IMPRESSIVE ! ATTRACTIVE !

    Comment by Libraglamb — April 11, 2010 @ 10:13 pm

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