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April 8, 2010

Welcome to Vancouver with Love!

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Canada is greeting you with a #1 hit!  WWFM has been #1 on the charts since March 7!!  WTG Adam and Canadians!!





There will be a live Cellcast tomorrow night and possibly one tonight.  Stay tuned for more information!

Adam and Tommy Arrive in Vancouver Last Night



Top three pics courtesy of @rntmom…Thanks!

And one from @rntmom of Glitterbaby

and one more of Adam arriving!

More Pics from Hollywood yesterday and Vancouver last night


New Interview from Manchester Key 103 (lots of Adam laughing)

New video of FYE from Japan- HQ with Glitter and Spikes


Adam Lambert Lives up to Great Expectations

Good Article from the Vancouver Sun!  He continually meets mine!



Great Video of Adam’s Mentors with Commentary


Rolling Stone Japan… out next week! OMG.. I want one!!!

           Shout Magazine – UK

         (Click on pic to enlarge) Scan of article with thanks to @Lamberlust

         InRock Magazine, Japan

      8 pages and poster of Adam inside!

               (Click on pic to enlarge) 










Great suggestion from @netmeg99 -Watch this!


Adam’s Journey… 2 hours of fun!  (Takes a while to download)  2 hours of Adam


How is our worldwide domination plan progressing? Very well!  Here is info from yesterday and today.  You can keep track of this  at Adamofficial through this link:

 Thanks to Cookiebr8 for updating this daily!

4/07 News of the Day

1. AO moderator RMGED has informed us of Adam’s sales worldwide. Here is his comment:

“FYE is closing in on 200,000 copies sold outside the U.S., for a global total approaching the $750k range. Keep in mind that the album hasn’t even been officially released yet in several countries, and was given a soft release in the UK and Europe, so sales will spike once their official edition comes out May 3rd.

As for awards, the album has been certified gold in the U.S., Singapore and New Zealand; platinum in Canada.”

That is great news! Thanks RMGed!

2. WWFM and FYE have BOTH gone GOLD in New Zealand! Thanks Eri9 tor the updates. Can Platinum be far behind?

3. Fye Album has moved up 6 spots on the Billboard 200…from 71 last week, to 65! Good News! This was last week’s chart position, but I just noticed this positive news. Will Post sales figures and new chart position for the week when I find them.

4. UK fans reporting that FYE is NUMBER ONE on the Gaydar Radio Your request chart! The website doesnt show the actual chart, but here is the link to the station:
Thank you to UK fans who are requesting Adam and keeping him in the public eye! This is wonderful, considering that the song has yet to be released. I also remember that the DJ from Hallam FM told Adam that he had been getting requests also to play Adam’s music, something that was highly unusual.

5. Great news for album and single sales: There was a 10 percent increase in CD sales and a 3% increase in single sales. WWFM is within reach of platinum. Keep requesting!
1. United World Chart: Adam’s WWFM moved up from 23 to 21! Sales figure given for the song: 104,000. This would include sales in the USA.
2. Adam #3 on Japan’s Hot 100 Billboard chart!
3. Russian Radio Station: Adam up to #16 from #35 previous week!
4. Japanese radio station: FYE #5:
5. Euro 200 chart: WWFM #8
6. Dutch radio music chart: WWFM #13
7. Mexican Station WWFM #9
8. Another Russian station: WWFM #4

Thanks to @Mirella for the following information as to how WWFM is doing in various countries: These are overall COUNTRY CHARTS. Here is the link:

14 Denmark
#16 Australia
#16 Canada
#8 Finland (also #17 FYE)
#13 Netherlands
#6 New Zealand (also #40 FYE)
#14 Sweden

There seems to be quite a few radio stations playing Adam in Russia! I’ll be back later with more chart news …this is just a little picture of around the world


Twitter followers: 403,700  (+1400) Another great day on twitter!

Adam Official Members:  57,310 (+130) 

Adam Official website:    

If you are not already a member, please join this site.  It’s important for Adam’s success to have a growing, vibrant official fan site.  There is a great deal of good information there including messages from Adam. If you have had a problem joining or getting a password, send an email to and ask them to look into it or let me know if you still have any trouble. Please email your username to or DM @adamquotedaily 

If you have any questions about Adam or are looking for any videos, interviews, etc  feel free to ask me at @adamquotedaily.  I can’t promise answers but I’m willing to try. 

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    Comment by Carole Perrelli — April 8, 2010 @ 8:50 pm

  2. So sweet. Love to be of service. Come back soon!

    Comment by adamquotedaily — April 8, 2010 @ 9:55 pm


    Comment by Heleena — April 9, 2010 @ 1:45 am

  4. thats so cool.
    your blogs are seriously one of the things i look forward everyday.

    Comment by @ShesLealy — April 9, 2010 @ 1:47 am

  5. Thank you… You just did a mini AL on me… made my heart skip for a second! MUAH!

    Comment by adamquotedaily — April 9, 2010 @ 1:50 am

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