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April 6, 2010

Adam’s Officially Mentoring!

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Get ready for a serious glam and drama injection on next week’s American Idol, because Adam Lambert is back! That’s right, the originator of the Idol screech and one of the most talked about performers in American Idol history will return to the stage that made him next week as he serves as a mentor for the Top 8 Idol contestants. 

After rumors began to swirl this morning, 19 Entertainment confirmed to EW’s Michael Slezak  that the glam one will serve as an Idol mentor and performer next week.  While we don’t yet know the theme on which Adam will mentor the Top 8, it doesn’t really matter, because Lambert had a way of taking  nearly every theme thrown at him and making it distinctly his own.


“The Warmest,  Sweetest, Funniest person.. he’s just a really cool guy!” 


Preview 5 Remixes here- WWFM and FYE

Congratulations to all of us for successfully trending Adam Lambert yesterday from about 9:30PM EST to after 2:00AM EST.  Adam hit 400,000 twitter followers so we were celebrating that feat.  Another reason we were trending is that Adam is awesome!

New Outakes and More from Hallam FM

Some Band Tweets from last night

TommyjoeRatliff Had an awesome rehearsal! So stoked for Vancouver! about 8 hours ago via UberTwitter

Longineu Adam and I are on page 44 of the new People magazine! Check it out!!! about 8 hours ago via Echofon  (thanks @Glitterita)

UhHuhHerMusic Vancouver in 2 days…Get ready! Or maybe I should get ready. Either way I’m psyched. Old stomping grounds. Rodneys-save me some kushis.


So who is Camila??  @Uhhuhhermusic  She’s Adam’s new keyboardist who makes her debut with the band in Vancouver.   (Thanks to Littleblackdress on AO)

Camila Grey (keyboards, probably vocals too)

Born January 6, 1979, Camila Grey is the latest addition to Adam’s band, joining in March 2010 (though she hasn’t yet played with them at a public show). For several years she’s been part of the duo Uh Huh Her, with “L Word” actress Leisha Hailey. A classically trained pianist and graduate of the Berklee School of Music, Camila Gray has also worked with the band Mellowdrone, Kelly Osbourne, and Dr. Dre.


This video will give some insight into Camila. She is beautiful and has really sweet energy.  Cannot wait to see her perform with Adam!


An Important Bit about Adam Official (with a couple more pics from Japan)

If you don’t belong already, please join AO.  It’s important for Adam to have a large and growing official website.  The trick to using the site is to look around for some threads that interest you and then save them to your favorites. This way, you can find them again.  I’m listing a few good threads today.  I also scroll through the first couple of pages to find out what’s new in Adamland.

Last month, when I started this blog, I got banned from AO for posting too much about it.  As dumb as that was, the moderators were very kind when I pleaded my case about temporary(?) insanity!  I got reinstated.  I think that I promote Adam and not myself on this blog… but, they were worried.  So I can no longer post about Adamquotedaily on Adam Official. 

 I want to thank all of you who have posted links to my blogsite on AO cause that’s ok  with the moderators.  I encourage any of you who enjoy a post on my blog, to do the same on AO or any other fansite.  Greatly appreciated!


Get ready for Vancouver! And lots of good stuff to pass the time here! You really have to take a look to see how beautifully organized and complete this is.. and its gonna get more exciting as Glamberts arrive in Vancouver for the shows Thursday and Friday night!


New Bowling Video Promotion for FYE (This is why they went bowling I guess)


I love the Fan Art area on AO- So many talented Glamberts! Adam inspires creativity! Take a look! (Scroll across)

Another Informative Thread

Regularly updated about Sales of Adam’s FYE around the world.  If you like to know the numbers and statistics of Adam’s success, save this one to favorites


Baby Paisley… this video, an old one, was posted just after Idol. But there are so many new fans, I want to make sure they see it.  Adam said that this little girl was so precious.. made him think he might want kids someday! (I’ll update with quote later)

Have a great day and check back later for updates!


Twitter followers:  400,790  (+1800) Another great day on twitter!

Adam Official Members: 57,080 (+80) 

Adam Official website:    

If you are not already a member, please join this site.  It’s important for Adam’s success to have a growing, vibrant official fan site.  There is a great deal of good information there including messages from Adam. (If you have had a problem joining or getting a password, send an email to and ask them to look into it.  Let me know if you still have any trouble) 

If you have any questions about Adam or are looking for any videos, interviews, etc  feel free to ask me at @adamquotedaily.  I can’t promise answers but I’m willing to try. 

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  1. It was so mch fun trending Adam last night. I had to stop because I was put in twitter jail. I was just getting started, then BAM, arrested!. How can we keep Adam trending if we’re in jail? So annoying!

    Comment by Wicked Glitter — April 6, 2010 @ 10:14 am

  2. set up another account for emergencies and follow a few friends

    Comment by adamquotedaily — April 6, 2010 @ 11:11 am

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