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March 28, 2010

Over the Rainbow..Adam Lambert!

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Rainbow picture above! Thanks to @adamftw_x

(“My pot of gold over the rainbow… Adam Lambert!)


adamlambert Off to Munich, Germany! See you next month London! about 2 hours ago via Echofon

(tweeted this AM  approximated 7AM EST)

UhHuhHerMusic UHH Rehearsals begin…can’t wait to rework the songs for you Germany! (tweeted about 2:00PM EST, 8PM in Germany?)

Looks like Adam and the band members in Germany are rehearsing tonite!!


New (to me) Interview from Jan 2009

Isn’t this just perfect!







Got a tweet from a young fan whose Mom loves JB more than Adam…poor delusional  woman! I suggested that she slowly introduce her Mom to Adam in the correct way! So here are two suggested interviews from last year to start with. And if you haven’t seen these in awhile, enjoy! How can any Mom resist? 


Last night’s Open House Party reminded me of the old live cellcasts of the Idol Tour from last summer!  Wait for hours to hear a minute of Adam Lambert! At least we could hear the music (?) last night instead of the underwater singing from last summer!  If you weren’t there, here is what you missed (after 3 hours)


Incredible Drawing  by        @Topazholly90 


More Pictures of Adam in London:  Beautiful!

Longer version of the Bowling video (I know you want to see this!)

Behind the scenes on the WWFM parody!

Check back later for more updates!

Lots of great interviews from yesterday

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