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March 19, 2010

Adam!-First UK Visit for the Glamrocker

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Adam’s schedule:

 Here is the first picture of Adam arriving in the UK today. 

Posted by TravisSchroeder 

VIDEO of Adam at Heathrow Same video on youtube Another video leaving Heathrow

Adam arrives at Heathrow…
@Ki55andTELL Adam seeing her son & telling him he was cool… Ki55andTELL’s son…

Boy George tweets about possibly meeting Adam tomorrow!

theboygeorge I hear Adam Lambert might be at my launch party tomorrow, be nice to meet him!

Update Mar20: Boy George is following Adam on twitter this morning! He tweeted that he thinks a friend Walt, is bring Adam to his party.


From earlier today, this is what happened to me:

OH,OH… Im have that out of body feeling that I had with the Sukkiri videos again.  Look at what just happened!

Monterrific Adamquotedaily @monterrific @adamsheroin All about Monte. Pls RT/TY

Monte RT my post about him.  Now it is a very comprehensive post about him… but still… I think I am suppressing too much emotion again.  I’ve got to get out  and scream for a while with someone who will understand. So I leave you with this stuff and will update  the UK later.  Thanks for putting up with me!  MUAH! Love Adam fans… they are the best!


Adam Lambert:  Who do you want to kiss?  (Adam seems to enjoy this one)

For those of you who love Kris Allen and especially for those of you who dont, this video from TMZ has helped me to have a new appreciation for Kris and why he and Adam are such good friends.

Do you think this is for real?


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  1. I cannot wait to see what Adam has in store for all the people in England; I think they are all going to very pleasantly surprised by Adam and his monumental talents! They had better be prepared to fall completely in love with him like everyone else has!!! Adam is extremely fortunate to have a lot of superstars in his corner; Adam is on his way to becoming the next major international superstar in the business – this all reminds me alot of when The Beatles were first starting. I am wondering – is Adam Lambert more popular than The Beatles were? – something for me to give major thought about.If Adam performs WLL over there, I really wish Robert Plant & Led Zeppelin are on hand to hear Adam’s version – particularly the acoustic version, which, to me, is by far the best! Robert Plant needs to give Adam the rights to the song, as Adam now owns this completely. No one else in this life deserves all the accolades & adulation more than Adam; he is proof positive that with a lot of hard work and perserverance, along with his stratospheric talent, that you can accomplish just about anything. I know that Adam has my total respect both as a man and an artist, and my love as he has captured my heart completely and totally.


    Comment by DeeDee Glambert — March 19, 2010 @ 1:21 pm

  2. Hey, don’t forget Adam is coming to Scotland!!! I am completely and utterly in love with our Glitter King and we may be small in numbers but we will be at Radio Forth’s studios on Monday morning to give Adam a real Scottish welcome! I can’t quite believe that we are going to see Adam in all his gorgeous flesh, I especially would love to see those freckly lips close up! Adam has talent beyond measure, humanity, beauty of soul and spirit and I for one am so glad that he is here in my lifetime. LOVE ADAM, LOVE LIVE, LOVE GLAM, LOVE ROCK!!!!!

    Comment by missmacglambert1982 — March 19, 2010 @ 2:06 pm

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