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March 16, 2010

Oprah and Sukkiri + Can’t Let You Go preview

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Complete Sukkurri show in HD: Part1(interview)–> FYE–> Part3–> Part 1 with English subtitles

UPDATE: (March 19- 3 days later) I just finishing watching each of these videos several times on the big screen.  I could not stop laughing!  I was really out of my mind the night these videos were released. Adam, his outfit, his singing and dancing  were so mind-blowing that I didn’t notice anything else. 

 Today, I laughed at all the people talking at once and the interpreter attempting to fill Adam in while he stands there trying to look nonchalant and make sense of what was going on.  I also loved the response of the hostess behind Adam when he hits one of his high notes. She’s clapping and excited.  And the guy who touches Adam’s chest and calling him sexy. There were  a few references to Elvis Presley.  I guess they were comparing Adam to him favorably.  I think I even missed the dancers and the big smile on their faces when they finished.

Wow, that was a very memorable performance and I guess it’s not strange that I could only see Adam and his legs, etc. the first time through! Can anyone else relate?

Pictures of Adam on Sukkiri

Today is the one year anniversary of Adam’s performance of Ring of Fire on American Idol.  This was the first time we saw Adam wearing makeup and being extremely sexual and most of us loved it!


Scroll down to Top 11..This one has the judges comments and Adam with mentor of the week, Randy Travis


Tomorrow (today in Japan) Adam will appear on the very popular TV show Sukurri.  Sukurri is  Japan’s Oprah and she actually appeared on the Oprah show this season.  She is adorable!

Adam and Oprah

Early in the season, Oprah had a contest and asked people to tell her which reality star they would most like to see on her show.  Well, Adam won (of course) through the voting of  his very devoted fans. This the first interview of Adam by Oprah on Skype. (Adam’s so adorable!)

Adam returned to Oprah and had a great interview in January.  If you havent seen this one, it’s really good.  He performs WWFM! Oprah Interview 1 If I Had You (performance  after the show)

Adam and Sukkiri Preview

And from yesterday, here is the preview of Adam shown today on Sukkiri (English subtitles and great shots of Adam)

Cant wait to see the interview. This will be great for promoting Adam in Japan. Go get her Adam!! Another interviewer who will be smitten with your fabulousness!!


Had to share this one:  Little taste of  “Cant Let You Go” Adam’s song which we haven’t heard yet! From Fantasy Springs


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  1. OMFG!!!!!!! I just heard Can’t Let You Go and from what I could hear, it is amazing!!!! Is there any way we can hear this in its entirety and clearly somewhere else – i really want to listen this!!! Adam is so damn amazing – anything he does is extraordinary – just like him – I love him to pieces!!!!!!!!

    Comment by deedeeglambert — March 17, 2010 @ 4:22 pm

  2. There is no where to hear it yet but soon it will be available on one of the international releases! Adam is extraordinary, very true!

    Comment by adamquotedaily — March 17, 2010 @ 5:19 pm

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